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Total Quality Management - Field Research 1

In completion of the subject BAOM 31 Total Quality Management

under the Business Administration Department,
School of Business and Economics

A Business Performance Diagnosis of

Toa Kiko Cebu Corporation
Friday, February 27, 2015
Submitted by:
Ms. Buckhalter,Maria Leonora Y., BSBA-MKTG MGT 4
Ms. Tudtud, Chrysilla Gayle P., BSBA-MKTG MGT 4
Ms. Adarna, Rilanne Mae J., BSBA-MKTG MGT 4
Ms. Cabreros, Jane Bree C., BSBA-MKTG MGT 4
Mr. Cruz, Roy Ismael M., BSBA-MKTG MGT 4
Ms. Del Rosario, Chiara Karl Kai A., BSBA-MKTG MGT 4
Ms. Farrarons, Patricia Rachel M., BSBA-MKTG MGT 4
Mr. Shi, Jenqin Christopher L., BSBA-MKTG MGT 4
Ms. Supatan, Dexie Marie M., BSBA-MKTG MGT 4

Submitted to:

Organizational Profile of Organization

Toa Kiko Cebu Corporation is a Japanese owned corporation that manufactures
electrical lighting fixtures and parts and other related products and accessories. It is headed by
its Chairman and President Mr. Masahiko Irie and General Manager, Mr. Mamoru Yamaoka.
It is located and registered under the Mactan Export Processing Zone 1 that is now known as
the Mactan Economic Zone (MEZ), an industiral tax-free zone with factories delivering
world-class products to the United States of America, European Economic Community and
The company was registered under the Philippine Economic Zone Authority on May
30, 1989 and the Securities and Exchange Commision on June 9, 1989.
It has a total land area of 6,000 square meters including its office, factory and canteen.
The metal processing section is divided in two: spinning and pressing sections. Theres also a
painting section and QA, assembly section and warehouse.
To emerge as leading manufacturer of electrical lighting fixtures and parts.
The company is committed to continuously cater the customers lighting fixture requirements
by providing innovative and best quality product at reasonable price.
The companys objective is to be able to provide its customers maximum satisfaction of its

Field Research in TQM

Name of Company:



SFB No. 5, 1st Avenue, 4th Street, Block

4Mactan Economic Zone 1, Lapu-lapu City,
Cebu Philippines

Contact Numbers:

(6332) 3400-393*(6332) 3400-394*
(6332) 3410-520* (6332) 340-520
Facsimile : (6332) 3400-396
Email Address:

Corporate Registrations:

Philippine Economic Zone Authority

Reg. No. 89-017
May 30, 1989
Securities and Exchange Commission
Reg. No. CEO2316
June 9, 1989

Number of Employees :

As of October 2014 110 employees

Contact Persons::

Mr. Masahiko Irie

Chairman and President
Mr. Mamoru Yamaoka
General Manager

Workforce Profile
Evaluation of the employees performance is conducted annually by the leaders and
then submits to the management for further evaluation. Thus, increase in allowances or
bonuses for those who have high ratings. Evaluation includes work performance, attendance,
attitude, punctuality and etc.
With over 110 skilled workers (some highly-trained in Japan), the team has deep
knowledge of most aspects of the quality manufacturing business: design quality, maufactured
quality, and quality control.

Field Research in TQM

Machineries, Equipment and Facilities
Metal Processing Section

Turning Machine
32 units
Line Press Machines
Manual Operation

Automatic Operation

Center Hole Press Machine 1


Press Machines
110 Tons

80 Tons

60 Tons

35 Tons

30 Tons

25 Tons

20 Tons

15 Tons

10 Tons

The following are Toa Kikos suppliers: 2 Jess Corporation, Assab Pacific Pte.
Ltd Philippine Branch, Anduiller Intl Sales Corp, Calamba Steel Center, Inc., Cebu Belmont
Inc., Cebu Iwakami Corporation, Cebu Logitem, Inc., Cebu Protrade Industrial Corp., Cebu
Sweet Cal Marketing, Chemrez Technologies, Inc., Cottonseed, Inc., Cozt Paint Trade &
General Mds, Diversys Spectrum Products, In, Easygas Convinience Station, Edmir Carton
Padding Maker, Exas Philippines, Inc., First Pinnacle Trading Corporation, Fotoline Express
Incorporated, Grafixpro Printing And Packaging, Green Leaf Enterprises, Hardwarehaus
Cebu, Inc., K & F Merchandising, Kjs Industrial Solutions, Inc., Abella Lucilo Famador,
Mactan Steel Center, Inc., Mandaue Print Shop Corporation, Maret Global Cebu Industries,
MCCI Marketing, New Keens Trading, Nippon Paint Philippines, Inc., Nupon Technology
Philippines Corporation, Petron Corporation, Philippine Makoto Corporation, Philippine

Field Research in TQM

Arkerizing Incorporated, Philippine Tonan Coporation, Southern Synergy Sales Marketing,
Symhonas Enterprises, Inc., Systek Facilities Management Corporation, Talitha Purifies
Drinking Water, Top-Rigid Industrial Safety Supply, Inc., Tritonics Technology Phils Inc,
and Visayan Educational Supply Corporation.

Organizational Structure
Toa Kiko Cebu Corporation is composed of 110 employees; its Chairman and
President, Mr. Masahiko Irie and General Manager, Mamoru Yamaoka, lead the organization.
There are 5 members of the administration department and the 103 employees composing the
production planning inventory control group (PPIC), metal processing, painting, quality
assessment and warehouse sections.
Problems Encountered:
Difficulty making decisions

Team members may be

Suggested Solution
Must be considering the pros

rigidly adhering to their

and cons during decision

positions during decision

making. And must respect

making or making repeated

the decision of the

arguments rather than


introducing new information.

Poor communication

Team members may interrupt Information must be

or talk over one another.

disseminated accordingly

There may be consistent

form the management to the

silence from some members

members of the team. It must

during meetings, allusions to

also be guided according to

problems but failure to

the correct sequence and

formally address them, or

flow of the communication

false consensus (everyone

pattern within the company.

nods in agreement without

truly agreeing).

Field Research in TQM

Lack of participation.

Team members fail to

Company must introduce a

complete their assignments.

new set or new activity that

There may be poor

can catch the interest of the

attendance at team meetings

member and thus invites

or low energy during

them to participate in every


meeting or discussion being


a. Vision, Values and Mission
Under the philosophy of global competitiveness the companys vision is to emerge as
a leading manufacturer of electrical lighting fixtures and parts. Its mission is to be
continuously commited in catering the customers lighting fixture requirements providing
innovative and the top of the line products at reasonable prices. Its goal is to be able to
provide their customers maximum satisfaction of its products.
b. Communication and Organization Performance
The company practices these work attitudes in order to deliver the quality of work
expected from them: sense of commitment, solidarity and common goal, concern for wellbeing of others, honesty and accountability, justice and fairness, industriousness, care for little
things, moral integrity, loyalty and faithfulness.
Everyone in the company shall be aware that any kind of actions taken in the
workplace shall be directly be associated to the quality, in order for them to supply high
quality products that would extremely be appreciated in the market.
Problems Encountered:
Absence of team identity

Field Research in TQM


Suggested Solution

Members may not feel

In a certain group one must

mutually accountable to one

not be left out in order for a

another for the teams

team to be successful. It is

objectives. There may be a

necessary to welcome them

lack of commitment and

and let them feel that they

effort, conflict between team

belong that they an identity

goals and members personal

of a certain team posses.

goals, or poor collaboration.


The team is unwilling or

In a certain company,

unable to consider alternative

teamwork is a must. Each

ideas or approaches. There is

one must be open and willing

a lack of critical thinking and

to accept any ideas from the

debate over ideas. This often

member and then collate it

happens when the team

and then decide whats best

overemphasizes team

fitted to a certain situation.

agreement and unity.

Ineffective leadership

Leaders can fail teams by not

Professional development

defining a compelling vision

must be present in a

for the team, not delegating,

company. Therefore suggest

or not representing multiple

to have a seminar, trainings,


team building or any

activities that would
contribute to the success of
being an effective leader to a

Strategic Planning
2.1 Strategy Development:

Strategy Development Process

The firms strategic planning is carried out through a plenary session, with top

management to deliberate and plan. The strategic considerations includes the identification of
the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the firm which are:

Productive firm practices (Japanese Business Work Ethics and Procedures.)

Field Research in TQM

The ability of expanding at the current situation.


Poor Location (Cebu based firm exporting to Japan)


Rising demand in Japan markets

New market opportunities in Asian countries


Other considerations includes the short term plans, mostly are operational functions

i.e. the expansion of the assembly department of the firm, long term plans, mostly are
marketing endeavors i.e. penetration of new markets in Asian countries for the product
offerings, challenges, which includes the difficulty in the suppliers of parts mostly due to
location, the firms comparative advantage and competencies. The deliberation and planning
process is aided by an unnamed system to analyze.

Strategic Objectives
The key strategic objectives and timetable of it are confidential. Since the firm only

functions as an assembly firm based in Cebu planning is mostly done by Management in

Japan and the planning process of the strategic planning is not conversant by Mr. Yamaoka,
so how the strategic objectives have been address was not discussed within the interview.
2.2 Strategy Implementation:
a) Action Plan Development and Deployment
Action plan is developed by Top Management and are passed on to be facilitated by
each department head to be implemented by the workers. After that process both the
management and the workers should work together in sustaining the implantation of the plan
and improving the said plan. Resources are checked and apportioned by the department head.
The performance measures keys in the firm are mostly in assembly operations department,
which includes production output and the achievement of the set goals and objectives. Timeto-time the plan is changed mostly because of problems that arises and in that situation the
assigned personnel must utilize established quick response solutions or seek the assistance of
their direct supervisor.

Field Research in TQM

b) Performance Projections
Performance projections are done by benchmarking. (was not discussed/answered
Problems Encountered:
Lack of creativity

The team is unable to

Suggested Solution
Team must be updated of

generate fresh ideas and

what is happening nowadays.

perspectives and doesnt turn

Must search certain ideas that

unexpected events into

would be applicable to a


certain project.

Trying to take on too much at Implementing and planning

Use a series of small

one time and becoming

the strategy as it is and

planning activities that

overwhelmed by the process.

spending a lot of time on it.

together guide you through

the planning process. The
activities are self contained,
but have the ability to be
used in a sequence that is
customized for your needs.

Nobody in the organization

Companys style would just

Hire a planning facilitator to

has the project and group

pick a certain person to do a

assist in implementing

leading skills to facilitate

certain plan or job that is not

your planning process. To

the planning process.

align with his/her capacity

contain costs ask other

and capability.

businesses in your area to

share part of the travel and
facilitator expense. Much of
the planning can be done
alternating between a
seminar setting and small
work groups.

Field Research in TQM

Customer Focus
The firm has a very long history with their customers. Throughout this history, the
firm has nurtured strong relationships with their customers. The firm ensures that the
customers receive products and services of high quality.
Orders from customers are stored in a database in order for Toa Kiko Cebu
Corporation to properly store customers needs and wants. The firm does its best to keep a
good relationship with their customers by listening to their needs and wants. Through
customer feedback, the firm is able to make improvements on their products as well as their
deliveries. The firm considers communication with their customers as a vital tool in the
improvements of the quality of their products.
Toa Kiko Cebu Corporation has potential markets in the South-East Asian countries,
but the firm now concentrates in their current market, which is in Japan. The management
says that if the market grows then the possibility of the firm to expand is high.
The company manufactures electrical lighting fixtures and parts thereof and other
related products and their accessories. These products are made to satisfy customers needs
and wants.
Toa Kiko Company builds customer relationships through ensuring that what they
need and want are provided by the company. Constant communication with the customers is
said to be the key factor why the company has kept the good relationship with their
customers. The company does its best to meet and even exceed customer expectations in
order to gain their trust. The companys ability to provide high quality products is said to be
one of their competitive advantage as a company.
The management of the firm said that customers complaints are very limited. These
complaints are limited to mostly with regards to the products. But the company does its best

Field Research in TQM


to make amends with the complaints of the customers by assuring the customers that the
products are sold to them in high quality.
Problems Encountered:
Market claims


Suggested Solution

Some circumstances cannot

Make sure that the quality of

be voided having market

the product must be


prioritized above all.

Standard must be followed
correctly. And employees
must be updated with every
revision of the specific

Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management

Performance management (tracking daily operations etc. ), analysis and knowledge
management in Toa Kiko is measured in various ways:
Sales personnels attendance and work performance database (man hour costing)- it
is used to check each of their employees attendance and aids the admin manager in
computing employees salary.
Operators daily report (MPS Production Report)- their workers are being
monitored in terms of how many pieces of materials they can produce that are to be
imported, machine used and how much time they consume.
Operators daily report for every type of product and number of items made per
worker includes the type of model, classification (eg. spinning, top cut, curl
bending) monitored by the production planning inventory control group.

Field Research in TQM


In terms of product performance, they summarize the the number of raw materials
for certain number of month/s and use this for forecasting purposes. This contains the
months and number of products that were exported.
Toa Kiko uses an invoice database to monitor and input the number of products
imported which includes the following: unit price, quantity, weight and total price per
item, invoice number, vessel name and date created.
Meetings are also held every Monday per department in order to monitor each
members performance and to address any concern to the the management if there are
any serious matters that need to be dealt with.
Their employees also attend seminars every month, whether inside or outside the
companys premises.

Sense of commitment, solidarity and common goal, concern for well-being of

others, honesty and accountability, justice and fairness, industriousness, care
for little things, moral integrity, loyalty and faithfulness are expected to be
performed by each employee in order to maintain a healthy and competitive

Problems Encountered:

Certain situation cannot be

Suggested Solution
Have to organize

avoided like with regards to

promotional activities, and

internet connection.

write, edit and disseminate

information aimed at

Human resources

Field Research in TQM

Times cannot be avoided that

Have to hire and make

HR may get wrong with the

annual evaluations of their


Financial resources

deduction of the Comben.

staff, manage employee

Evaluation must be done

benefits, and deal with

annually and result must also

particular cases of behavior

be justified to the benefits.

of some employees.

Management seldom denied

Have to prepare budget

certain budget for a certain

estimates and financial

activity to be done.


Workforce Focus
In terms of workforce environment, there is an evaluation of the employees
performance conducted annually by the leaders and then submits to the management for
further evaluation. Thus, increase in allowances or bonuses for those who have high ratings.
Evaluation includes work performance, attendance, attitude, punctuality and etc.
In order to achieve higher performance and assess workforce engagement, this
company provided seminars and trainings to every employee from a certain section. This
lecturer could be from outside agency or our own suppliers. Seminars and trainings enhance
their skills, abilities and techniques that would be a big help in their working process,
procedures and most especially in the contribution of the companys success.
The company manages its workforce capability and capacity to accomplish its work
through the following:
Each section must provide a capacity plan for a certain shipment to be ship out.
Leaders have a strategic plan or plan ahead the necessary materials to be export. Though
circumstances may arise and not able to produce certain product but make sure that the next
shipment it would be delivered.
Safety first is one of their main concerns. To maintain a safe, secure and supportive
work climate, our company provides all the necessary PPE for all the employees. Compliance
of this gadgets or equipments must strictly be followed so that accidents may avoided, as says
goes prevention is better than cure.

Field Research in TQM


Problems Encountered:
Efficiency rate

Too much loss time

Suggested Solution
Using of jigs
Setting standards loss time
(meeting, lot out etc.)


Management sometimes

Call-out operators with more

cannot control the absences

3 absences

even when its not impt.

Management must be strict

with absences

Not following the production

Operator forget the standard

Have general standard review


Shortening their production

(every month)

time (shortcut)

Field Research in TQM


Operational Focus
At Toa Kiko Cebu Corporation, since they are a Japanese company, their work
systems and designs, even their products come from the Japan head office. They rely on them
for our systems, designs, assembly procedures as well as job orders. In order to maintain
stable work systems, they use the Pareto diagrams for defect identification. They also closely
monitor the procedures and processes that their products go through. Daily meetings and
annual targets are facilitated also.
Quality control for the products are not usually injected in every step of the production
process, since quality control checks are done at the end of the assembly line where the
product is already ready for packaging. Out of 100 units, one will be randomly checked for
quality control. Functionality is their top priority. Since what they do is assemble and not
produce, it is unavoidable that the greatest factor that contributes to defects of their products
is because of the defects of their suppliers products. That is why in choosing service
contractors, they consider cost as a major factor in the choice of contractor. They also demand
service reports from their service contractors to make sure that they are giving us quality
They have also established key systems for the procurement of their products. There
are various systems for the different aspects of their manufacturing. For example, parts
ordering has an entire system of its own. Toa Kiko also follows Standard Operating
Procedures (SOP) for assembly and for quality control. A standard evaluation of the overall
performance and progress of the organization is scheduled at a quarterly basis. However,
there is a lack of an existing system for loss control. They have a large amount of losses and
excessive production expenses and they are still looking into different solutions to this
a. Work Process Design
(1) Design Concepts
They gather information from their suppliers and from this information they
use them as a guide on how and what they should do to design their products to meet
their key requirements. With the new technology, they also use strategic planning,
research, development, and analysis these information to meet the expectation of the
customers. Toa Kiko uses lead time system which is set by their supplier. They usually
have a lead time 5 days since some of their raw materials came from Japan. All their

Field Research in TQM


product design also came from their suppliers from Japan. In terms of their
productivity, they use the cycle time system which is measured by the amount of time
per unit they produce. They always see to it that they make more outputs and meet the
orders of their customers. In their supply chain management, supplies come from
their main suppliers in Japan and some comes from Local suppliers which is also
located in their plants (this is a strategy wherein they can always get supplies
whenever they need it right away). All their manufactured products will now be
directly delivered to their end customers.
(2) Work process Requirements
Their work system is analyzed as their product development, production, and
delivery. Their key work processes are those pieces of the system that they decide to
do in-house with their own employees. They have about 110 employees to assembly
all the light fixture products. Another components of this work system involves
suppliers, partners, and collaborators from Japan and some local suppliers from Cebu.
Key work processes are associated with the work system which includes the
following: in-house research and development, widget final assembly from supplierfabricated components and supply-chain management.


Work Process Management

(1) Key Work Process Implementation
The products of Toa Kiko are engineered in Japan, made in the Philippines.
They always see to it have 100% performance in the workplace and give that best
products to their customers.
(2) Supply-Chain Management. As discussed, their supply chain management,
supplies come from Local suppliers which is also located in their plants (this is a
strategy wherein they can always get supplies whenever they need it right away) and
from their main suppliers in Japan. All their manufactured products will now be
directly delivered to their end customers. In case of trouble with the supplies, they let
the supplier investigate to what when wrong. It also a little problem in the delivery of
the supplies since it comes from Japan. They make a plan that will make sure that their
supplies will be enough for their expected production for an order.

Field Research in TQM


(3) Process Improvement. They also see to it to be strict in the every process when
making the light fixtures. They make sure they have that 100% performance in the
workplace. In case of emergency, they prepared all their employees for the proper
measures that will be made. The customers complaints are also their major source for
the improvement of the products. In case there is damage to the products, the
engineers in Toa Kiko will go directly to their customer and investigate what
happened wrong.

Problems Encountered:

Accident happens

Suggested Solution
Though employees followed


the correct standard and

implement PPE correctly but
accident may occur in some
situation that we cannot be


Management sometimes

Call-out operators with more

cannot control the absences

3 absences

even when its not important.

Management must be strict

with absences

Not following standards

Operator forget the standard

Have general standard review

Shortening their production

(every month)

time (shortcut)

Field Research in TQM


Product Results
The firm sells lighting products, its products are made in the Philippines but the
company primarily sells and deliver in Japan and from the Japan company, it will deliver and
export to different countries and different places in Japan as well as around the world. The
company also choose Cebu to manufacture its products because of the heat or the temperature
of Cebu and so they can easily make their products. The products of TOA KIKO are very
effective and very affordable compared to other products in Japan and they number one
product in Japan.
When the company manufactures their products, they make sure that the products are
of high quality and have strict regulations when they check their products. The company
wants to deliver the quality that thy have promised their customers. The company also
immediately would fix defective products in order to keep their customers happy.
Toa Kiko Cebu Corporation has different precautionary measures when it comes to
dealing in their everyday operations. Not only do they value the quality of their products but
they also value the life of their employees. For this reason, the company constantly conducts
different drill in order to make sure that the employees are kept in a safe and hazardous free
As stated above, Toa Kiko Cebu Corporation makes sure that they provide their
customers products of high quality and making their customers the companys number one
priority. The companys target market are the houses and buildings that uses high quality
lighting products.
Workforce Satisfaction
For the workforce satisfaction, most employees are given a time off most especially if
their tasks are tedious and that it involves really hard work. This is one way for the company
to keep their employees satisfied as the manufacturing work in Toa Kiko Cebu Corporation
requires employee to work tediously.
To avoid error in the workforce they usually have a monthly training and most of them
are Japanese and they are the one who will train the employees aside of that they cant
understand directly because of the language they usually had an error.

Field Research in TQM


In terms of their leadership they gave rating 7 out of 10, because most of the
people/employees are locking of training because of the language of Japan and Cebuanos.
They cant usually understand each other and when they have a proposal for the improvement
of their company some of the management which is the Japanese they cant understand what
they propose because of the language error.
Ethical Behavior
During our interview at Toa Kiko Cebu Corporation we interviewed one of their
supervisors, Mr. Lionel Bacus the current industrial engineer in Toa Kiko Cebu
Corporation. We asked him about the ethical behavior within the organization. He said that
they work-out every details and they would try to negotiate the things to solve the problems
being encountered. He also said that Toa Kiko Cebu Corporation holds regular meetings for
the management to plan for strategies, proposals, and projects for the continuous
improvement of the corporation. When it comes to requirements of the government they
surely complete all the requirements of the government so they can operate and do the
Market Outcome
In our interview, we asked him about the standing of Toa Kiko both financially and in
the market. He responded that the accounting department knows about the detailed financial
standing of Toa Kiko, but as the head of the production, he was informed that their product is
#1 in Japans market.
Marketplace Performance
When the group got into the topic about the market place performance of Toa Kiko,
the production head knew very well about their standing. He said that Toa Kiko has a
competitive advantage in Japans market because of its low price and good quality. Their
products are manufactured in the Philippines and sold only in Japan. We asked him, Why
manufacture in the Philippines? His respond was that Philippines has the ideal climate to
manufacture Toa Kikos products. The management is even planning to relocate the other
factory here in Cebu, Philippines.

Field Research in TQM


Problems Encountered:

There are times when

Suggested Solution
Find a person to manage the

customers have small

complaints by the customers

complaints with regards to

and immediately respond to

the quality of the companys

customers queries.


Field Research in TQM

There are few times when

Provide employees with

employees complain that

incentives that would help

their body aches with the

them in easing the pain that

tedious work that they do.

they feel.


Summary of Learning:
1. Adarna, Rilanne Mae

It was a great experience doing this field research. We

were able to visit Toa Kiko Cebu Corporation Office at Lapu Lapu City
and had a tour around their plant and discovered their different processes
in making the light fixtures.
b. Toa Kiko is one great example of on how companies should be
focused on delivering continuous improvement and quality in production
and delivery of product to the customers. They always make sure to
deliver their customers a high-quality product to satisfy their needs.
c.Based on their operations, they also give their 100% performance
within the workplace to deliver the best and high-quality products to their
customers. They well-trained each employee and they have that great
communications with their suppliers.

2. Buckhalter, Maria Leonora


After the field research, I have learned that there is so much

learning even outside the four corners of our classroom. Application of

the TQM principles and theories are not mere words put into paper but
are actually applied in real life situation.

I have also learned that systems thinking is very important in

the manufacturing firm as it provides the organization a competitive

strategy to achieve total quality. A department cannot merely function
individually even without the help of other departments. Therefore,
integration within the organization can be one of the competitive
advantage of the firm.
c. I have also learned that the firms workforce is the most important
asset any other company have. Intellectual capacity of people cannot be
replaced by the mechanical capacity of machines. This is the most real
truth that I have learned. That no matter how fast paced the world is and
no matter how advancement technology is slowly shaping our world,

Field Research in TQM


people must not be taken for granted as they are the number asset that
any company could have.
3. Cabreros, Jane Bree

I learned that the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award

serves as a token for those organizations that has done well in providing
products and services to the consumers. Through this award, they will be
known for their total quality.
b. I learned that the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award serves as
an inspiration for businesses/organizations to perform well on their
products and services.
c. I also learned that to be able to achieve a prestigious award such as the







business/corporation should be working hard for it. From the management

down to the production/manufacturing. Its not that easy but it is worth the
hard work.

4. Cruz, Roy Ismael

I have learned that quality in management is what is essential in
the achievement in the companys goal of providing quality.

I have learned that Strategic Planning should be deliberately done

in order to identify critical factors that will affect the business dealings of
a company with its goal of providing quality and quality service.
c. Lastly I have learned that constantly improving any functions
productivity will always lead to quality and excellence.

5. Del Rosario, Chiara Karl

a. I have learned that if and when you will own a company, you should
have a systematic approach.
b. I have learned that communication is really essential in a business.
c. I have learned that in a workforce, everyone must learn to cooperate and
respect one another to keep the job going.

Field Research in TQM


6. Farrarons, Patricia Rachel

It is both essential and important to create work

systems for a


In order for a company to be effective, a synchronization and

correlation of operation, marketing and human resources is important.


It is always best to mold your companys practices and values

according to frameworks that have proven the test of time in the industry.
7. Shi, Jenqin Christopher
a. In our business, we mainly focus on operations and finance and none in
marketing and human resource. From what I have learned, each and
every department needs each other. If I can just incorporate the kinds of
department in my family business, maybe a more successful outcome
will happen.

From my own experience, operations management

is the hardest department of all. They the ones who bring forth leterally
the onject to the gates oofo the company. I have learned that a lot of
operations management from Toa Kiko, quality for them is the number
one priority and I admire their clean instinct.
c. From my past researches, Id always stumble upon we dont need
marketing, finance is just putting it in the bank and them handle it.
Well, sure is not. One thing that I have learned is that its much harder
than how you say it. Be on the field and then you will experience what
its really like.

8. Supatan, Dexie Marie


When we visit TOA KIKO CORPORATION and interview them

about their different managements, I learned that its really hard to

communicate in different language like what we do; the head of Toa Kiko
is Japanese when we interview him theres a little bit conflict but at least
they have Pinoy employee and his the one who give us information and
discuss more about the company

Field Research in TQM


b. I learned many things about the company of TOA KIKO
CORPORATION when they discuss about the strategies and about the
company, I learned that their jobs is not easy aside of that they should be
familiar and train more so they will familiar what to do, like if theres a
emergency they know what to do.
c. I learned different things in TOA KIKO CORPORATION like how to
handle challenges, how to organize or manage everything and aside of that
they show us and teach us how to recycle the defective product and how
to process their products, like how to make the finish the product step by
step and the strategies they share to us, they always sure that no one will
complain to their products and they usually face the customers if they
have questions

9. Tudtud, Chrysilla Gayle

Education is an endless lifelong process that does not end in the
university. In short, theres more beyond the schools four walls that
offer us countless possibilities.

Our fieldwork is one of the best activities weve done in this

course. Not only were we able to interview and learn from the different
managers (HR, Admin, Operations and General Manager) of our chosen
company, Toa Kiko Cebu Corporation, but also see how their
manufacturing process is being done. The 2-hour interview and plant
visit was truly worth it. With that short span of time, we have acquired
several things that we implanted in our minds and as we were doing the
work, we applied what we have studied in school, which made us
understand even more what operations management really is, how it
works and how great is its impact to the company.

Field Research in TQM


Photo Documentation
Group with interviewee/visit to the plant/office

The group in front of Toa Kiko Cebu Corporation Building; February 27, 2015

The group together with Mr. Mamoru Yamaoka, Toa Kiko Cebu Corporation Chairman
and President and Mr.Lionel Bacus, Toa Kiko Cebu Corporation Production Supervisor;
February 27, 2015

Field Research in TQM


Overall building/Offices/Manufacturing facility with proper description (Photos

taken: February 27, 2015)
Metal Processing Section

Painting Section

Assembly Section and Warehouse

Field Research in TQM


Admin and Marketing Office of Toa Kiko Cebu Corporation

Field Research in TQM


Product Presentation by Mr. Lionel Bacus, Production Supervisor

Field Research in TQM


Together with Mr. Lionel Bacus, Production Supervisor and Mrs. Harlyn Alingalan, HR

Group picture inside the office

Field Research in TQM


Sketch Map


Field Research in TQM