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Gl N- 769/50 ‘> fe COLLECTION REPRODUCED FROM TRY CENTER Sunday Fuly 31, 1966 6145 PAL 4 quite understand whet it is thet comes ne to type this « Porliaps it is to leave sone varie reason for the actions T for ava recentiy performed. 1 don't really understand »y T an suppooet! to be an average xensonable and intellient youn Hoover, Intely (I can't recall. when it started) I have been a vic’ of nany umsval. and irrational. thous! These thoughts constant, recur, mi 2% recuires a trenendous nental, effort to concentrate on usefl ond promonaive tooko, Ta Meroh who ny parents nade a physioal. T noticed a great deal of stress. T consulted a Dr. Cochrun he University llealth Center and asked bin to recormend someone 1d const with about sore psychiatric disorders I fel’ tallved vith 2 Doctor once for about tuo houreand tried to Bin ny Pears that T felt coue overiielning violent inpulees. Agter one session I never saw the Doctor again, and sines then T have boon Sictiting ny nental. tomofl. alone, ené scetingl to), no avail, Actor my deoth T wish that an autopsy would be perforned on ne to sce if thore is any visible physical disorder. I have had sone trenomlons headaches in the past and have consuned to large bovtlesat Iroodrin in tho » ast threo nonths. Te ves after mich thought thet I decided to HIN oy wife, Hatly, tonight after I pick her up froa work at the televlione company. I love her gearly, and sho hae eon a5 2% to "te ag any laa could ever hope to have. T canaot rationaly pinpoint any epocitie reason for doin this I dont Inow whether it is selfishness, “> i T don't want her to have %o face the onlmesmnont ay actions wotld surety couse hor, AT thir tine, though, tho p rowinent reason in my mind is that Ttruly do not eansider thie world vorth Living dn, end an sropared to die, and I do not want, fo loavo hor to suffer alone in ite I intend to idl hor a painlessly 28 posites Similar reasons provoled me to take my mother's Life also. 1 don't think the poor vom has over enjoyoll Life as she is entitled tos She wes a sinplo your7 vonan vko married 2 very possessive and donine’ ALL my Life ex a boy untdl I ran aver fron yore to join the Ma dorne “dl aon a. eecliivrs fo fre oo) bhot am fmt tures te [hay cle Bho fook 4 fa conic b, praf a CBE Peer ere ce) RPRODUCED FROM THE COLLECTION: OF THE AUSTIN FYSTORY CENTER i Ce eren 6 ye “y oS Poer leaf ol tal yothlas Cheb. (ace pucedlcgced oe ale fC, Cl au "GS goed ¢ curel le cee te wade 7 a The put i oe eu sl fe a at utet hee OK a pado Gis ~Pelgy be ets aeers (Guus y aa a (tod | “ 4 S. + toy 7 te 7 “4 , lb L hee es j a) “lee Pa very ch olor “ a i 4 tha. Ks a - ase Ley “tae Joes. fe y t- weg Cone phen tie f “the t pAb wha iG Uae Ye mn, Th nae a Z