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Spanish Lytic by RICARDO LOPEZ MENDEZ ® SS = ot tf =a SSS Z inert © Coyght Tiapane Amecicone de Musica 5.4 na hp ap 1968 er ro Malay Cant Po i igs Renard tncodng te Right of Pale Peermanee Breda, Now Fo 1st Eb Alto Saxophone AMOR Music by GABRIEL RUIZ 2nd xb ALTO SAXOPHONE Spanish Lysie by ‘arr, by Wade Denning RICARDO LOPEZ MENDEZ. ade duo, soli = * —I—_ 3 oe E Z t 2nd Eb Alto Saxophone @ soli AMOR ic by GABRIEL RUIZ 1st Bb TENOR SAXOPHONE arr, by Wade Denning Spanish Lytic by RICARDO LOPEZ MENDEZ nd 160 ® t ES SSS a i eo “cor This Arrangement © Copyrigh 1986 op o sale Sth 1619 Bredony, New Tort, WY. 10819 Printed in USA q 1 of able Patomonce for Pst ‘yr Alen & Ga: Pry. Lid, Metooume Fr Gaman: Per Musibvtiog Gnbli Honbvg 1st Bb Tenor Saxophone soli "f crese, AMOR Music by GABRIEL RUZ 2nd 8b TENOR SAXOPHONE Saab Ltn arr. by Yade Denning RICARDO LOPEZ MENDEZ nd 160 ® . J E — = =e T= "t'~ @,F za pane Amwicene de Musica S.A, incr 1619 Brealey, Now Yak, WY. 10019 Protos in USA omence for Prt "er Helland: HalondMusie NV. Ansterdam 4 " Fer Seitzelend: Souther Manic A, Eurich Fer Avewie: Sotho Mase Wien Gab Verne Fer Geman. Per Msitverin Oni Wonbure 2nd Bb Tenor Saxophone @ = © sett a AMOR Music by GABRIEL RUIZ BARITONE SAXOPHONE Spanish Lyric by arr, by Wade Denning RICARDO LOPEZ MENDEZ ad 160 Copyright 191 by Promstrs Hispans Anaicane de Musics, S.A “Cenyiant” Renewed 1 eango allo pr of th rmcica eampesition n domoges end profit under the United Sates Coppi Ls Miste (lgion) SA, a, Finland aod tele. 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Zatch Fa Semen Peer ribverig Got Rent AMOR Masic by GABRIEL RUIZ Sd TRUMPET Spasish Lyric by ‘Arr, by Wade Denning RICARDO LOPEZ MENDEZ 3 soli 31d Trumper @ O AMOR _ ‘en TRUMPET Seine be irre by Wade Denning RICARDO LOPEZ NENDEZ « sot d = 160 3 = ——- = ef Ss ee “ows Coprnght Low a Halond Mase nd: Seuther tune A. og Gm Hamby 4th Trumpet @ solo O AMOR ene st TROMBONE Spanish Lyric by ‘Arr, by Wade Denning RICARDO LOPEZ MENDEZ ndm 160 1st Trombone @) cresc, OC AMOR ae nd TROMBONE Spanish tytic by fre. by Nade Denning RICARDO LOPEZ MENDEZ nd 160 + 2 £3, ge. 6 Fee SSS Se aa 7 t —= Ff fats ——- ® 2. — — = 2 2 ¢__# &fti_- —= = == =— z > ® soe = 4 4 > A we oF f * # = a Se — = Conyiahe 1961 by rs This Arrangement © Copyah Em Pied im US.A Tras alban 2nd Trombone Q) Fo © paneer a di “ie open a - of a A A — = ® Fi plunger 2 gen gp fp eG egy f— =e + tS — = 7” ¥ sold SSS SS ———— ™ p—_?_$ Es 2 = © sol es 2 a 2 ep Cee pe phe ig = ¥ Pt fay] mf crese, f a8 5.3 4 = $ =] OC) AMOR apni Ruiz ‘3rd TROMBONE Spanish Lyrie by Arr, by Wade Denning RICARDO LOPEZ MENDEZ n= 160 a * . == ee re ee ~p yf => 2 A mn a Plunger 40 + ——— z Ss = iF Lt in > 31d Trombone @ te A = SSS —- = ® = ye a — open ioe = 2 ===: ===: Se ers ranger — Phunger : 7 : SSS gS ety + ———- J =——=: = z f —* AMOR Music by GABRIEL RUIZ BASS TROMBONE Spanish Lysc by Arr, by Wade Denning RICARDO LOPEZ MENDEZ nd 160 the Unned Sates Coppin ‘Soutrn Mie (Belgie) $8 or Halland: Holland Mase 8 For Scandinavia, Fifend wad lealend:Seatham lyse A.B. 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