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Grants and gifts

Grants are occasional payments through which one government provides financial
assistance to another usually in the performance of a specified function in a
specified manner. In some places grants are allotted for the specific purpose and
sometimes one government give it to another government. All of these income
sources are dependent on central government.

Definition of public revenue:

Government have to expenditure a large amount of fund for social welfare. When
the government achieve high amount of fund except public debt that is called public
revenue. Government have to select public revenue sources for the purpose of
expansion of public expenditure.
There are two types of revenue collection:
1. Revenue receipts
2. Non- revenue receipts.

Public revenue is two types:

Tax revenue
Non tax revenue.

Sources of public revenue:

Government have to search income sources in different sectors contineouslly for the
welfare of public. There are different types of public revenue for the state.
Tax revenues: different types of taxes are considered in this sector
1. Direct tax
2. Indirect tax
Non-tax revenues:
There are some income sources which is not included as taxes. This is called nontax revenues.

Grants and gifts

Administrative revenues
Commercial revenues
Non-revenue sources

Special assessment:
When government collect taxes for specific development purpose of country and
payment system is mandatory for the public. This is called special assessment.

Public Finance

Tax Revenue
Direct Tax

Indirect Tax

income tax
profit tax
asset tax
car tax
other tax

excise duty
turn over tax
sales tax

Non Tax
Grants And Administrative Commercial
license fee

Different types of public