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Def inition and Classif ication of Textile Neps | Count of Neps - Textile Learner

Definition and Classification of Textile Neps |

Count of Neps
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Any small entanglement of textile fibers that can not be unraveled, formed during carding or

Classification of Neps
For cotton fiber; there are fiv e ty pes of Neps. These are
Process Neps: Commonly produced by faulty carding or up to spinning y arn.
Mix ed Neps: Fibres tangle around a foreign materials. For instance Grit.
Im m ature Neps: Generally form by processing immature fibre.
Hom ogeneous Dead Neps: A tangle of nearly all dead fibres.
Fuzz Neps: A fault of short fuzz fibers .

Count of Neps
Nep count is the no. of neps per 1 00 square inches of card web forming ( a standerd hank of sliv er of 1 2 NE on a
40 inch wide card).

How To Measure the Count of Neps?

At first a web is collected from the card placed on a 1 0 inch 1 0 inch black board. Then the neps are counted
and the no. of neps found is corrected fro any difference in hank or card width.
Mathematically , Nep Count, n = m 1 00 [ m = no. of neps per inch square card web].

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