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No matter which type of setup you are running, ‘Media Management’ lends you a wand to take care of
all your worries,
with one condition – use it wisely (Abdul Qadir 1965-……..)
Pakistan | | Mobile: +92 321 5221665 | Male Aged 50 years | Education:
Bachelors | Married


ABDUL QADIR --------------------------------------

Jul 2008 - Aug 2013

Sep 2013 - Sep 2015

Assistant Director

Data Processing Centre

Cyber Division

Records Wing

Inter Services Public Relations
General Headquarters

Azad Kashmir Regimental
Mansar Camp


Jul 2008 - Sep 2015


I am a recently retired military officer. Hold on. There is
something more to that, you might be interested in. You do not like to

The organizations like ISPR were either ignorant or not ready to come face to face with changing environment. This can be confirmed with little effort. I succeeded in getting a website ready for launch after clearance from security agencies and fearful bosses who could not think of anything else than few newspaper clippings and some TV/radio recordings as their bread and butter. posted to ISPR Directorate permanently. here I am with somewhat unique service pattern. if you are really looking for a Media Manager. The experience I gained is matchless. The more I got closer. Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee and was so. Karachi Municipal Corporation (KMC) and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). all-encompassing from base upward and today the situation is quite different. Why I consider myself as most suited candidate for desired job will cost you few more minutes. In 2008. Media management was though not the core charter of my duties there but was a sure part in a wider spectrum. The boss from Signals was even a novice in computer world. I have a very broad base of expertise in handling multiple large organizations like Karachi Development Authority (KDA). Public opinion about Pakistan Armed Forces and particularly Chief of Army Staff was extremely bad. I got the site inaugurated by Chairman. those five years are a glowing land mark in my life. No more details can be given or will be shared due to obvious security concerns but needless to say.miss a chance to have an experienced and mature professional for your organization? Do you? Well. In an ‘Iron-curtain environment’. it was really difficult to convince the old lot to open up a bit while maintaining complete grip over security related issues. I have served and contributed well as Assistant Director – Cyber Division – Inter Services Public Relations Directorate (ISPR) – Pakistan Armed Forces for over five years. Cyber Force in Armed Forces was still in infancy. I am sure that it would not be in vain. However. not common for 99 % other military officers. . The Whole Truth My addiction to computers since 1989 did not go unnoticed by my senior officers and a number of them recommended me for employment in organizations like Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Inter-Services Public Relations Directorate (ISPR) in Pakistan Armed Forces. We did create a cyber force. In addition to that. It was a fight till death in the face of old aristocratic red tape … but we triumphed in the end. Trench. the more I got impatient. The contributions I made are a source of satisfaction for me. shovel and barbed wire was all that they could think off. In spite of ‘Arab Spring’ and other rapid changes in Modern Age Media. I was entrusted with mammoth task of preparing and launching an official website for Pakistan Army. I was posted to ISPR Directorate in General Headquarters (GHQ) at Rawalpindi for a trial period of three months. I was further posted internally in newly formed Cyber Division. The Division was mostly in name only with no obvious guidelines and setup except an officer from Signals Corps and few of other ranks.

9.asp?o=t-main_page 5.aspx? pId=437 https://www. Collaboration with other friendly organizations to have maximum resources. penetration testers.pakistanarmy. 4. media coverage. Perception Management of masses through different means. video makers.Presently (Rather recently). Development of web and social media teams from organogram on charts to charter of duties for each individual including To remain secure in the face of constantly emerging security issues. I was entrusted with computerization of records of around 38000 individual centrally with different access levels to users which has been completed more than 98 % and 2 % will be completed by my successor. Cyber warfare is a costly business and there is always a need to measure. TV talk shows etc. analyze and re-adjust the strategy. domain experts. slide makers. web developers. cameramen. emagazines. 7. Sustenance of launched and developed theme. dealing with rogue networks etc. . Radio and popular magazines. launched and maintained by me in every respect including content management with the help of my technical teams:https://www. Psy officers. Image building through multiple tools and sources. audio and video sources. developed. 3 Selection of each individual and on job training of teams. social forums and discussions. PR personnel. Cyber security including active and passive measures for a simple desktop computer to servers and from lap top to PDAs. individuals for voice overs. posters. penetration testing of own networks from software to hardware and if need be. 8. journals and newspapers is being skipped intentionally due to certain security concerns) 1. 6. 2. page managers (Social Media Seals). 12. It is a delicate but highly sensitive subject which can be applied by different setups/organizations with tailored made criteria. coordinated effort and achieve desired effect on target audience. Theme building through content 10. archive managers and content managers to name a few. Key Achievements (Contributions in by creating social trends etc. Creation of Monitoring and Response groups on every type of media including traditional print media.ispr. Hiring of individuals maintaining famous social media pages and accounts as part time collaborators. media coordinators. cartoonist. 11. Official websites of Pakistan Army and Inter-Services Public Relations were designed. Development of measures to calculate cyber achievements in different spheres in tangible terms. religious scholars.

maintenance. development.A Glimpse (Contributions in other media like TV and Radio cannot be shared due to security concerns) Pakistan Army’s official website – design. content management and updating of site by myself – my first task towards media management. Inter-Services Public Relations Directorate’s website – A Tri-Star organization – Civil face of Armed Forces .

Briefing senior officers about our achievements in paradigm shift from old to new techniques of reaching out to the world .

3 .Briefing Chief of Army Staff and launch of present ISPR website .2 Briefing Chief of Army Staff and launch of present ISPR website .1 Briefing Chief of Army Staff and launch of present ISPR website .

Briefing Chief of Army Staff and launch of present ISPR website – 4 Launch of Pakistan Army’s official website .1 Launch of Pakistan Army’s official website .2 .

Launch of Pakistan Army’s official website . the ultimate success – Social Media Seals Social Media Seals .2 .3 By far.

COAS Gen Ashfaq Pervez Kayani and DG. ISPR Maj Gen Asim Bajwa – being briefed on new Media Strategy .