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July 5, 2016

Church Leadership

Preparing for Worship

Our ministers and lay leaders are available

to answer any questions you may have to
help you connect with the ministries of
First Baptist Church.
Rev. Matt Sturtevant
Senior Pastor, x.202
Rev. Cheryl Harader
Associate Pastor of Adult Spiritual
Formation, x.204
Jenny Purvis
Office Manager, x.203
Katie Hobson
Intern for Youth Spiritual Formation
Holly Grassy
Bookkeeper, (785) 917-9622
Evelyn Falen
Mark Robinson
Chancel Choir Director
Christy Miller
8:30 Worship Instrumentalist
Susan Pauls
Digital Outreach Liaison
John Pauls
Buddy Langford

July 10, 2016

Worship service at

May 29-Aug. 7
One Service Summer Schedule:
Worship: 9:00 a.m.
Sunday School: 10:15 a.m.

9:00 a.m.
Eighth Sunday after
Michaela Schenkel

Summer Preaching Schedule

While Pastor Matt has been in Chicago for DMin classes, we have
had a stellar lineup of preachers at First Baptist. We have welcomed to the pulpit a wide variety of voices, offering profound
words of hope and challenge. This Sunday will be no exception!
July 10, Michaela Schenkel
Michaela is a Music Therapy student at KU. She was an American
Baptist Churches participant in the Festival of Young Preachers in
2015 and preached at the Biennial Convention in Overland Park,

Operation Popsicle Returns...

And it needs YOU! The downtown annual sidewalk sale is Thurs, July 21. Each year lots of hands
from First Baptist hand out cold bottles of water
and icy popsicles to hot and thirsty shoppers. No
strings attached! Just a smile and a friendly greeting. If you would be willing to take a 2-hr shift,
please contact the church office. Wed like all shifts
filled no later than July 15. If you prefer, you can
use this SignUp Genius address: http://

The Best of Quest

Green Lake, Wisconsin

The newest First Baptist cookbook is in the

house! Thank you
Christy Miller & crew
for all your hard work
getting it put together,
edited, proofread
(again, and again!),
and finally off to the
printer. Copies will
be available each Sunday morning, or you
may call the church
office to schedule a
time to pick one up. The books are $13.99 and if you
can pre-order through the church office we can make
sure we always have enough on hand.

Remember in Prayer
International Ministries Missionaries: Scott & Aphiwan (Tan)
Coats, serving in Thailand.
Regional Minister: Philadelphia Baptist Association (ABC), Rev.
Yvonne Martinez Thorne, serving in Philadelphia, PA.
Local congregation: Lawrence Life Fellowship
You are invited to send prayer requests to:
(E-mail coordinator) Betty Colbert,
(Telephone Prayer Chain) Hazel Nitcher, 843-5302;
Annie Merriam, 841-1384.
Ministry Chairs:
Please send your quarterly reports (mtg. July 24) to the
church office by July 15.
Mobile food pantry:
If you would like to assist the food pantry that meets in
our parking lot on Sat., July 23, please contact Wendy
Wheeler, 393-3688.

**If you would prefer a digital cookbook, a link will be

available soon for you to order online.

Defining Belief
Youth Summer Sunday School
Recent local, regional, and national attention to religious identity have inspired this summer's youth Sunday school curriculum. Each week the middle school and high school youth will be examining some basic tenets of various religious cultures. The series started off with a look at different expressions of Christianities. After the youth return from Quest they
will spend a session each Sunday morning focusing on Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and alternative religious movements in
the U.S. The content is not intended to be used as a means for making statements about truth, but rather is geared toward
helping us understand people.
The series will conclude with a session specifically intended to help the youth understand how to navigate conversations
about other religious cultures in a variety of situations. The goal of the series is to help the youth feel empowered to engage in conversations with people from different religious backgrounds as a means of understanding one another. Parents
are invited and encouraged to attend sessions as well.
This series will lead us nicely into the fall curriculum which will encourage the youth to more closely examine and learn to
articulate their own beliefs. If you have questions about either series or would be interested in volunteering to help with
Sunday School this fall, please contact Katie Hobson, or Cheryl Harader,

First Baptist Church

1330 Kasold Drive
Lawrence, Kansas 66049
785/843-0021 (fax)

Life of the Church

Sunday, July 10
9:00 a.m.Worship service
10:15 a.m.Sunday School
Looking Ahead:
July 13: Spiritual Formation mtg, 12:00 p.m.
July 24: Quarterly Business Mtg, 11:30 p.m.
July 24: Family Promise week begins

Sunday Morning Volunteers

July 10
Nursery 9:00 a.m.Amy Munsterman
Extended Care 9:00-11:15 a.m.Krissie Druen
Sunday DriverNeal Purvis, 766-2849
Sunday A/VKen Hite

SoundTravis Cooper

Staff Whereabouts
Pastor Matt has begun his first term of Doctor of Ministry studies in Chicago and will
return to town July 9 and to the church office July 12. If there are pastoral care emergencies during that time, please contact Pastor Cheryl, 316-680-3533.

The Leaflet newsletter is a weekly production of First

Baptist Church. If you would like to receive the newsletter by E-mail, along with other weekly announcements, please contact the church office:
You may receive a hard copy in the mail by request:
843-0020. Copies are available for pick up each Sunday.
Church Office:
785/843.0020, ext. 203

By the Numbers
as of June 26, 2016
Weekly Receipts:
YTD Receipts:
Weekly Receipts:
Cumulative Giving:
If you would like more detailed financial information, please
contact our bookkeeper at, 917-9622.
Thank you for your generous giving. Your generosity helps to
make our many ministries possible.