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List of computing and IT abbreviations

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This is a list of computing and IT acronyms and abbreviations.




AAAAuthentication Authorization, Accounting

AABBAxis Aligned Bounding Box
AACAdvanced Audio Coding
AALATM Adaptation Layer
AALCATM Adaptation Layer Connection
AARPAppleTalk Address Resolution Protocol
ABCLActor-Based Concurrent Language
ABIApplication Binary Interface
ABMAsynchronous Balanced Mode
ABRArea Border Router
ABRAuto Baud-Rate detection
ABRAvailable Bitrate
ABRAverage Bitrate
ACAcoustic Coupler
ACAlternating Current
ACDAutomatic Call Distributor
ACEAdvanced Computing Environment
ACIDAtomicity Consistency Isolation Durability
ACKAmsterdam Compiler Kit
ACLAccess Control List
ACLActive Current Loop
ACMAssociation for Computing Machinery
ACMEAutomated Classification of Medical Entities
ACPAirline Control Program
ACPIAdvanced Configuration and Power Interface
ACRAllowed Cell Rate
ACRAttenuation to Crosstalk Ratio
ADActive Directory
ADAdministrative Domain

ADCAnalog-to-Digital Converter
ADCApple Display Connector
ADBApple Desktop Bus
ADCCPAdvanced Data Communications Control Procedures
ADOActiveX Data Objects
ADSLAsymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
ADTAbstract Data Type
AEAdaptive Equalizer
AESAdvanced Encryption Standard
AFAnisotropic Filtering
AFPApple Filing Protocol
AGPAccelerated Graphics Port
AHActive Hub
AIArtificial Intelligence
AIXAdvanced Interactive eXecutive
AjaxAsynchronous JavaScript and XML
ALActive Link
ALAccess List
ALACApple Lossless Audio Codec
ALGOLAlgorithmic Language
ALSAAdvanced Linux Sound Architecture
ALUArithmetic and Logical Unit
AMAccess Method
AMActive Matrix
AMOLEDActive-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode
AMActive Monitor
AMAllied Mastercomputer
AMAmplitude Modulation
AMDAdvanced Micro Devices
AMQPAdvanced Message Queuing Protocol
AMRAudio Modem Riser
ANNArtificial Neural Network
ANSIAmerican National Standards Institute
ANTAnother Neat Tool
AoEATA over Ethernet
AOPAspect-Oriented Programming
APCIApplication-Layer Protocol Control Information
APIApplication Programming Interface
APICAdvanced Programmable Interrupt Controller
APIPAAutomatic Private IP Addressing
APLA Programming Language
APRApache Portable Runtime
ARCAdaptive Replacement Cache
ARCAdvanced RISC Computing
ARINAmerican Registry for Internet Numbers
ARMAdvanced RISC Machines

AROSAROS Research Operating System

ARPAddress Resolution Protocol
ARPAAddress and Routing Parameter Area
ARPAAdvanced Research Projects Agency
ARPANETAdvanced Research Projects Agency Network
ASAccess Server
ASCIIAmerican Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASGAbstract Semantic Graph
ASICApplication-Specific Integrated Circuit
ASIMOAdvanced Step in Innovative Mobility
ASLRAddress Space Layout Randomization
ASMAlgorithmic State Machine
ASMPAsymmetric Multiprocessing
ASN.1Abstract Syntax Notation 1
ASPActive Server Pages
ASPApplication Service Provider
ASRAsynchronous Signal Routine
ASTAbstract Syntax Tree
ASSPApplication-Specific Standard Product
ATAdvanced Technology
ATAccess Time
ATActive Terminator
ATAAdvanced Technology Attachment
ATAGAuthoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines
ATAPIAdvanced Technology Attachment Packet Interface
ATMAsynchronous Transfer Mode
AVCAdvanced Video Coding
AVIAudio Video Interleaved
AWKAho Weinberger Kernighan
AWTAbstract Window Toolkit

BALBasic Assembly Language
BAMBlock Availability Map
BashBourne-again shell
BASICBeginner's All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BBPBaseband Processor
BBSBulletin Board System
BCDBinary Coded Decimal
BCNFBoyceCodd normal form
BEEPBlocks Extensible Exchange Protocol
BERBit Error Rate
BFDBidirectional Forwarding Detection

BFDBinary File Descriptor

BFSBreadth-First Search
BFTByzantine Fault Tolerant
BGPBorder Gateway Protocol
BIBusiness Intelligence
BINACBinary Automatic Computer
BINDBerkeley Internet Name Domain
BIOSBasic Input Output System
BJTBipolar Junction Transistor
bitbinary digit
BlobBinary large object
BlogWeb Log
BMPBasic Multilingual Plane
BNCBayonet Neill-Concelman
BOINCBerkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing
BOMByte Order Mark
BOOTPBootstrap Protocol
BPDUBridge Protocol Data Unit
BPELBusiness Process Execution Language
BPLBroadband over Power Lines
BPMBusiness Process Management
BPMBusiness Process Modeling
bpsbits per second
BRMBusiness Reference Model
BRMSBusiness Rule Management System
BRRBusiness Readiness Rating
BSABusiness Software Alliance
BSBBackside Bus
BSDBerkeley Software Distribution
BSoDBlue Screen of Death
BSSBlock Started by Symbol
B TAMBasic Telecommunications Access Method
BYODBring Your Own Device

CAComputer architecture
CADComputer-Aided Design
CAEComputer-Aided Engineering
CAIDComputer-Aided Industrial Design
CAIComputer-Aided Instruction

CAMComputer-Aided Manufacturing
CAPTCHACompletely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans
CATComputer-Aided Translation
CAQComputer-Aided Quality Assurance
CASEComputer-Aided Software Engineering
ccC Compiler
CDCompact Disc
CDECommon Desktop Environment
CDMACode Division Multiple Access
CDNContent Delivery Network
CDPContinuous Data Protection
CD-ROMCD Read-Only Memory
CDSACommon Data Security Architecture
CERTComputer Emergency Response Team
CESConsumer Electronics Show
CFCompact Flash
CFDComputational Fluid Dynamics
CFGContext-Free Grammar
CFGControl Flow Graph
CGComputer Graphics
CGAColor Graphics Array
CGICommon Gateway Interface
CGIComputer-Generated Imagery
CGTComputational Graph Theory
CHAPChallenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol
CIDRClassless Inter-Domain Routing
CIFSCommon Internet Filesystem
CIMCommon Information Model
CIMComputationally Independent Model
CIOChief Information Officer
CIRCommitted information rate
CISCComplex Instruction Set Computer
CJKChinese, Japanese, and Korean
CJKVChinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese
CLICommand Line Interface
CLRCommon Language Runtime
CMConfiguration Management
CMContent Management
CMMICapability Maturity Model Integration
CMOSComplementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
CMSContent Management System
CNCanonical Name

CNCommon Name
CNCComputer Numerical Control
CNRCommunications and Networking Riser
COBOLCommon Business-Oriented Language
COMComponent Object Model
CORBACommon Object Request Broker Architecture
COTSCommercial Off-The-Shelf
CPACell Processor Architecture
CPANComprehensive Perl Archive Network
CP/MControl Program/Monitor
CPRICommon Public Radio Interface
CPScharacters per second
CPUCentral Processing Unit
CRCarriage Return
CRANComprehensive R Archive Network
CRCCyclic Redundancy Check
CRLFCarriage Return Line Feeds
CRMCustomer Relationship Management
CRSComputer Reservations System
CRTCathode Ray Tube
CRUDCreate, Read, Update and Delete
CSCable Select
CSComputer Science
CSEComputer Science and Engineering
CSICommon System Interface
CSPCloud Service Provider
CSPCommunicating Sequential Processes
CSRFCross-Site Request Forgery
CSSCascading Style Sheets
CSSContent-Scrambling System
CSSClosed Source Software
CSSCross-Site Scripting
CSVComma-Separated Values
CTComputerized Tomography
CTANComprehensive TeX Archive Network
CTCPClient-To-Client Protocol
CTIComputer Telephony Integration
CTFE-Compile Time Function Execution
CTLComputational Tree Logic
CTMClose To Metal
CTSClear To Send
CTSSCompatible Time-Sharing System
CUACommon User Access
CVSConcurrent Versioning System

DACDigital-To-Analog Converter
DACDiscretionary Access Control
DALDatabase Abstraction Layer
DAOData Access Object
DAOData Access Objects
DAPDirectory Access Protocol
DARPADefense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DATDigital Audio Tape
DBADatabase Administrator
DBCSDouble Byte Character Set
DBMSDatabase Management System
DCCDirect Client-to-Client
DCCPDatagram Congestion Control Protocol
DCCADebian Common Core Alliance
DCLData Control Language
DCSDistributed Control System
DCMIDublin Core Metadata Initiative
DCOMDistributed Component Object Model
DDDouble Density
DDEDynamic Data Exchange
DDLData Definition Language
DDoSDistributed Denial of Service
DDRDouble Data Rate
DECDigital Equipment Corporation
DESData Encryption Standard
DFADeterministic Finite Automaton
DFDData Flow Diagram
DFSDepth-First Search
DFSDistributed File System
DGDDworkin's Game Driver
DHCPDynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DHTMLDynamic Hypertext Markup Language
DIFData Integrity Field
DIMMDual Inline Memory Module
DINDeutsches Institut fr Normung
DIPDual In-line Package
DIVXDigital Video Express
DKIMDomain Keys Identified Mail
DLLDynamic Link Library
DLNADigital Living Network Alliance
DLPData loss protection
DMADirect Memory Access

DMCADigital Millennium Copyright Act

DMIDirect Media Interface
DMLData Manipulation Language
DMLDefinitive Media Library
DMRDennis M. Ritchie
DMZDemilitarized Zone
DNDistinguished Name
DNSDomain Name System
DOADead on Arrival
DOCSISData Over Cable Service Interface Specification
DOMDocument Object Model
DoSDenial of Service
DOSDisk Operating System
DPDot Pitch
DPCDeferred Procedure Call
DPIDeep Packet Inspection
DPIDots Per Inch
DPMIDOS Protected Mode Interface
DPMSDisplay Power Management Signaling
DRAMDynamic Random Access Memory
DR-DOSDigital Research - Disk Operating System
DRIDirect Rendering Infrastructure
DRMDigital Rights Management
DRMDirect Rendering Manager
DSADigital Signature Algorithm
DSDLDocument Schema Definition Languages
DSDMDynamic Systems Development Method
DSLDigital Subscriber Line
DSLDomain-Specific Language
DSLAMDigital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer
DSNDatabase Source Name
DSNData Set Name
DSPDigital Signal Processor
DSSSLDocument Style Semantics and Specification Language
DTDDocument Type Definition
DTEData Terminal Equipment
DTPDesktop Publishing
DTRData Terminal Ready
DVDDigital Versatile Disc
DVD-ROMDVD-Read Only Memory
DVIDigital Visual Interface
DVRDigital Video Recorder
DWData Warehouse

EAIEnterprise Application Integration

EAPExtensible Authentication Protocol
EBCDICExtended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
EBMLExtensible Binary Meta Language
ECCElliptic Curve Cryptography
ECMAEuropean Computer Manufacturers Association
ECNExplicit Congestion Notification
ECOSEmbedded Configurable Operating System
ECRSExpense and Cost Recovery System
EDAElectronic Design Automation
EDIElectronic Data Interchange
EDOExtended Data Out
EDSACElectronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator
EDVACElectronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer
EEPROMElectronically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
EFFElectronic Frontier Foundation
EFIExtensible Firmware Interface
EFMEight-to-Fourteen Modulation
EGAEnhanced Graphics Array
E-mailElectronic mail
EGPExterior Gateway Protocol
eIDelectronic ID card
EIDEEnhanced IDE
EIGRPEnhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
EISAExtended Industry Standard Architecture
ELFExtremely Low Frequency
ELFExecutable and Linkable Format
ELMELectronic Mail
EMSExpanded Memory Specification
ENIACElectronic Numerical Integrator And Computer
EODEnd of Day
EOFEnd of File
EOLEnd of Line
EOMEnd Of Message
EPICExplicitly Parallel Instruction Computing
EPROMErasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
ERDEntity-Relationship Diagram
ERMEntity-Relationship Model
ERPEnterprise Resource Planning
ESBEnterprise service bus
ESCONEnterprise Systems Connection
ESDElectrostatic Discharge
ETLExtract, Transform, Load

ESREric Steven Raymond

EUCExtended Unix Code
EULAEnd User License Agreement
EWMHExtended Window Manager Hints
EXTEXTended file system

FAPFORTRAN Assembly Program

FASMFlat ASseMbler
FATFile Allocation Table
FAQFrequently Asked Questions
FBDIMMFully Buffered Dual Inline Memory Module
FC-ALFibre Channel Arbitrated Loop
FCBFile Control Block
FCSFrame Check Sequence
FDCFloppy Disk Controller
FDSFedora Directory Server
FDDFloppy Disk Drive
FDDIFiber Distributed Data Interface
FDMAFrequency-Division Multiple Access
FECForward Error Correction
FEMBFront-End Motherboard
FETField Effect Transistor
FHSFilesystem Hierarchy Standard
FICONFIber CONnectivity
FIFOFirst In First Out
FIPSFederal Information Processing Standards
FLFunction Level
FLACFree Lossless Audio Codec
FLOPSFLoating-Point Operations Per Second
FLOSSFree/Libre/Open Source Software
FMC Fixed Mobile Convergence "Mobile UC or Unified Communications over
FOLDOCFree On-line Dictionary of Computing
FOSDEMFree and Open source Software Developers' European Meeting
FOSIFormatted Output Specification Instance
FOSSFree and Open Source Software
FPFunction Programming
FPGAField Programmable Gate Array
FPSFloating Point Systems
FPUFloating Point Unit
FRUField Replaceable Unit
FSFile System
FSBFront Side Bus
fsckFile System Check

FSFFree Software Foundation

FSMFinite State Machine
FTTCFiber To The Curb
FTTHFiber To The Home
FTTPFiber To The Premises
FTPFile Transfer Protocol
FQDNFully Qualified Domain Name
FUDFear Uncertainty Doubt
FWSFolding White Space
FXPFile eXchange Protocol
FYIFor Your Information

GasGNU Assembler
GCCGNU Compiler Collection
GCJGNU Compiler for Java
GCRGroup Code Recording
GDBGNU Debugger
GDIGraphics Device Interface
GFDLGNU Free Documentation License
GIFGraphics Interchange Format
GIGOGarbage In, Garbage Out
GIMPGNU Image Manipulation Program
GIMPSGreat Internet Mersenne Prime Search
GISGeographic Information System
GLUTOpenGL Utility Toolkit
GMLGeography Markup Language
GNOMEGNU Network Object Model Environment
GNUGNU's Not Unix
GOMSGoals, Operators, Methods, and Selection rules
GPFSGeneral Parallel File System
GPGGNU Privacy Guard
GPGPUGeneral-Purpose Computing on Graphics Processing Units
GPIBGeneral-Purpose Instrumentation Bus
GPLGeneral Public License
GPLGeneral-Purpose Language
GPRSGeneral Packet Radio Service
GPTGUID Partition Table
GPUGraphics Processing Unit
GRUBGrand Unified Boot-Loader
GSMGlobal System for Mobile Communications

GTK+GIMP Toolkit
GUIGraphical User Interface
GUIDGlobally Unique IDentifier
GWTGoogle Web Toolkit

HAHigh Availability
HALHardware Abstraction Layer
HBAHost Bus Adapter
HCIHuman Computer Interaction
HDHigh Density
HDDHard Disk Drive
HCLHardware Compatibility List
HD DVDHigh Definition DVD
HDLHardware Description Language
HDMIHigh-Definition Multimedia Interface
HFHigh Frequency
HFSHierarchical File System
HHDHybrid Hard Drive
HIDHuman Interface Device
HIGHuman Interface Guidelines
HIRDHurd of Interfaces Representing Depth
HLASMHigh Level ASseMbler
HMAHigh Memory Area
HPCHigh-Performance Computing
HPFSHigh Performance File System
HSDPAHigh-Speed Downlink Packet Access
HTCHigh-Throughput Computing
HSMHierarchical Storage Management
HTHyper Threading
HTMHierarchical Temporal Memory
HTMLHypertext Markup Language
HTTPHypertext Transfer Protocol
HTTPdHypertext Transport Protocol Daemon
HTXHyperTransport eXpansion
HURDHird of Unix-Replacing Daemons
HVDHolographic Versatile Disc

ICInter-Integrated Circuit

IANAInternet Assigned Numbers Authority

iBCSIntel Binary Compatibility Standard
IBMInternational Business Machines
ICIntegrated Circuit
ICANNInternet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
ICEIn-Circuit Emulator
ICEIntrusion Countermeasure Electronics
ICMPInternet Control Message Protocol
ICPInternet Cache Protocol
ICTInformation and Communication Technology
IDEIntegrated Development Environment
IDEIntegrated Drive Electronics
IDFIntermediate Distribution Frame
IDLInterface Definition Language
IDSIntrusion Detection System
IEInternet Explorer
IECInternational Electrotechnical Commission
IEEEInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IETFInternet Engineering Task Force
IFLIntegrated Facility for Linux
IGMPInternet Group Management Protocol
IGRPInterior Gateway Routing Protocol
IHVIndependent Hardware Vendor
IIOPInternet Inter-Orb Protocol
IISInternet Information Services
ILIntermediate Language
IMInstant Messaging
IMAPInternet Message Access Protocol
IMEInput Method Editor
INFOSECInformation Systems Security
IoTInternet of Things
IPIntellectual Property
IPInternet Protocol
IPCInter-Process Communication
IPLInitial Program Load
IPOInter Procedural Optimization
IPPInternet Printing Protocol
IPSIn-Plane Switching
IPSInstructions Per Second
IPSIntrusion Prevention System
IPsecInternet Protocol security
IPTVInternet Protocol Television
IPXInternetwork Packet Exchange
IRIntermediate Representation
IRCInternet Relay Chat

IrDAInfrared Data Association

IRIInternationalized Resource Identifier
IRPI/O Request Packet
IRQInterrupt Request
ISInformation Systems
IS-ISIntermediate System to Intermediate System
ISAIndustry Standard Architecture
ISAInstruction Set Architecture
ISAMIndexed Sequential Access Method
ISCInternet Storm Center
iSCSIInternet Small Computer System Interface
ISDNIntegrated Services Digital Network
ISOInternational Organization for Standardization
iSNSInternet Storage Name Service
ISPInternet Service Provider
ISPFInteractive System Productivity Facility
ISRInterrupt Service Routine
ISVIndependent Software Vendor
ITInformation Technology
ITILInformation Technology Infrastructure Library
ITLInterval Temporal Logic
ITUInternational Telecommunication Union
IVRSInteractive Voice Response System
IVCRInteractive Virtual Classroom

J2EEJava 2 Enterprise Edition

J2MEJava 2 Micro Edition
J2SEJava 2 Standard Edition
JAXBJava Architecture for XML Binding
JAX-RPCJava XML for Remote Procedure Calls
JAXPJava API for XML Processing
JBODJust a Bunch of Disks
JCE Java Cryptography Extension
JCLJob Control Language
JCPJava Community Process
JDBCJava Database Connectivity
JDKJava Development Kit
JEEJava Enterprise Edition
JESJob Entry Subsystem
JDSJava Desktop System
JFCJava Foundation Classes
JFETJunction Field-Effect Transistor
JFSIBM Journaling File System
JINIJini Is Not Initials

JMEJava Micro Edition
JMXJava Management Extensions
JMSJava Message Service
JNDIJava Naming and Directory Interface
JNIJava Native Interface
JNZJump non-zero
JPEGJoint Photographic Experts Group
JREJava Runtime Environment
JSEJava Standard Edition
JSONJavaScript Object Notation
JSPJackson Structured Programming
JSPJavaServer Pages
JTAGJoint Test Action Group
JUGJava Users Group
JVMJava Virtual Machine

K&RKernighan and Ritchie

KBKnowledge Base
KDEK Desktop Environment
KMKnowledge Machine
KRLKnowledge Representation Language
KVMKeyboard, Video, Mouse

L2TPLayer two Tunneling Protocol
LACP-Link Aggregation Control Protocol
LAMPLinux Apache MySQL Perl
LAMPLinux Apache MySQL PHP
LAMPLinux Apache MySQL Python
LANLocal Area Network
LBALogical Block Addressing
LCDLiquid Crystal Display
LCRLeast Cost Routing
LCOSLiquid Crystal On Silicon
LDAPLightweight Directory Access Protocol

LELogical Extents
LEDLight-Emitting Diode
LFLine Feed
LFLow Frequency
LFSLinux From Scratch
LGPLLesser General Public License
LIFLow Insertion Force
LIFOLast In First Out
LILOLinux Loader
LISPLISt Processing
LKMLLinux Kernel Mailing List
LMLan Manager
LOCLines of Code
LPCLars Pensj C
LPILinux Professional Institute
LPT Line Print Terminal
LSBLeast Significant Bit
LSBLinux Standard Base
LSILarge-Scale Integration
LTLLinear Temporal Logic
LUGLinux User Group
LUNLogical Unit Number
LVLogical Volume
LVDLow Voltage Differential
LVMLogical Volume Management
LGALand Grid Array

MACMandatory Access Control

MACMedia Access Control
MANMetropolitan Area Network
MANETMobile Ad-Hoc Network
MAPIMessaging Application Programming Interface
MBCSMulti Byte Character Set
MBDModel-Based Design
MBRMaster Boot Record
MCAMicro Channel Architecture
MCAMicrosoft Certified Architect
MCADMicrosoft Certified Application Developer
MCASMicrosoft Certified Application Specialist

MCDBAMicrosoft Certified DataBase Administrator

MCDSTMicrosoft Certified Desktop Support Technician
MCITPMicrosoft Certified Information Technology Professional
MCMMicrosoft Certified Master
MCPMicrosoft Certified Professional
MCPDMicrosoft Certified Professional Developer
MCSAMicrosoft Certified Systems Administrator
MCSDMicrosoft Certified Solution Developer
MCSEMicrosoft Certified Systems Engineer
MCTMicrosoft Certified Trainer
MCTSMicrosoft Certified Technology Specialist
MDAMail Delivery Agent
MDAModel-Driven Architecture
MDAMonochrome Display Adapter
MDD/MDSDModel-Driven (Software) Development
MDFMain Distribution Frame
MDIMultiple Document Interface
ME[Windows] Millennium Edition
MFMedium Frequency
MFCMicrosoft Foundation Classes
MFMModified Frequency Modulation
MGCPMedia Gateway Control Protocol
MIBManagement Information Base
MICRMagnetic Ink Character Recognition
MIDIMusical Instrument Digital Interface
MIMDMultiple Instruction, Multiple Data
MIMOMultiple-Input Multiple-Output
MIPSMillion Instructions Per Second
MIPSMicroprocessor without Interlocked Pipeline Stages
MISManagement Information Systems
MISDMultiple Instruction, Single Data
MITMassachusetts Institute of Technology
MIMEMultipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
MMDSMortality Medical Data System
MMIMan Machine Interface.
MMIOMemory-Mapped I/O
MMORPGMassively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game
MMUMemory Management Unit
MMXMulti-Media Extensions
MNGMultiple-image Network Graphics
MOMMessage-Oriented Middleware
MOOMUD Object Oriented
MOPMeta-Object Protocol

MOSMicrosoft Office Specialist

MOSFETMetal-Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor
MOTDMessage Of The Day
MOUSMicrosoft Office User Specialist
MPAAMotion Picture Association of America
MPEGMotion Pictures Experts Group
MPLMozilla Public License
MPLSMultiprotocol Label Switching
MPUMicroprocessor Unit
MSMemory Stick
MSBMost Significant Bit
MS-DOSMicrosoft DOS
MTMachine Translation
MTAMail Transfer Agent
MTAMicrosoft Technology Associate
MTBFMean Time Between Failures
MTUMaximum Transmission Unit
MSAMail Submission Agent
MSDNMicrosoft Developer Network
MSIMedium-Scale Integration
MSIMessage Signaled Interrupt
MSIMicrosoft Installer
MUAMail User Agent
MUDMulti-User Dungeon
MVPMost Valuable Professional
MVSMultiple Virtual Storage
MWCMobile World Congress
MXMail exchange
MXFMaterial Exchange Format

NACKNegative ACKnowledgement
NAKNegative AcKnowledge Character
NaNNot a Number
NASNetwork-Attached Storage
NASMNetwide ASseMbler
NATNetwork Address Translation
NCPNetWare Core Protocol
NCQNative Command Queuing
NCSANational Center for Supercomputing Applications
NDPSNovell Distributed Print Services
NDSNovell Directory Services
NEPNetwork Equipment Provider

NetBIOSNetwork Basic Input/Output System

NEXTNear-End CrossTalk
NFANondeterministic Finite Automaton
NFCNear field communication
NFSNetwork File System
NGSCBNext-Generation Secure Computing Base
NINational Instruments
NICNetwork Interface Controller
NIMNo Internal Message
NISTNational Institute of Standards and Technology
NLPNatural Language Processing
NLSNative Language Support
NMINon-Maskable Interrupt
NPNondeterministic Polynomial time
NPLNetscape Public License
NPUNetwork Processing Unit
NSANational Security Agency
NSPRNetscape Portable Runtime
NNTPNetwork News Transfer Protocol
NOCNetwork Operations Center
NOPNo OPeration
NOSNetwork Operating System
NPTLNative POSIX Thread Library
NSSNovell Storage Service
NSSNetwork Security Services
NSSName Service Switch
NTNew Technology
NTFSNT Filesystem
NTLMNT Lan Manager
NTPNetwork Time Protocol
NUMANon-Uniform Memory Access
NURBSNon-Uniform Rational B-Spline
NVRNetwork Video Recorder
NVRAMNon-Volatile Random Access Memory

OASISOrganization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards

OATOperational Acceptance Testing
OBSAIOpen Base Station Architecture Initiative
ODBCOpen Database Connectivity
OEMOriginal Equipment Manufacturer
OESOpen Enterprise Server

OFTCOpen and Free Technology Community

OIDObject Identifier
OLAPOnline Analytical Processing
OLEObject Linking and Embedding
OLEDOrganic Light Emitting Diode
OLPCOne Laptop per Child
OLTPOnline Transaction Processing
OMFObject Module Format
OMGObject Management Group
OMROptical Mark Reader
OOEOut-of-Order Execution
OOMOut Of Memory
OoOEOut-of-Order Execution
OOPObject-Oriented Programming
OOTBOut of the box
OPMLOutline Processor Markup Language
ORBObject Request Broker
ORMObject-Relational Mapping
OSOpen Source
OSOperating System
OSCONO'Reilly Open Source CONvention
OSDNOpen Source Developer Network
OSIOpen Source Initiative
OSIOpen Systems Interconnection
OSPFOpen Shortest Path First
OSSOpen Sound System
OSSOpen-Source Software
OSSOperations Support System
OSTGOpen Source Technology Group
OUIOrganisationally Unique Identifier

PaaSPlatform as a Service
PANPersonal Area Network
PAPPassword Authentication Protocol
PARCPalo Alto Research Center
PATAParallel ATA
PBSPortable Batch System
PCPersonal Computer
PCBPrinted Circuit Board
PCBProcess Control Block

PC DOSPersonal Computer Disc Operating System

PCIPeripheral Component Interconnect
PCIePCI Express
PCLPrinter Command Language
PCMCIAPersonal Computer Memory Card International Association
PCMPulse-Code Modulation
PCREPerl Compatible Regular Expressions
PDPublic Domain
PDAPersonal Digital Assistant
PDFPortable Document Format
PDHPlesiochronous Digital Hierarchy
PDPProgrammed Data Processor
PEPhysical Extents
PERLPractical Extraction and Reporting Language
PFAPlease Find Attachment
PGAPin Grid Array
PGAProgrammable Gate Array
PGOProfile-Guided Optimization
PGPPretty Good Privacy
PHPHypertext Preprocessor
PICPeripheral Interface Controller
PICProgrammable Interrupt Controller
PIDProcess ID
PIMPersonal Information Manager
PINEProgram for Internet News and Email
PIMPlatform Independent Model
PIOProgrammed Input/Output
PKCSPublic Key Cryptography Standards
PKIPublic Key Infrastructure
PLCPower Line Communication
PLCProgrammable Logic Controller
PLDProgrammable Logic Device
PL/IProgramming Language One
PL/MProgramming Language for Microcomputers
PL/PProgramming Language for Prime
PLTPower Line Telecommunications
PMMPOST Memory Manager
PNGPortable Network Graphics
PoEPower over Ethernet
POIDPersistent Object Identifier
POJOPlain Old Java Object
POPPoint of Presence
POP3Post Office Protocol v3
POSIXPortable Operating System Interface, formerly IEEE-IX

POSTPower-On Self Test

PPIPixels Per Inch
PPPPoint-to-Point Protocol
PPPoEPPP over Ethernet
PPTPPoint-to-Point Tunneling Protocol
PR-Pull Request
PS/2Personal System/2
PSAProfessional Services Automation
PSMPlatform Specific Model
PSUPower Supply Unit
PSVIPost-Schema-Validation Infoset
PTS-DOSPhysTechSoft - Disk Operating System
PVPhysical Volume
PVGPhysical Volume Group
PVRPersonal Video Recorder
PXEPreboot Execution Environment
PXIPCI eXtensions for Instrumentation

QDRQuad Data Rate

QAQuality Assurance
QFPQuad Flat Package
QoSQuality of Service
QOTDQuote of the Day
QtQuasar Toolkit
QTAMQueued Teleprocessing Access Method
QSOPQuarter Small Outline Package

RACFResource Access Control Facility

RADRapid Application Development
RADIUSRemote Authentication Dial In User Service
RAIDRedundant Array of Independent Disks
RAIDRedundant Array of Inexpensive Disks
RAIIResource Acquisition Is Initialization
RAITRedundant Array of Inexpensive Tapes
RAMRandom Access Memory
RARPReverse Address Resolution Protocol
RASReliability, Availability and Serviceability
RASRemote Access Service

RRASRouting and Remote Access Service

RCRegion Code
RCRelease Candidate
RCRun Commands
RCSRevision Control System
RDBMSRelational Database Management System
RDCRemote Desktop Connection
RDFResource Description Framework
RDMRelational Data Model
RDOSReal-time Disk Operating System
RDSRemote Data Services
REFALRecursive Functions Algorithmic Language
RESTRepresentational State Transfer
regexRegular Expression
regexpRegular Expression
RFRadio Frequency
RFCRequest For Comments
RFIRadio Frequency Interference
RFIDRadio Frequency Identification
RGBRed, Green, Blue
RGBARed, Green, Blue, Alpha
RHLRed Hat Linux
RHELRed Hat Enterprise Linux
RIARich Internet Application
RIAARecording Industry Association of America
RIPRaster Image Processor
RIPRouting Information Protocol
RIRRegional Internet registry
RISCReduced Instruction Set Computer
RISC OSReduced Instruction Set Computer Operating System
RJERemote Job Entry
RLERun-Length Encoding
RLLRun-Length Limited
RMIRemote Method Invocation
RMSRichard Matthew Stallman
ROMRead Only Memory
ROMBRead-Out Motherboard
ROM-DOSRead Only Memory - Disk Operating System
RPCRemote Procedure Call
RPGReport Program Generator
RPMRPM Package Manager
RSARivest Shamir Adleman
RSIRepetitive Strain Injury
RSSRadio Service Software
RSSRich Site Summary, RDF Site Summary, or Really Simple Syndication
RTAIReal-Time Application Interface

RTCReal-Time Clock
RTEReal-Time Enterprise
RTEMSReal-Time Executive for Multiprocessor Systems
RTOSReal-Time Operating System
RTPReal-time Transport Protocol
RTSReady To Send
RTSPReal Time Streaming Protocol
RTTIRun-time Type Information
RWDResponsive Web Design

SaaSSoftware as a Service
SANStorage Area Network
SASSerial attached SCSI
SAXSimple API for XML
SBODSpinning Beachball of Death
SBP-2Serial Bus Protocol 2
sbinsuperuser binary
SBUStandard Build Unit
SCADASupervisory Control And Data Acquisition
SCIDSource Code in Database
SCMSoftware Configuration Management
SCMSource Code Management
SCPSecure Copy
SCPIStandard Commands for Programmable Instrumentation
SCSASecure Content Storage Association
SCSISmall Computer System Interface
SCTPStream Control Transmission Protocol
SDSecure Digital
SDDLSecurity Descriptor Definition Language
SDHSynchronous Digital Hierarchy
SDISingle Document Interface
SECSingle Edge Contact
SDIOSecure Digital Input Output
SDKSoftware Development Kit
SDLSimple DirectMedia Layer
SDNService Delivery Network
SDPSession Description Protocol
SDRSoftware-Defined Radio
SDRAMSynchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
SDSLSymmetric DSL
SESingle Ended
SEISoftware Engineering Institute

SEOSearch Engine Optimization

SFTPSimple File Transfer Protocol
SFTPSSH File Transfer Protocol
SGISilicon Graphics, Incorporated
SGMLStandard Generalized Markup Language
SGRSelect Graphic Rendition
SHASecure Hash Algorithm
SHDSLSingle-pair High-speed Digital Subscriber Line
SIGCATSpecial Interest Group on CD-ROM Applications and Technology
SIGGRAPHSpecial Interest Group on Graphics
SIMDSingle Instruction, Multiple Data
SIMMSingle Inline Memory Module
SIPSession Initiation Protocol
SIPSupplementary Ideographic Plane
SISDSingle Instruction, Single Data
SISOSingle-Input and Single-Output
SLEDSUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop
SLESSUSE Linux Enterprise Server
SLIScalable Link Interface
SLIPSerial Line Internet Protocol
SLMService Level Management
SLOCSource Lines of Code
SMESubject Matter Expert
SPMSoftware project management
SPMDSingle Program, Multiple Data
SMASubMiniature version A
SMBServer Message Block
SMBIOSSystem Management BIOS
SMILSynchronized Multimedia Integration Language
S/MIMESecure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
SMPSupplementary Multilingual Plane
SMPSymmetric Multi-Processing
SMSShort Message Service
SMSSystem Management Server
SMTSimultaneous Multithreading
SMTPSimple Mail Transfer Protocol
SNASystems Network Architecture
SNMPSimple Network Management Protocol
SNTPSimple Network Time Protocol
SOAService-Oriented Architecture
SOAPSimple Object Access Protocol
SOAPSymbolic Optimal Assembly Program
SOPAStop Online Piracy Act
SO-DIMMSmall Outline DIMM

SOEStandard Operating Environment

SOHOSmall Office/Home Office
SOISilicon On Insulator
SPService Pack
SPASingle Page Application
SPFSender Policy Framework
SPISerial Peripheral Interface
SPIStateful Packet Inspection
SPARCScalable Processor Architecture
SQLStructured Query Language
SRAMStatic Random Access Memory
SSAStatic Single Assignment
SSDSoftware Specification Document
SSDSolid-State Drive
SSEStreaming SIMD Extensions
SSHSecure Shell
SSIServer Side Includes
SSISingle-System Image
SSISmall-Scale Integration
SSIDService Set Identifier
SSLSecure Socket Layer
SSPSupplementary Special-purpose Plane
SSSESupplementary Streaming SIMD Extensions
SUSSingle UNIX Specification
SUSESoftware und System-Entwicklung
SVCScalable Video Coding
SVGScalable Vector Graphics
SVGASuper Video Graphics Array
SVDStructured VLSI Design
SWFShock Wave Flash
SWTStandard Widget Toolkit
SysopSystem operator

TASMTurbo ASseMbler
TclTool Command Language
TCPTransmission Control Protocol
TCP/IPTransmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TCUTelecommunication Control Unit
TDMATime Division Multiple Access
TFTThin Film Transistor
TFTPTrivial File Transfer Protocol

TITexas Instruments
TLAThree-Letter Acronym
TLDTop-Level Domain
TLSThread-Local Storage
TLSTransport Layer Security
TNCTerminal Node Controller
TNCThreaded Neill-Concelman connector
TPFTransaction Processing Facility
TROFFTrace Off
TRONTrace On
TRONThe Real-time Operating system Nucleus
TRS-DOSTandy Radio Shack - Disk Operating System
TSOTime Sharing Option
TSPTraveling Salesman Problem
TSRTerminate and Stay Resident
TTATrue Tap Audio
TTFTrueType Font
TTLTransistor-Transistor Logic
TTLTime To Live
TUCOWSThe Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software
TUGTeX Users Group
TWAINTechnology Without An Interesting Name

UAAGUser Agent Accessibility Guidelines

UACUser Account Control
UARTUniversal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
UATUser Acceptance Testing
UCSUniversal Character Set
UDDIUniversal Description, Discovery, and Integration
UDPUser Datagram Protocol
UEFIUnified Extensible Firmware Interface
UHFUltra High Frequency
UIUser Interface
ULAUncommitted Logic Array
UMAUpper Memory Area
UMBUpper Memory Block
UMLUnified Modeling Language
UMLUser-Mode Linux

UMPCUltra-Mobile Personal Computer

UNCUniversal Naming Convention
UPSUninterruptible Power Supply
URIUniform Resource Identifier
URLUniform Resource Locator
URNUniform Resource Name
USBUniversal Serial Bus
USRU.S. Robotics
UTCCoordinated Universal Time
UTFUnicode Transformation Format
UTPUnshielded Twisted Pair
UUCPUnix to Unix Copy
UUIDUniversally Unique Identifier
UUNUniversal User Name
UVCUniversal Virtual Computer
UXUser Experience

VAXVirtual Address eXtension
VCPIVirtual Control Program Interface
VRVirtual Reality
VRMLVirtual Reality Modeling Language
VBVisual Basic
VBAVisual Basic for Applications
VBSVisual Basic Script
VDSLVery High Bitrate Digital Subscriber Line
VESAVideo Electronics Standards Association
VFSVirtual File System
VGVolume Group
VGAVideo Graphics Array
VGAVideo Graphics Adapter
VHFVery High Frequency
VLANVirtual Local Area Network
VLSMVariable Length Subnet Mask
VLBVesa Local Bus
VLFVery Low Frequency
VLIWVery Long Instruction Word
VLSIVery-Large-Scale Integration
VMVirtual Machine
VMVirtual Memory
VNCVirtual Network Computing
VODVideo On Demand

VoIPVoice over Internet Protocol

VPNVirtual Private Network
VPUVisual Processing Unit
VSAMVirtual Storage Access Method
VSATVery Small Aperture Terminal
VTVideo Terminal?
VTAMVirtual Telecommunications Access Method
VRAM-Video Random Access Memory

W3CWorld Wide Web Consortium

WWDCApple World Wide Developer Conference
WAFSWide Area File Services
WAIWeb Accessibility Initiative
WAISWide Area Information Server
WANWide Area Network
WAPWireless Access Point
WAPWireless Application Protocol
WASMWatcom ASseMbler
WBEMWeb-Based Enterprise Management
WCAGWeb Content Accessibility Guidelines
WCFWindows Communication Foundation
WDMWavelength-Division Multiplexing
WebDAVWWW Distributed Authoring and Versioning
WEPWired Equivalent Privacy
WFIWait For Interrupt
WiMAXWorldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access
WinFSWindows Future Storage
WINSWindows Internet Name Service
WLANWireless Local Area Network
WMAWindows Media Audio
WMVWindows Media Video
WORAWrite once, run anywhere
WOREWrite once, run everywhere
WPAWi-Fi Protected Access
WPANWireless Personal Area Network
WPFWindows Presentation Foundation
WSDLWeb Services Description Language
WSFLWeb Services Flow Language
WUSBWireless Universal Serial Bus
WWANWireless Wide Area Network
WWIDWorld Wide Identifier
WWNWorld Wide Name

WWWWorld Wide Web

WYSIWYGWhat You See Is What You Get
WZCWireless Zero Configuration

XAGXML Accessibility Guidelines

XAMLeXtensible Application Markup Language
XDMX Window Display Manager
XDMCPX Display Manager Control Protocol
XCBLXML Common Business Library
XHTMLeXtensible Hypertext Markup Language
XILPX Interactive ListProc
XMLeXtensible Markup Language
XMMSX Multimedia System
XMPPeXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol
XMSExtended Memory Specification
XNSXerox Network Systems
XPExtreme Programming
XPCOMCross Platform Component Object Model
XPIDLCross-Platform IDL
XPS XML Paper Specification
XSDXML Schema Definition
XSLeXtensible Stylesheet Language
XSL-FOeXtensible Stylesheet Language Formatting Objects
XSLTeXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations
XSSCross-Site Scripting
XTFeXtensible Tag Framework
XTFeXtended Triton Format
XULXML User Interface Language
XVGAExtended Video Graphics Adapter

Y2KYear Two Thousand

YAAFYet Another Application Framework
YACCYet Another Compiler Compiler
YAMLYAML Ain't Markup Language
YaSTYet another Setup Tool

ZCAVZone Constant Angular Velocity

ZCSZero Code Suppression

ZIFZero Insertion Force
ZIFSZero Insertion Force Socket
ZISCZero Instruction Set Computer
ZOIZero One Infinity
ZOPEZ Object Publishing Environment
ZMAZone Multicast Address
ZPLZ-level Programming Language

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