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Engineer Ali Mirza attempted to answer the fallacious question which is as fallow:=

Who Created/Made God/Deity?

This is the worst questionous fallacy in the world.
Since in Islam it is Axiomatic that ALL-H is :=
1] Necessary Being
2]Uncreated Being
3]Eternal Being
4] Essential Being
5] Self Existing Being
6] Absolute Being
This clearly implies that as ALL-H is Uncreated , Eternal , Necessary ,Infinite Being
[One That Exists/ One That Do Be].
So as if G-d is Uncreated then this Intrinsically Implies that ALL-H has No Creator ,
No Maker, No Cause and No Source what so ever.
If It is supposed that G-d hath a Created implies necessarily and intrinsically that Gd is Not G-D.
Any thing which implies God is Not God is Absolutely Impossible and Intrinsically
So there is only two logical alternatives.
1] Either there is no Creator of G-d.

2] Or G-d is Not G-d.

As the second alternative is Absolutely Impossible and Intrinsically Absurd there is
only first option is correct.
There Is No Creator Of G-d.
Not Only G-d but Attributes and Nouns Of G-d are Uncreated and Eternal.
The Speech Of ALL-H I.E Qura:n is Uncreated. When the Speech Of ALL-H is
Uncreated and Without a Creator then ALL-H Himself is Primarily Uncreated
,Unmade , Uncaused and Unissued.

So those who ask this types of Question are either deceive deliberately or are so
ignorant that the do not know that Uncreated do not have any Creator otherwise
Uncreated ceaseth to be Uncreated.
Argument 1
Either G-d is Either Uncreated or Not.
If Not then God Ceaseth to be God. Since Uncreativity and Uncreatedness is the
Necessary Attribute of G-D.
IF God is Unceated then God is neither made nor there is a Creator of God.
Argument 2
One can suppose the following thing about God.
1] God in Uncreated with out a Creator and is Beginning-less.
2] God hath a Creator and a Beginning.
3] God came in Existence from nothing with out any creator.
There is no forth way.
If God came into Existence and there is a Creator of God then God is neither Eternal
nor Uncreated and also not Unmade.
This implies God is Not God.
Similarly if God is with out a creator but came in existence without any Creator and
Maker then God ceaseth to be God . Since God is Eternal and any thing which hath a
beginning is not Eternal and if not Eternal then not God.
So God is Uncreated with out a Creator.
Note : A forth supposition is that God is Eternal yet Created.
But any thing that is Created is Not God.
So an Atheist if he is rational can believe in God or can disbelieve in God.
Since this Question is in real as follow:Who Created the Being that is the Uncreated Creator and Uncaused cause?
This is nothing but fallacy of questions.