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21 May 2010

e-Rössing Bulletin
Know your Employee Relations team
Be Active - Highlights!

Rössing Foundation’s success draws

international attention
By Lysias Uusiku,
Community Sustainable Development
The Rössing Foundation   

The Rössing Foundation was once

again globally hand-picked as a best
practice Community Sustainable
Development organisation with a visit
by the Lembaga Pengembangan
Masyarakat Amungme dan Kamoro
(LPMAK) Foundation from Papua,

Papua is the largest province of

Indonesia, comprising of the most
western half of the island of New

The purpose of the visit was to

understand how the Rössing
Foundation operates and to learn
from programmes currently running
From left: Mattheus Addidikam, Chairman Board of Trustees, LPMAK; Ursula
in the Erongo region and the rest of Matzopoulos, Acting Assistant Director Education (RF);
Namibia. Part of the visit was also Emanuel Kemong, Executive Director LPMAK; Bonadei Thekwane, Assistant
to identify any programmes from the Director Sustainable Development and Quality Assurance (RF); Job Tjiho,
Rössing Foundation that LPMAK Director (RF); Yesaya Sombuk, Mimika Regency Head of Education; Abdul
Muis, Deputy Mayor Mimika Regency; Pippa Zainoeddin, Chief of Staff PTFI-
could replicate as they deem fit to SLD; Tobias Amoonga, Master Maths Programme Coordinator (RF); Dr Takim
their situation and dynamics. Andriono, Education Consultant LPMAK and Lysias Uusiku, Community and
Sustainable Development (RF).
The delegates were made up of
the LPMAK Foundation staff and Development Programmes focusing In future, there will be
leaders from Papua. They had on education, local authority support, a continuous sharing of
an opportunity to learn from the small and medium enterprises, small experiences between the two
Rössing Foundation’s Sustainable scale mining and desert agriculture. Foundations.
Job well done by our Transport team

e-Rössing Bulletin
From left: Mike
Controller; Jan
Platzemetsing; Chris
Anderson; Johan
Bezuidenhout; Noël The positive outcomes from this
Mouton, Manager
Business Administration;
accident are:
Ruben Amamub and
Martin Ndengu, Supt. 1. The quick response prior to
Business Administration the emergency team’s arrival
saved a life.
2. The fire was extinguished
On Thursday last week an in the accident started to burn before extensive damage
accident occurred when two with the driver still trapped by the occurred.
vehicles were involved in a head- brake and clutch pedals. 3.Our trained first aiders used
on collision on the Swakopmund correct procedure without
road. The first vehicles on the While the fire was extinguished causing additional injuries to the
scene were two Rössing buses. two other employees freed the patient.
driver’s legs and moved the 4. Passengers not required to
The drivers immediately pulled person away from the vehicle. assist were asked to remain on
safely off the road as not to the bus and thus not increasing
cause any additional hazards The Rössing team assisted the additional risk to other road
to other road users and went to other person and waited until users.
assist the accident casualties. the emergency response team 5. Other Rössing buses passed
Emergency response teams arrived, handed over, and then the accident scene as they saw
were immediately contacted for continued their journey to the that assistance was already
assistance. One vehicle involved mine. given.
Well done!

Rössing employees saving lives

The Blood Transfusion Service of
Namibia conducted their second
blood donation clinic at Rössing
last week.

Willy Matthys from

Instrumentation said, “I have
been donating blood for the past
10 years because there is a
blood shortage in the country”.

Another blood donor, Alden

Cloete from Instrumentation,
said, “I am a type O blood donor
therefore my blood is in demand,
because I can donate to A, B, AB
and O groups.”
(Standing) Clinic Assistants
from The Blood Transfusion
The Blood Transfusion Service Employees are encouraged Service with Alden Cloete (left),
conducts its clinic on-site three to participate in this life saving and Willy Mathys (right), both
times a year. The next clinic will exercise. Next time it might be from Instrumentation.
be held in June. YOU in need of blood.
Know your Employee Relations team 

e-Rössing Bulletin
The Employee Relations (ER) Administration Area: Processing
Team is geared for the 3838
magic number i.e. target for
U3O8 for 2010. In order to
efficiently add value to our
service we would like you to
know, who the responsible
person for your area on site is.

Graduate, HR Practitioner
Area: Employee Relations HR Administrator Michael Festus
Daphne de Klerk Tel: 520 2267
Tel: 520 2367 Cell: 081 291 01453
Fax: 520 2343

Area: Mining and Long Term


Superintendent: Employee
Relations: HR Practitioner
Edwich Jacobson
Elia Erastus Tel: 520 2267
Tel: 520 2494 Cell: 081 276 7139 /
Cell: 081 128 5588 HR Practitioner 081 141 2443
Sydney Baumann Speed Dial: 5621
Cell: 081 127 2616
Area: Corporate Services
Speed Dial: 5221
and Engineering & Projects

Employee Support Advisor

HR Practitioner
HR Practitioner Gail Visser
Febe Nghinongwa
Gelasius Shesinacho Tel: 520 2561
Tel: 520 2680
Cell: 081 211 8842 Cell: 081 140 2332
Fax: 520 2343
Speed Dial 5622 Speed Dial: 5235

Obituary - Fawz Woodman friendly, supportive and helpful two grandchildren and son
nature. She joined Rössing Wayne.
on 27 April 1989 in the Public
Relations Department and was On behalf of all at Rössing we
responsible for many of the extend our sincere condolences
Rössing News editions and also to the bereaved family
conducted visitor tours. members.

Fawz progressed to In lieu of flowers kindly make

Departmental Secretary and donations to the Cancer
from 2004 until now served as Association in memory of Fawz.
Fawz Woodman passed away the Personal Assistant to the
peacefully on Thursday morning Managing Director. A memorial service is taking
after a long and valiant battle Fawz leaves behind her place on Monday, 14:00, Baptist
with cancer. She will be sorely husband, Vince, her daughter Church, Schwester Frieda
missed by all, especially her Carmen and her husband and Street, Vineta.
Biodiversity and development

e-Rössing Bulletin
Group 5 Mammals - Departing for their activities
(Loide Ndumbu in black t-shirt)

2010 has been proclaimed Four Rössing employees, The various themes included:
by the United Nations as the Yvonne Mupupa, Advisor:
International Year of Biodiversity Biodiversity; Loide Ndumbu, · Conservancies: Biodiversity, the
to increase awareness of the Environmental Advisor; Cornelia- base of living
importance of biodiversity for Snerry Mungungu, Environmental · Brandberg’s rock paintings:
sustainable development. Advisor and Inekela Iiyambo, Messages of the past for the
Graduate Environmental Advisor, future
The Ministry of Environment represented Rössing. · The Ugab wetlands: Water is
and Tourism and the German life
Ministries for Economic Co- The Brandberg was chosen as · Small heroes: Invertebrates
operation and Development the location because of its high keep the circle going
(BMZ/GTZ) organised activities number of endemic species and · Mammals: Brothers from other
such as the National Biodiversity its diverse ecosystems, which is mothers
Action Day, to promote events an excellent example not only for · Plants: The base of civilisation
that highlight the importance of Namibia’s biodiversity but also
ecosystems and show examples for community based natural The event created public
of successful sustainable use of resource management by the awareness on a national level
biodiversity. Tsiseb Conservancy. and will be fed into a global
mosaic on ecosystem services
The National Biodiversity Action During the event, scientists and their impact on human well-
Day was held at Brandberg from and local experts worked in being.
7 to 9 May and participants from six groups in the area and
all walks of life (local residents exchanged their views with The Ministry of Environment
from the communities, schools, the participants. The event and Tourism, GTZ, UNDP, the
museums, environmental was also used as an example Polytechnic of Namibia, and
groups, businesses, politicians, of how biodiversity in the past the University of Namibia have
scientists, journalists, etc) were was, and still is today, essential planned additional events for the
invited to participate in the for people’s livelihoods. The rest of the year to celebrate the
event and to jointly analise a activities mainly took place in and year of Biodiversity.
previously defined region with its around the White Lady Lodge
ecosystem. area.
Contact Yvonne N. Mupupa ext
2233 for more information.

Inekela Iiyambo at the Biodiversity Loide Ndumbu, Yvonne Mupupa and Conservancies – one of the dams
event Cornelia-Snerry Mungungu being constructed for the elephants
in this area to reduce conflict between
elephants and humans

Be Active - Highlights from week one and two

e-Rössing Bulletin
We are slowly progressing
into the second week of the
Be Active challenge initiative.

The e-Rössing Bulletin caught

up with a few employees
to get their views on the
activity. With it comes mixed
comments and feelings of the
Rainier Kennedy Motonane Frances Anderson, Manager:
Development position - Value Planning
This is what some of the Sustainable Development
employees had to say: “I would have loved to take part “Despite that fact that I regulary
in Be Active but I was on leave exercise, I used to slow down
during the registration process over the weekends, this
to prepare for my wedding. I will commitment is forcing me to get
definitely take part should such out and be active even over the
an initiative takes place in future” weekends.

My morning starts with a brisk

2.5km walk each day.

It is a good initiative; I know

a number of people who do
Willem van Rooyen, GM Operations encourage each other daily. I
also realise that this will be the
“There are several benefits
first time around that a number
including re-emphasising the
of us will not have to worry about
approach to do a task safely!
getting the pre-winter body back,
It can improve our health and
once summer is here (seeing
hopefully set a new ‘lifestyle’ for
that this challenge takes place in
some of us. Norbert Fleidl, Senior Maintenance
Planning Technician
The synergy with safety is that “Be Active is helping me get back Advice to those who are not
we approach even this task with on track after my hit and run active?
a mindset to perfrom it without accident last year after which my
injury. This includes ensuring fitness level dropped a lot. Remember you have one body
we have the correct PPE, in
only - please take care of it, it is
particular footwear.” I have walked, run, gymed and one of the greatest investments
did stretch/PT exercises basically you can make, not only for
everyday since the challenge yourself but also for your family.
started. Being in a team and
tracking my progress every day
motivates me a lot.

I want to do my part for the team

(Challengers) and can already
Tuyeni Hamukwaya
Export Officer feel the difference.

“The most immediate benefit The only hiccup is the pedometer,

of the challenge is that my which is totally unreliable. Vallerey Tjiute, Business
physical activity has increased Management Accountant
and improved. Now I feel and I hope that this challenge will “I am part of the Be Active
sleep better. I have more energy become a part of life for all challenge but it is so hard for
and vitality. I improved my self participants. It should actually be me to accumulate enough steps
discipline and most areas of my life an ongoing programme and not at work, but I try me best after
by regularly incorporating physical for 10 weeks only.” hours to do extra activities and
activity inTO my daily routine.” make up the steps.”
Weekly Peer Educators Competition
Peer Educators will be running weekly competitions

as part of our awareness campaign against alcohol

e-Rössing Bulletin
and drug abuse. Arrange the scrambled sentences given in the
correct order:
1. Alcohol significant Alcohol a pattern of impairment
or drinking that leads to clinical significant distress
Abuse is that significant leads distress.

Answer ......................................................................
Clue: The answers are in the notes of the Peer 2. Problem dependent drinking is non drinking
Educator;s May talks. Get hold of a copy and search resulting in adverse consequences.
for the answers.
Answer ....................................................................
Arrange the scrambled sentences given in the
3. When experience negative someone effects of
correct order:
drinking exert a alcohol problems the toll.

Example: Answer ......................................................................

Wrong sentence: families related problems. ..................................................................................
Identify individuals at risk or for developing alcohol
From the correct entries in today’s competition, three
Correct sentence: Identify individuals or families at winners will be drawn for a gift prize. Only one entry per
risk for developing alcohol related problems.
Closing date, Wednesday, 26 May. Entries to be
delivered to Emily Iyambo, Public Relations Practitioner.

Rössing Inter-departmental Sports Tournament

4 - 5 June 2010
Sports codes:
Who is taking the Gold this year?
soccer, volleyball, darts,
pool and netball The Rössing Interdepartmental Sports
Tournament is set to kick off next month.

The tournament is open to all departments and

contractors and each department and contractor
groups are requested to form teams in the given
sport codes.

Note: Contractor companies need to arrange

their own transport.

Deadline for entering your teams is

Friday, 28 May.
Co-ordinators Sports Code Contact Number
Aron Naobeb Soccer 2-481 S/Dial 5142
Nico Olivier Volleyball 2-255 S/Dial 5192
Juno Claasen Darts 2-815 S/Dial 5486
Gotfried Haraseb Pool 2-319 S/Dial 5012
Leon Beukes Netball 2-492 S/Dial 5029
Rössing Soccer and Volleyball

Training sessions
Production Indicators Week 19
Our Electricity Tonnes U3O8 Exchange

every drop Cost U3O8 Spot
counts! Transferred US$ : SA

e-Rössing Bulletin
3701372 Price
Target per KWh & This Rand
Days: Mondays and Wednesdays day: 8 340 used Drummed week: 1:7.94
Venue: Tamariskia Soccer Stadium m³/day cost us Average US$41.50 Today at
Time: 18:00 to 20:00 Actual N$1809970 month-to-date lb U3O8 08:00
usage: at Transferred: Last Last
7 975 m³/day 47.05 10.5 week: week:
All Rössing employees are welcome. Fresh water KWh per Drummed: US$41.50 1:7.54
YTD: kg U3O8 10.8 / lb U3O8
6 153 m³/day transferred

Reminder - Water saving

Small Ads
at home competition
For sale
Entry form now • Three piece wall unit. Emboia & Yellow-wood,
available on intranet N$7000. Contact 081 209 8169

To let
• Prizes • Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, garage, OB
1st N$1 500 cash Davids house in Tamariskia available from 1
2nd Plug-in Coolbox June, N$5000, water and electricity included.
3rd Brita Water Filter Contact 081 128 9928.
• One bedroom flat with built-in cupboards, own
• Entry forms must be accompanied by the bathroom and living room. N$ 2500, 30 Mowen
water accounts for March, April and May
2010. Street, Vineta. Contact 081 122 1516.
• Closing date: 25 June 2010.
• Refer to the 19 February edition of the Want to rent
e-Rössing Bulletin for the rules. • Urgently looking for a house to rent in
Tamariskia or Vineta. Price range N$4000.
Take note Contact Rikus 081 124 8036.
Competition is open to all employees including
those that reside in company accommodation. Lift offered
Contractor employees may also participate in all • For two person (s) To Windhoek on Friday
water related competitions. after work. Contact 081 124 9164.
Employees in Communications, Tailings Dam
and Water Management (Front line managers Lift wanted
only) and Senior Water Control officers may not • To Windhoek after work and back on Sunday.
participate. Contact ext 2623 or 081 223 1020

Friendly soccer tournament Speak-OUT is the Rio Tinto

Date: Saturday 22 May
telephone reporting system that provides
Where: Arandis soccer stadium all Rio Tinto stakeholders with a means
to raise concerns about serious issues
First Game and inappropriate behaviour to Rio Tinto
Okajombo Stars vs Blue Boys Swakopmund executives.
Time: 13:00

Second Game Speak-OUT is an important tool to ensure

Blue Boys vs Sorento Bucks that our reputation for being an ethical
Time: 15:00 and transparent business is maintained.

Lost and Found Call Speak-OUT free on:

I lost my bag at the Arandis T– junction

on 30 April. It’s a blue togbag with a 001 314 628 6279
toiletry bag tightened on the side of Speed dial: 5799
the bag. Anyone with info can contact
Erasmus Nauta at ext: 2351 / 2822 cell: Let’s keep on speaking!
081 236 4896. Reward offered.