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Dengeki Sentai Changeman (or translated literally to English as Blitzkrieg Squadron Changeman).

strangely fun to say in Portuguese : Esquadro Relmpago Changeman. Changeman is the 9th
installment in the Super Sentai franchise.
The plot of the Changeman is the following :
Great Star League Gozma a confederation of alien planets conquered by an evil alien warlord Star
King Bazeu has set its sight upon Earth. To defend Earth the Japanese government forms the Earth
Defense Force. A specialized branch of the elite of the elite. Their battle to defend Earth is chronicled
in the events of Dengeki Sentai Changeman.
Changeman appears to be obscure sentai among the English speaking toku fans. Rarely talked about
or mentioned. Just appears to be a strange little foot note to the term ''Pre-Zyu''. A term developed
by English speaking Power Rangers fan to refer to all sentai preceding Zyurangers. Something I feel
is really remarkably unfair to Changeman. Just watching clips of Changeman its feels special in
execution and manner. I hope my hunch is correct. It is also ironically thanks to Zyurangers, I was
introduced to Changeman. One of Zyuranger's major characters Burai, his actor had also played an
another ranger in Changeman. So my interest was sparked as had I really enjoyed the character of
Burai. One of the few things I could enjoy from Zyurangers.

Despite the apathy of the English speaking fans. Changeman among people in Portuguese speaking
countries most notably Brazil has acquired ''cult like status'' some what comparable to how is MMPR
in the English Speaking countries.
Theme Song : It is alright. Its not something I would put in my top 10 list or 15th. As it lacks the
energy and enthusiasm that I find opening in themes I like. The visuals to the opening are awesome!
I'll probably be skipping it after a couple of times I listen to it.
Ep. 1: Arrival! Secret Power!
Approach all giant eggs with precaution please.

The Earth Defense conducts a brutal training exercise to find members suitable enough to become
Changeman. Warriors from what I understand to that are able to channel the energy from the
Earth's biofield. As the suitable candidates emerge as dozens die from training mishaps and aliens
attacks. The Great Star League Gozma starts its invasion of the Earth by with small raids. The
Changeman are more than a match as they win the first skirmish in what will soon become a war.

Starting off almost uncharacteristically of Sentai with a brutal training exercise. As explosives goes
off all over the unlucky participants like they are in Micheal bay movie.And an irate commander
named Ibuki who suspiciously look like Colonel Trautman giving his troops barking orders to just
push on ahead; even shooting at near them! Eventually all of the troopers just mutiny and leave the
commander even as he threats to shoot them. Just off the back this feel nothing like any sentai I
have seen. You wouldn't be blamed for thinking its some kind of war movie rather a kids show
centered around spandex clad heroes. The first moments alone many intense moments are created
such as soldiers getting fed up with the treatment by the commander or one of the solider dangling
on a rope. It is definitely true to its to military theme by kicking off the show with a military
exercise. Entertaining alone by its uniqueness that it offers and different flavor that it gives to the
show. We get bits of characterization from bits of dialogue. Such as Hayate complaining about the
commander messing up his hair or Oozora happily smiling at the food he bought. But Tsurugi gets
the most as his natural ablity to lead he is demonstrated. Still not enough or our two female get next
to nothing I believe. But its hard to blame them as moves at a kinetic pace that keeps the viewer
interested at all points. Maybe a little fast too. Most of all I felt like we got to see the heroes' lives
before they become Changeman for a bit.In terms of characterization for the villain. I wasn't able to
make of them. Most of them just lurk in the shadows and spout generic lines that sentai villains

usually do.
An another notable scene is first encounter with the Hidrer Soldiers. As these henchman would give
most henchman used in SS or PR a run for their money in terms of being threatening. As their
bizarre blue tint humanoid appearance mixed with their eerily ape like face puts their category of
their own in terms just being creepy. Did I mention they hatch out of eggs like they are orcs from
LOTR. But the creepiest part about them is how their facial muscles move or the water like
substance they spew out from their mouths. Yuck! Besides the brutality of this scene as soldiers are
killed left and right in unpleasant manners. We get a taste this season has no qualms of showing
deaths or showing brutal content. Setting the ambiance of this season is going to be a bit somber
than the usual.
All of the subsequent action scenes take up nearly rest of the episodes. Its moves at such a
breakneck scene you'll be asking for more dialogue scenes.
Changeman color me impressed.
Great premise overall.

Ep. 2: The Wrath of Star King Bazeu

As the Changeman are introduced to new base of operations. The Great Star League Gozma still
shocked by the failure of their first attack. Thus now decide to send in Space Beastman Gom to deal
with the Changeman menace.
In tuned with the style of the last episode which had high paced action dominating most of the
episodes with sparse dialogues in between. This episode is fun to watch for the high octane action. I
am now starting to get slightly annoyed at how fast everything moves now. There is a little to no
scenes from the episode for me to get a proper sense of the characters but its only the second
episode. I am not gonna be holding a grudge for too long. I did get a sense of a motivation for the
villains. Many of their homeworlds are themselves are under siege from the Gozma league. Their
homeworlds will be destroyed if they fail to do Gozma's bidding. In a way just as victims of the
Gozma as the people of Earth are.Star King Bazeu the main villain of this season has to be one of
the most disturbing villains I had ever seen in toku history. He is made is disturbing by his offputting
appearance. He resembles what appears to be an amputee but the robotics around his body parts
stop him from resembling a proper human. Even you could say its the ''uncanny valley'' in a bizarre
twisted away. His visible beating heart is also uneasy to look at. All of the villains stand in fear and
one of them even pees at just the bare threat. The action scene I found that was notable was the
dog fight between Changeman and the Gozma Fighters. I am always in favor in such scenes because
they give more credence that this is an invasion. Plus they serve to break up the usual ground
battles and the Kajiu battle scene. The MOTW for the episode is no normal monster. Its known by the
name : Space Beastman Gom. Which makes this monster more threatening than the typical monster
it can spew goo that can disintegrate humans. Couple of civilian are killed outright. So its an
imposing figure all the way through.
Ep. 3: Scram! Soldier Team
The great General Giluke brings a space beast from his own plant Giras named Zobii to defeat the
Changeman. Before sending out the creature Giluke cuts the head of its body so both of the body
parts desperately search for each other. Making the creature prone to be leaving a path of
destruction. The Changeman must defeat this creature before it can hurt too many people.

This episode is the usual flair that is so typical of PR and SS where the rangers must face off with a
MOTW. Beyond that nothing really happens. But there are couple of tidbits to spice things up. The

predicament of having to fight two parts of the same monster forces the rangers to try out different
tactics such as Tsurugi the red ranger separating from the main group to fight the head of the Zobii.
There is a minor subplot of Tsurgui and Booba having a rivalry that gets resolved too quickly here to
amount to anything much. But it may set up something in the future. Simply put Tsurgui didn't like
eating Booba's ''dust''. At least, we know something more about Tsurgui he doesn't like being beaten
at something. Possibly, a competitive person. While the Changeman at the end celebrate with A class
meal. I am left wanting something more.

Ep. 4: A Kiss After the Fight

The latest threat that the Changeman must face is the Space Beast Uuba a vicious creature whose
milk has the ability any animals into a humans while still retaining their animal like mind. Our hero
Hayate concerns himself with finding a little kitten of a little girl whose kitten has become the first
victim of Uuba.
In this Hayate focused episode Hayate gets a bit fleshed out. A peculiar habit of his is constantly
combing his hair. Signalling to me that a Hayate may be a bit of a conceited person who puts a little
too much thought into his appearance.He appears to think of himself as some kind of a ladies man.
His admiration for women seems to run through all ages. As he is deeply concerned with helping the
little girl. I am not gonna be a cynical person here and say he was helping the little girl because he
had a sexual interest. It was out of a platonic love rather. The ''animal mask'' that people were
wearing obviously masks so felt kind of awkward to take them seriously. Don't get me started on
those fake ''claws''. I hate them I when I first saw them in Jetman. I hate them. But its idiotic to
fault a tokusatsu for its production value. These things are the nature of tokusatsu. There are
elements of foreshadowing in place here. As the character of Shiima seen in human form but
strangely Hayate doesn't notice her even with her ''man voice'' intact. But it is said she was once
feed the same milk from the Uuba. The kinetic high paced seen from the previous episodes is still in
tact here as the characters jump to a fight scene to an another fight scene with little dialogue in
between. Sometimes I wish is they were broken more by more dialogues scenes.
Ep. 5: Pegasus Arrest Orders
After the destruction of the Planet Picara by the Great Star League Gozma. A large supply of crystals
from that planet were flown all over space. Some of them landing on Earth. One of our heroes
Yuuma Oozora gets accused of hoarding those crystals. With the Space Beast : Picara an member of
that planet is bought in by the Gozma to search for the crystals and a deeper conspiracy lurks.
This episode so far has to be one of my favorite episodes. With a great plot set up with the
Commander Johnson and the predicament he is in keeps the plot of this episode very interesting and
suspenseful to the viewer. As initially the viewer is left in the dark what could be Commander's
motivation for summing Oozora for investigation. But when the truth is revealed one could not but
feel sympathy for the Commander. The predicament also creates interesting scenarios for
Changeman as they are forced to launch a two pronged attacks to outsmart the Gozma. The plan to
save the Commander's granddaughter reminded me of a spy film as Hayate roping in from the air
was akin to something that a 60s or 70s James Bond would do. As this is a Oozora-focused
episode,he gets a bit fleshed out. We are told Oozora, that he wants to open up a tonkatsu shop and
the reason he hid the crystals was to sell them on the market to have enough cash to open up a
shop for tonkatsu. Not too many people I know in my life would be happy with being a simple shop
keeper their whole lives. I wouldn't. But not Oozora he is true to his light hearted nature; as he is
satisfied with a simple station in his life.
The red ranger Tsurugi get a bit of characterization too. As we have confirmation he deeply cares for
his team. When he barges in and escapes with Oozora during his investigation on his motorcycle in a
manner of an action hero. Such behavior is a great way to get court martial-ed or demoted but
Tsurugi seems unconcerned with such matters. He would care about the well beings of his team

Ep. 6: The Targeted High School Girls

This episode contains tentacles and Japanese school girls. Some of you guys may be fans of either.
But likely of both.
The Gozma enlists the services of the Star Beast : Marzo to wreck havoc on mankind. Marzo appears
to be a beast who is made up of numerous vines and tentacles. Marzo uses teenager girls to plant
his seeds( notice how sexual that sounds). Eventually these seeds grow will out of them and attack
any humans near by. Sayaka and Mai noticed a trend of Marzo's victims of being teenage girls thus
pose a teenager school girls to put a stop to Marzo's plans.
Finally the two female members of the Changeman enter the spotlight. Sayake and Mai are greats
characters I feel this way just by the charm and grace both of them possess. Personalities wise they
don't seem to be that different from female rangers of their kind from the Showa era. But believe
what make them work more is the military setting and theme. The military is often a male
dominated environment and where masculinity is often flaunted around. Any female in such an
environment will be striking. So the characters of Sayake and Mai are able to shine to a better effect
here due to that.
Both of Sayake and Mai play off each other very well. As one is more of ''tom-boy'' and the other
more of a ''girly girl''. Their banter is great. None of the those traits are overdone that the characters
feel ''cartoonish'' or ''caricatures''. A particular scene that the contrast the two is when both of them
are drawing a picture of the girl they're trying to protect. Its amazing how much a simple of
wardrobe can change how much we view a person. In their school girl outfits they do truly look like
school girls.
The villains gets a bit of backstory to develop them further. General Giluke the trusted general of the
Gozma is revealed to have once fought against him in a great battle. Giluke keeps name dropping a
particular name ''Ahames''. A trusted ally of his that he lost. Anticipating her inclusion into the
Ep. 7: The Sad Space Beast Warrior!
Ancient Aliens in Super Sentai? Someone please call Giorgio A. Tsoukalos( the guy in those alien
Tsurugi's encounter with a fierce warrior Taros from the planet Atlantia causes him to question his
resolve to fight and protect the Earth.
This episode may have taken the title of my favorite episode of Changeman from episode 5. In this
episode the red ranger Tsurugi gets the most focus. Taro or Demos when he is in space beast form
sent by the Gozma to pose as Tsurgi's friend and get the whereabouts of the Changeman's base
from Tsurugi when he is separated from his friends. Tsurugi starts trusting him when Taros gives off
''Earth Force'' similar to the Changeman. Even Taros question his desire to fight for the Gomza but
he is zapped by Gozma forcibly turned into a Space Beast. Thus consequently attacking the
Changeman forcing the Changeman to defend themselves.
In this episode appealed to me because it gave Tsurgi's some focus. At first glance Tsurgi has all of
the makings of a great leader. He is a brave, selfless, charismatic, determined, honorable and
disciplined man. But this episode these traits are starting to turn against him. As he is forced to
confront the dilemma of fighting a foe who has been robbed of their free will. In Taro, Tsurgi seems
lot of himself a honorable warrior fighting to protect his world. In the end Tsurgi gets a better resolve
to fight the Gozma because he sees what he will become if he doesn't fight the Gozma.
The inclusion of the Ancient astronaut theory was quite clever of the writers. While I am not a
proponent of that idea. It works deviously well in the Changeman universe with so many aliens

running around.
Ep. 8: The Young Lady is a Vampire
Teenage vampires? No, its not what you think.

In the middle of the night, Yuuma Oozora run into a young Japanese teenage girl returning from her
kendo practice but finds himself accused of being a ''molester'' due to a mishap. Whilst the Space
Beast Docula has been targeting young women to turn them into blood sucking vampires. The
victims remain in their human forms usually until they hear a special ultra-sonic wave emitted by the
monster. Its time for the Changeman to uncover this conspiracy and stop Oozora from getting on the
sex offender list.

Way before Stephanie Meyers had to terrorize the world with her dumb down version of teenage
vampires. Luckily, Changeman was able to create a superior version of teenage vampires. Proving
one and for all that Super Sentai is indeed superior to Twilight. Joking aside, this is a great episode
for the fact its fun to watch due the running gag of being accused of being a ''molester'' adds an
element of lightheartedness to it and the core plot of being there vampires adds a horror-esque
undertone to everything. Since the focus appears to be placed upon Oozora the most, I wished there
was more characterization towards the characters. But there are snips of more characterizations for
Oozora. Such as we get to see the brash side of Oozora. We already saw this side in the past episode
5 where he was accused of hoarding those crystals. Here his brash streak comes up again. Where he
seems unable to get over the fact of being called a ''molester''. Even to the point where he seems to
deny the orders of his team members to return. Oozora's brashness does make him stand out from
the Changeman where most of them seem to be ''by the book''. Although Hayate seems to be similar
in some regard.
Ep. 9: Shine! The Special Miracle Ball
Baby, Why don't you throw me some Doragon Brus?
In this episode Gozma become the sworn enemy of every electric company on Earth by unleashing
Space Beast Ozz. The Space Beast Ozz can take control of any electric current to use that ability to
wreck havoc all over the city. Tsurugi has a little run with a boy who is a big fan of his famous
''Dragon Ball'' pitch from his younger days. When that boy become injured, Tsurugi may be forced to
throw his famous ''Dragon Ball'' pitch once again. Something which he vowed to do never again.

What an electrifying episode.Literally and figuratively. The plot of the Space Beast Ozz running amok
keeps everything very fast paced at all times and exciting at all times. As the Space Beat Ozz can
use any electric device against the rangers. At one point even household appliances are leveled at
the rangers. During that instance that little boy that admires Tsurugi gets injured. The subplot of
Tsurugi and the little boy doesn't just amount to being a typical children of the week plot line. Where
children are just forced on to plot to make the show more appealing to children. The subplot actually
services Tsurugi's character as he is fleshed out a bit more. Its revealed Tsurugi was once a great
baseball player in his younger years, he was particularly known for his '' famous ''Dragon Ball'' a
pitch that would always lead to a strike. But one day when he threw the pitch he ended up injuring
his friend. Feeling guilty for this action, Tsurugi vowed to never play baseball. Making Tsurgi into an
athlete is accordance with the character he was previously shown to be. Rangers having hobbies
beyond their ranger duties is always welcomed as it makes them all too human. Having Tsurugi quit
baseball because he felt guilty does paint Tsurugi in a different light. Tsurugi wasn't the perfect guy,
he could be prone to error or make irrational decisions.
-Anyone notice the MOTW for this episode bears a strong resemblance to the tripod from HG Wells'

The War of the Worlds?

Ep. 10: The Dreadful Driverless Car Army

Energizer Bunny? Is that you?
In their latest plan to conquer the Earth. The Gozma agreed the best way is to create more motor
accidents. To achieve this they bring in Space Beast Haust whose telekinetic powers enable him to
control motor vehicles albeit with strangely enough he needs furry toys to take control of cars.
Changeman make it their business to stop them. But one of the Changeman Hayate ends up saving
an attractive young woman then gets caught in a trap as its revealed the young woman to be

Action packed with great motor stunts this is a fun episode. But I have to mentioned the numerous
jump cuts that do occur during those action scene involving cars take away from the intensity of the
those scenes. Don't get wrong. The suit actors display their bravery numerous times through out the
episode. Such as jumping on top of a moving car to keep from going out of control.Don't worry
about that stuff. Numerous cars are blown up to keep your inner ''Michael Bay'' satisfied. The subplot
of Hayate getting wrapped in Shiima's trap is fun to watch because it preys on his weakness which is
apparently beautiful women. And stupid too. Considering the fact he can't recognize her Shiima in
her human form despite seeing her in human form before in episode 4.
Ep. 11: SOS Koko and Kiki
Before there were Teletubbies. There were Polonians.
The inhabitants of the Planet Pole are under siege by the Gozma. Through the invisibility ability of
the Space Beasts Ghost, the Polonians are defenseless this invisibility. So two Polonians Kiki and
Koko are send to Earth to locate diamonds which allows them to disable the Space Beast : Ghost's
invisibility. The Gozma catch the wind of this and send in Ghost to capture them and kill them. The
Changeman came to their defensive and fight to make sure the two complete their mission.

The 11th episode of Changeman is a typical episode when Sentai heroes are forced to defend a
particular person. But what makes this episode superior from similar episodes of a similar plot line.
Are the persons that the Changeman are fighting; instead of the stereotypical and cliched idea of
having humans we instead get two aliens. Using aliens allow for some world building to occur. As one
of the messages of this show appears to be the fight against the Gozma isn't a simple tale of an
alien invasion of Earth but rather an intergalactic conflict. We get a glimpse of this conflict by seeing
the Polonians in their own conflict. It drives the point more home. Just than being just an off hand
comment. I should mention, I quite like the actual designs of the Polonians. They're remarkably
simple yet their glass painted eyes and bug like white antennas with their Rabbit like humanoid
overall appearance make them surprisingly ''cute''. Added a sense of child like innocence to their
character.So I was invested emotionally more on some level when they're were hurt and looking for
one another.

Ep. 12: Mama is Mermaid

I take it that the Gozma aren't fond of Mother's Day.

In their latest plan to conquer the Earth. The Gozma decide the best course of action is to destroy
the family unit. What better way? Then removing the mother of course. Space Beast Banba is able to
fire some needles into human females that turn them into these disturbing creatures that are
entirely cloaked in black. These creatures thus become disinterested in their children and become
lackeys of the Gozma. Sayaka poses the mother of two motherless children in order in to bring out
Shiima. When they discovered this the two children feels betrayed and used. Shiima is able escape
from the trap the Changeman set for her, she kidnaps one of the children in the process . Now
Sayaka must prove she actually cares for them and save the boy from Shiima's grasp.

In this episode we explore one of Sayaka's defining traits her caring side. What female archetype is
seen as the epitome of caring than the mother? Sayaka seemed to be more affected emotionally
than other Changeman from all of the children losing their mothers. Puts herself in the center of the
problem and seems genuinely really concerned for all of the children. While the other Changeman
seem to be aloof for whole of the episode. Her relationship with a pair of two motherless children
works pretty well, its quite touching when she poses as their mother and escorts them around. When
ever Sayaka drops her trademark white outfit and white high heels then wears something else. She
does truly look like a different person. When its revealed Shiima was snatched from her mother its
done too heavy handily for the viewer to feel sympathy for her. Given that previously, she was acting
cartoonishly angry towards mothers. But at least we are getting pieces of her backstory.
The scene where Shiima takes the little boy and flies away is laughably terrible. In terms of effects.
It looks very cheap even for its time. Because literally a picture of her and the little boy projected on
to a moving image.
The little boy isn't a good actor. He doesn't even look terrified when Shiima is holding him hostage.
But he looks bored the whole time.
Its a fine episode overall.
Ep. 13: Papa Sells the Earth
Dr. Kumazawa a human-scientist from Earth who has turned into a traitor to work for the Gozma in
the hope he would be crowned the ruler of Earth if the Gozma managed to conquer the planet. He
agrees to pose as the father of a girl from the Alien planet of Rigel to take advantage of her abilities
to conquer Earth.
Its often said a Super Sentai or PR season is only good as its villains. Well the Gozma here display
their prowessness at formulating good plans by utilizing different tactics than just sending out a
large monster to attack the city. The plan is to use Gyodai the creature that the Gozma hopelessly
exploit to turn their Space Beast allies into giants. This natural ability of Gyodai is very limited; as
each time its used Gyodai becomes too tired from using it again for a while. Tricking the little girl the
Gozma are able to find out this is due to the lack of energy Gyodai has each time he uses his
monster growing abilities. So the plan is to supply him with large amounts of energy so he could
turn the animals of Earth large size to wreak havoc among Earth. Using the Earth's own resources
against itself is quite clever plan I would have to say.
Ep. 14: Attack! Giant Lizards
In the ensuring fight that took place at the end of the last episode the ploy to keep the girl from the
planet of Rigel working for Gozma comes to an end as the projection machine that makes the Earth
look like her homeplanet get destroyed. The little girl confused runs away in fear; while the Gyodai in
state of confusion after ingesting too much energy accidentally transforms two lizards giant size.
Now Changeman must stop this threat and convince this little girl they aren't the bad guys in this.

Starting immediately from the end of the last episode. This episode is uncharacteristic of a
Changeman episode being that is a second episode in a two-parter. It brings closure to the story set
up in the previous episode with the little girl from the Planet Rigel who is named Nana being used by
the Gozma. Nana's story is ultimately a tragic one. Its revealed her planet has been enslaved by the
Gozma and her beloved father was brutally murdered by Booba. It helps lend to a more emotionally
driven episode. In the end its hinted at that Nana will eventually return. So in an another way this
episode also excels at providing a great backstory for a character. I thought Dr. Kumazawa would
redeem himself some how but he remains a bastard through and through. As he is fine with being a
lackey for Gozma. So it caught me by surprise there.
Ep. 15: Reckless Rider Mai
A Space Beast known as Rogan has been spreading some kind of gas all over the city and causing
numerous people to become sick as a result. Mai/ChangePhoenix has a motor accident with a highly
brash biker with a short temper. This biker has a knack for engaging in highly dangerous motor races
in which he steals the loser's motorcycle keys after he wins. Mai has a hunch that he may know the
secret to beating the Space Beast as she says he was the first person to see the Space Beast. To find
out the secret, Mai challenges the biker to a race.
This episode puts the spotlight on Mai. Its great because her character gets fleshed out as a result.
Mai is the tom-boy of the group contrasted with the more ''motherly'' and ''feminine'' Sakaya. It
should noted this doesn't mean she isn't feminine but by her great beauty clearly is. The whole
subplot involving and the biker establishes she is a ''motorhead''. Giving us an insight into her
hobbies. From the way she interacted with the biker at times it felt there was suppose to be a
budding romance between her and the biker. Its probably me just looking into things too much.
Ep. 16: The Girl Who Had Wings!
Love in the air!
Love in the air!

Hayate's encounter with a mysterious beautiful girl creates a stir within the Gozma who order her
capture at all costs while Hayate vows to protect his new found love.

Hayate isn't what I expected him to be. I thought he would be just a callous womanizer who would
likes picking up women to feed his overblown ego. Thankfully, he isn't like that. He is just a guy who
likes really attractive women. His passion for this new girl : Sakura does bring him out his vulnerable
side as he is shown to really care for her. Its revealed that Sakura is a Merlian. A once resident of
Merle. The planet Merle was apparently a living utopia where peace and love reigned supreme. But
also made it the first stop of Gozma in their of inter- galactic conquest. As it was the first planet the
Gozma destroyed. Before it was destroyed a device known as the Merlian Memory Doll carried all of
the newborns of Merle and then scattered them all across the cosmos. A device designed to prevent
the Gozma from the destroying the last remains of Merle.This interesting back story is for an another
character who is hinted to return does provide more great world building for the show. The natural
ability of Merlians is their smiling and voices can cause all living beings to become peaceful and nonviolent. Interesting enough. This is used on Booba and he does become peaceful. Hinting that he
isn't as evil as he seems on the surface.
Ep. 17: Nagasaki's Mysterious Ghost Ship
This episode has freaking rangers on a freaking jets skis! Need I say more?
This episode has freaking rangers on a freaking jets skis! Need I say more?
Due to reports of a mysterious Ghost ship floating over in Nagasaki within the Dutch Quarters of that
city. Hayate by himself goes to investigate the matter but mysteriously disappears. The rest of the
Changeman now worried and go search for their friend but stumble upon a new enemy force.

A new antagonist named Ahames is introduced into the season for our heroes to battle. Ahames is a
vile, cunning and yet a beautiful woman who appears to be acting independently of the Gozma. As
even the Gozma are surprised by her actions. She has her own group of Hidrer Soldiers to command
albeit she has outfitted them with a special weapon of her own, which is supplied by her Space Beast
working for her. Taking place within the backdrop of the Dutch quarter serves gives the episode a
different visual look to it. Almost giving the appearance of a Dutch city. Even with the stereotypical
Dutch windmills to boot too! But the episode's weak aspect may be the subplot of Hayate's
disappearance. As its revealed he wasn't captured but simply hiding from his friends because he
didn't want them to know he was tricked by a woman again. Given the gravity of the situation, it
seems strange he would concern himself with such a thing. But it does fit his character some what
since he seems a guy with a fragile ego. But my favorite moment in the episode may be the scene
when Hayate is on a boat speeding through the water and as he fight off couple of a Hidrer Soldiers
by knocking them into the water. Its very fast paced and tense to watch. The speed at which the
Hidrer Soldiers fall into water is quite fast and it must have a bit painful for the stuntman to do.
There is also a bit more deal of fighting off suit from the actors in this episode.
Ep. 18: Ahames' Challenge!
Llamas confirmed!

The conflict from the previous episode hasn't still been resolved. The Changeman are still trying to
get rid of Queen Ahames's presence from Nagasaki. In an attempt to stop the ''Ghost ship'', Sakaya
the pink ranger ends up getting captured. Now the Changeman must save their friend from Queen
Ahames. While Ahames is trying to win the favor of Star King Bazeu vows to defeat the Changeman.
I have to admit I was quite surprised by Ahames's sudden desire to join with the Gozma. I assumed
by her behavior in the previous episode, she would act as a ''third force'' to the Gozma and the
Changemen. But it doesn't turn out to be the case. It instead appears Queen Ahames is willing to
work for the Gozma. But it does make sense. By working for the Gozma, she would to be able to
ensure the protection of her homeplanet. So she does have a good motivation to serve the Gozma.
In fact, all of the aliens serving the Gozma do. Like the previous episode was noted for having fights
off suit, this episode also has a great deal of fighting in civilian form. Fighting in civilian form has its
positives, for once it puts the heroes in a more vulnerable position so the fights feel a bit more
intimate. Ultimately, Hayate ends up paying for his foolish behavior for the past two episodes. Quite
literally too.
Ep. 19: Bet on Sayaka!
Rangers in the Air?
Ahames still under the heavy suspicion and being relentlessly tortured by Bazo for failing to destroy
the Changeman. Ahames instead this time vows to defeat the Changeman with the services of the
Space Beast Jeeg.
This is an interesting episode. It is centered around Sayaka. It never occurred to me that Sayaka is
some kind of technical genius in the field of computers. I am not sure if it was hinted at the earlier
episodes. But I imagine it having something to do with her being a ''Miss Perfect'' type of character.
In episode 8 when she went undercover as a student in that All Girl's High School, she was shown to
be a great artist. So I believe that this is an extension of that persona. Anyways, the dilemma
created by Space Beast Jeeg who can levitate off the ground forces the rangers to wear this special
belt created by Sayaka. This special belt allows the rangers to levitate like the Space Beast. But
unfortunately, this belt keeps constantly malfunctioning. All of the other rangers except Tsurugi

refuse to wear the belt. While the other rangers run off to fight the Space Beast,Tsurugi stays behind
to be the a test subject for the belt as its being worked on by Sayaka. Each test run physically hurts
Tsurugi. As usual, Tsurugi is willing to take one for the team.Afterwards a successful anti-gravity belt
is created, Tsurugi is able to battle the Space Beast Jeeg ''on his level''. Its quite a sight too. Its not
everyday, you see a ranger floating in the air fighting a monster.
Ep. 20: Grand Counterattack! Giluke
Yes. The episode is better than the whole movie of Piranhas 3D.
A Space Beast named Shira draws war upon the human race by using army of violent piranhas to the
attack the surface world. Its up to the Changeman to stop this menace.
Given this episode is a bit more absurd than most episodes. This episode starts off on a humorous
note. Besides the slightly frightening scene by the fisherman being attacked by these vicious beasts.
We then cut to a funny scene of the Changeman being attacked by the same creatures. Its funny
because from what body parts the piranhas attack the Changeman. The female members attacked in
their '' intimate regions'' and while ChangePegasus is forced to endure an attack in his ''rear''.
Setting that aside, the crux of this episode is Yuma trying to help a group of school children find their
teacher who has been missing ever since the attack. Yuma runs into these children during one of his
investigations. As the ''kid'' of his group. Yuma has a natural affinity with children which is something
this episode showcases well.
Ep. 21: Gozma's Big Star
Heavy Metal King
A Space Beast known as Toola Boruta seeks to broadcast his battle with the Changeman to the
universe. In the hopes of displaying the dominance of the Gozma over the Changeman to the
inhabitants of other planets as a form of propaganda. But it becomes a contest between the Giluke,
Changeman and Toola Boruta to see who can win the battle of hearts and mind. As each side tries to
take the video camera capable of the sending the message across the universe to give their own

Wow! What an episode. I can't believe, I almost missed this episode. But I managed to find subs for
it lingering around the internet. Its also a strange one for sure too! But it might be my favorite so
far. Its strange because is very comedic and yet very somber in tone. Regardless, it is an enjoyable
episode. Its quite bizarre to see Shiima a so called ''serious'' villain acting so enamored with the
Space Beast Toola Boruta. The strength of the episode it reminds the audience that battle the
Changeman are fighting is an intergalactic one. As the fight for the ''video camera'' that can
broadcast a message all over the cosmos involves high stakes for all parties involved. The moment
when Tsurugi takes the camera to make his speech. The speech itself is a bit ''cheesy'' but none the
less very sincere and very moving. Its probably my favorite moment in the series so far
Ep. 22: The Soldier Who Disappeared into a Mirror
It turns out two Sakayas may not be better than one!
The Space Beast Mirroruka creates an evil copy of Sakaya to infiltrate the Changeman and the Earth
Defense Force Base. Now Sakaya must go back to her friends and put a stop to her evil counterpart.
The whole concept of a secret base seems to be an non-issue for most seasons of Super Sentai. But
in Changeman it poses as an on-going problem as the heroes must their guard the location of their
base from the villains. Given that Changeman work for a military organization, its a suitable problem
to have. The main highlight of this episode seems to be to showcase the close friendship between
Mai and Sakaya. As each seems to know the quirks of each other quite well. I have to commend how
quickly the characters managed to catch on that ''evil Sakaya'' was a doppelganger. Seems like when
a similar event occurs in other seasons, the characters seem oblivious to the obvious hints. But
luckily,not here

Ep. 23: The Boy Who Rides Dolphins

Dolphins make everything more awesome!
The Gozma League try to conquer the world again with the power of the sea once again. With power
of a Space Beast Warrior named Zerra an aquatic alien with the ability to control the oceans and the
fish. Zerra attempts to destroy the Earth's oceans but a strange boy stands in his way. This boy can
communicate with aquatic life and travels around on a dolphin. The Changeman fight to protect this
boy from the Gozma.

This episode is a kid focused episode. And those words may have a negative connotations attached
to it. But this '' kid focused episode'' works pretty well and is quite engaging because the premise
itself is quite unique. Seeing the boy just riding the sea on a dolphin is surprisingly awesome. There
is no special effects trickery pulled; it is an actual boy riding on a real dolphin. The show goes out of
its way to explain why the little boy has the ability to talk with animals. It turns out one of his
ancestors may have been a Poseidonian the same race as the Space Beast Zerra. It makes the boy's
ability more believable.
Ep. 24: Runaway Gyodai
Forever Alone!

Gyodai runs away from his master : Gozma League. Queen Ahames tries to take advantage of
Gyodai's natural ability to turn matter into energy by having her Space Beast Kaga take refugee
inside Gyodai himself. In the hopes of making Kaga much more stronger. In a fight with the
Changeman, Kaga is forced outside of Gyodai. Gyodai dazed and confused starts to rampage all over
the city. During one of his rampage which was an attack on an Earth Defense Force base, an solider
fire an missile at Gyodai but Gyodai eats the missile. Now the missile is lodged within Gyodai. But
this creates an another big problem. The missile has a chance of blowing up inside Gyodai to create
a city wide blast. Now the Changeman must how get Gyodai out of the city then settle their dispute
with Kaga.

This episode is an interesting one. I know I tend to say that a lot but this one is truly unique. For one
it puts the focus on Gyodai. If those unaware, Gyodai is the creature used by the Gozma to turn
Space Beast into giant size. When ever we see Gyodai, he seems to be a creature always in pain. As
his ability to turn creatures giant size seems to drain his energy. So we cannot but feel at least a bit
sympathy for him even though he is a lackey of the Gozma. Is he a willing or not a willing lackey? Its
not possible to say at this moment. This episode does give us a glimpse into his motivation. It
appears Gyodai is lonely and wants some friends. But Changeman used this weakness to their
advantage by luring Gyodai out of the city. How do they? Its quite humorous, they wear disguises to
look like the same species that Gyodai is. The disguise itself is comically simple : its a simple rain
coat and two sticks. I guess good sight isn't a good attribute of Gyodai. One of my favorite scenes of
the whole series so far. Great episode!
Dengeki Sentai Changeman: The Movie
A better subtitle would be the Changeman : The Volcanic Episode
Gozma uses minerals from a destroyed planet to ignite a volcano in Japan in the hopes of destroying
the world.
Super Sentai's movies are curious things. In essence, these so called movies are more in the line of
being glorified episodes. Maybe, I'm wrong here but I believe a higher quality camera is used for
filming or a higher quality film is used. The image looks to be much higher quality from the usual

episodes. For example the ripples on the Changeman suits are more noticeable or the colors look a
bit shiner. But regardless, this episode has the Changeman attempting to stop a volcano from
erupting. Which forces them to turn off a timer. I have to mention, it seems strange an alien armada
would use a timer that looks like you could buy in your local electronics store. The Space Beast for
this ''movie'' : Kamilla is designed quite eerily. The humanoid starfish has a great organic look to it
and doesn't look too ''plastic'' like look many Sentai MOTWs tend to. Kamilla manages to brainwash a
local scientific center to fool the Changeman into thinking the disturbances are the result of an
earthquake in order to buy time for the volcano to erupt. Changeman in their attempt to do a good
deed by trying to free a little boy's dog end up discovering this whole conspiracy. As their K-9 friend
leads the Changeman to the Gozma base trying to ignite the volcano. The whole movie is pretty
usual standard flair but with a semi- interesting premise attached to it.
Dengeki Sentai Changeman: Shuttle Base! The Critical Moment!
Note to self. Don't ride the Shuttle Base's economic class.
Changeman's Shuttle Base is attacked and hijacked by the Space Beast Dodon!
Changeman is noted to be the only Super Sentai season until 2008's Go-Onger to have two movies
to its name. Not that it means anything meaningful. This ''movie'' has a more interesting premise
than the previous one. For once we get a better glimpse of the Shuttle Base. Its revealed that there
was a staff of people working within the Shuttle Base. I don't know if I should assume if those
people were always there or if the Changeman were just transporting them there somewhere. The
''movie'' doesn't reveal anything over that matter. But the focal point of the ''movie'' is getting a
radio capable of rending the Space Beast Dodon incapacitated. A wild chase occurs between the
Gozma and the Changeman. Both forces do anything in their power to get to the radio. Perhaps the
most memorable moment of the whole ''movie'' is when Tsurugi latches on a rope as the rope
dangles on a helicopter. Its quite high too. Props to the actors performing the stunt. Like the
previous ''movie''. Yes, its annoying to constantly use to quotation marks around the word ''movie'',
but given how these ''movies'' are, it seems proper. Like the previous ''movie its usual standard flair
as seen in the TV episodes. I would like to say both of these ''movies'' are the same footing in terms
of quality. Its still a fun ride overall.
Ep. 25: Sing! With a Great Voice
I guess Yuma isn't going to sign up for American Idol anytime soon.
When Oozora Yuma is humiliated at a karaoke party when he can't sing properly at the party.
Dejected from this event. Yuma tries to improve his singing ability but he runs into a Space Beast
named Zonos. He attempts to fight the Space Beast with a boy who has a similar problem to him.

MOTWs having the ability to steal people's singing ability isn't a rare thing within Super Sentai or
Power Rangers. As I recall several seasons of PR may have a similar MOTW within it. But over here it
works pretty well. Gator also tags along with Zonos to add a greater comedic overtone to the
episodes. His comments are quite funny. The most memorable one being when he says he is going
to sing the ''Changeman theme song'' before being smacked down by Booba. Oozora's childlike
persona is displayed well, the facial reactions he is able to make are amazingly childlike. A credit to
the actor's acting ability.
Ep. 26: Mai's 20-year-old First Love
Relationships in Toku world never work out apparently.

Mai's developing romance with a young and handsome doctor is forced to come to an end. When
that doctor feels compelled to come to the aid of the inhabitants of the Planet Rindo who are dying
of a deadly disease.

Mai's character fills the niche of the ''tough tom girl'' on the team. Which contrasts her with her more
''feminine'' female team member Sakaya. Needless to say that doesn't mean she doesn't have any
''female grace''. In this episode we get to see a softer and more vulnerable side of her, as her
romantic feelings for the doctor make her more emotional. She even tries to go with the doctor in his
mission. But the doctor reminds her of duty as a Changeman to defend the Earth. Ultimately, this
episodes has some what of a great melodramatic and tragic tone to it. Which works well due to the
fact it uses the pre-established world-building to create the central conflict of the episode.
Ep. 27: Gator's Dream of Parent and Child
Everybody's got a family?

Gator's long lost wife Zoorii comes to visit Earth ask the Changeman to help reunite their family.
Their son Waraji is missing their father. While Gozma uses the power of the Space Beast Girom to
bring down the Changemen.
Sometimes some episodes are so strange in premise that they have to be seen to be believed. But I
respect the fact that the Changeman series is willing to dedicate entire episodes to its villains to
develop them as characters. Something most Sentai seasons seem to shy away from for some
reason. But here we get a greater glimpse of Gator's ''humanity''. Its already been established that
Gator isn't as ''mean-spirited'' or as ''evil'', as he is often seen as a comedic sidekick to the Gozma.
He empathizes with Gyodai's situation. It turns out even that even Gator's wife Zoori is being used
by the Gozma, as she is forced to lead them into a trap. Using the Changeman's natural desire to do
good deeds against them. But in the end, forcibly she is kidnapped by the Gozma. I imagine she will
be used as a hostage to force Gator to work for them even longer.
Ep. 28: The Cursed Crayons
The title for this episode sounds like an actual title for an episode of Power Rangers.

Crayons created from the Space Beast Pain from the planet of Pictor are given to a little girl that
Hayate bonds with to create havoc.
Drawing upon a plot from what appears to be from a horror film, this episode is a fairly interesting
one. As made obvious from the plot summary, this is a child-focused episode. But this time the childfocused aspect of it may be a negative draw back for the episode. As the girl for the episode which
focuses on isn't very interesting; her personality is very generic and dull. I think the episode could
be improved if it focused on Sayaka instead. As established in the 6th episode, she has been shown
to have artistic ability. I would like to flesh out that aspect of her. The Space Beast for this episode is
a curious one. The episode starts out by delivering a pretty cool back story on him. It was revealed
that the Space Beast's race once led an assassination attempt on Bazeu himself. Anyways, I don't
mean to suggest that this episode is by any means ''bad''. Just a fairly typical one in spite of the
interesting premise.
Ep. 29: Protect the Flowers! Phantom Butterfly
Foundation of Youth Eat Your Heart Out

A Golden Butterfly which according to legend grants eternal life becomes the target of an attack by
the Gozma. Which the Changeman and an eager young boy must defend.
The MOTW for this episode is Space Pirate Gigaga. Note the difference in title due to the lack of the
word ''warrior'' or ''beast''. Not only is Gigaga different in name but also in motivation. Gigaga's

motivation is quite different from the usual Space Warrior. Where as the motivation of the typical
Space Beast/ Warrior is to fight for the Gozma to ensure their own survival. Gigaga's motivation on
the other hand is to earn the affection of Queen Ahames. He seeks to marry her. Queen Ahames
promises to marry him if he is able to find the Golden Butterfly which will grant her eternal life. He is
also revealed to be a long lost friend of Booba. It gives us a hint into Booba's back-story who may
have been a pirate in the past some time ago. But the focus of the episode is on helping this little
boy defend the luscious fields where the Golden Butterfly is rumored to live in from Gigaga . There is
an obvious environmental message that runs through the whole episode but luckily it doesn't try to
hit you over the head with it.
Ep. 30: Run! Pegasus!
Pegasus Saves Pegasus? Yes, Hayate. That is basically what happens.

A Space Beast going by the name : Delical tries to the destroy all of the electric machinery within
Tokyo with a device that is amplifying his ''magnetic shower'' ability. The Changeman race to destroy
this device. In a climax where Ozora's budding friendship with a newly acquired horse collide.
I remembered from a while back, people were saying this episode was quite strange in its premise.
While I don't share that sentiment completely , but I can see what people mean though. Seeing a
horse just explode and engulfed in flames is not a picture everyone wants to see. Especially not in a
kids show. But it doesn't bother me much. It does add quite a bit of intensity towards the end.
Ozora's emotional reaction is what makes this intensity work. It does seem strange that the Ozora
would be so attached to a horse he just met a day or two ago. But Oorza is Change Pegasus. A
ranger who has the power of the Pegasus within himself. It seems right for him to bond with the
horse right off the bat. Although what I found strange is that Oorza had a medallion of Pegasus all
along and failed to mention it once ever before. And this medallion apparently has special powers
endowed with it. Not a big deal. Just a bit strange and slightly contrived.
Ep. 31: Reveal It! The Mystery of Bazeu
Its dangerous to play with Dolls.
The Changeman battle for control for a ''Space Doll which may unlock a secret to Bazeu the grand
leader of Gozma. A secret which could reveal his weakness. Bazeu orders the Space Beast Zorbaz to
track down this doll.

Bazeu the grand leader of the Gozma appears to be a distant and enigmatic leader; always nearly
appearing to bark orders; to torture and condemn his subordinates for their repeated failure.
Basically Vader from Empire Strikes Back but in a Super Sentai format. This episode attempts to
shed some light on Bazeu with the appearance of the ''Space Doll''. The revelation is never fully
revealed but we get a small glimpse into Bazeu's backstory. Its revealed that Bazeu was a life born
with the desire to conquer the universe. Which gives the impression Bazeu always had a natural
desire to conquer the universe ever since his existence began. The use of a prophet to reveal
Bazeu's secret is an interesting thing on to itself. It gives his secret more of a prophetic overtone to
it. So when its revealed it feels more epic to us. Curiously enough, both Bazeu's two main
completing subordinates Ahames and Giluke are also interested in Bazeu's secret. But not before
Bazeu berates them. A perhaps its a sign of their possible eventual betrayal of Bazeu? Although this
episode isn't perfect. There is an unnecessary subplot of involving a little girl who is enamored with
the ''Space Doll'' because she believes it is just a regular doll. At least, it allows the ''Space Doll'' to
get its happy ending. After all, space travel is tiring.
Ep. 32: Nana! Dangerous Reunion

Its strange to think that the little girl playing the Nana is probably old enough to be my own mother.
Damn, this series is over 30 years old.

Nana, the young Rigelian girl from a much earlier episode returns. Apparently when she reaches a
certain age, Nana will exhibit ''Rigel Aura'' a special power that will grant its wearer great power. The
Gozma fight to secure Nana to gain this great power. Its up to the Changeman as usual to stop

Bringing back past characters from what appear to be ''one off episodes'' is not something Super
Sentai or PR is accustomed to. But once again, Changeman tries to undermine the usual cliches of
Super Sentai through its narrative. Nana returns. But this time she appears to be a different. She
seems no longer cold and distant towards humans. Its shown she has been living with a foster family
which had adopted her. The race to find the '' Rigel Aura'' brings out the competitive side of Ahames.
As she seemly betrays Giluke to get the ''Rigel Aura'' herself.Afterwards, an interesting climax
happens for the episode. Ahames calls upon her two headed dragon like beast Jangeran to turn the
tables. And furthermore she take everything even further by calling three Space Beast to fight for
her. In what oddly follows, the Changeman battle the three Space Beasts with their mecha while the
Space Beasts remain in their normal form is a funny sight to behold.
Ep. 33: The End of Giluke!?
Is Rigel Aura an euphemism for puberty or the menstrual cycle?
The fierce hunt for the Rigel Aura continues as Nana says once unleashes the Rigel Aura she won't
be the same ever again.
This episode confirms the fact that these series of episodes will be part of an overarching story arc.
Which is a narrative change I happily welcome. The title of this episode implies the end of Giluke
may be at hand. We certainly feel that way asBazeu throws Giluke out in the vacuum of space as a
punishment for his failure to secure the ''Rigel Aura''. But is given one last chance at the last minute
to find the ''Rigel Aura''. Luck seems never to be on Giluke's side as its Ahames who gains the ''Rigel
Aura''. She subsequently retreats somewhere. Which isn't that surprising considering her cunning
past behavior in the past. But Bazeu finally fed up Giluke's constant failures throws Giluke into the
vacuum of space, we the audience are left wondering about Giluke's fate. Several moments involving
Nana's foster family are shown; some of which are quite moving. As their relationship with Nana will
never be the same as once Nana changes.

Ep. 34: Ahames the Terrible

I guess if Ahames wrote this episode, it would be titled ''Ahames the Great''.
With the power of ''Rigel Aura'' in her grasp, Ahames gains a great surge of power. Ahames brings
the fight to the Changeman by trapping them in her magical force field.
Ever since Ahames's inclusion to the Gozma, there has been a power struggle between Ahames and
Giluke for second in command of the Gozma send to conquer Earth. Here in this episode, Ahames is
finally able to uproot Giluke from his position. Having a power struggle within the villains of a series
is something I will always be favor of because its keep the villains from being too ''static'. As the
Jetman's villains can vouch for this statement. But one of the major conflicts for this episode is
something that very often happens when large groups of people are injured and need treatment it is
lack of available blood. As a group of children are dying from a loss of blood and need a blood
transfusion. The Changeman must deliver a supply of blood to save these kids, its an intense scene

seeing Tsurugi risk life and limb to deliver the bloody supply with Hayate. Its a chilling scene that
almost seem too surreal for a Super Sentai season to have. As such matters are never seemed to be
of concern. It adds to the emotional weight of the episode. Even the mecha battle for this episode is
a perilous one, the ChangeRobo is nearly destroyed due to it being trapped in a similar force field
from earlier.
Ep. 36: Behold! Our Power
This episode is basically '' Once A Ranger'' done right!
As Queen Ahames becomes ever increasing stronger due to the surge of power gained from ''Rigel
Aura'', she pushes the Changeman to their breaking point.
If there is one thing, I could thank this episode it is for reenergizing my interest in Changeman. As I
took a 3 month hiatus between episode 34 and episode 35. It is the final parter in the aptly named
''Rigel Aura'' arc. We can see the Changeman at their lowest point so far. As Queen Ahames's fierce
attacks forcibly disables Changeman's Earth Force. Which is what allows Changeman to morph. Thus
the rangers lose their ranger ability. A huge blow to the ranger's morale. It becomes so bad, they
had lose their desire to fight. Commander Ibuki in utter dismay at the state of his rangers is forced
to employ the same ''tough love'' that he shown in the first episode. Without the Changeman in her
way, Queen Ahames manages to launch a devastating attack at the Earth Defense Force's HQ.
Almost capturing all of the leaders as a result. But the Changeman receive a new reason to fight as
they realize their importance when a group of soldiers dressed in a very strange black outfit fights
Queen Ahames' forces. These mysterious soldiers are nearly killed for their bravery. When the
identity of these soldiers is revealed, the Changeman feel ashamed at the way they acted. As
identity of these soldiers are the same soldiers who participated in the training exercise in the first
episode but weren't chosen because they lacked Earth Force. The Changeman realize that they have
a gift and must make the best of it to defend the world. This episode is quite clever in its design;
rather simply relying on a simple motivation speech which is often the case in these type of episodes
, it instead uses minor characters from a past episode and puts them in the forefront of a plot point.
Which helps make the whole plot point feel a bit more personal for the Changeman. As both the
soldiers and the Changeman rose from the same place. Their connection to each other feels more
At least, Tsurugi didn't fake his own funeral? That would have more awkward.

The Changeman's encounter with the Space Beast Baruruka who has the ability to copy the fighting
technique of the Changeman leaves Tsurugi presumably killed. Leaderless, the Changeman must
battle this new threat.
Its said that the heart of every ranger team lies in its red ranger. Well, it appears for this episode,
Changeman lose the heart of their team Tsurugi in a fierce battle. Subsequently, the rest of the
Changeman display their great sorrow at this tragedy,but most notably Hayate who has a memorable
and touching moment of ''man tears''. Although we as the audience know that Tsurugi isn't really
dead, so its hard to kind of empathize with them. But, no worries. Tsurgui's false death was basically
a ploy for Tsurgui to destroy the Space Beast Baruruka. To do this Tsurgui dons a mysterious identity
to accomplish this. Although, this identity like his fake death isn't long lasting enough to make a
proper impact on us. This kind of fake dead stuff is best suited for a multi-episode arc where we can
see the loss of a team member starting to take a big toll on the team.

Ep. 38: Ghost Baseball

Ghosts in the Outfield?

Tsurugi becomes the target of the Space Beast Doron a Space Beast with the ability to bring back
ghosts of the dead. Doron uses the ghosts of those who dreamed of challenging Tsurugi in a game of
baseball but died before they had opportunity to do so.
Hmm. Luck doesn't seem to be Tsurugi's side as he becomes the target of a Space Beast attack. This
attack comes in the form of ghosts of fallen baseball players coming to attack Tsurgui. And curiously,
one of these ghosts has nothing to do with baseball. It is in fact the ghost of the vanquished Giluke
who has returned not to just threaten Tsurgui but his long rival Queen Ahames. A not so subtle way
hinting at his eventual return. This aspect is actually a big credit to the episode. Taking a seemly
random ''goofy episode'' and using it to hint at something that will greatly impact the narrative of
Changeman. The writers of Changeman are very ''economical'' I must say. Besides seeing the
Changeman playing baseball and Tsurugu's signature : ''Dragon Ball'' again is great fun!
Ep. 39: Dreadful Hide-and-Seek
Dreadful indeed.
In his latest attempts to woo a woman, Hayate plays a game of hide and seek with a group of
schoolchildren to a impress a teacher but this game becomes deadly, once a Space Beast becomes
embroiled in it. As Hayate must race to save a child who has been lost.
It seems to be a trend of Hayate focused episodes to start out off light hearted then become super
serious when things go awry. And this one is no exception. There is a particular scene which has
great intensity to it. It is when Hayate even bloodied and battered refuses to stop for searching for
the lost kid. It works well due to the acting ability of the actor. And once again, Giluke makes his
special short appearance where he vows to get his revenge. Well at least, there is going to be great
build up to his triumphant return. Also, as the case with these type of episodes, the usual comedic
antics of Hayate are included.
Ep. 40: Strange Sweets
Oozora and the Chocolate Factory.

An alien robot comes to Earth to grant the wish of a child. This robot becomes the target of Gozma
for their evil machinations. Oozora and his friends must defend this boy and the robot from the
This is one of those so called ''silly'' episodes. Despite it being ''silly'' as it has scenes that look like
they came straight out of Hansel and Gretel. I mean, its definitely an intentional reference. Due to
the whole candy house thing going on. Its quite touching as the little boy's wish was simply to make
his older brother happy. And mixed with the usual antics of a toku show it makes for an entertaining
episode. And now I want some cotton candy.
Ep. 41: The Prince of the Lost World!
A kids show with an oedipus complex? Why not?
Sayaka receives an unexpected marriage proposal from a prince of a fallen planet whose mother she
has a striking resemblance with.
Once again Sayaka's maternal nature comes to the forefront. Albeit this in a manner that is totally
unexpected. Rather than the stereotypical way of showing Sayaka taking care of a small child to
show case her motherly nature . Instead she becomes the object of affection of a man who seeks a
wife who look likes his mother. The reason behind this motivation is never explained, but I just

suppose its just a natural physical attraction to Sayaka. Its given as a prince, he would have really
specifics standards from what he wants from a potential lover. What's even more unexpected is that
Sayaka doesn't seem disgusted at all by the prince's desire. She is even oddly sympathetic towards
him. Gee, I hope it isn't a case of stockholm syndrome. This episode is a bit more mature the usual
average episode as it touches upon themes that are totally often alien to kids shows. We are also left
feeling a bit sympathy for Prince Icarus as he has a tragic end.
Ep. 42: The Sailor-Suited Nana
Shadow Imitation Technique?

Nana now masquerading as a teenage school girl is kidnapped and then brainwashed by the
apparently dead Giluke in the hopes of resurrecting himself and defeating the Changeman.
I suppose rather than just using a random girl, it carries more emotional weight to make Nana the
victim of Giluke's plan. A character we have some familiarity with. Ultimately, this episode is more
about showcasing Giluke's plan to come back to life. I could say it seems a bit more poetic the same
power that led to the dead of Giluke : Rigel Aura will be the same force that brings him back to life.
As he has plans to gain Rigel Aura from Nana. Everything will come full circle in the next episode.
Ep. 43: Super Giluke
It's the Manbat in a toku format!
Giluke is able to complete his final step to his resurrection by kidnapping Tsurugi to draw out Nana.
This is the stunning conclusion to Giuluke's long awaited return. It was a long time coming. Maybe a
too long. Although his short ''cameos'' during his ''hiatus'' were generally interesting on their own
terms. As they would often come to shake up Ahames's plans. But the focus of this episode seems to
be on Nana coming to the realization she can't hide who she really she is which is which is a
Rigelian. As previously she tried to runaway from this identity. She is forced to face this realization,
when she realizes she has the power to save her friend Tsurugi who has saved her life many times
over the course of the show. Giuluke's resurrection merely serves as a backdrop to this, although
both plot points together create a satisfying episode.
Ep. 44: Leave it to Mai!
A fistful of Changeman!

After being trapped in what appears to be an interdimensional town reminiscent of a town from the
Old West, Mai must take up several clever disguises to outsmart the Gozma.

I suppose for this episode, the producers realized that they had some extra money laying around for
the show so they decide to do something a bit more ambitious. So they decided to build an entire
new set just for this episode alone or just rent one.Or Toei just had one already made for other stuff.
Regardless of the case, what matters we are given an entertaining episode. Several episodes
preceding this one have been awfully serious in tone. So the writers opted for something more
lighthearted to bring some much need levity to lighten things up. And they have greatly succeeded.
This episode is great fun to watch namely due to the great swashbuckling and gun-slinging action.
Its littered with great tidbits namely cameos by the suit actors and a small nods to the famous
western films. Mai gets to show a different side of her character also. Instead of the usual
headstrong and stern persona, we get to see her embrace her fun-side each time she adopts a
different disguises. A minor nitpick is that its never properly explained how other Changeman
managed to get into the interdimensional town. Although, I was having too much fun to care. Also,

one could say that this episode works as a stand alone episode that could be watched just for
entertainment value. Given that it is a bizarre amalgamation of a tokusatsu and a western. Two
genres that rarely ever meet. Power Rangers fans may have a special interest in it because it is in a
sense sort of a predecessor to the Power Ranger episode : Wild West Rangers minus the time
travelling. Coincidentally, it was released exactly 10 years from that episode.
Ep. 45: The Rainbow-Colored Girl Aira
Is Tinker Bell from the Planet Niji too?

Tsurugi is visited by an overly happy and joyous girl from the Planet Niji who claims to be a
childhood friend of his. Meanwhile an attack from the Space Beast Daros leaves Tsurgui unable to
demorph from his Changeman suit.
A ranger unable to demorph is a concept that will be repeated in later seasons of Super Sentai. One
example that comes is an early episode of Goseiger where the red ranger Alata was also unable to
demorph. Although here being unable to demorph is really dangerous to the person in the
predicament of not being able to do so. But the episode seems more concerned with showing us the
friendship between Tsurugi and Aira. Which works to varying degrees of success. Since Super Sentai
tends to be way too melodramatic in their attempts to show friendship between characters.
Sometimes, it feels like the show is bordering into showing a romantic relationship even though I
don't feel like it was their intention.But we get a flashback of Tsurugi as a kid. Which establishes that
even as a kid, he was willing to defend the defenseless. A strange thing or a weakness in the
narrative of the episode, it seems like the first time we see Aira and the Space Beast Daros are close
friends. But next time when we see Aira and Daros in the same scene again, Aira doesn't seem
surprised at all that Daros is working for the Gozma.
Ep. 46: Beautiful Shiima!
At least this time. You have facial recognition, Hayate.

A case of amnesia reveals the true identity of Shiima.

Subtlety seems to be a bit of a strong suit for Changeman. A feature which Super Sentai seasons
tend to have a problem with . A weakness I imagine to be an intentional one on the part of the
writers, given the weekly episodic nature of the show.Anyway, we can see the hints that implied
Shimma wasn't the person who we see her as in the early episodes such as episode 10 and 3 come
to fruition here. Its revealed beneath that heartless and stern exterior of Shimma is actually a kind
hearted person. Which is a huge shock to the Changeman as it forces them to question their orders
to bring her in for questioning. It reaches the point where Tsurugi goes virtually AWOL to escape
with Shimma and in the process comically down on his luck Hayate receives a punch to the face.
Which I imagine some people to find highly entertaining. How entertaining do you find this episode is
going to depend on how you find the melodrama. Some people will find it awfully cheesy and
cringeworthy;while others touching. I am somewhere in the middle.
Ep. 47: Gator's Tears of Parent and Child
Is that an Ocarina of Time? And don't you mean Death Star?

Gator's son holds a flute that has the power to find and awaken a weapon capable of destroying a
whole planet in an instant called DeloStar.
A Delostar is an obvious reference to the Deathstar the famous planet destroying weapon from Star
Wars. Movies and shows across the world are littered with nods to George Lucas's epic saga. So

there is no reason that Super Sentai should be a stranger to these references. Super Sentai like Star
War is the climatic clash between good and evil in a clear and concise way. So it works. Intentional
or not, oddly just like in Star Wars the entire episode is told through a father-son dynamic. Gator's
son deeply desires to be with his father but the unfortunate circumstances Gator finds himself to be
in makes this basically impossible. This relationship is oddly moving in its own right. There is a
certain innocence to both Gator and his son that makes the relationship work for me. It could have
easily become ''corny'' but it doesn't for the large part. But unlike Luke Skywalker, Waraji has yet to
find closure with his father yet.
Ep. 48: The Pirate Booba's Storm of Love
I wonder if Booba would like to watch One Piece.

Giluke constantly harasses Booba by trying to turn him into a Space Beast in an attempt to destroy
the Changeman. Booba tries to resist this restlessly. Meanwhile Booba's past comes back when an
old flame returns.

Booba is a villain who I find actually intimidating, which mainly I would say is due to the great
design of the character. Which according to some sources may have inspired the character of the
Predator. A character which has gone on to become a hallmark of sci-fi films. Giluke trying to turn
Booba into a Space Beast does bring in the question : if all other space beasts were the product of
this terrible process? If so then all Space Beasts are basically life forms who were robbed of their
free will. Consequently, putting all of the Space Beast in a bit more of a sympathetic light. But most
of the narrative of the episode is focused on Booba, Booba actually isn't really a complex character
but rather a simple one. He seems to have one range of emotion which is varying degrees of anger
and frustration. While this may seem like a flaw to the character, I don't feel that way. Given that the
character is able to maintain a tough exterior all the way though. But the appearance of Booba's old
flame allows Booba's a softer side to be revealed. Booba's background as a pirate was hinted in an
earlier episode. So it doesn't feel contrived. The romance between Booba and Jill although at
moments does feel way too melodramatic to be emotional effective at times is still touching. We
don't know much about these characters so its hard to be drawn into their relationship. Regardless,
it does managed to give Booba the characterization he needs to be more fleshed out as a character.
Moving foward, Booba now has more of a motivation not to take orders from his superior : Giluke.
Which I am curious to see how that will play out.
Ep. 49: The Sad Shiima Beast Soldier
Why no petrifaction?
Shima becomes the next victim of Giluke who turns her into a Space Beast called Zuune. Zuune
spreads havoc in the populace by transforming rocks into diamonds. Changeman knowing the true
nature of Shiima find themselves unable to fight Zunne.

In the last review, I said that Giluke trying to turn Booba brings up the question if all other Space
Beast are also victims of this process. While this remains unconfirmed without a doubt. If that is true
then the character of Shiima exemplifies this tragedy. As a child, she was kidnapped from her home
planet of Amanga and then made into a servant of the Gozma. The key to saving from Shimma from
being fully completely enveloped by her Space Beast persona is a feeling of homesickness. A feeling
that can be awoken by Waraji's special flute. A special ''cameo'' I like because it gives Waraji and his
mother something to do rather than just showing up after their hiatus to resolve Gator's story arc.
Its a nice way to connect the fates of Shiima and Gator who are compatriots.

Ep. 50: The Day Gozma Trembled

The Gozma are not fans of nostalgia!

Waraji's magical flute once again returns. This flute has the power to sway the minds of the Space
Beasts away from the Gozma. The Changeman work together with Waraji to broadcast a magical
tune from the flute to all over space. The Gozma realizing the deadly threat the flute poses strike
back furiously.
I would have never expected that the Waraji's magic flute would been an important plot point for
three different episodes. Its inclusion is something I find myself liking. First off, it allows Waraji who
is a really vulnerable figure to be relevant to the narrative. Secondly, it gives more build up to
Gator's story arc and to see more of the struggles of both his son and him gives more emotional
weight so when they are eventually reunited. It's more emotionally impactful. The flute which has
managed to cause head aches on both Gozma and Changeman is finally destroyed, not by any Space
Beast but rather by the naive Waraji lashing against his sycophantic dad. A flute which caused so
much trouble to meet its end such a way is oddly fitting. Perhaps it marks the fact Waraji believes
his father won't return to him.
Ep. 51: Nana!! Tell Him!
Don't worry, Gator! There is a special ''egg'' hatching for you.
The Gozma hatch a convoluted plan to destroy the world by throwing eggs of the slayed Jangeran in
a pit of lava. As Gator is forced to choose between serving his evil master and his family when things
end up colliding.
I believe we have reached the stunning climax of Gator's story arc. Gator as a character basically
serves as the comic relief for the Gozma. Despite being surrounded by malcontents, the character is
able to main a sense of good-naturedness that makes the character likable. His use as a comic relief
is never over done and used sparsely. So the character never becomes annoying and distracting. So
I felt naturally pulled to his story. Here everything comes to a fulfilling conclusion. Its revealed that
Gator's wife is pregnant with his newborn child. She wants Gator to hear the news. And who is the
messenger to relay this news. It's our friend old Nana. I guess the writers could have easily used an
new character or just Waraji. But using Nana allow us to get an ''update'' about her whereabouts.
The frustration that Gator constantly feels is put to a good use here. When finally Gator lashes out
against the Gozma, I felt a sense of satisfactionafterwards. In the end, its not the heroic Changeman
who put a stop to the Gozma's plan but the bumbling Gator who saves the day. When Gator is finally
able to re-unite with his family and his newborn. Not only is their love rekindled but I felt a similar
sensation from watching them. A touching episode.
Ep. 52: Booba Dies on Earth
Every dog has its day!
Gator's desertion from the Gozma sends shock-waves among the Gozma. Both Shiima and Booba's
faith in the Gozma are shaken. In the meantime, Ahames creates a clever plan to destroy the
Changeman but at the cost of the life of Shiima. Shiima loses her desire to serve the Gozma.
I have to say Japanese titles aren't really ''subtle'' in their titles. This isn't just limited to tokusatsu, I
noticed a similar thing in anime as well. So the shock of seeing Booba dying felt much less of a
surprise. But I had a feeling an unlucky fate awaited him given what had happened in an prior
episode. As the motivation for serving the Gozma is to ensure the survival of their home planet. It
only seems right for this loyalty to be broken by something that can destroy them or their planet.
This is the case with Shiima when Ahames awakens a Space Beast that played a hand in the
destruction of Amanga and then tries to kill Shiima. Shiima not content with this thus serves her ties
with the Gozma once and for all. Booba is secretly sympathetic to Shiima's desires. Booba's demise
is ultimately a sacrifice. So one could not help but feel at least a bit of admiration and sympathy.
Previously, Booba has been a largely a selfish and servile figure. The only bit of nobility we saw him
in was when he lost the love of his life. : Jii. Maybe, he was inspired by her to make this sacrifice

himself. Booba's death make this a somber episode although the resolution is suppose to be a bit
heartwarming as Shiima's true self is restored.
Ep. 53: Fiery Ahames!
Kaval sviri!
The ever-increasing desperate Gozma forcibly turn the proud Ahames into a Space Beast to launch a
devastating attack on the Changeman base which forces the Changeman to abandon their base.
Thus far every dead and desertion of the Gozma has felt intimate and personal. Normally, seeing
villains fall is suppose to be a moment of triumph. Here it doesn't feel that way. Because we know
the villains are in a sense are victims just as much as the heroes are. They are forced to do the
bidding of the Gozma to ensure the survival of their home planet. The fate of Ahames ultimately
show the Gozma don't care for loyalty; they are willing to sacrifice anyone for their victory. Ahames
becoming transformed into a Space Beast also marks Ahames' descent into madness. She is able to
separate from her Space Beast form through sheer will power. Ahames' end doesn't come from the
blow of any Changeman but its more of a self inflicted suicide. Her ramblings before her death are
very deep personal and her passion for her fallen planet. And how utterly cold and calculating Bazo
is. He doesn't shed an ounce of sympathy for her and just remaining coldly silent. I have never
thought, I would feel sorry for the dread Ahames but the writers have managed to do. There is a
minor subplot about Commander Ibuki being revealed as an alien, something which feels totally
unnecessary. At least, it gives an explanation why he is able to be so well-informed about the state
of the universe.
Ep. 54: Giluke Grand Explosion!
Giluke goes on a devastating attack on the Gozma League's Starship : Gozmard. The Changeman
are forced to adopt unorthodox tactics to combat this.
It seems like we are going through a checklist. And on this checklist are the names of the members
of the Gozma League who been send to conquer the Earth. We have witness their demise or their
desertion. Each has felt largely intimate and personal. Giluke's fall on the other hand doesn't really
feel intimate or personal. Giluke's demise is more along the lines of a traditional villain. There is no
real reason we should pity him. This is pretty much expected. Someone needs to be the pure face of
evil so to be responsible for the fall of the other Gozma league members to add tragedy to their fall .
Bazo is too distant of a figure for this to work. Giluke's power is felt as not only the Changeman fight
but their alien allies forced to fight as well. Its a grand coalition that shows how far reaching the
battle for Earth has become. Although its strange and narratively weak for the Gozma to leave a
StarShip that houses Bazo's weakness so easily reachable. But I suppose the Gozma are really
desperate now and don't have much options. And Gator knowing the location of an extra Gozma
space ship to use is a bit convenient for my liking.
Final Ep.: Farewell, Friends of Space!
Party Like lt's 1986 with Halley's Comet!

The Changeman and their allies prepare for a final showdown with the dreaded Bazeu. They discover
a brutal truth about Bazeu's true nature; in the wake of this revelation, its revealed Bazeu has a
brutal plan in stored for the destruction of Earth.
There will never be a Super Sentai finale that is able to take advantage of the year, it was airing in
the way Changeman was able to. Well, at least not for 45 to 46 years. Yes, I am talking about
Halley's Comet. A season in which beings from outer space play such a big role, it seems only
natural to conclude it in space. Space is suppose to be the final frontier of man, it is also the final
frontier for the Changeman to battle in. In a stunning climax where its revealed that Bazeu was

actually a hologram the whole time, while the ''true Bazeu'' was actually hidden within a small planet
trying to devour all life in the universe. Thus, we have a reasonable explanation for Bazeu's distant
and absent behavior from the series. Rather the usual reason which is the main villain being too
proud to do their own dirty-work. The appearance of the Merlian Memory Doll which saves the lives
of the rangers twice could have easily become a deus ex machina but its prevented from being one.
Since it was established in a prior episode. All this helps lead to a tighter narrative which is able to
deliver a satisfying conclusion. Which closes with this moving words
''Within the midst of battle, various dramas, unfolded between aliens and Changeman. No matter
how far they are or different in appearance they may be, the feelings of love, truth, and desire for
peace are the same for all beings in the universe.''
A sentiment which I agree with .

Closing thoughts?
Changeman is a fantastic series. It is a lost gem. In every sense of the word. Changeman is
predicated on the premise of an alien invasion. Which it is able to deliver very well despite having
the low production values of a Super Sentai series. We are given a great window into an epic conflict
that show many sides of the conflict. The many of the villains aren't just restless malcontents. But
victims themselves or even heroes in their own right with noble goals. Changeman is able to pull off
things well that Super Sentai seasons 30 years later still have failed to master. Namely, in its
subtlety and foreshadowing. Which is a feat on itself considering the episodic nature of Super Sentai
at the time. It being the product of the 80s gives it a charm of its own. Although, given how I was
spoiled by the later seasons where the rangers are less static characters than the Changeman.
Since Changeman was made at the time, where the rangers were more idealized and with less flaws.
It can make the rangers boring and dull for some. I have to say, I felt like that at times. But then, I
think about how outrageous some rangers in Super Sentai have become nowadays. I am more
lenient. All fans of toku should take a ride in the Shuttle Base some time.
Farewell Changeman!

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