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Holy Queen 2010 APRIL

2 Holy Queen 2010 APRIL
Witness of the Resurrection
“Live together with your heavenly Mother, the
profound joy of this Easter Day. Christ is alive. Christ is
I am a silent witness of the resurrection. My task
is that of sustaining and increasing the faith in those who
have come to believe in Him. I have given new courage to
those who were thinking that all was now finished; I have
asked the pious women to go quickly to the sepulcher,
which I knew was already empty; I have confirmed the
faith of the Apostles, telling them how Jesus had first
shown Himself to me in the splendor of his divine glory.
The Gospels have not spoken of this, because my task as
Mother is that of being the silent witness of the
But there has been entrusted to the Mother the
joyous task of bearing witness in life that my Son Jesus
Christ has risen and is sitting at the right hand of his
Heavenly Father in the glory of paradise.
I am today a witness of the resurrection. If Christ
had not risen, vain would be your faith. If Christ had not
risen, useless would be the announcement of His Gospel.
If Christ had not risen, there would be no reason for you
to believe any longer in the truth of his word. Christ is
risen, because He is God. Christ is risen, because He had
predicted it. Christ is risen and has appeared in the divine Dear Mother, help us to
splendor of his glory to the witnesses, chosen by Him proclaim the death, resurrection,
beforehand. Christ is risen and has appeared first of all to and the glorious second coming
his Mother. of Christ Jesus with force and
certitude. Amen.

Holy Queen 2010 APRIL

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4 Holy Queen 2010 APRIL

Are you a
Born Again?
“Are you a born again”? Recently a young man asked me. I said, “Yes I am a born
again”. Looking at my neck he asked the second question: “Then why do you wear a rosary on
your neck”? I said to him that I love Mother Mary. The third question he asked: “Who is your
pastor? Which is your Church”? I said I am a Roman Catholic. Again he asked: “how did you
take your baptism?; did someone immerse you in a river or in a pond”? I said, “I immersed
myself in the living water”. “Living water?! What is that”? He asked. I said the living water is the
Word of God. I immersed myself in the Word and IT cleansed me and sanctified me. I received
the power of the Holy Spirit.
There are many around us looking for some prey, so that they can catch them and misguide
them by misinterpreting the Word of God. Many catholics are falling in their trap. They teach
that to get salvation one should be baptized again by immersing in water, because Jesus has said
“The one who believes and is baptized will be saved’’ (Mark 16:16). They teach that only adult
baptism gives salvation. Jesus was baptized only at the age of thirty.
When you hear such explanations what will be your response? Sometimes many keep
quiet. It is a chance for them to mislead you because you are ignorant. Jesus was baptized only at
the age of thirty; it is a fact. However, it may be noted that the Jewish people never had the
custom of baptizing infants or adults. It was only John the Baptist who started to give baptism
with water. So Jesus was baptized at the age of thirty. But when he was an infant his parents had
completed all the practices required by the Jewish custom. Accordingly Jesus was circumcised
on the eighth day (Luke 2:21) and presented in the temple (Luke 2:22).
Centuries ago our forefathers who were pagans were baptized as adults by some unknown
believers and they became Christians. When they had children the latter were baptized in their
infancy without their knowledge. If Jesus was circumcised on the eighth day and was presented
in the temple on the 33rd day according to the custom of Moses what is wrong in baptizing a
child? It may be noted that Jesus was circumcised and presented in the temple without his
Holy Queen 2010 APRIL
Through baptism one enters the kingdom of God, that
is, he becomes a member of the kingdom of God. That
membership entitles him to enter the kingdom of heaven after
death. So by giving baptism to a child you are safeguarding its
salvation. Baptism assures salvation, that is, entry into paradise,
provided one leads a holy life. When a child is baptized he becomes
eligible to enter heaven. Suppose the child dies without obtaining baptism
where shall the soul go? Since that child is not a member of the kingdom of
God it has no guarantee that it will be saved.
Jesus said “To enter in the Kingdom of God one has to be born by
water and spirit” (John 3:5). The Holy Sacrament of baptism enables you to
enter the kingdom of God. By baptism one is born by water and spirit. When
Jesus was baptized he was immersed in the river of Jordan. When he came up
from the water the Holy Spirit descended upon him. He was filled with the
Holy Spirit. When a child is baptized with water and oil the Holy Spirit
comes upon him. His body then becomes a temple of the Holy Spirit.
Those who oppose child baptism reject the Holy Spirit. It is God
who creates every human being. It is His will to make everyone holy and
his dwelling place. The Catholic faith is that with baptism the Holy Spirit
makes the body of a child His holy temple.
We read in the Bible that one day some people carried a paralytic
before Jesus. Seeing their faith Jesus said to the paralytic, “Son, your sins are
forgiven”. Then he said, “Stand up, take your mat and go to your home”.
(Mark 2:1-12). Jesus healed the paralytic not because of his faith but because
of the faith of the four people who brought him there.
A child is carried by four people to church for baptism, his parents and godparents. It is
because of the faith of the parents that the Church baptizes the child. If Jesus healed the paralytic
by seeing the faith of the four who carried him, what is wrong in baptizing a child when he is
brought by his parents?
A child inherits all the good and bad qualities of parents. And he is an heir to the parents’
wealth as well. If a child inherits the character, image and wealth from parents can’t he inherit
their spiritual wealth through child baptism?
Jesus said “You must be born from above’’ (Jn. 3:7). What is the meaning of born again?
Born again experience happens in one’s inner being, not outwardly. We all are born of flesh.
“What is born of the flesh is flesh” (Jn. 3:6)! Those who are born of the flesh are led by lust of
the flesh. A child of God should not be led by the flesh, but by the Spirit of God. The Word says,
“Those who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God’’ (Rom. 8:14). To become a child of
God, a spiritual being, one should be born from above. “Those who have been born of God do
not sin, because God’s seed abides in them. They cannot sin” (1 Jn. 3:9).
Those who have been born of God do not sin. How can one be born of God? God is the
creator of all. He created them in His image and resemblance. But men through their sins rejected
6 Holy Queen 2010 APRIL
God. They became children of the devil. “Those who commit sin is a child of the
devil’’ (1 Jn. 3:8). “The children of God and the children of the devil are revealed in
this way’’ (1 Jn. 3:10). So those who commit sin are the children of the devil. The devil
makes them his children, not to love or save but to kill and destroy them. God wanted to
redeem the children from the slavery of the devil. Those who have sinned are dead before
God. So He wished to give them a new birth. For this God sends out His Word and saves
everyone. “He sent out His Word and healed them and delivered them from destruction’’ (Ps.
107:20). It is the Word of God that gives a new birth to a sinner. By hearing and believing the
Word of God one becomes a child of God. “But to all who received him who believed in his
name, he gave power to become children of God’’ (Jn. 1:12). To receive him means to receive his
Word. Those who receive the Word and allow the Word to become flesh in their heart receive
Jesus. They are born of God. They are led by the Spirit of God.
At the age of thirty-two I received the Word. I gave my heart to Jesus. Before that Jesus
was not in my heart because the Word was not there. Though I was born in a Catholic family, I
had never experienced Jesus in my life. But when I heard the Word in a charismatic retreat it
changed my life. The Holy Spirit came into my life. In the year 1988 Lord touched me, changed
me and anointed me. From that day onwards I have been experiencing the love of Jesus and the
presence of the Holy Spirit in my life. I have completed 22 years of life with my Lord. God used
me to preach the Word and to spread his kingdom. Thousands of people have changed their lives
through my service. I received the anointing of the Holy Spirit not by immersing myself in water
or changing the Church but by receiving, believing and obeying the Word of God.
I am born again by receiving the Word of God. I am born from above by the Word of
God. Now I know I am a child of God led by the Holy Spirit. I participate in Holy Mass with a
firm faith and I get life by receiving the Holy Communion. Holy Mary is my mother. She guides
me, my family and this ministry. God uses me in a mighty way to anoint many people with his
Holy Spirit. All these happen because I am born from the Word of God.
The wrong interpretation of the Word by other Churches destroys the plan of God. The
Catholic Church should teach people the Word of God. Jesus said, to enter in the kingdom of
God one should be born of water and Spirit (John 3:5). Those who have entered the kingdom
through baptism do not see or experience the kingdom because of their sins. They are spiritually
blind. They cannot see the glory of the kingdom. Jesus says, “No one can see the kingdom of
God without being born from above” (Jn. 3:3). Those who have entered the kingdom must see
the kingdom. Therefore allow the Word to change their lives. The Word is the cleansing water. It
will cleanse the heart and soul. Once it is cleansed by the Word the Holy Spirit will come into the
heart. This is the real Born Again experience.
Through this one becomes a child of God. Then on the Holy Spirit leads him. He is the
helper and teacher. He reveals the mysteries of the kingdom of God. May every Christian come
to the light of Jesus through the Word of God. I repeat, it is not the water but the Word that
renews our life. God bless you.
Chief Editor Tom Zacharias Vellookunnel

Holy Queen 2010 APRIL

(An Open Letter to Every Member
of the Spirit in Jesus Family)
Dear Brother/Sister/Child in Jesus
I write this to inform you news of great joy. In recognition of our efforts in the past 22 years
Heaven has arranged a great banquet for us. On the 7th, 8th and 9th May 2010 all the members
of the Spirit in Jesus family are coming together at Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium,
Kaloor, Ernakulam, Kerala, India to offer gratitude to God the Father. A great festival of the
Holy Spirit with Holy Mary is celebrated for the first time in the world.
Spirit in Jesus is a vine that the Father in heaven planted. In the past 22 years He has been
expectantly looking at us; He searched and has known our fidelity. He has been watching our
position when the world and the Church opposed us. He examined our loyalty and has found us
successful. Hallelujah! Heaven has arranged a great banquet to shower upon us His joy and to
transform us into hardened rocks to lead us forward.
A large number of programs are organized in the name of the Holy Spirit in many parts of
the world. Many of these are done by non-Catholics. But this festival organized by the Spirit in
Jesus is unlike them. This one is undertaken by heaven itself because this is a great festival of the
Holy Spirit with Holy Mary. How great is the eminence of Holy Mary! It was the total offering of
Holy Mary which protected the anointment of the Holy Spirit with fidelity and holiness that
gave to the world Jesus Christ as the Savior and Son of God— holy and unblemished. But that
Virgin Mary has been disavowed by many. The abhorrence and disavowal of Holy Mary by those
who claim themselves to be the witnesses and servants of Jesus Christ and preachers who claim
to have the Holy Spirit in them have agonized Heaven. Since many have renounced her unaware
of the truth, Heaven intends to exalt her very high. Spirit in Jesus which has been led by Holy
Mary in the past 22 years is Mary’s children. It is Spirit in Jesus only among all others, entrusted
by God to exalt Holy Mary. These are not words of pride but outpourings of a soul aflame.
The Word “In the last days …..I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh” (Acts: 2:17) is being
fulfilled. On the day of the Pentecost, St Peter proclaimed that ‘in the last days I will pour out my
spirit on all people’. Though this proclamation was made 2000 years ago, millions of people have
neither known nor received the Holy Spirit. Many of the Christians who have received the Holy
Spirit have not known Him. Everyone should receive the Holy Spirit and know Jesus Christ.
When is it to be accomplished? Those days have come! God is going to pour out His Spirit on all
mortals. Hallelujah! To mark the commencement of that great event the Great Festival of the
Holy Spirit is going to be celebrated at Ernakulam, Kerala, India. I assure that this service will be

8 Holy Queen 2010 APRIL

one of great anointment; an anointment which you have not experienced hitherto is awaiting you
at Ernakulam. Come and be blessed and filled by the Spirit.
This service has been divided into two sessions. The service from 9 A.M. to 3
exclusively meant for the Spirit in Jesus members and the one from 5 P.M to 9.30 open for
the public. While Spirit in Jesus members can participate in both the services, the former service
is exclusively for Spirit in Jesus members. Boarding facilities have been arranged for 2500 persons
only. Food and accommodation will be free. We wish every Spirit in Jesus to participate in this.
Accommodation would be given on first-come first-serve basis. Those who wish to participate
shall register their names with the respective District-coordinators and obtain an entry pass from
them. Bear in mind that those who do not have such pass will not be allowed entry into the
morning service. In the sprawling ground a tent is made at an expense of Rs one million. A stage
for a 100 members strong music troop is also set up. Since the tent will be fortified with a temporary
wall, entry into the tent will be possible only through the main entrance and therefore, entry pass
would be expedient, it is reminded.
Those Spirit in Jesus members who come from outside Kerala may contact the respective
Marian Koodarams. Those hailing from Goa and Karnataka may contact the Marian Koodaram
at Bangalore, those from Andhra and Tamil Nadu may contact the Chennai Koodaram and those
from the north of Maharashtra may obtain passes from either the Bombay or Delhi Koodarams.
I wish to inform of tidings of great joy. Our visit to the Holy Land was a great event. God
blessed me with the Anointment of Elijah at Carmel Mountain. Though I am a cipher before
God‘s Infinite mercy and love, He has remembered and seen me; all glory and honor to Him.
Now I believe that in the last 22 years God has been watching me; my offering, my fidelity; made
me worthy and deserving to receive this Anointment. All glory to Him.
God sustained us all through the years since 1998 in the face of opposition. The faith and
fidelity of many were put to test. However, many withstood. In fact, God has been examining
the fidelity of each one of us. Those who withdrew in the face of opposition have been defeated.
But those who stood firm have attained the crown of life. You are the one who sustained a great
plan of God. We are the one who made it a success, the reward for which God is going to give you
at Ernakulam.
You and your family members are cordially invited to the Great Festival at Ernakulam.
Though we wish to invite all of you in person, because of several constraints we are unable to do
so. Kindly consider this as a personal invitation for participation in the Great Festival.
In the love of Jesus and Holy Mary,
Bro. Tom Zacharias Vellookunnel,
Sr Catherine Mariam

Holy Queen 2010 APRIL

A Theologian in the Catholic Church

Prayers in the Syro- Malabar Rite

for the salvation of all souls

The revelations on the salvation of all debts and wipe off their trans-
souls that God the Father has been giving gressions and of their kin”
through Mother Mary in her apparitions at (Liturgy,p.30).
Fatima form the basis of my treatise in these “O merciful Lord, kindly
columns. A re-reading of the Holy Bible on the accept the offerings made for the
basis of the above revelations makes many of dead. Absolve them of their sins and
the Words of God all the more clear. Below debts and make them worthy for the
are given certain inspired thoughts which are heavenly bliss” (Oneessa de
the outcome of my ruminations over the Rasse,P.171; Oneessa de Vemma
prayers contained in the text of the Syro- p.171)
Malabar liturgy. Souls in purgatory or hell?
Forgiveness of sins and reparation of debt For whom are these prayers
All the prayers in the Holy Mass of the intended: Souls in purgatory or
Syro-Malabar Church are intended for the damned ones in hell? Nowhere is it
forgiveness of sins and reparation of debt of
the living. At the same time they aim at the mentioned that they are intended for souls in
reconciliation of all the souls (forgiveness of the purgatory. ( However, in the Holy Mass for
sins) with God and reparation of debts of the the dead , in the proclamation (Karosoosa) it is
dead. mentioned only once that souls in purgatory
be blessed with eternal bliss, p. 169)
Towards the end of the Holy Mass for
the dead, the priest makes an entreaty: “kindly Souls in the purgatory are those who
accept the offerings for your servants, remit the have reconciled with God and are in His love

10 Holy Queen 2010 APRIL

If so are we not praying for them as well?
Yes, certainly for them also. Souls in
purgatory have received forgiveness of
sins, but not obtained reparation of debts
fully. Therefore our consecrations of Holy
Mass are intended for them as well.
Remembrance of all souls
In the preface to the Remem-
brance Song which comes after the
ceremonial consecration in the Syro-
Malabar Holy Mass, it is said: The
worshipping community offer praise to
the Holy Trinity; they admire and
remember Holy Virgin Mary, the Mother
of God, all the saints and departed souls
(Suvara, P.66, Centre for Catechesis,
The departed souls include those
who are in heaven, purgatory and hell. If
so, the Church seems to ask us to
remember and pray for souls in hell during
the Holy Mass.
Salvation and Hope of all Souls
In the Hymn of Memoriam the
celebrant says: “All the dead, great and
small, sleep in the hope of glorious
resurrection through your magnificent
ascension”. (Suvara,p.71 and p.121). In
this prayer the celebrant proclaims that
all the dead, those in hell and purgatory,
live in the hope of a glorious resurrection
made worthy through the resurrection of
and grace. They have obtained assurance of eternal Jesus or God’s power that enabled His
salvation; they are saved souls, the Catechism of the resurrection (Eph1:20). By glorious
Catholic Church teaches (CCC No. 1030). resurrection is meant coming to eternal
If souls in the purgatory are those who have life through resurrection at the Final Day
obtained forgiveness of sins and salvation, for whom and thus ushering into heaven.
are the Holy Mass containing the said prayers Since those in purgatory have the
consecrated? guarantee of salvation, their mind-set is
Souls in hell are those who have received not one of hope but of confidence. If so,
neither assurance of salvation nor forgiveness of sins. who are those who live in the mere hope
Holy Queen 2010 APRIL
of salvation or resurrection at the final day? They are the
residents of hell. They do not possess an assurance of
salvation; they just cling to Hope.
From where do they derive that Hope? Yes, from the
several promises that Jesus Himself gave and from His death
and resurrection. For God all the souls of the dead are
‘living’(Mk 12:27).Therefore, they do have a certain and
clearer understanding of this life, life after death and what is
going to happen at the Final Judgment than those living on
this earth; they have also a certitude of the salvation of all
souls through Jesus.
God who wishes the salvation of all souls on the
Final Day
In chapter six of the Gospel according to St John
Jesus says: “For I have come down from heaven, not to do
my own will, but the will of him who sent me. And this is
the will of him who sent me, that I should lose nothing of all
that he has given me, but raise it up on the last day”(Jn 6:38
Who are those God the Father gave to Jesus? Are
they the ones who attained heaven and those in purgatory?
No! They are all those who are born and die in this world
from Adam to the end of the world. It was for each one of
them that God incarnated as man, suffered and died on the
cross. It is for this reason that St John asserts: “If anyone
does sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ all those who see the Son and
the righteous; and he is the atoning sacrifice for our sins, and believe in him may have eternal
not for ours only but also for the sins of the whole life; and I will raise them up on
world”(1Jn:2:1-2;1 Th 2:4-6; Jn 3:16-18). the last day” (Jn 6:40).
The aforesaid Words convey that God the Father wills Salvation and eternal life
the salvation of souls of all the dead on the Final Day, be through the body and blood
they in hell or purgatory. It is for the very reason that all the of Jesus
damned live in the Hope of salvation. The above Words also The souls damned in hell
give ground to believe that God also grants an opportunity that have earlier eaten the body
for the salvation of souls of those who have not received and drunk the blood of Jesus have
baptism. greater hope of salvation. This
The souls damned in hell that earlier in their life have hope is founded on Jesus’ own
received baptism and thus united to the mystical body of promise: “I am the bread of
Christ live in a greater hope of salvation. This is because life…one may eat of it and not
God the Father wills the salvation of all those who believe in die….whoever eats of this bread
Jesus. Jesus said: “This is indeed the will of my Father that will live forever” (Jn 6: 48-51).

12 Holy Queen 2010 APRIL

this end Christ died and lived again,
so that he might be Lord of both
the dead and the living” (Rom 14:9).
Christ died and resurrected to be the
Lord of all the dead, irrespective of
be they in purgatory or hell. Christ
means Lord and Savior (Dr Mathew
Vellanikkal, Bible Encyclopedia,
OIRSI, 1993, PP.202-204). That is,
Jesus is Lord and Savior and has
hegemony over all the dead in
purgatory and hell.
When Jesus through his death and
resurrection became Christ, he
destroyed the hegemony of devil
over the inhabitants of this world
and of hell (Col 1:13; 2:15;
Rom5:17-21).Furthermore, he
obtained the keys of both death and
hell ( Rev 1:18). Since He is Lord
and Christ, when commanded in his
name, every knee and all the powers
in hell and in this world shall bend
before his name. It can happen on
the Final Day or prior to that. When
Did Jesus say that those who eat of his body will
devil bends his knees all those in hell
not have a physical death? No. Have not all the previous
under his hegemony will escape
generations who have received the body and blood of Jesus
from that place. All these have been
died? The death that Jesus refers to here is not death of
revealed through many Words of
the body, but death of soul i.e. eternal damnation in the
God (Ph2:9-11; Rom14:11;
Final Judgment. In the Book of Revelation eternal
damnation is called second death (Rev 20:14).State of the
soul that has fallen into hell after dying in mortal sin without Prayer Inviting the Holy Spirit
reconciling with God is first death. The prayer inviting the Holy
It may be mentioned that the prayers for the Spirit (Epiclesis) in Syro-Malabar
departed in the Syro-Malabar liturgy are said after duly Holy Mass prominently mentions
proclaiming all the aforesaid promises of Jesus (Suvara the great hope that the dead have in
pp.125-126; Propria, pp.230-239). resurrection (Suvara p.95). Since
every Holy Mass is consecrated for
Salvation of all souls through the resurrection of
the salvation of all souls, what is
prayerfully proclaimed is the hope
St Paul who had a clear perception of the death that damned souls also could be
and resurrection of Jesus writes to the Romans: “For to
Holy Queen 2010 APRIL
saved through the power of the Holy Spirit thoughts and intentions of the heart”(Heb
active during the consecration. 4:12).
It was the power of the Holy Spirit that I have not in this essay ventured into
resurrected Jesus (Eph1:18-22). Similarly those the core values and power of the Holy Mass,
under the hegemony of the devil are waiting but only tried to drive home the message that
for the Holy Spirit, the power of the Almighty, IT is intended for the salvation of the living
to come as a lightning and save them from his and all the dead and therefore consecration of
clutches. They expect it to happen at least on the Holy Mass in that conviction would help
the Final Day. Their hope is reinforced by the redeem the damned souls of our forefathers.
promise of the Lord that fire from heaven will Our offerings—are they perfect or not?
come down and consume the devil and his The epistle to the Hebrews tells the
cohorts on that Day (Rev 20:7-10). achievement of the sufferings, death and
Salvation of the dead through hearing resurrection of Jesus. “Through death he might
the Word of God destroy the one who has the power of death,
Holy Mass is intended for all the dead that is, the devil, and free those who all their
and living. First part of it gives prominence to lives were held in slavery by the fear of death”
the hearing and meditation of the Word of God (Heb 2:14-15).Those souls who were under the
and the sanctification accrued from it. hegemony of Satan (in hell through first death)
Sanctification and salvation are obtained not until the death and resurrection of Jesus, were
only for the living but for the dead also. In the in fact his slaves living in the fear of second
Explanatory Hymn prior to the Ceremony of death (eternal damnation). However, Jesus
Word of God it is said: “If the dead hear this saved them through his death. He died not only
they will obtain life and reach heaven; if to save them but all those who were likely to
rejected, even the living will die” (Suvara, P.46). fall into hell. It is made possible through the
Another Hymn says: “All the mortals who daily consecration of Holy Mass.
embraced death hear these voices and prepare This being the truth consecration of
themselves for resurrection” (op.cit.P.190). Holy Mass would be imperfect if it is not done
Those who have reached purgatory after death for all the souls. If consecration is made in the
have life in them; those who do not have life in belief that damned cannot be saved, it means
them are in hell. The afore mentioned hymns that we just don’t believe in the salvation of
imply that those in hell have the opportunity souls achieved through the death of Jesus. It is
to sanctify and save themselves by hearing the a sin against faith.
Word of God proclaimed during the Holy Therefore every Holy Mass shall be
Mass. These hymns reveal the divine power of consecrated purposefully for the salvation of
the Word of God. “Indeed, the Word of God all souls. Only then shall our consecration
is living and active, sharper than any two-edged become perfect and a blessing. For all to get
sword, piercing until it divides soul from spirit, this conviction we shall pray to God through
joints from marrow; it is able to judge the the intercession of Mother Mary.

14 Holy Queen 2010 APRIL

Tom Zacharias Vellookunnel

Two Decades of
Born Again in
“Christ Jesus has made me his own” (Phil 3:12)

On Fourth March 1988 the

greatest miracle in my life happened.
Jesus Christ made me his own. A
claim that I made Jesus my own is
meaningless. Regardless of being a
sinner and an enemy Jesus made me
his own. I perceive this truth after
22 years. God makes a man his own
regardless of his merit. He does not
consider man’s wealth, beauty,
health, learning, and lineage while
making him His own; His calling and
choice are the only considerations.
Now I understand that God has
chosen and called me to His
kingdom. That calling I understand
is a divine and exalted one, much
loftier than of an evangelist, healer
or an exorcist. Even now I don’t
claim that I have made Jesus
completely my own. I am arduously
trying towards that end. Since Jesus
has made me his own he works
miracles in my life.
After my first retreat I spent a
fortnight with my eldest sister in her
house at Vythiri, Wynadu, Kerala. came for the retreat as a last attempt. Material hardships
Days of my return journey app- that I underwent still haunted me. None of the problems
roached. Jesus made me his own at have been resolved. I have not obtained a promise from
a juncture in my life which reached Jesus to that end either. The one who craved for death
a dead-end and I craved for death. I now longs to live. On the day previous to my departure

Holy Queen 2010 APRIL

from my sister’s house I counted the cash left with compartment we got into amazed me. I
me. Only Rs 200! Five of us - three children, my wife asked him whether my seat was there
and me - had to reach home at Surianelly, Munnar. only. It was air- conditioned! He took us
We had to travel by bus and train and it required at to the reserved seats and left the place. I
least Rs 500 at the rate prevailing then. That sum in was then travelling in an air-conditioned
those days of economic distress appeared a very huge compartment for the first time in life.
amount. I did not feel asking my sister for financial My eyes overflowed with love and
assistance, since I did not have the wherewithal for gratitude towards Jesus. Praising and
repaying it. But I had a firm conviction that my Lord thanking Him I reached Kottayam.
could help me. Therefore I got into a room, closed the When Jesus made me his own, He
doors and started praying. “Ask, and it will be given made me a participant in whatever share
you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door He had. If my life-journey without Jesus
will be opened for you” (Mt7:7). Though these were was hell-like, it was heavenly after He
God’s promises I was not aware of them. In my general made me his own. I did not have an
sense, I told my Lord: “Jesus, I want to go back home independent source of income and God
tomorrow. I don’t have the necessary money with me. blessed my material aspects when my
I don’t feel like borrowing or asking for help. Yet I want father gave me a share in the family
money, please help me.” Time for my departure arrived. property. “And my God will fully satisfy
My heart began to pound faster. I went to sister’s room every need of yours according to his
for bidding adieu. I bade farewell. Her reply was riches in glory in Christ Jesus” (Phl4:19).
incredible: “Our car will take you from Vythiri to
Kozhokode. I have made arrangements for train tickets
from there to Kottayam.” Then she stacked a few
hundred rupees into my pocket and said: “keep this,
would be of use to you.”I was tongue-tied. My Lord
has given me a free ride up to Kottayam and has
deposited an amount more than required to reach my
home by bus. The memory of travel to participate in
the retreat came to my mind, a journey from Kottayam
in the Mangalore Express Train in sweltering heat
crouching on wooden planks. When my children cried
restlessly in the scorching heat I did not have the
requisite cash to fetch them even cold drinking water.
My life lived in the ignorance of Jesus was of darkness
and the travel to the retreat was hell-like.
My younger brother also accompanied to bring
us to Kozhikode from Vythiri. He purchased the train
tickets for us. Along with that, he pressed a few
hundred rupee notes as well into my hand. Though I
resisted he forced me to accept it. While thanking God
for having blessed me with more than what I asked
for, the train arrived. We got into the train, my brother
in front and I following him. The interior of the

16 Holy Queen 2010 APRIL

On the early Christian community which received the Holy Spirit, the Word of God
says: “Now the whole group of those who believed was of one heart and soul, and no one
claimed private ownership of any possessions, but everything they owned was held in common.
With great power the apostles gave their testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and
great grace was upon them all. There was not a needy person among them” (Acts 4:32-34). This
was the most important element of the spread of the early Christian Community. They were of
one heart and soul. Secondly, they bore testimony to Jesus with great power. Third, all of them
were filled by grace of the Holy Spirit. Therefore God blessed materially also. None among them
endured material poverty.
If those who received Jesus still live in material poverty, their spiritual poverty is the
cause. Now I perceive that as and when man is filled with the grace of the Holy Spirit, God
blesses him materially also. After Jesus came to my life I used to pray a lot for resolving my
material problems. I had strong belief that God would do anything for me. Since God works
miracles I wanted God to perform one for me. The one who fed five thousand with five loaves of
bread could help me. The easiest method to get quick- rich is to win a lottery. In my foolishness
I found in the lottery ticket a short-cut out of my material problems. In 1988 I purchased a
lottery ticket worth Rs 10 which promised a first prize of Rs one crore. For an assurance that God
would give me the prize I kept the ticket in the Bible itself. Every day I used to pray to Lord for
giving me Rs one crore. It must have been my avarice that prompted me to pray so. The day of
taking the lot came. I shut myself in the room with the newspaper containing the results of the
lottery. I was certain of winning the lottery. I opened the Bible
and took out the lottery ticket. Simultaneously I had an inspiration
to read a Word of God from the opened page. It was a Word from
St. Mathew 6: “Therefore do not worry, saying, ‘What will we
eat?’ or ‘What will we drink?’ or ‘What will we wear?’ For it is the
Gentiles who strive for all these things; and indeed your heavenly
Father knows that you need all these things. But strive first for
the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things
will be given to you as well” (Mt 6:31-34). Having read it, I felt it
to be the reply to my lottery ticket. I was convinced that I would
not win even the least of the prizes. Yet, I searched through the
result of the lottery in the news paper. I have not won even a pie.
But I was not disheartened. The Word of God touched my heart
deeply. “First strive for the kingdom of God and his
righteousness”. For the first time I started thinking of what the
kingdom of God was. “For the kingdom of God is not food and
drink but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit”
The Holy Spirit gave me the thirst and yearning to know
of the kingdom of God. Since then I have not gone after a lottery
ticket. The Lord has been blessing my material aspects as I have
been growing in Spirit.

Holy Queen 2010 APRIL

Lisa Tom

We thank God for enabling us to bloomed in its fullness in the household. Even
complete 22 years of life with Jesus. Our Lord though our mother did not have a renewal
has used His servant in the service of his experience she used to beseech before God
kingdom for the past 22 years. He allowed me tearfully for all our wants. I ushered into that
to be a silent partner in the service being at household of 9 children as the first daughter-
home. The days and years that have gone by in-law. For 10 years in total, prior to and after
were of blessings only. Though it was in we found Jesus, I lived in that household. I
adversities that we sought and found Jesus He thank God whenever I think of the Spirit in
has been grooming us for His own plans. His Jesus fraternity for the emulative model that
plans were initiated in our own household, I we got from the parents. In the initial days of
could say with certainty. 27 years ago when Jesus the Fraternity all the members were unmarried
joined me to the household of His servant he people. Lord has been training us to receive
was not in a ‘renewed’ form. But what I ushered people in the love of Jesus, to enable them to
into was a household that prayed a lot with firm live in sanctity and holiness, in strict discipline
religious convictions and Marian devotion. and sustain them as the children of God.
Prayerful life of parents and their mutual love
18 Holy Queen 2010 APRIL
Our greatest achievement in the past 22 mad race for recognition many forget to live.
years is the Spirit in Jesus fraternity spread over And the ultimate result is: a society of
many parts of the world, the numerous souls individuals and families without peace. In this
which we were able to gift to God the Father in world where many become forlorn, destitute
heaven, and the individuals and families that and beyond redemption we, standing aloof,
have known peace through this ministry. I should be able to enjoy and make peace.
remember with love all those who have come Jesus said: “I am the light of the world.
to this ministry ever since its inception. O Whoever follows me will never walk in
beloved brethren, our success lies not in how darkness but will have the light of life” (Jn
the world welcomed us but in how we were able 8:12).If the light of Jesus is in the heart and
to make successful the plans of God. life of you who follow Him, if you are able to
In the spiritual life that I have enjoy the peace that Jesus gives, then you should
encountered most are those without peace. We bear witness without fear. Darkness will
were able to impart the peace of Jesus to certainly give way to light.
numerous shattered lives in the yester years. If you are a person who has neither
The Word of God says: “Blessed are the experienced God nor peace in life, you don’t
peacemakers, for they will be called the children have to seek for peace elsewhere; that peace is
of God” (Mt 5:9). Recognition and adulation in you only. Turn to your heart, examine it; is it
of the world are alien to the Spirit in Jesus since filled with hatred, jealousy and selfishness? Is
we proclaimed the Word of God looking unto your life vitiated by the passions? Are your
Jesus only and hold fast to the Word of God. family relations devoid of love? Give up the
As a person called by God to be with the servant complaining, murmuring and quarreling habits.
of the Lord I wish to tell all those who have Let husband and wife be in one mind. You will
been called to Spirit in Jesus that all of us are not enjoy peace if you have sin in you. Repent
blessed according to the Word of God since it on your sins and forgive those who sinned
is said in St Mathew: “Blessed are those who against you unconditionally. Then you tell Jesus
are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs to come into your heart, cleanse your heart and
is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when give peace. I repent on all my sins. Forgive all
people revile you and persecute you and utter my sins and give me and my family your peace.
all kinds of evil against you falsely on my Penitential prayers will be accepted by God.
account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward You will have peace of mind, since He is our
is great in heaven, for in the same way they peace (Eph 2:14). Jesus will definitely come to
persecuted the prophets who were before you” every heart that genuinely desires Him. Every
(Mt 5:10-11). one of you shall resolve that you will neither
The explicit evidence of the in-dwelling speak nor do anything that disturbs peace in
of the Holy Spirit in a person who makes Jesus the family or society where you live. In that
his own by listening to the Word of God is to way you will transform yourselves into those
witness without fear(Acts:1:8).We know that who not merely enjoy peace but into peace
the present generation strives hard for obtaining makers. May God bless you.
recognition and for a name. In the quest and

Holy Queen 2010 APRIL

Thresiamma A.D

The scene is a prayer meeting in New Delhi. A girl in her teens was avidly listening to the
Word of God. Behind was seen her mother poking her to convey something. The girl turned back
for a while but coldly ignored her mother’s suggestion and continued listening to the Word of
God. But I felt discomfort at her indifference. Why doesn’t she obey her mother? Is she a disobedient
girl? I surmised. Later I came to know that my doubts were unfounded. Her mother was worrying
about the tuition of the girl.
In the Gospel according to St Luke it is said: “People were bringing even infants to him
that he might touch them; and when the disciples saw it, they sternly ordered them not to do it.
But Jesus called for them and said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them”
In the heavy rush of the mob around Jesus the parents of the children underwent
considerable suffering to reach them to Jesus for his blessings. However, the apostles reprimanded
the parents. The latter wanted only one thing: their children to be blessed by Jesus. How many of
today’s parents wish their children to be blessed by Jesus and strive for the same? There might be
20 Holy Queen 2010 APRIL
a few. At this juncture an incident comes to love him, a mighty shield and strong support, a
mind. A student of an English Medium School shelter from scorching wind and a shade from
lived with me in a convent hostel. Her parents noonday sun, a guard against stumbling and a
were medical doctors. She was the youngest of help against falling”(Sr 34:19). Again: “The one
all the inmates and we grown- ups were her who trusts the Lord will not suffer loss” (Sr
friends. We loved her and used to cajole her. 32:24).
Her home was not far away from the hostel and The life-ambition of a parent, financially
therefore on week-ends her father used to take poor, was to make his children well-placed in
her home. On a Saturday there was a program society; through that all his problems would be
organized by the Christeen ( a renewal initiative wiped out, he thought. He arduously labored
working among the teens). Rev. Sisters in the towards that aim. Children grew up. The eldest
hostel and me persuaded the girl to participate daughter completed her professional course and
in the program. She did so and won certain while working outside Kerala she obtained a
prizes too. When we returned from the program good job-offer from outside the country. While
her father has been waiting for her in the guest strenuously trying to arrange the necessary
room of the hostel. She left for home along with finance for her emigration he was told that the
him in a few minutes. We met again on the marriage of her daughter with a boy with whom
next Monday evening. While exchanging she had an affair while studying had to be
pleasantries she told me jovially that on the consummated forthwith, otherwise they would
previous Saturday her father caned her for the do(register) it on their own. For the Word of
first time in life. Though her face was joyful, God says: “Do you have children? Discipline
the blackened cane-marks on her whitish legs them, and make them obedient from their
hurt me. A father’s gift to his dear daughter for youth. Do you have daughters? Be concerned
participating in a day’s Christeen program! for their chastity, and do not show yourself too
O dear parents, you may be held in high or indulgent with them” (Sr 7:23-24).
low esteem in the eyes of the world. Even if Though the father of St Francis obtained
your children are revered or exalted by all in for his son many of the material comforts of
the community, are they secure and sufficient life he could not give him God’s love. On the
in all aspects of life? Do you think that your contrary they led Francis to many vices.
lives are secure being parents of world famous However, when Francis tasted the love of God,
children? The Word of God says: Son, be wise, comforts became distasteful to him. Word of
and thus make me happy. Since wisdom is from God says that children will accuse a parent who
God, only those who are with God can obtain does not fear God. When Children do not get
it. Through education one can understand many sufficient love, protection and recognition from
things; but they are futile in the absence of their parents, they can neither know God’s love
God’s grace. A nephew of me now working nor grow up in His refuge. Their mind becomes
abroad as a nurse used to narrate many of his a void and slave of many vices. Consequently,
experiences in life. I do remember one such God’s blessings become alien to them. The
painful instance, of a physician who had his primary responsibility of younger generation
higher studies in England and the U.S. became becoming slaves to capital sins at a tender age
mentally deranged! In the Book of Sirach it is lies with their parents. In this life of cares and
said: “The eyes of the Lord are on those who worries children shall not be silenced by doling
Holy Queen 2010 APRIL
out whatever pleases them; but examine their the wilderness, like a little owl of the waste
likes and dislikes, monitor whether they are places. I lie awake; I am like a lonely bird on
walking in the path of God and make them the house top” (Ps 102:47).
God-fearing and God-dependent. Future of “Happy is everyone who fears the Lord,
children shall be offered to in the hands of God. who walks in his ways, you shall eat the fruit
Their future need not be safe and secure even of the labor of your hands; you shall be happy
if they are given education in the best schools and it shall go well with you. Your wife will be
and colleges, trained in fine arts, given the best like a fruitful vine within your house; your
lodging and boarding facilities and special children will be like olive shoots around your
tuition even by skipping Sunday Mass and table’’ (Ps 128: 1-3).
When you strive to make your children
St Margaret Mary Alacoke was the great in the eyes of the world, give them the
daughter of Mr Clowd Alacoke, a devout Word of God also. At this juncture the memory
catholic. Her father died when she was only eight of a boy, twelve-year old Douglas comes to
years old. Her family lived in penury for some my mind. He used to participate in the Holy
time since then. In her youth though she went Mass daily, learn by heart one page of the Word
for dancing, she had in her mind the image of of God without reconciling his studies. His
Jesus with a crown of thorns on his head. This answer to my query as to what he wanted to
enabled her to endure others’ harassments. If become in life was this: a job good enough to
Jesus thus lives in the minds of children, they help others. I have known from my interaction
could succeed in life without fault. It was with his household that his parents had great
experiences of this sort that reached Margaret influence in moulding the boy.
to sainthood. The Word of God says: “train
Dear parents, pay attention to your
children in the right way, and when old, they
children, develop interest in the Word of God
will not stray” (Pro22:6).
so that they be sanctified, strengthened and
Many of the parents these days are living blessed by God. They shall participate actively
in great anguish. Psalm 102 says: “My heart is in Holy Mass, lead a sacramental life and earn
stricken and withered like grass; I am too wasted for them all the blessings of the Lord and reach
to eat my bread. Because of my loud groaning Jesus. Don’t prevent them from that pursuit.
my bones cling to my skin. I am like an owl of

“O Lord my God I cried to you for help, and you have healed me” (Ps 30:2)
Te s t i m o n y

My name is Deepa. My eldest child used to get cough at least once a month.
For that she was administered antibiotics regularly. She used to get cold also
interruptedly. I and my family participated in the Born Again in Spirit retreat in
February 2008. Since then my child never suffered from cough or cold. She is
completely healed. I thank Lord for all the blessings showered through Spirit in
Jesus. Praise to Jesus, Thanks to Jesus.
Deepa Jaison, Puthumanathottiyil, Thodupuzha.

22 Holy Queen 2010 APRIL

St Dismas, the “Good Thief”
Dismas was the name given by tradition to the
repentant thief atop Calvary. Nothing is known about him
outside the Gospel. But legend has it that he, together with
the other thief— who was also crucified with him and
supposedly named Gestas—attempted robbing the Holy
Family on their flight to Egypt, but that he had nevertheless,
for whatever reason, saved the family from the clutches of

Crucified with Christ, Dismas is said to have

rebuked the other thief who was railing against Christ—
”Have you no fear of God at all? You got the same sentence
as he did, but in our case we deserved it: we are paying for
what we did. But this man has done nothing wrong!” (Lk
23:40-41). His request for forgiveness for his past is implied
in his plea: “Jesus, remember me when you come into your
kingdom”(Lk 23:42). Equally significant is the prompt reply
of the Lord: “I promise you, today you will be with me in
paradise” (Lk 23-43). It is uncertain when the first official
canonization of a saint of the Catholic Church was held.
Yet, to Dismas goes the credit of being the first saint ever in
Christendom to have been canonized, and that at the hands
of the Redeemer himself!
Dismas has been chosen by the Church as model
for criminals, thieves and undertakers.

Reflection: “A man who has a hardened heart and a

degenerate conscience is spiritually a sick man, even though
he may enjoy the fullness of his powers and physical
capacities. Everything must be done to bring him back to
having a healthy soul. “Hear today his voice… harden not
your heart””(Pope John Paul II).

Holy Queen 2010 APRIL

Joshi Pandari

Carlos was a very rich person. He owned because they feared him. He was very
many acres of land, gold, silver and cattle. He proud of his power and wealth.
had many servants under him who obeyed his One Easter night Carlos with his family
every word not because they loved him but and servants went to church. He wore his finest
and expensive clothes. The night was beautiful
and everything - trees, grass and flowers by the
roadside and the blue sky - seemed to convey a
message of love and joy.
But Carlos could not enjoy the beauty and
serenity of the Easter-night.. He thought of
himself only. They reached the church. The
altar of the church was decorated with flowers
and colorful candles. The flowers whispered
among one another. “On this day Christ was
risen!”The church music touched every heart,
but not Carlos’. The sermon too bored him. But
certain words caught his ear “The Lord can
exalt the humble and can bring down the
proud and mighty from their seats.” As
Carlos heard them he shook his head and
said “Why do they teach such words
as these? None can take the power
and wealth from me.” He got up and
went home quickly.

24 Holy Queen 2010 APRIL
A few months later an earthquake struck not think to be the most important person. He
the village. Carlos lost all his wealth. His power does not think of himself and his interests only.
was gone. He seemed a beggar and he cried He does not make excuses for himself all the
out at his fate. He looked at heaven and asked, time. He doesn’t attempt to control the life of
“How can these things be?” There was nothing another person. Rather, humility results in
left for him to be proud of any more. service to others.
Months passed. It was Easter-time again A humble person may be more skilled in
and Carlos went to church. some area or more mature than others but that
There were no servants to accompany him. doesn’t mean that his life is worthier. When a
He took his seat at the back of the church, so person is really humble, he doesn’t worry at all.
that no one might notice him. However, He trusts God in everything and every time.
everything appeared beautiful on this Easter for He doesn’t hurt those who hurt him. This
Carlos. The church, the flowers, the music, all doesn’t mean that a humble person is weak. He
carried the message of Easter. The Easter music knows that he is poor in spirit. But he can have
touched Carlos’s heart. Tears rolled down his great authority and strength. “Blessed are the
cheek and he bowed his head in prayer. He poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of
listened to the familiar words again, “The Lord heaven” (Mat 5:3). The martyrs were humble
can exalt the humble and bring down the proud but not weak. They were bold and brave. God
and mighty from their seats.” He bowed his helped them to be strong even when they were
head in humility and said, ‘‘Surely that is true; in great danger. ‘‘Happy are those who are
the Lord in heaven is the mightiest of all and I humble; they will receive what God has
am His most humble and unworthy servant”. promised” (Mat 5:5). A humble person trusts
and obeys the Lord. He does not have undue
This story gives us many messages. A
affections in this world because the Lord is his
proud man goes away from God but the humble
comes closer to Him. The proud brings
destruction to his life but destruction opens the Pride is the opposite of humility. Pride is
door to God if he humbles himself. A Christian borne out of self-centeredness and is influenced
is called to be humble. What is humility? Who and controlled by Satan. A proud man
is a humble person? Humility is lowliness or considers himself to be superior to others.
freedom from pride. A humble man is not Proverbs 15:25 says that God will destroy the
proud of himself. He understands himself, his house of the proud. “God resists the proud, but
worthlessness. He knows what he is. He does gives grace to the humble” (James 4:6).

Holy Queen 2010 APRIL

St. Paul says “Let what was seen in Christ Like a servant Jesus washed the feet of His
Jesus be seen in you: Though being divine in disciples at the Passover meal. Why did the
nature, he did not claim in fact equality with Holy One bow to wash the feet of the betrayer,
God, but emptied himself, taking on the nature the denier, and the coward? By this He set a
of a servant, made in human likeness, and in model of humbling oneself to serve others.
his appearance found as a man. He humbled Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the pride in
himself by being obedient to death, death on us so that we may ask for forgiveness. Let us
the cross. That is why God exalted him and be humble and do well to others in the fore
gave him the Name which outshines all names; knowledge that we would be exalted at the end.
so that at the Name of Jesus all knees should When we encounter humiliating circumstances,
bend in heaven, on earth and among the dead, our pride will resist the humbling of heart. Let
and all tongues proclaim that Christ Jesus is the Holy Spirit help us to have a right view of
the Lord to the glory of God the Father” (Phil ourselves and others. Follow the example of
2:5-11). Jesus who denied Himself of His rights. If we
An outstanding quality of Jesus is his do not understand Jesus properly we cannot be
amazing humility. Why should anyone come humble like Him. Let us allow the pride in us
from so high and descend so low to redeem us to die so that a Jesus-like character will be
from our certain destruction? God did not produced in us. This will cause love, grace and
humble Him nor compel Him to take this lowly mercy to flow from us. God promises a happy
position. Jesus did it Himself of His own free life for a humble person in this world of
will. From the highest reputation in heaven He difficulties. Let us ask our dear Holy Mother
descended to the lowest level on earth. He to help us to be humble like her when she was
humbled Himself yet more and took the place on this earth.
of the most dishonored on earth, being counted Amen.
with the transgressors and died on the cross.

26 Holy Queen 2010 APRIL

Intercession Prayer
s co m m un ity , th e vin e planted by You, a ch
O God, the Spirit in Je ur ow n people and the new
ood, a ho ly na tio n, Yo
race, a royal priesth
to You as an offering.
consecrate ourselves fo r wi lli ng to give to the world agai
n the
ador e Yo u
O God the Father, we le d in Jesus, to renew the
ly Spiri t wh ich dw el
anointment of the Ho em th e bi lli ons of lost souls. O Sp
irit of
ing and to re de
before his second com g in us ca me down to lead us. O Ho
for while dw el lin
Jesus, we glorify You be in g wi th us. O Mother Mary, we
r leadin g us wh ile
Spirit, we thank You fo ess.
to yo u fo r al wa ys enveloping us in holin
ks with
a thousand than
Go d, th e Gr ea t Fe sti val of the Holy Spirit
We consecrate to you, in th e Kaloor Stadium, Erna
during 7- 9, Ma y 20 10
Holy Mary to be held r ef fo rt s an d make it sublime; an
d fulfill
undert ak e al l ou
Kerala, India. Deign to th e la st da ys I will pour out my Sp
irit on
cts 2:17 ) th at in
the prophecy of Joel (A val.
in g yo ur Sp iri t in abundance in this festi
all flesh by show er d receive
rd , so th at al l na tio ns shall know Jesus an
Shower your Spirit, O ts wh o are the carriers of
the Holy
in Spiri t yo ur se rv an
salvation. Strengthen as so cia te d with the festival. Stre
t, ever y ac tiv ity
Spirit. Lead O Holy Spiri Al lo w th e an ointments of Elijah an
d Pearl
s each se rv ice .
every servant who lead un da nc e. Al low healings and mira
cles to
shower ed in ab
(of Mother Mary) to be raise…)
e of Je su s. Ha lle lujah… Hallelujah… (P
happen in the na m eply and
of th e Ho ly Sp iri t, the one who loved de
O Holy Mary, the love t th at you received, vesse
l most
th e Ho ly Sp iri
ment of
protected the anoint ma kin g th is festival into a great ev
ent. St
Spirit, pr ay fo r
admired of by the Holy s an d Pr op he ts, pray for us. Mediat
ors of
l saints, Ap os tle
Joseph, pray for us. Al
r us.
Spirit in Jesus, pray fo ry 3. Holy be…1.
Our Father 1. Hail Ma

Holy Queen 2010 APRIL

Prof. C.I. Thomas

Once I asked my students in a Sunday Catechism class, “What is the first creation
of God?” Some of them said that Adam was the first creation of God. Certain others
answered that heaven and earth were the first creations. Yet others said that Angels were
the first creation. What is the correct answer? We read in the Bible, “Wisdom was created
before all other things’’ (Sir. 1:4). Wisdom is the first creation of God. We read wisdom
speaking in Proverbs, “The Lord created me at the beginning of his work, the first of his
acts of long ago. Ages ago I was set up, at the first, before the beginning of the earth’’ (Prov.
God used wisdom to create all other creations. Just like a masterworker, God used
wisdom. Look what wisdom says, “I was beside him, like a masterworker, and I was daily
his delight, rejoicing before him always’’ (Prov. 8:30). When we say that everything was
created through the Word of God, we may understand that the Word of God used wisdom
to create all things; “wisdom, the fashioner of all things, taught me” (wis. 7:22). Mankind
was created through wisdom. “By your wisdom have formed human kind to have domin-
ion over the creatures you have made’’ (wis. 9:2). “She reaches mightily from one end of
the earth to the other, and she orders all things well” (wis. 8:1). “With you is wisdom, she
who knows your works and was present when you made the world; she understands what is
pleasing in your sight and what is right according to your commandments’’ (wis. 9:9).
We read in the Gospel, “and the word became flesh and lived among us” (John
1:14). To bring to the world Jesus, without sin, God decided to give birth to a sinless woman.
Wisdom says “Among all these I sought a resting place; in whose territory should I abide?
Then the Creator of all things gave me a command, and my Creator chose the place for my

28 Holy Queen 2010 APRIL

enmity between you and the
woman, and between your off-
spring and hers; he will strike
your head, and you will strike his
heel’’ (Gen. 3:15). God decided
to bring humankind and the uni-
verse (which were created
through wisdom) to salvation by
wisdom itself, which is Holy
Virgin Mary. Through the cru-
cifixion of His son Jesus Christ
God used wisdom to destroy the
head of satan. Through wisdom
- Holy Virgin Mary - Word be-
came flesh and lived among us
and destroyed the head of satan.
That is why the ancient serpent
goes in search of the woman:
“So when the dragon saw that
he had been thrown down to the
earth, he pursued the woman
who had given birth to the male
child’’ (Rev. 12:13). “Then from
his mouth the serpent poured
water like a river after the
woman, to sweep her away with
the flood’’ (Rev. 12:15).
In order to destroy sin,
tent. He said, ‘Make your dwelling in Jacob and in Israel re- worldliness and all activities of
ceive your inheritance’’ (Sir. 24:7,8 ). In the fullness of time satan, we should be in friendship
wisdom was born as the daughter of Yovakkim and Anna, in with wisdom. “She is more
the family branch of Jacob. She is Holy Virgin Mary. “He beautiful than the sun, and ex-
found the whole way to knowledge, and gave her to his ser- cels every constellation of the
vant Jacob and to Israel, whom he loved. Afterwards she ap- stars. Compared with the light
peared on earth and lived with humankind’’ (Bar. 3:36-37). she is found to be superior, for it
All creations were created through Word and Wisdom. is succeeded by the night, but
Therefore humankind and other creations attain perfection against wisdom evil does not
when they come to Word and Wisdom. Bible calls Word as prevail’’ (wis. 7:29-30). To iden-
‘He’ and addresses wisdom as ‘she’. Wisdom is a woman. God tify the will of God and to cor-
had prophesied about the woman. God the Lord told the an- rect the ways that we travel,
cient serpent who was called as satan and devil: “I will put wisdom, Holy Virgin Mary,
Holy Queen 2010 APRIL
helps us. “Who has learned your counsel, un-
less you have given wisdom and sent your Holy
Spirit from on high? And thus the paths of those
on earth were set right, and people were taught
what pleases you, and were saved by wisdom’’
(wis 9:17-18).
Whom does God love the most? God
loves those who live with wisdom, Holy Virgin
Mary. His eyes and ears are opened to their
prayers. “Although she is but one , she can do
all things, and while remaining in herself she
renews all things; in every generation she passes
into holy souls and makes them friends of God,
and prophets; for God loves nothing so much
as the person who lives with wisdom” (wis 7:
27-28). God blesses those who live with Holy
Virgin Mary. Conversely when God does not
bless those who do not live with Holy Virgin
Mary, devil takes possession of them: “For the
Lord has withheld the gift of charm, since he is
lacking in all wisdom’’ (Sir. 37:21). Wisdom
says, “I love those who love me, and those who a body enslaved to sin’’ (wis. 1:4). If we want
seek me diligently find me. Riches and honour Holy Virgin Mary to live with us we should
are with me, enduring wealth and prosperity. My obey the word of God: “Set your desire on my
fruit is better than gold, even fine gold, and my words; long for them, and you will be in-
yield than choice silver. I walk in the way of structed’’ (wis 6:11). Wisdom always tells us
righteousness, along the paths of justice, endow- to obey the word of God; “His mother said to
ing with wealth those who love me, and filling the servants, ‘Do whatever he tells you” (Jn.
their treasuries’’ (Prov. 8:17-21). To receive 2:5). Wisdom leads us to the word of God. “She
God’s spiritual as well as material blessings, is the book of the commandments of God, the
Jesus gives his mother, wisdom incarnate, to law that endures for ever. All who hold her fast
those who love him. It was thus St. John got will live, and those who forsake her will die.
Holy Virgin Mary as his mother under the cross Turn, O Jacob, and take her; walk towards the
(cf. John 19:26,27). shining of her light’’ (Bar. 4:1,2).
When wisdom, Virgin Mary, lives with While we accept Jesus Christ as our
us, influence of sin disappears from our body; Saviour, Guardian and Lord, we shall also ac-
“I directed my soul to her, and in purity I found cept Holy Virgin Mary as our own mother and
her” (sir. 51:20). We read in the Bible : “Wis- thereby we can destroy the world, sin and devil.
dom will not enter a deceitful soul, or dwell in May God bless us all ! Amen.

30 Holy Queen 2010 APRIL

Te s t i m o n i e s
“For neither herb nor poultice cured them, but it
was your word, O Lord, that heals all people”
My name is Preetha Raju. Some time ago my
son who was then 3 years old contacted an infection
in his eyes. His eye became red and puss was oozing
from it. When we consulted an ophthalmologist in
the Little Flower Hospital, Angamaly , we were told that there was growth in his
eyes and it might require a surgery if it cannot be removed with medicine. We
purchased all the medicines prescribed by the physician and when applied an
ointment in his eye, his whole body developed inflammation and eyes became red
and we were terrified. All of us have participated in the Spirit in Jesus retreat and
live accordingly. We had a bottle of the blessed water obtained during the Festival
of Tent. I and husband prayerfully applied the same believing it to be the sacred
blood of Jesus in the eyes and whole body of our son. After a while swelling on his
body disappeared; when the child woke up in the morning there was no puss in his
eye too. That day itself we consulted the physician. He asserted that the said
medicine does not produce allergy. Since no such case has been reported pay special
attention to him.
Further investigation vindicated the necessity of a surgery to remove the
growth in the eye. The physician suggested a tentative date for the same. In those
days a retreat of the Spirit in Jesus was going to take place at Erumely, Kerala. The
dates of the surgery and of the retreat coincided. By God’s grace we were able to
contact Bro Tom Zacharia and Sr Catherin Mariam over phone. ‘If you believe
your child will get healing’, they told us. We accepted it and participated in the
retreat in faith. True to his promise God healed the child during the retreat. Since
then he has not used any medicine. “For neither herb nor poultice cured them, but
it was your word, O Lord, that heals all people”(Wis16:12).Even now we enjoy
great blessings through the Spirit in Jesus team. We thank God who showers
blessings and also the Spirit in Jesus team which prayed for us.
Preetha Biju, Parayil House, Angamaly.

Holy Queen 2010 APRIL

Te s t i m o n i e s
“My child, when you are ill, do not
delay, but pray to the Lord, and he will
heal you” (Sr38:9)
My name is Mary Sebastian.
Consequent on a fall, joints of both arms of
my father got injured. He had severe pain
and swelling on the arms. His whole body
used to shiver as if from an electric shock.
He participated in the Spirit in Jesus retreat
in May 2008 at Choondal, Kerala. Since
then he is free from those problems. My
father who had the problem of long sight
could now see things clearly. He participates
actively in the evening prayers and Sunday
Mass. I offer a thousand thanks to Lord who “Let us come to his presence with
showered so many blessings on us. Thanks thanksgiving; let us make a joyful noise
to Jesus, Praise to Jesus to him with songs of praise!” (Ps. 95:2)
Mary Sebastian, Thodupuzha, My name is Anjeena Davis. A paper in
Muttom. the second year BSc Nursing examination
“I sought the Lord, and he ans- was very tough. I was certain to fail in that
wered me, and delivered me from all paper. All the students in my batch had the
my fears” (Ps34:4) same feeling. I used to offer all my batch
My name is Mathew. For attestation by mates and me in the daily Rosary. My
the HRD all the certificates (of SSLC, PDC mother used to watch the Spirit in Jesus
and Nursing) in original belonging to my program in the T.V daily and pray for all of
daughter were sent to me by registered post. us. When the results of the examination
Even after two months I did not obtain it. I were published I secured a high first class.
filed a suit in the High Court. Along with My batch got the distinction of having
that I sought prayer support from the secured the best ever result in the history of
Marian Koodaram . On the 101 day I the college. This was possible only due to
received all the certificates by post itself. I intercession of Mother Mary. Words fail to
offer a thousand thanks to Lord who blessed express our gratitude to Her. I express a
me. Thanks to Jesus, Praise to Jesus. thousand thanks to Jesus and Mother Mary.

Mathew P.V. Pallath, Pala. Anjeena Davis, Mary Villa,

Olarry, Thrisssur.

32 Holy Queen 2010 APRIL

Obama’s Healthcare triumph
On March 21, the U.S. House of Representatives
voted 219 to 212 to concur with the Senate Amendments What Genome Sequencing
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. It is Reveals
considered to be a historic piece of legislation expected How rich human genetic
to transform U.S. healthcare. Most of the bill takes effect diversity is has been revealed by the
in 2014; the 32 million Americans currently uninsured – fully sequenced genomes of an
in a total population of 308 million- will be covered. All indigenous sothern African hunter-
businesses employing 50 people or more will have to pay gatherer belonging to the Khoisan or
a fee of $2000 per employee or offer insurance; part-time Bushmen community, and a Bantu
staff is included. State level exchanges will be created individual. The Bantu individual is
where small businesses, the self-employed, and those none other than liberation hero and
uninsured will be able to choose from a range of insurance Nobel Laureate Desmond Tutu.
schemes. For households, there will be tax credits, and This is the first time that genomes
capped insurance premiums will be available to families of minority populations in Africa
on low incomes. It is highly significant that gender have been sequenced. The study
discrimination, age limits, and exclusion for pre-existing published recently in Nature, shows
conditions will be banned, as will lifetime dollar limits on that southern Africans have about
policies. The popular Medicaid program, started in 1965, 1.3 million novel DNA differences
for people on low incomes will be expanded; there will be compared with the genomes of West
some expansion of the equally popular Medicare system, Africans, Asians, and Europeans. In
also dating from 1965, which is for many of those retired addition to the genetic differences,
or over 65. Current estimates are that the implementation partial genome sequencing of three
of the bill, which now goes to President Obama to be more Bushmen revealed that they
signed into law, will cost $940 billion over 10 years. have 13,146 amino acid variants.
Healthcare reform in the U.S. has always been politically Such is the genetic variation that
fraught, and the Obama administration has worked two of the Bushmen studied, who
extremely hard to obtain Congressional approval for the may at times be within walking
bill. Many Democrats supported it only on condition that distances of each other, are more
federal funds would not be available for abortion; that will different than, for instance, a
have to be paid for separately by those who buy health European and an Asian. Previous
insurance. Furthermore, individual States will be able to studies indicated an extraordinarily
ban abortion on insurance offered through the proposed high level of variation among
exchanges, though exceptions will hold for rape, incest, indigenous populations in Africa.
and danger to mother’s life. Mr. Obama’s success with this This was only to be expected as
bill amounts to a notable political triumph. humans had lived in Africa much

Holy Queen 2010 APRIL

longer than in any other part of the world and had Jerusalem is our Capital, says
greater chances of accumulating genetic differences. Netanyahu
The latest study has important implications for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin
medical research. It will help in identifying diseases Netanyahu asserted his country’s right to
caused by genetic variations, and in understanding construction in Jerusalem, saying:
how genetic variations influence the effectiveness “Jerusalem is not a settlement, it is our
of drugs – a field of medical research called capital.” He further said: “The Jewish
pharmogenomics. With no genomic data of people were building Jerusalem 3000 years
southern African available, all pharmogenomic ago and they are building Jerusalem today.”
research and genetic disease susceptibility studies
Mr. Netanyahu was reported to have
carried out so far have mostly used European
conveyed his views on construction in
genome sequences. As the sequenced data of all
Jerusalem to Ms. Clinton, the U.S.
the five individuals are freely available, drug
Secretary of State. However, he also
companies will be better equipped to produce drugs
defended the connection of the Jewish
for these populations, and understand why Bushmen
people to land in Israel saying: “The
are particularly susceptible to TB. The results have
connection of the Jewish people with the
inspired a more detailed investigation of the
land of Israel cannot be denied.”
neglected people of Africa.


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