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This Memorandum executed on this 27th day of May, 2016 by








S/o.Periyasamy, residing at 283, Senthilnagar, Somanur, Karumathampatti Village,
Sulur Taluk, Coimbatore District

Pin: 641668 hereinafter called/referred as the

MORTGAGOR/S (which expression shall unless repugnant to the meaning or context
thereof shall include his/her/its heirs, legal representatives, executors, administrators,
successors and assigns),
IN FAVOUR OF The South Indian Bank Ltd., a Banking company registered
under the Indian Companies Act having its registered office at Thrissur-680 001, Kerala
and Branch office among other Places at Palladam hereinafter called/referred as the
MORTGAGEE (which expression shall unless repugnant to the meaning or context
thereof shall include its successors and assings) in respect of the property mentioned
hereunder in the Schedule to create a security for the Loan borrowed by
Mr.Govindaraj P, Mrs.Sumathi G and Ramya G
The Mortgagor/s have on 27-05-2016 deposited the following documents of title deeds
relating to their properties listed hereunder with the Mortgagee at their Palladam Branch
(Notified Branch) with an intent to create an EQUITABLE MORTGAGE in favour of
the Mortgagee over the property/ies to which document relate to them described
hereunder for the purpose of securing repayment to the Mortgagee of all the amount
owing to the Mortgagee under advances made and to be made by the Mortgagee to
Mr.Govindaraj P, Mrs.Sumathi G and Ramya G or to any one of us or to any
concern, in which I am/we are the owner(S)/partner (s)/Proprietor by way of loan of
Rs.14,00,000/- (Rupees Fourteen Lakhs only) and above together with interests and
other charges thereon. (Charged by way of deposit of Title Deeds within the meaning of
Section 58(f) of the transfer of property act 1882).
The Mortgagor/s further declare that the documents deposited are all were in his/her/their
possession and control and that the property/ies is/are not charged or encumbered in
anyway whatsoever.

stands in the name of the applicant P. E.02. receipt dated 11.Certified copy . Building plan approved by Karumathampatti Muncipality vide No.04. 7. Misc receipt for Rs. 8.04.1985 to 31.2016 for Rs. Govindaraj among others-Original.02.C. 9349 dated .Ramamoorthy & 3 others in favour of S . E.2015 obtained through RTI from Tahsildar.Original.01.Original 10. No.1990 executed by V.1408/. 1730/1980 dated 19. 4049 dated 25. Parent Document: Registered Sale Deed No.02.2006 executed by S .1987 to 23.2015 stand in the name of the applicant P.K.01. Govindaraj .12. 5. Registered sale Deed No. Govindaraj.2005 executed by N.Original.12. Govindaraj. Parent Document: Registered sale deed No. Govindaraj – Original 2.01.Original.2016-1 year-original 15.320/. E. Karumathampatti Muncipality Permit No.Original 12.5..9350 dated 03-05-2016 from 24.1548/2006 dated 27. House tax receipt dated 29.2016 from 01.04.Original 11..114/2014-15 dated 09.Original.2015 stands in the name of the applicant P. Main Document: Registered Sale Deed No.2016 from 01. 4. Govindaraj.B. No.C.C. Subramanian Original. Subramanian in favour of P.05.2016 -30 years-original 14. Subramanian in favour of P. Govindaraj . Govindaraj.01. 9.2015 stands in the name of the applicant P. Patta extract for Patta No.K.dated 09.01.1986 -2 years-Original 13. 114/2014-15 dated 09.02.2223/2005 dated 13..02. 3. No. E. Govindaraj .LIST OF DOCUMENTS OF TITLE 1.2006 executed by S. Somanur stands in the name of the applicant P.Rangasamy & 3 others in favour of Nanjappan.2016 to 02.1548/2006 dated 27. 6.13518/.2016 issued by VAO.2016 for Rs. Possession certificate dated dated 16.stands in the name of the applicant P.1980 executed by Ramathal & 2 others .certified copy.1618/1990 dated 12.K.02. Sulur stands in the name of the applicant P. Parent Document: Registered Partition deed No.

2006 Registration District : Coimbatore Sub Registration District : Sulur Taluk : Sulur Village : Karumathampatti Survey Number :241/2B (as per subdivision 241/2B2) Measurement : Totally measuring 4360 sq. Location : Sulur Taluk.02.1548/2006 dated 27. Boundaries: South by :16 ft wide east west common road West by : The remaining land of V Rangasamy North by : the lands of Angammal East by : 6 cents of land of Karuppan In Witness Whereof The Mortgagors have subscribed their signatures at Palladam on the day. Karumathampatti Village.DESCRIPTION OF PROPERTY As per the Registered Sale Deed No.ft of land and building thereon. . 2. Witnesses:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. month and year first above mentioned. Sulur Taluk.Coimbatore Registration District. Karumathampatti Village Description of the Property:. Sulur Sub-Registration District.