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An Unexpected Journey
Many years before The Hobbit, the great Dwarven kingdom of the Lonely Mountain, Erebor, ruled by
King Thrór, is overtaken with all its treasure by the evil dragon Smaug, and the Dwarves of the
mountain are robbed of their homeland.



wizard Gandalf and








Shire, Bilbo


Baggins is visited by

dwarves- Balin,



Dwalin, Óin, Glóin, Bifur,

Bofur, Bombur, Kíli, Fíli, Ori, Nori, Dori, andThorin Oakenshield, grandson of Thror and heir to the
throne of the mountain. They have a plot to retake Erebor from Smaug, and want to hire Bilbo as
their burglar (as Gandalf states that hobbits are light on their feet and have chance to be unnoticed
by the dragon). Though first feeling uneasy, Bilbo reluctantly agrees, and the company starts it's
journey from Bilbo's hobbit-hole, Bag End.
As they travel through the Shire, Balin tells Bilbo the story of Thorin, where he, Thorin, and Dwalin
fought Azog at the Battle of Azanulbizar, where Thror, Thorin's grandfather, was slain by Azog, the
pale Orc, whom Thorin duelled and defeated, severing his hand and bringing victory to the dwarf
people, reconquering Moria. However, many of the dwarves had died during the battle, and with
Thorin's father missing, Thorin became the new King of the Dwarves under the Mountain. One night
the company encounters three hungry trolls, Tom, Bert and William, who capture Bilbo and the
dwarves (Gandalf disappears that night), and try to eat them. However, Bilbo manages to play for
time long enough for Gandalf to arrive at dawn, when the sun shines on the trolls, turning them to
stone. Once free, the company finds the trolls' cave, where they get swords- Thorin claims Orcrist,
the Goblin-cleaver, Gandalf finds Glamdring, the Foe-hammer, and Bilbo gets Sting, a small elvish
sword, which glows blue if orcs or goblins are near. Bilbo and the dwarves then meet Radagast the
Brown, a queer wizard living in Mirkwood- he gives Gandalf a Morgul-blade, which he believes
belongs to the Witch-King of Angmar, and he found in the old fortress, Dol Guldur. He also tells
Gandalf that he thinks the Dark Lord Sauron is emerging again. Fleeing orc-riders led by the
vile Yazneg, who they escape with the help of Radagast, the company eventually reaches the hidden
valley of Imladris, also known as Rivendell, the Last Homely House east of the Sea.
There, they achieve a warm welcome from Elrond, the wise elven lord of Rivendell. They are given
food (which they do not enjoy) and shelter, and Elrond also helps them by discovering a riddle on
their old map of Erebor, which reveals the location of the hidden door that leads into the mountain.
As Bilbo and the dwarves unexpectedly leave Rivendell and start their long and dangerous journey
through the Misty Mountains, Gandalf shows the White Council, a council of elven rulers and
wizards, the Morgul blade and Radagasts' suspicion that Sauron is regaining power, but Saruman,
leader of the council, ignores his statements. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Azog, a brutal orc enemy

the tyrannical ruler of Goblin Town. not knowing that it is actually the great One Ring itself. Bilbo finds himself on the shore of an underground lake. However. He puts his hand in his pocket. Thorin's company encounters the bear form of a charging skinchanger named Beorn. Following an outraged Gollum to the gate of the mountain. throwing flaming pine-cones at the wargs. he attacks the poor hobbit. Soon he is reunited with Gandalf and the dwarves. which happens to be the abode of Beorn's human-form. He then encounters a strange. Gandalf arrives in the nick of time. frees the dwarves and they all escape Goblin Town after a cat-and-mouse chase. Gollum thinks it is a riddle and cannot answer. thegreat eagles arrive and save the company from the evil orcs. he suddenly doesn't remember any. slimy creature called Gollum. carrying them away to safety. the Goblin-cleaver. With the wargs about to kill them. Meanwhile. urging Bilbo and the dwarves to follow the path and to wait for him before entering the mountain. However. He then gives his son. finding the ring. just when becoming relieved of passing over the Misty Mountains. the Carrock. Gollum wants to eat Bilbo. and finds a golden ring. he eats Bilbo. with Gandalf killing the Great Goblin. asks himself. the task of hunting the dwarves. are captured by evil goblins ofGoblin Town in the mountains. and. Gollum then discovers that he has lost his precious. riding on wargs. The Desolation of Smaug After climbing down the Carrock. who have escaped from the mountain as well. He kills Yazneg for his mistake and places a bounty on Thorin's head. evil wolf-like beasts. He is defeated but saved by Bilbo. .the ring Bilbo had found. who was thought to be dead. Gandalf urges the company to seek refuge in a nearby house. and escapes the mountain. He first attempts to give the company to Azog and his minions for the bounty. was the one who sent the orcs to kill them. After admitting hating Orcs more than he does Dwarves. that he orders the execution of the dwarves. As the trees collapse under the weight of the dwarves. and finds that it makes him invisible. After losing their way in the forest. They are put down on a huge rock. the company is attacked by Azog and his orc soldiers. but if the hobbit wins. Realizing that Bilbo took it."What have I got in my pocket?". Thorin duels Azog to save the company.of Thorin. They climb on trees to save themselves. Bilbo and the dwarves. at the edge of their next perilMirkwood.if Gollum wins.he thus loses the game. he shows him the way out. who accidentally puts on the Ring. Gandalf departs before the others enter the forest of Mirkwood. Bolg. Meanwhile. while Bilbo wants Gollum to help him find his way out. Azog. but when seeing Thorin's sword. As Bilbo is about to ask his final riddle. Bilbo accidentally falls into a hole while fighting with a goblin. However. he is drove into such a rage. Beorn loans his horses to the company so that they can outrun the pursuing Orcs. So the two start a riddle game. he jumps over the wretched creature (not killing him out of pity). fleeing from aggressive stone-giants. but the dwarves are brought before the Great Goblin. Meanwhile. the leader of the Orcs. is summoned to Dol Guldur where he is given command of an orc army.

becomes enamoured with Kíli. who was waiting to collect the empty barrels in his river barge. a bowman and descendant of the original Lord of Dale. Along the way. Under the cloak of his ring. But at Bard's house. and so decides to seal off the Elf Kingdom to protect it from the impending evil. Tricking the fire-breathing Smaug into rekindling the forge using his his own flames. and Bofur stay behind to attempt to heal Kíli. the dwarves enter the mountain to rescue Bilbo. The elf pair of Legolas and Tauriel arrive in the nick of time to fight off the attacking orcs before splitting up: Tauriel stays with Óin. Fíli. Kíli is injured by a poisoned orc arrow. the company is eventually captured by the Master of the Town when they try to steal battle-worthy weaponry. Tauriel leaves to help the injured Kíli and a concerned Legolas gives chase. while Legolas chases after Bolg and the retreating orcs. Bilbo steals the keys and helps the dwarves to escape from the Elf Kingdom using empty wine barrels that float down the river. evoking feelings of jealousy within Legolas. Bilbo and the company meet Bard. Bilbo. Meanwhile. the dwarves are captured by the Wood-elves. Gandalf. Tauriel. Smaug. While trying to open the river gate. a female elf. they attempt to kill the dragon by drowning him in molten gold. after sending Radagast away with a message for Galadriel. who had been lying in wait. But Bard is arrested while his son still finds a place to hide the arrow. Bard and his son leave to hide the last Black Arrow. Thranduil. the Elvenking learns from a captured orc that the dark lord has returned. Later. After entering. . Bilbo attempts to steal the Arkenstone by himself. they are attacked by the Orcs lead by Bolg. while fighting the attacking spiders. Fíli. fired by Bolg. Eventually. the adventurers receive a grand send-off. manages to free them from the webs of the spiders. However. Smaug stumbles out of the mountain and takes to the air. knowingly steps into the orcambushed Dol Guldur and engages the Necromancer in a fierce battle that ends with Gandalf's capture.the dwarves are captured by giant spiders. and Bofur to attend to Kíli. but is discovered by the awakened dragon. the son of the Elvenking. Bofur and Bard's daughters are attacked by Bolg and the orcs. Óin. with the help of the One Ring. the only thing that can kill Smaug. Bilbo deciphers the Last Light of Durin's Day clue and uses the moonlight to find the hidden keyhole that opens the secret door into the mountain. After Thorin convinces the townfolk and Master that they will share the riches of the recaptured mountain. However. Pooling their coins to bribe Bard to smuggle them inside Lake-town. However. Fíli. shaking off the gold-coating. At the Lonely Mountain. Óin. Bilbo watches in horror as Smaug flies toward Lake-town to wreak havoc and to seek revenge. Shortly after.

two young friends of theirs. the hobbits narrowly escaped the Riders again. There they meet Boromir the man. The council discussed the ring. The two were shortly joined by Merry and Pippin. however. a young hobbit named Frodo Baggins. Now that Sauron is attempting to take Middle-earth once again. where it was forged. Aragorn took Frodo upstairs. re-encountering Gandalf. the most powerful ring of all the Rings of Power made. Gandalf and Elrond reveal that the Ring can only be destroyed by the fires at the heart of the volcano Mount Doom. and continued to Rivendell. upon a quest to reach Rivendell. This ring. Frodo asked the bartender where Gandalf is. before they reached there. He jumped down from the top of Orthanc make it look like he died but the Great Eagles rescued him and brought him safely down. and Gimli the dwarf. Frodo left his home of the Shire with Sam. it was not before the Witch King stabbed Frodo. they encountered the Elf Arwen. The Ring landed on his finger. the wizard. Arwen and Frodo finally escaped when she summoned a flood of water that swept their pursuers away. which Bilbo took from Gollum on a previous adventure seems to have strange qualities. and. however. as they were running from a farmer they had stolen food from. and used to dominate all the people of Middle-Earth. and the Nazgul. Frodo. and seek the Elves' advice in the matter. The celebration gives Bilbo the opportunity to give his old ring to his favorite nephew. upon arriving. the bartender explained he had not seen Gandalf in months. After a fierce battle. drew to attack Bree. With Aragorn's help. attended the council ofElrond. Under an assumed name. Aragorn's childhood friend and lover who sped Frodo ahead to Rivendell. After Bilbo leaves to live with the Elves in Rivendell. Gandalf explains that the ring is actually the One Ring. it must be destroyed to prevent him from using its great power. his gardener. Legolas the Elf. attempting to outrace the riders. The four were then pursued out of the Shire by three Black riders. belonging to the Dark Lord Sauron. Gandalf had to choose between death and the transition to the other side. and although Aragorn battled them off with flaming torches. Gandalf went so far as to meet with Saruman in Orthanc. . and. and the five left Bree. However. and after Pippin accidentally revealed Frodo's true identity—he had been going under the alias "Underhill"—Frodo fell. the five fled to Rivendell.Lord of the rings The Fellowship of the Ring The Fellowship of the Ring begins with Bilbo Baggins' 111th birthday. along with his comrades. They are attacked once more by the riders at Weathertop. The hobbits did not know what to do. After waking up in Rivendell. and only escaped from them after crossing the Brandywine river. drawn to its power. The travelers sheltered at an inn called The Prancing Pony. With Frodo mortally wounded by the rider's enchanted blade. while the other three hobbits mistook him as a villain. Aragorn then explained them about the Nazgul. and realizing that Bilbo is still living there. it was revealed that Saruman had betrayed him.

Frodo and Sam are joined by Merry and Pippin. refuses to destroy it. outsmarted Gollum and gained the ring. In battle against the Elves and Men. Saruman reveals himself to be in service to Sauron. but Frodo is wounded by their morgul blade. and are forced to journey through the dwarven Mines of Moria. Aragorn. After the remaining Fellowship escaped the mines. Unbeknownst to the Fellowship. Bilbo leaves the Ring to his nephew. corrupted by the Ring's power. allowing him to survive while the Ring remains. the Ring is lost in a river for 2.Bilbo Baggins.The council decides that a fellowship shall go out together in an attempt to reach Mount Doom and destroy the Ring. The Ring is found by Gollum. Pippin. the Dwarven company led by Gimli's cousin Balin were no longer living in the mines and the dwarves were long since dead as accounted by the last page in the book of Mazarbul. Sauron's "life force" is bound to the Ring. During the journey they are attacked by the Nazgûl. destroying his physical form and vanquishing his army. Gandalf. Isildur. and are nearly captured by theNazgûl. Gandalf rides to Isengard to meet with the head of his order. and imprisons Gandalf atop his tower. who reveals that Sauron's servants. Frodo meets the mysterious ranger Aragorn. They are stopped by the magic of the wizard Saruman. alerting the inhabitants to the Fellowship's presence. but was pulled in with it. In the Second Age. who possesses it for centuries until a Hobbit. set off. the party attempted to escape the mines. Gandalf catches Frodo's gardener Samwise Gamgee eavesdropping underneath a window and sends him with Frodo to leave the Shire. Gimli. Prince Isildur cuts the Ring from Sauron's hand. and Boromir. have been sent to capture the Ring. Upon learning that the Ring belonged to Sauron. being careless. who hides them from their pursuers and agrees to lead them to Rivendell. Boromir was killed by Lurtz. Saruman the White. Merry. Gimli. At the Inn of the Prancing Pony. Enraged by the sad tale. When Isildur is killed by Orcs. The full Fellowship of the Ring. so as not to endanger their friends. Sixty years later. Aragorn fights off the creatures. After being chased by a gigantic creature known as the Balrog. the Nazgûl. the Dark Lord Sauron attempts to conquer Middle-Earth using his One Ring.Frodo Baggins. Merry and Pippin were captured by a band of Uruk-Hai. Gandalf seemingly defeated the Balrog by forcing it into an extremely deep crevasse. took a stand against the now approaching Goblins and did combat with them and a Cave Troll. Legolas and Gimli pursued the Uruk-Hai that had taken Merry and Pippin. While traveling to Bree. the Wizard Gandalf the Grey warns Frodo that Sauron's forces will come for him. and Frodo and Sam decided to continue with the ring on their own. However. along with the rest of the Fellowship. Saruman commands Sauron's Orcs to construct weapons of war and produce a new breed of Orc fighters: the Uruk-hai. Pippin the hobbit. Aragorn.500 years. Sam. which . consisting of Frodo. knocked a skeleton into a well which was attached to a shackle of chains that made a huge rattling throughout the mines. the eight were separated by another battle. Legolas.

allowing the others to escape. The UrukHai capture Merry and Pippin. but both Gandalf and the Balrog fall into an abyss. Aragorn. Merry. Gollum led Frodo and Sam through the Dead Marshes. Gandalf confronts the Balrog. and Boromir. Legolas and Gimli set out to rescue Merryand Pippin. Pippin. but in the process is shot fatally by the Uruk-Hai leader. Sam finds Frodo. After this Gollum always called Frodo "Master". Elrond calls a council of the races still loyal to MiddleEarth to decide what should be done with the Ring. While chased by the Nazgûl. That night. As Frodo and Sam gaze out at the land before them. the Elves Galadriel and Celeborn. Gimli and Legolas by his side. and attempts to find Frodo. Gandalf escapes Saruman's tower with the aid of Gwaihir the eagle and travels to Rivendell. Gandalf. After capturing him. an ancient demon of fire and shadow. accompanied by Sam. The Uruk-hai arrive and Aragorn. Lurtz. Boromir gives in to the Ring's corruption and tries to take it from Frodo. where they are sheltered by its rulers. Mourning Gandalf's death. The Two Towers In the beginning of the second film. Meanwhile. they find that Orcs have overrun the mines and slain the Dwarves. to form the Fellowship of the Ring. they grieve over the others. man of Gondor.will turn him into a wraith. Frodo volunteers to take the Ring. and Aragorn. Arwen takes Frodo to Rivendell where he is healed by her father. the Dwarf Gimli. Merry and Pippin lead the Orcs away from Frodo and are nearly killed. Legolas. Saruman assembles a force of Uruk-hai to hunt the Fellowship. Boromir dies with Aragorn. Boromir realizes what he has done. and promises him that the world of men will not fall. They travel through the dwarf Mines of Moria. Frodo is saved by the Elf Arwen who uses her magic to summon a surge of water that sweeps away the pursuing Nazgûl. a corrupted hobbit-like creature who had craved the Ring ever since he had lost it. to the very door of Mordor . he grudgingly became their guide after Frodo threatened him with his sword. Frodo manages to escape by wearing the Ring and becoming invisible. Galadriel informs Frodo that it is his destiny to destroy the Ring. where it was forged. The Fellowship continue their journey. Aragorn slays Lurtz and tends to a dying Boromir. Elrond. believing that it is the only way to save his realm. Boromir tries to save them. who reluctantly lets Sam join him. and Gimli attempt to hold them off while Frodo escapes. Inside. the group flees to Lothlórien. Frodo says that he is glad that Sam is with him and the two Hobbits set off towards Mordor. heeding Galadriel's warning that the Ring will eventually corrupt the other members of the Fellowship. They are joined by the Elf Legolas. who decides to continue his journey alone. they also realize that Gollum is following them. determined to reclaim the Ring. It is revealed that the Ring can only be destroyed by throwing it into the fires of Mount Doom. Frodo and Sam encountered Gollum. Sting. The Fellowship is attacked by Orcs and aBalrog. After arriving at Parth Galen. The Fellowship set out but are hindered by Saruman's magic.

leading into Fangorn Forest. Legolas. understanding the burden of the Ring. Frodo persuades Gollum to lead them to Mordor. and became the new white wizard. and the company. who bore the Ring for centuries before losing it to Frodo's uncle Bilbo. and who now seeks to get it back.even. the Ents disagreed with Merry and Pippin's plan to attack Isengard. the Dark Lord Sauron. Requiring a guide. and Gríma Wormtongue. he discovered that the havoc Saruman had wreaked on their beloved forest. Aragorn found the hobbit's trail again.Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee continue their journey to Mordor to destroy the One Ring and. Weeks later. Legolas and Gimli pursue the Uruk-hai. Frodo and Samwise capture Gollum. Sam. apparently. almost utterly destroying it. Incited by Saruman. who have taken Merry and Pippin prisoner. Éomer. the party was captured by Faramir. an Ent who saved them from Grishnákh. Shortly thereafter. who had defeated the Balrog. but encountered Gandalf. they defeated. Merry and Pippin turned out to have escaped from the Uruk-hai and met Treebeard. along with Théoden. and. an Orc who followed the Hobbits into Fangorn Forest. After the party rode to Edoras. Afterwards. encountered a band of Uruk-hai. to accomplish their task. However.Orcs and Wild Men of Dunland lay siege to the lands. despises Gollum on sight and warns Frodo that the wily creature will betray them. but Frodo takes pity on him. however. with aid from Éomer and the Riders of Rohan. After a long Entmoot. Gimli. they are attacked byGollum. Gríma has him banished for undermining him. but then having turned back. Meanwhile. who is secretly in the service of Saruman the White. One night. they met the Riders of Rohan and their leader. is thrown out. Théoden's nephew Éomer accuses Gríma of being a spy. and kept Saruman as a prisoner in Orthanc. as they wished. giving the Fellowship of the Ring time to escape. Éomer sets forth to the countryside to gather the . The Riders had also. Faramir lets them go. Gandalf freed Théoden from Saruman's control. The Uruk-hai then proceeded to launch an attack on Rohan. and were there attacked by Saruman's army of ten thousand Uruk-hai. after some searching. and his whole people. and they launched a successful attack on Isengard. and a spy of Saruman living in Edoras. he called for the Ents. Aragorn. Soon after that. fled toHelm's Deep. They did not find the hobbits. and Aragorn continued their chase of the Uruk-hai that had taken Merry and Pippin. his army. with it. and killed them and supposedly the hobbits as well. The pursuers then set off. who told them that King Théoden of Rohan was possessed by Saruman. when Treebeard was carrying the Hobbits close to Isengard. and had exiled him. Wormtongue then fled back to Saruman and Isengard. the king's former ally. Gandalf gives his life in battle against the Balrog. on hearing news of his brother Boromir's corruption at the hands of the Ring. King Théoden of Rohan has been entranced by Gríma Wormtongue. which. replacing the corrupt Saruman. In Rohan.

Faramir has the Hobbits taken to Osgiliath. Aragorn leads Théoden. When Samwise and Frodo are captured by Rangers of Ithilien. Explosives are used against the weakness in the wall. Treebeard commands the Ents to seek vengeance. Gollum nevertheless feels betrayed. Gollum convinces the pair that attempting to enter the gate will lead to their capture. Legolas and Gimli find Merry and Pippin's trail. and stranding Saruman in his tower. Legolas and the remaining Rohirrim to attack the Urukhai army. Frodo. The Battle of Helm's Deep begins between the Uruk-Hai and Rohirrim with Aragorn and his companions. Meanwhile. enraged. . After being informed by Éomer of his ambush against the Uruk-hai. they are attacked by Saruman's Warg riders and Aragorn is thrown from a cliff and believed to be dead. Gríma flees to Orthanc and informs Saruman of a weakness in the outer wall of Helm's Deep. Gandalf joins with the trio as they journey to Edoras. reborn as Gandalf the White after dying in battle. allowing the Rohirrim's women and children to escape into the mountains. Faramir's forces are attacked by Orcs led by a Nazgûl. Frodo escapes the Nazgûl's attempt to capture him and the Ring. offering instead to lead them to an unguarded entrance. In Fangorn. In the East. Gandalf appears. Théoden decides to move his people to the stronghold Helm's Deep for safety. Faramir.remaining loyal men of the Rohirrim. Frodo momentarily succumbs to the Ring's influence and attacks Sam. the oldest of the Ents. flooding Isengard. evading a Nazgûl. but comes to his senses when Sam tearfully reminds him of their friendship. Treebeard and other Ents hold a council to decide on the role of the Ents in the war with Saruman. Samwise and Gollum traverse the Dead Marshes. Merry and Pippin flee into Fangorn forest and meet Treebeard. As Théoden's forces travel to Helm's Deep. Fearing Helm's Deep will not survive. where the Ents and their Huorn allies attack them. The combined forces cause the Uruk-hai to flee into Fangorn. Gandalf leaves to find Éomer and his forces. In Rohan. and begins plotting against his new "master". Upon reaching the Black Gate. The trio are confronted by Gandalf. the Ents destroy the Urukhai and release the river dam. Elrond convinces his daughter Arwen to abandon her love for Aragorn and leave Middle-earth with her fellow Elves. they find it closed and guarded by Orcs. Pippin. drowning the surviving Orc defenders. the Rangers' captain. Aragorn washes up on a river bank and makes his way to Helm's deep. orders that it be sent to Gondor. Treebeard and the other Ents initially refuse to get involved in the war until Pippin shows them that Saruman has decimated the forest. In Rivendell. accompanied by Éomer and his men. allowing the Orcs to breach the fortress. Aragorn. they free Théoden from Gríma's spell. Frodo reveals Gollum's presence to spare his life. At Isengard. Learning of Frodo's Ring. In Fangorn Forest. Éomer's army later ambush and kill the Uruk-hai holding Merry and Pippin. After arriving. Gollum struggles with his loyalty to Frodo and his consuming need for the Ring. With the aid of Sam and Faramir. Merry. Saruman dispatches his army to the stronghold. The Nazgûl is defeated and flees.

Instead of Sauron. representing Sauron (Mouth of Sauron). Gandalf. but Éowyn and Merry then killed him. Gollum leads them up through a secret path into Mordor. Frodo. where they met Merry and Pippin. and Denethor set himself on fire in rage and leapt off the pinnacle of Minas Tirith. saved Faramir from a funeral pyre. outside Mordor. Pippin. But even then. in the hopes of distracting Sauron. with the assistance of the Rohirrim. This drove him mad. so that Frodo and Sam can complete their mission. and he commanded the Gondorian defenders to flee. the city was only saved by the timely intervention of Aragorn. but. then proceeded to Isengard. Faramir and an army of Gondorians are send on a suicide mission to reclaim Osgilliath. as they are too heavily guarded. Théoden was tragically killed by the Witch King. but she still managed to inject Frodo with venom and cocoon him. Gandalf then subdued the mad steward and successfully rallied the defenders. and tells Théoden that Gondor calls for aid. Legolas. Legolas and Gimlicome with the Army of the Dead on the Pirate Ship The Orcs attacked Minas Tirith.Faramir frees the Hobbits and sends them on their journey. forcing Gollum to flee. and company. Gollum then leads Frodo into the lair of Shelob. using trebuchets to destroy the siege towers and trolls. forged from the shards of Narsil (Sauron's Doom) with which to win the allegiance of the Army of the Dead. The King of The Dead and the army of The Dead on the ship of the pirates. Pippin lights a War Beacon. until one is close to Edoras. and plans to have "her" kill Frodo and Sam. and tried to burn him alive. Orcs arrived and brought Frodo to their tower. Legolas. joined by Gollum. Faramir retreats from Osgilliath. and a mighty battle took place. Gollum vows to reclaim the Ring. tricks Frodo into abandoning him. Meanwhile. Sam arrived at . At that same moment. Pippin found the Palantír of Orthanc and after seeing a vision of Sauron's plan in it. but cannot enter. Madril was left behind and was killed by Gothmog. Denethor then saw the titanic forces of Mordor destroying Minas Tirith. in the hopes that. Gimli. a gigantic spider. Sam. The Return of the King Aragorn. once she killed Frodo. he could take the Ring. and around Gondor more beacons get lighted. Merry and Pippin finally managed to attract the attention of Sauron and destroy the Mouth of Sauron. Théoden agrees and calls the Rohirrim. stating that hope now rests with Frodo and Sam. at the Rohirrim encampment. with the aid of Gandalf. Elrond gives Aragorn the ancient sword of Andúril. Aragorn. Meanwhile. Aragorn sees this. someone else came. after Sam grows suspicious of his action. Denethor thought Faramir was dead. The steward Denethor refuses because Aragorn rides with Rohan. Aragorn. he and Gandalf rode to Gondor to warn the people of an impending attack. Sam fended off Shelob. and Gollum reach the Black Gate of Mordor. The victorious army then proceeded to the Black Gate . Everyone except an unconscious Faramir was killed in battle. Gandalf remarks that Sauron will seek retribution for Saruman's defeat. Gimli. which put him into a comatose state.

and the hobbits returned to the Shire. Celeborn. but Denethor declines. Gandalf urges Denethor to call Rohan for aid. where Pippin looks into a recovered Palantír. Déagol looked at it for a few seconds until Sméagol showed up. he and his cousin Déagol were fishing. Frodo was about to destroy the Ring. but was pulled underwater. Legolas. Sméagol wanted it and strangled Déagol to his death. after arguing over Frodo's Mithril shirt.Cirith Ungol. with only a few thousand members of Sauron's army escaping. Gandalf rides with Pippin to find Denethor. who owe allegiance to the heir of Isildur. Believing their forces to be outnumbered by Sauron's. Meanwhile. signaling Théoden and Aragorn to assemble the Rohirrim for battle. Gamling and Éomer meet up with Merry. led by the Nazgûl. but. The movie then shows Frodo. finding most of them dead at their own hands. The group returns to Edoras. Elrond's daughter and his lover long ago as his wife. Pippin tells him nothing regarding Frodo and the Ring. Gandalf deduces that Sauron is planning to attack Minas Tirith. Afterwards. Elrond informs Aragorn that Arwen did not go to the Undying Lands. Gandalf. The destruction of the ring also caused Sauron's destruction. There. the Steward of Gondor. Galadriel. Gandalf. to whom Pippin swears his service. that eradicated the enemy forces on the plains of Gorgoroth. and perished. Theoden. Elrond gives Aragorn the sword Andúril to acquire the service of the Army of the Dead. The Morgul army. but overbalanced on the edge of the cliff leading into the volcano's fiery interior. Aragorn was crowned king of Gondor. he swam up to the surface. Gimli. and is now dying. Denethor sends his son Faramir on a suicide mission to reclaim the city. It was at that point when Gollum ambushed them. realised that he couldn't.telling them there's no time to lose.with Gollum waking them up. The Ring's power over him was too strong. Frodo wrote about his adventure in the remaining pages of the book about Bilbo's story but eventually set off with Elrond. along with the Ring. with Arwen. From this event. Long ago on one of Sméagol's birthdays. Aragorn ventures into the Paths of the Dead and gains the . they finally reached Mount Doom. Gollum took back the Ring by biting off Frodo's finger. Déagol found a big fish. but Aragorn reaffirms his love for Arwen and heads into battle. Éowyn confesses her love for Aragorn and asks him not to go. creating a massive earthquake. Pippin lights a beacon. Aragorn and the other members of the Fellowship survived this earthquake as well. Pippin andTreebeard at Isengard. he found the One Ring. in which Sauron appears and invades his mind. Aragorn. Accompanied by Legolas and Gimli. Sam then freed Frodo and together.Sam and Gollum heading for Mount Doom. and Bilbo to the Undying Lands and left Sam to finish the story. The remainder of the Fellowship was thus reunited. drives the Gondorians out of Osgiliath. He was then exiled and went to the Misty Mountains and turned into Gollum. fearing Aragorn and Gandalf plan to depose him.

Sam saves him. As the Ring melts in the volcano. Aragorn is crowned King. Frodo and Sam are saved from the rising lava by Eagles. and is reunited with Arwen and the four hobbits are bowed by all of Gondor for their courageous efforts. but Gandalf intervenes. Celeborn and Galadriel. leaving his account of their quest to Sam. but accidentally steps over the edge. Aragorn leads his remaining men to the Black Gate of Mordor. Gollum leans pack to admire his precious. unaware that Éowyn and Merry have secretly joined his forces. In the book. Denethor tries to burn his son and himself alive. Frodo succumbs to the Ring's power. and they both fall over the edge. However. who paralyzes Frodo. Frodo leaves Middle-earth for the Undying Lands with Gandalf. An enraged Frodo attacks Gollum. Sauron's armies lay siege to Minas Tirith. . and they continue the journey to Mount Doom. On the verge of defeat. and that of the ring. the Rohirrim army arrives and counter-attacks in a massive cavalry charge led by Théoden. At Dunharrow. In the aftermath. Samwise Gamgee and Gollum travel to Minas Morgul. Bilbo. leaving him in the lair of the giant spider Shelob. Gorbag and a group of Orcscapture Frodo and take him to Cirith Ungol. Aragorn frees the Army of the Dead and their souls go to the afterlife. Frodo Baggins. proving himself the Heir of Isildur. taking the Ring with him. and Gimli arrive with the Army of the Dead and decimate Sauron's forces. refusing to destroy it. Gollum betrays Frodo. Sam carries the weakened Frodo up the volcano. Believing a grievously wounded Faramir to be dead. turning the tide. and Frodo angrily tells Sam to go home. only to be killed himself by Éowyn with help from Merry. The Witch-king kills Théoden. he saves Faramir. but Gollum attacks them. Sam overhears Gollum's plans to murder them and take the Ring for himself. and the Orcs begin to retreat. leaving Gollum to fall into the lava. A few years later. moments later. the Rohirrim are saved when Aragorn. where (after battling Saruman and reclaiming their land) Sam marries his childhood sweetheart. Rosie Cotton. while the bleeding Frodo lies unable to move. ending the battle. Gollum persuades Frodo that Sam wants the Ring for himself. At the last second. The four Hobbits return home to the Shire. Sauron is destroyed along with Mordor. Legolas. In the movie. loses his footing and falls to his death. however. Elrond.loyalty of the King of the Dead and his men by brandishing Andúril. Gollum jumps up and down with the ring still around Frodo's finger. distracting Sauron and his forces and allowing Sam and Frodo to enter Mount Doom. Théoden rides off to war. the Haradrim arrive and join the Orc army. seizing the Ring for himself. Just as the Gondorians are about to be overrun. Meanwhile. This shifts the tide of the battle. led by Gandalf. heralding a new age of peace. led by the Witch-king of Angmar. Gollum attacks Frodo and bites his finger off. A heartbroken Sam leaves. however. but discovers Gollum's treachery and follows after them. but Denethor commits suicide by jumping off the tower. Frodo grabs onto the ledge. Sam rescues Frodo from the tower. At the Crack of Doom.

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