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PU Engineering Sdn. Bhd. (PUE) is appointed by Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia (KPM) to
undertake the Civil and Structural Design for the above-mentioned project. PUE is instructed by
KPM to obtain Quotations from surveyors for the production of survey plans and data for design
purposes. The Quotations will be then forwarded to KPM for their consideration and approval.
1.1 Objective
The purpose of the detailed ground survey is to provide all the necessary data and information
required for undertaking the engineering design for Cadangan Projek Pembinaan Gantian (12
Bilik Darjah dan Blok Pentadbiran Bilik Guru) dan Gantian/Tambahan Rumah Guru 6 Unit dan
Lain-lain Kemudahan Di Sekolah SK Ng Merit Kapit, Sarawak.
1.2 Site Locality

Figure 1: Locality of Sk Nanga Merit

The Figure 1 above shows the location of the site from Kapit Town. The site is accessible
through Batang Rajang. It would take about 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach the site from Kapit
using a 200hp speed boat.
2.1 Survey Area
The details of the extent of the works to be surveyed is given in the attached plan
No:PUE/2015/11/SUR/P-01. The total area to be surveyed is about 2.7 HA
3.1 General
The scope of survey services to be provided by the Surveyor shall be as listed hereinunder and
as detailed in subsequent paragraphs:
a) Prior discussion with Consultant before the physical commencement of work on site.
b) Study all relevant information and maps provided and obtain additional data if necessary
for the proper execution of the works.
c) Field survey and picking salient features.
d) Levelling and establishment of Temporary Bench Marks (TBM).
e) Preparation of plans and data suitable for the Architectural and C&S Design.
3.2 Field Survey and Setting Out
3.2.1. General
The Surveyor shall perform all field survey work necessary to locate accurately the locations
and dimensions of the following features within the proposed area for survey of::a) Existing tracks and paths.
b) Existing structures above and below the ground level indicating whether temporary,
semi-permanent or permanent and whether dwelling, industrial or other use, type of
construction and any other relevant particulars.
c) Existing drains including their type of construction.
d) Existing water reticulation system, fire hydrants, etc.
e) Existing rivers, water courses (riverbed level within the survey area boundary) and their
discharge directions.
f) Existing vegetation, their types and swamps (if any).
g) Boundaries of individual lots and their lot numbers and the baseline from which
reference can be made, preferably to tie up with existing boundary stones.
h) Highest known flood levels.
3.2.2. Consultation with Client before Setting Out
Before setting out, proposals for the detailed survey should be submitted to the PUE before the
work is being carried out. The Surveyor shall submit field survey plans showing the details as
specified in Clause 3.2.1 to the limit so as to enable PUE to produce an accurate design. The
Surveyor shall make any minor amendments when requested by the PUE provided such
request is made before all the final plans are submitted.

3.2.3. Setting and Pegging Out of site Boundaries

Preliminary Data such as boundary of survey shall be provided by PUE. The Surveyor should
establish boundary as per the preliminary data provided by PUE.
3.3 Levelling
3.3.1. Level Survey with 2m contour
The Surveyor shall carry out a leveling survey with the specified contours together with the
details of the area. The Surveyor shall carry out all field work necessary to accurately
determine, the contours at the specified intervals and detailed physical features of the terrain.
Sufficient control height points and spot heights shall be taken to ensure accuracy of the contour
3.3.2. Levelling to Establish Temporary Bench Marks
The Surveyor shall establish temporary benchmarks at approximately 1 km intervals and relate
it to Survey Department Datum (Ordinance Datum). Reduced levels of these temporary bench
marks shall be clearly and legibly inscribed on the marks and referenced for identification for the
subsequent construction stage. The location of all bench marks must be clearly described and
indicated on the plans to be submitted. All these TBMs shall be located well away from the
construction limits. All leveling shall be done in sections of approximately I km
in length. The closing error for each section shall not exceed 16 mm and the equipment used
must be capable of executing the works to this degree of accuracy. The maximum error in spot
levels shall not both exceed 0.02 _/K metres where K is the horizontal distance in kilometres
from the nearest Permanent Bench Mark.
3.3.3. Water Courses Sites
The Surveyor shall survey all drains streams, rivers and water-courses within and around the
site. These include all watercourses whether there is water or no water flow at the time of
surveying. The locations of channel edges and other significant features shall be recorded and
levels shall be taken along the bank slopes and channel inverts at intervals of 3m. The Surveyor
shall record the maximum flood level at each river crossing. Existing water surface at suitable
points shall be taken along the channel. Each reading shall be taken at intervals not exceeding
one hour. The Surveyor shall indicate on the Plan reduced level of the lowest point of all within
the area including direction of flow.
3.4 Salient Features.
Surveyor shall take into account to produce survey plan which the survey area consists of any
existing structures, electricity posts, lamp and any other visible element on the ground which
spot level stated together inside the survey plan.

3.5 Reference Markers

To ensure accuracy, reference markers shall be placed at least 25m away from the mark (i.e
TBM's). There shall be at least 2 reference markers and the base of the triangle which they form

with the apex should be at least 15m apart. Colour Codes For Pegs All pegs should be colourcoded with paint on site to indicate their purpose. A consistent colour code as specified below
must be retained throughout the survey.
4.1 Plans and Data to be Submitted
The Surveyor shall provide the PUE with two sets of prints together with one set of tracings and
2 CDs of softcopy for all drawings prepared. The drawings required are as follows:
a) Location Plan
Location plan of the proposed site to a suitable scale such that the area under study can be
put into a single standard Al size sheet.
b) Survey Plan
The survey shall show the levels of Temporary Bench Marks, contours of area surveyed,
streams, rivers and all salient features, crop and vegetation detail to a scale of 1: 1000. All
base stations such as boundary stones, survey department Bench Marks, trigonometrical
stations shall also be clearly stated and indicated on the drawings.
4.2 Timely Submission of Complete Survey Plans
All survey plans are to be prepared and submitted to PUE within 1 weeks after completion of the
relevant field works. However, all services to be performed under the Terms of Reference shall
be completed within 3 weeks of the date of appointment. The surveyor is to submit his time
schedule showing each item of work and the time required to PUE for approval.
The Surveyor shall be responsible for any damage to life and property that may arise out of his
work and he shall take out all necessary insurance cover to indemnify the PUE from any claims
of compensation that may arise out of his work.
The quotation shall be based on approved Treasury's rates of payment (Jadual Kadar Bayaran
untuk Ukur Tanah Bagi Tujuan Kejuruteraan - Part I). The Surveyor's fees for the rendering of
services mentioned under the Scope of Work and elsewhere in the Terms of Reference, shall be
deemed to cover all materials, services, wages, allowances, investigations, field surveys,
equipment, transport, computations, preparation of plans, overheads, profits and other fees and
expenses. The quotation shall be expressed in detail showing calculation of professional fees
and reimbursable. The closing date for this quotation shall be 4 May 2016.
The Surveyor will be required to enter into an Agreement with PU Engineering Sdn. Bhd.
(Company No. 128954-X) and such Agreement shall be signed by both parties before the
commencement of work should the quotation is agreed by PUE.