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Soal ulangan semester 2 Mata pelajaran Kelas / Semester Tahun pelajaran : Bahasa

Inggris : VII / genap : 2009/2010

Multiple Choice Choose either a, b, c, or d for the correct answer ! 1. A : Hai,
Jane. How are you? B : .... how are you? A : Im OK. a. How do you do? c. good mo
rning b. Fine. Thanks. d. Yes, Im 2. A : Jane, This is Romeo. Romeo, this is Jane.
B : How do you do, Romeo? C : ...... a. How are you, Jane? c. What do you do, J
ane? b. How do you do, Jane? d. Im fine. Thanks. 3. A : What is your ....? B : My
names Alam. a. job c. address b. phone number d. name 4. A : What is your job? B
: .... a. Im a student c. Im fine. Thank you b. He is an engineer d. He is from Ma
taram 5. Kuan : Hai, Dian. Are you coming to the football game? Dian : Hai, Kuan
. Yes, Im coming to the game. Kuan : Ok, then. See you then. Bye. Dian : ..... a.
OK c. Good morning b. Hello d. Bye 6. Vita : Hello, Mom. Mother : Hello, Dian.
Why do you still awake? Vita :Im finishing my homework. Mother : All right. But d
ont sleep late. Vita : OK, Mom. Good night. Mother : ...... a. Good evening c. Go
od night b. good morning d. Good bye 7. X : Excuse me. Do you know where Mr, Mur
phys house is ? Y : ...... a. Oh, I see. Thank you. c. Which one? b. You are welc
ome. d. Of course. It is in front of the fruit store. 8. Sani : Adi, can I borro
w your pencil? Adi : Sure, here it is. Sani : Thank you. Adi : .... a. Im sorry c
. Thank you b. Dont mention it d. Pardon me 1

9. Mother : Erly, did you break the plate? Erly : Yes, I did. Im very sorry, Mom.
Mother : ..... a. Im sorry, too. c. Dont mention it. b. Thats quite allright. d. y
ou are welcome 10. Teacher : Open the window, please! Dany :..... a. Dont mention
it c. Im sorry, Sir. b. Okay, sir. Thank you. d. Yes, Sir. 11. A : What time is
it? B : .... A : I asked you what time is it? a. Come on c. Please b All right d
. Pardon me 12. X : What do you think about my new dress? Y : ....It looks good
on you. a. I know c. Its good b. I think d. I think its a good idea 13. Rima : I w
ant to go to library. Anto : ..... Rima : Why? Anto : The library 14. Nancy : He
llo, how do you do ? Winky : .... ? Im Winky, and you ? Nancy : Im Nancy. Nice to
meet you. Winky : .... . a. How are you c. How do you do Nice to meet you too Ni
ce to meet you too b. Im fine d. Im very well Its nice Nice to meet you too 15. I h
ave a phone. The number is 766600. If I say it in English, it is... . a. seven s
ix double six zero zero c. seven six six six double zero b. seven triple six zer
o zero d. seven triple six double oh Understand the dialog below, then complete
the dialog by choosing the best option! Nita : Hai guys, what day is today? Firm
an : Today is Wednesday. Nita : What day was yesterday, Mike ? Mike : ... (16).
Firman : ... (17), Mike ? Mike : How stupid you are, Firman. It was Monday. Nita
: By the way. If it is December, what month is next month ? Mike : It is ...(18
). 16. a. Monday c. Wednesday b.Tuesday d. Thursday 17. a. What day is today c.
What day was the day before yesterday b. What day was yesterday d. What day is t
omorrow 18. a. October c. November b. January d. February

19. look at the picture below!

Ricky : what time is it now? Johan : ..... a. Its quarter to eleven b. Its quarter
past eleven
c. Its quarter past twelve d. Its half past eleven
Read the following text then answer question no 20 to 21 ! My family There are f
our people in my family. They are my father, my mother, my younger sister, and m
yself. My father is a teacher. My mother is a housewife. My sister and I are stu
dents. I am twelve years old and my sister is ten year old. Im in the first year
of Junior High School and my sister is in primary school, class five. We love ou
r parents very much. We are a happy family. How many people are there in the fam
ily? There are ..... people in the family. a. 1 c. 2 b. 3 d. 4 Are they happy? a
. Yes, Im c. Yes, we are b. Yes, he/she is d. Yes, they are Read the text below a
nd then answer the question number 17 to 18! My brother and I look different. I
have brown eyes and he has black eyes. We both have black hair, I have long, str
aight hair, and he has short, curly hair. Im tall and thin, he is short and fat.
The true statement based on text is ... a. My brother and I have black hair b. M
y brother and I have brown eyes c. My hair is short d. My brother is tall 1. Im n
ot short 2. I have long hair 3. My brother is not tall 4. My brother have brown
eyes False satement is shown by number .... a. 4 b. 2 b. 3 d. 1 Lisa : Here is y
our pen, Neni. I found it in the classroom yesterday. Neni : Thank you very much
. You are very kind. Lisa : .... . a. thats good c. Sure b. you are coming d. You
are welcome

Read the text below to answer question number 20 to 22 ! Nancy and Brian are my
little brother and sister. They like to do funny things. They like to imitate wh
at other people do. Nancy likes to imitate mother cooking some food. She uses to
ys of kitchen utensils. She fries some eggs in the frying pan. She boils water i
n the kettle and cooks rice in the rice cooker. Brian takes some kitchen utensil
s to play music. He takes a saucepan, a plate, a glass, a cup, a saucer, and two
spoons from the kitchen. Then he uses the spoons to beat the other utensils to
produse music. He imitates people playing music like those on TV. He wants to be
a drummer. Nancy and Brian like to do ... . a. funny things c. crazy things b.
happy things d. terrify things Nancy uses .... to cook rice. a. rice cooker c. f
rying pan b. kettle d. a plate Does Brian want to be a dummer? a. Yes, she does
c. No, he does not b.Yes, he does d. No, she does not The whiteboard is still di
rty. So, the teacher says...... ! a. Take the eraser, please c. Take me the boardm
arker, please b. Clean the whiteboard, d. Come here, please please Andien : What
does your class have ? Adit : There are some desks and chairs, a whiteboard, a
map, two pictures, an eraser, etc Andien : Do you need them? Adit : ..... . a. y
es, I did c. yes, you did b. yes, I do d. yes, you do Sunny : What do you call s
omeone who act in a film ? B.C.L : Someone who act in a film called ... a. singe
r c. film actor or actress b. photograper d. gardener
Read the text below, then answer questions no 31 to32 ! Keisha Daily Activities
My names Keisha. I am a student. Everyday I get up early in the morning. I get up
at 04.30 a.m then take bath and get dressed. After that I have breakfast at 05.
30 and go to school at 06.00 oclock in the morning. On Friday I finish studying a
t 11.00 a.m and on Saturday I go home from school at 11.30. When I arrive at hom
e, I rest for a While and have lunch. I usually read a newspaper in the afternoo
n. In the evening aI always do my homework and sometimes watch television before
i go to school. 31. Does he have breakfast before going to school ? a. Yes, he
does c. Yes, he did b. Yes, he do d. Yes, he has 32. What does he do in the afte
rnoon ? a. Read a newspaper c. Read a magazine b. Does his homework d. Do his ho

Read text below to answer no 33 to 34 ! Carles has a new camera. He likes photog
raphs. He likes to take picture with his camera. He has more than twenty cameras
. He spends most of his money on camera and films. Today he has to buy some film
s because he is going to take picture of his family. 33. On what does he spend m
ost of his money ? a. picture c. camera b. camera and film d. his family 34. Why
does Carles buy some films today ? a. It is his hobby c. He likes to spend his
money b. He is going to take picture d. he has more than 20 cameras of his famil
y 35. How many children .... in your family? a. there is c. is there b. there ar
e d. are there 36. Sinta : Watching the midnight movie is fun. Eka : No,.... a.
I think so c. thanks b. I disagree with you d. sure 37. newspaper a reading am I
1 2 3 4 5 The right arrangement for words above is ... a. 2-1-3-5-4 c. 5-4-3-21 b. 2-1-5-4-3 d. 5-4-2-1-4 Read the following message, then answer questions nu
mber 38!
Dear Samson, Please meet me at the library at 03:30 p.m. Ill be waiting at the ma
in entrance. See you later
Mega 38. The writer of the message is .... a. me c. you b. Mega d. Samson 39. Wa
itress : Good afternoon. Can I help you? Riki : Good afternoon. Yes, I like frie
d chicken and a coke. Waitress : Would you like anything else? Riki : No. The se
ntences that shows politeness is .... a. Good afternoon. Can I help you? b. Yes,
I like fried chicken and a coke
C. Would you like anything else? d. No.

Read the following advertisements then answer number 40 to 42 ! MEGA Cut Meutiah
, Jakarta Big sale for your home 3 days only 09.00 a.m to 08.00 p.m 30% off all
kitchen sets 20 % off sofas 10 % off dining tables
Annual Promo Special 7 days only Up to 40% discount Storewide At all DC World bo
40. We get at DC World bookstore. a.40 % c. 20 % b.30 % d. 10 % 41.
Mega opens at .... a. 08.00 p.m c. 3 days only b. 09 a.m d. 7 days only 42. DC
World bookstore sells ... a. book c. kitchen sets b. sofas d. dining tables Comp
lete the dialog below by choosing the right options! Mr. Imron Fruitseller Mr. I
mron Friutseller Mr. Imron Fruitseller : .......(43)..... a kilogramme of red ap
ples? : .......(44)..... Rp. 15,000. : Oh.... Its too expensive. : No, Sir. These
are very good apples. : I see. But ....(45)..... for Rp. 12,000/kg ? : Sorry, S
ir. The price is fixed.
43. a. How much c. How much is b. How costs d. How many 44. a. The costs c. The
costs is b. They are d. It is 45. a. Can I have them c. How much is b. Can I hav
e it d How much does it cost 46. Read the sentences below ! 1. But her neighbour
bought the same item in supermarket for Rp. 14. 000. 2. Sometimes she gets very
lower price. 3. Mrs. Kusuma goes to traditional market everyday. 4. As an examp
le, She bought a kilogramme of eggs in traditional market for Rp. 12,000. 5. She
find the traditional market costs cheaper than a supermarket. 6. She likes to g
o to traditional market because she can bargain the price. The right arrangement
for the sentences above is ..... a. 3-6-2-5-1-4 c. 3-6-5-2-4-1 b. 3-6-2-5-4-1 d
. 3-6-5-2-1-4

Look at the picture below to answer number 47 and 48 ! 1

47. The pointer number 1 shows a ..... a. neck b. nose 48. the pointer number 2
shows a ... a. neck b. nose 49.
c. lip d. mouth c. lip d. mouth
The man is .... the car. a. under b. behind 50..
c. in d. on
The ball is ..... the cat. a. in b. beside
c. above d. in front of
Good Luck.....!