José Alberto Chiew Pang

Facial expresions

Don¶t worry, be happy!

SMILE: eyebrows, curved downwards; mouth, curved upwards; one eye, almondshaped, the other roundish.

Peace, brother!

PEACE: Static, neutral expressions. Eyebrows, gently curved downwards. The rest of the lines, straight.

I¶m not going to overcome this.

ANXIETY: Eyebrows curved upwards and inwards, mouth curved downwards.

You can bet it isn¶t going to happen again!

ANGER: Eyebrows curved downwards and inwards, mouth curved downwards to one side.

Oh, my god!

SURPRISE: Curved eyebrows, eyes wide open with marked pupils, mouth wide open.

Ha, ha, ha ha!

LAUGHTER: Eyes & eyebrows curved downwards, mouth half open. Wrinkles around the eyes and mouth.

Who does he think he is?

SCORN, CONTEMPT: Eyebrows slightly arched downwards and outwards, mouth curved downwards to one side. Wrinkles downward, either side of the nose.

Ow! That hurts!

PAIN: Eyes closed, curved downwards. Mouth half-opened, slightly curved downwards. Wrinkles either side of the nose.

How horrible!

HORROR, AWFULNESS: Eyes round & wide open with marked pupils, eyebrows curved downwards and inwards, mouth half open, curving downwards and with marked corners.

I¶m scared!

FEAR: Slight variance with expressions of horror. The lines are more marked, the eyebrows are more separated, bags under the eyes.

I don¶t believe him at all!

MISTRUST: Raised eyebrows, fixed stare towards one side. Closed mouth, curved downwards with marked wrinkles.

I shouldn¶t have done it.

REGRET: Wavy eyebrows, closed together. Eyes semi-closed. Strong wrinkles curving downwards, either side of the mouth (curving downwards). Wrinkles below mouth, too.

Practice: On each face, draw a different expression. Label it below the box. Draw each expression step by step: 1. The eyes 2. The eyebrows 3. The nose 4. The mouth 5. Lines of expressions

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