Lima,   May   2.-­‐   Last   Thursday,   April   28,   the   Program   Integrity   in   Climate   Finances   presented   the  
study   "REDD+   safeguards   implementation   in   Peru:   FCPF,   FIP   and   JDI1   with   Norway   and   Germany  
study   case",   this   study   aims   to   analyze   Multilateral   Development   Banks   (MDBs)   safeguards  
standards   with   the   safeguards   presented   by   the   Peruvian   government   to   the   FCPF,   FIP   and   JDI-­‐
Norway   and   Germany   funds.   In   addition,   REDD+   safeguards   implementation   status   in   Peru   was  
evaluated  like  REDD+  funds  processes  interaction  in  the  country.  
The   meeting   was   attended   by   Gustavo   Suarez   de   Freitas,   Director   of   the   National   Forests  
Conservation   Program   (PNBCC   for   its   abbreviation   in   Spanish),   agency   responsible   for   REDD+   in  
the   country;   Lucas   Doujoreani,   in   charge   of   REDD+   safeguards,   Jorge   Torres,   in   charge   of   the  
financial   mechanism   for   REDD+;   Roxana   Ramos,   in   charge   of   the   project   support   JDI-­‐Norway;  
Liliana   Lozano,   in   charge   of   the   project   DGM2   SAWETO   (FIP   indigenous   peoples   mechanism)   and  
Dave  Pogois,  in  charge  of  UN-­‐REDD  at  the  Peruvian  UNDP  office.  
As  part  of  the  conclusions  of  the  study  it  is  mentioned  that  the  ER-­‐PIN,  R-­‐PP  and  PI-­‐FIP  documents  
show   a   lack   of   interaction   among   safeguards   instruments.   In   addition,   we   have   outdated  
schedules,   unclear   processes   of   participation   and   actors’   involvement.   Likewise   the   study  
mentions  the  documents  that  address  very  generally  the  safeguards  instrument  concepts  of  SESA3,  
ESMF4   and   SIP5,   although   these   concepts   framework   can   be   found   in   the   FCPF   and   FIP  
implementation  guide.  


 Joint  Declaration  of  Intend.  
 Dedicated  Grant  Mechanism.  
 Strategic  Environmental  and  Social  Assessment.  
 Environmental  and  Social  Management  Framework.  
 Stakeholder  Involvement  Plan.  

The  study's  main  recommendations:  
-­‐  Creation  of  a  REDD+  and  Forest  Management  Working  Group,  which  works  as  a  space  of  decision  
making   and   has   the   presence   of   public   institutions   representatives   with   decision-­‐making   power  
from   the   following   Ministries:   Ministry   of   Economy   and   Finance   (MEF),   Ministry   of   Environment  
(MINAM),   Ministry   of   Agriculture   and   Irrigation   (MINAGRI),   Vice   Ministry   of   Culture   (VIC),   the  
National   Audit   Office   (CGR),   Office   of   the   Ombudsman   (DP)   and   Ministry   of   Foreign   Affairs  
(MRREE).  Furthermore,  it  should  involve  decision-­‐makers  of  indigenous  organizations  like  AIDESEP,  
CONAP,   two   representatives   of   regional   REDD+   roundtables,   a   representative   of   the   REDD+   Group  
and  a  representative  of  the  private  sector.  
-­‐Promoting  public  access  information  mechanisms  on  the  PNCBB  website  to  show  the  progress  or  
to   help   redesign   REDD+   funds   processes.   Clarity   in   the   spending,   disaggregate   by   REDD+   funds  
component   and   by   product   requested   and   /   or   paid   under   the   execution   of   these.   Consider   a  
biannual  update.  
-­‐   Updating   FCPF   and   PI-­‐FIP   documents;   especially   regarding   the   SESA   and   ESMF   that   should   be  
done   in   an   open   space   of   discussion   involving   different   actors   of   civil   society,   public   sector   and  
indigenous  peoples.  In  addition,  the  SESA  and  ESMF  should  serve  not  only  for   funds  applications  
but  to  support  the  identification  of  solutions  to  activities  that  put  pressure  on  forests.  
This  study  is  part  of  the  Integrity  in  Climate  Finances  program  which  aims  to  improve  governance  
in  climate  funds  for  REDD+  by  identifying  corruption  risks  during  the  design  and  implementation  of  
documents  and  /  or  instruments  requested  by  the  JDI  with  Norway  and  Germany  and  the  National  
Strategy  for  Forests  and  Climate  Change.    

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