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Indictment No.: J-14-4348 ONTARIO SUPERIOR COURT OF JUSTICE (Central South Region) BETWEEN: HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN Applicant -and - DELLEN MILLARD and MARK SMICH Respondents TABLE OF CONTENTS - MILLARD LETTERS. [Tab Exhibit # Date of Letter zl 4 7004 July 25 a 2A PaO FEEFEEEEEEEE August 2 or 3 B 7004 August c 7004 [ August D 7004 ‘August .th 3A 7004 Sept...th_ |B 7004 Sept 10" PEEHEEEEEEEHE [4A 7004 eh B 7004 Oct2 or 3 c 7004 Oct 3 (translator shows Nov 3) D ~| 7004 Oct7 E 7004 _| Oct th F 7000 tte Octi6 S 7000 Oct 19. H 7004 Oct 27 i of 5A 7002 Nov 4 B 7002 Nov 6 Cc 7002 Nov 9 D 7002 Nov 10 = 7005 Nov 14 i 7002 Nov 13 G 7002 Nov 13. H 7002 Nov 14 1 7002 Nov 17, J 7002 Nov 20 K 7002 Nov 26 L 7002 Nov 29 6A 7001 Dec 5 and Dec 12 B 700% Dec 12 c 7001 Dec 12 D 7004 Dec 13 E 7004 Dec 14 lid 7001 Dec 16 G 7001 Dec 18 H 7003 Dec 29 TA 7005 Jan 2 and Jan 5 B 7003 Jan 10 8 7000 Undated 9 7004 Undated 410A 7003 Undated B 7003 Undated TIA 7004 Undated B 7004 Undated c 7004 Undated DB 7004 Undated E 7004 Undated 12A 7002 Undated B 7002 Undated 13 7001 Undated 7000 Undated ey are Dew | c1_prized of. s_tal = paw-penkan ib 1S fabs a ‘eons on rae. bate lban aye I Chis place. ai ‘ Laat (dha, fe ap vin hace MNE_OS. hosel, — [or es shal beck ber KX oe a = oy Hn 1 cchaine and sarroanded on all cides 001.0 fo ped | stapose ose the allention should inave beeen. LS Plabberetoa. For the Circ bes mieceks (tas, Kept. gist | naked tn h-bace utdeo recotded cell, and. a i —— only bread and. Jon tor gat. ln eat. Ly conversoktar Che uate tc ~pcestdt ac! i Iaaily det ed he tne Ling be see it he. 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Le ‘octae tel not ‘heen, cxyina, and. sialle | i Se’reniel, | do tno Bhd T tinuld by <.Apirine, So. “well nets. ve been ta’the hole’ for tivo Ponths, Thts_is.. Jahere.. other. ~paisoners are... sent: aa nae lea suchas fight: They come. +! ay ca fora comple. teks 08 ae and 4 eyo rack be Chee c pecive anaes... Hee hide diss “onl al ("hte clathhng, paper re yard woth oe hese. ae esti luxury Reema h pm eee — gnducings| Khe doy te pe tealibies ae ____fs_bearting the. lonelinegs_ Be, Panel ce Sy tettihle. All Hye Oh a < 2 Ac] Jniss ota Go Datad fy [Your sh a -d_ my sett a hel ium! ol lone. Like” le. never loved In iniovaas her _iwoman., I m1. tomatoe jot peer | See iy sanec clon ae nay be. forced to: ie a Stabemenk or be sepioned to take | Ape show A Rope. obken rake. sroall hee and ave cama anal | i : _the deka, oo NEEDS for to knots, a ; ice. coal Knowd,.S0. that doen't Soy anys x wus have this inbornndtior | r pei fee Sue Della. cle boc box. They —-kow.Mack bold, re Lik contained. ce theft Mack wanted Dell ‘eh pide ik, ae ‘nat koous if on tonstold the. combination. raceme gunner pol Ksnotn he co ralsinat ton), Polk Ace. knot Lat Dell ea as | Christicw's cell hove 0 ae Meatkand.asl ea bold the.. foclbox,. tok at Has Dell dave io Yukon to Madk's and taoded him tl the foslbox. Police do not know. if Christina was ti the Yukon. ett | ee only. hal Del ad. ACCESS te her oh Qhone. ok-4 the Hime. Matt stated he could nok aie Anker 2 Ba oeeaeeeesenseeee ag Oe will say. the. tool box h ined Iocked the, Lente. fet Chavistina may. have. s6c inthe Car, bunk tt was.el eae openne. Dell will soy beuiea! bye: Lercataed caleuan -phone,. fon gend someterts? The only reason he.aave. mas that Mark bad made _ a terciltle mishake del Dell waste bo _combata it, jn Dell vail i‘ bel — aa doa —Plaple Gast, taking her. phone taith bina, sa ing ira “he had to moet scireane briebly and woul tana : » back scorn. Dell. Nawsll soy be nekuened box : | —Moplefke tnithou the.'k fie rebucreh eeeece :_ Cheis| os bs her, till the. bs - r he jena gel Ate io bil oo s-—Mall_retwned toe tootlar of rave ler Macks acre: _ [ate es everniinay Peeve at los. MASS» LE ea ae —. Ded S Sy { Ainner : pain, meat wp Get ds, H Ant taht 2 oe ie . “Awd oC 3 de oe LE: tis Sem i GY bo Faw ann oie next. iG ane at lmanine. yor leernk he Like the he? Did aoyons Knee, fut aig Hine Jaya Nome. urrently, _tn fee mone phat Phat el ae f the evertin “> ae Kiendg [acre in aa eae 2 fahed ee a oe totth yous ie: hotels ts Uric corveck 2 id faye hat dh ye a ae bows 2 id You. eee eeeeee pak tad oy we home, Ibe ded mech nee : A And alt sh tet i a isis Se ea eet cor ee ? ae : | firme. tne's 2. | array hed you tal Sho Tite ete ao she. ee ae pak gta you de an nse ¥ pce dat anak € Who? ya eee | 4 opinion he debatls | deve. | neck the als : : fan ox phone bill | | = TBM Wohlosik Hi “ - I . ; i a _ o z ; ae Desheoy the: 2 Kerst But Yola cary cept is cad. kee it hidden and how (i k z SyONe See \ ibs Prom 512... Anyone includ | Breads ond * 1 foue youu. yal pow DG. 4 af fe a. i MK AG, ee Ww pe. red, atone... eet ete eo Nosed (eterna was tariiben expressly tn bay ,so.that. — = a ee ame..taith yor, and keep ik, ; coer AU ny, ose, a | MI | 4 oF. difeh envel Sera Erte | TC lays a Hy olan Ker, edna tb ich tne cell _dooe a aed in enk! Him hack tia bs Comscialssiness they knocked 1. Pe lldinest Lt rhe en i fs and _aicbreshemee |? p Yorn tort gouc conve oa Wola, love the rock! \ ae 25S, { ae CT atte hig fa 1 Brcleg sm dace, asad parties, Chol i [te eel “lhed on 2Necy “Avia! le of | is act ak : a eine wove, da a. Pe arn a PS abeank tb US state. Keeps. noiine Mngs : nell. Lae pins pet bal back onthe fable s. = tony We'll see | aaish wees emucla to free et tot he rig Ayo ae iSS_. ae fees, eel the sands: ae tear fh eeeeeeerrreee | vividness. oF roy er Send i Sei u Prcly, LODES. 0. Ses nes,_.! Cl ASSL ONES. Ta ie the Weisone rs Ide. ail tes, ta sh dec denct UR etn hal that a Dern pickuces ic ielTobad te oa = Sy eat Of TOALN Seok Sn way spat ee aque, hat if ouEe lament of hand lime speatday.amd telokvin + sre aren afar sie t ease ree 1 Bade Lae af wamitd for. ceineeenen: cla iL t tli Sry al Dell, ba 5 zac tld ath erate bur nate: “tit ceyel be he ond use bind? as Feientol mite? Hi hope. ney et = Nol:quilly nok ath he chev ey Nae om ay pes Baal ln ce crack, ‘souls, omen ae Erk ng i say ln court, Rees will beaker ieee Ere ol shell be Fe Fae‘al ull see Lak greed is nob d —bave., th Feed a perce intl ob ela what evens 7 =) Foo TS a Plone an Lish.| Ho0, aaemeeaaE OVC NW ment.¢. _____“Forens{cs ones ool a — eee ve Ame Cova slid 4 : i — aos “PEE Bat a Se i ite Tiel lm a era fe tae ea lege hg a Heetmas. |? ih i = pee ee — IN s act wall ne, thing Ioatl easter. The cts) is ~hatag wail and he ag! bail fo 5 iano aba eee eee eee vee = naa vege see Eherm Ehe mutalion EG Sbeasseeresaeeeneae sc __ Success added tothe cepet thon. 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On ANG OF Lt fends. ane! Cskeeralh ue. enduced ante Rildren ele ve ene Lye | a namé_and.s caaae a ioe fp Ko page ee . a ig ol les One... Ee fear_ts.. be bfece : tak hae ees - Sa le oe Toe ‘anid pl plons oud at y) AN 3 boc us and). the. ba ne oi a did Ma ne —! Na at SVE AS. a er eG "Dawe a A,f | laned fon Mitebalske bringing tr). eld Toran Cr Gate a Coke . a spot RAT. 1 ranted Sng. ate Ln , ~ and Pee, and. _- perk. From, HolGox tse coule..« : ; eve A in as.. The winds could anes Pawar en with o stop % Iceland. yf Seah land? ard Enolacd 1 Cigured cid enpleta : ve i by hac oucing, aad ar COPS. “ath ae tthe ea Oaanld be hooge.cond As ie ot if, ae bo “Rk 4 Give : th. Canada af mt don feet iE Aeon opis The nent ae égou id be Ae inka Ie fe oT ee Sec Medilerrantan bed. ei ee ee of; fab Clea Liles ee. jens ge shops Sealand and {ple Lf Kink Vd. a oe 4 Cotda. plea to_sail 1B. odd. watt eee Foped to Eimear eae aun 1 fp Capa “ath iia ‘die ma de loe_caial ad Olen Che, eee Maul PO ido cee a anothers. . LE chews mex: eon le. Brauaity a Tp os Cicer neu f aie. EES ae nl Ele Te still be. ie sere fae _fooald n't. Cue. LL fave. lo dee ae “ol Hay ae Sel el, bec an ave efit Fle ca Blside. By — olin 224 os See ee been ne L suet 9 A brial 10 [feu Fe St pa fio a ae Ble hen ae 7 Tenge ee mee fen i fe, aoe S, sy I call Poe: manslaughter (Pius be len tence), 7 ‘ 4 epee aes oe A eee 1 Reeuo = filers esate ED hal | mant a Ki ok wl dla ies. ee tues, aeetHe nes —— Poet ean fled _L tons. banal ia, CTs a beak lhe. on jven a lite sentence? ay a Sule ian jo -ook “overnight ‘Coates cuisifs. 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Hess chanaed Thus far Vue hod. fnurof lhose, ‘me i aide caeiecitte Mpa ee chat epee - ot Te. een ase al sam! tose. I’ve ag The te ieve_extraord ee back ay libecky bow, moybe tts / omy owns Maylb a ee iad: £ yor. valor ts £C hss {onto okt. ? ; to @ Anb eles. Moe. othina. with “Ting, hake records. You said Be mine? ir [2 to. Seems | dar a Yat Legh for note“? My. le Peelo's compan oy -Eveedoa_anc_ex Be! ese. ae a ara aoe eee at _bual i we ag ae Nea lala Help. could. “be. oll hee. Chines S.. eg i elise pean oo famiense aM Avdbeu bed a Jone (he wsier.. Pa ~Anditetia aes uals, Ane Fee TEED | Mak Ee Sas Pieces. same —— Spal ne... These..are. Oke. cacrent| Monn tet a ety it alli Tencntan pet iy vy Ye ae Teor | Line “Ban nay ane - A lob 2b time. for. ext. in _emokional . sh veapnel ee JL mast - heat Henao HNNE L auet ett ed ae lidid nat feabize... ker sped | was_t i Lt “led jet — coerce _h cmiskakes. There are adataldl coxlly to ye Se nel va ~ai ‘ecestly now. Mosk A Faerie ee Love. | ed . “alte th “heartbreak! and | _wasn’d stenn enough (te ede “E ee je ae fa L im factna bbe in 4 pisson 1 manths a bal to about -tshy.. Te aan nna ee oe _of beau: Pie aas ore. lo be sure! cer on'k a Jovite ih! Loh’ ee irk_tkts the most 4 ore pai Buk now tra ctuilling bovis th. Before | tas nab one LOSI -in\3kice be the love that has Yoon ‘| Temas b oy: fn force me bo react.‘ ming of yon Crush. i taal allot oe Le yas ecauge AP He. AL k ese Be tee rae as me , a ae sli tase amb gal ae hat 1 | i vauieu oe tons, beta, hire Leo _bas._ino =-ceply. Saas ee bothered a ne | we ae inf FOUN 2. rae pak: whet hak re izing, ,ablouk onc cennion sige “the. possi rere fhe rest of ove lives_fagelhec, is. tuba tal ny gad pe otber. vo bed _swriciele. waleh.. The goad clockara¢ Tuatha thank. eee ope ob ee jelers (Sti asked tah L ded. nak. cated. “Acted bo! “neake.yoin a eller before A tn comet oe oy et edly tow tons: Nea, bn ocsaeeenaa Not or /a lone. ae Then_t'm bold pel eee fr taetls ‘Vienne . ti nok. able by i ep oe my emmakvons. | to0s skarvi c ~Prottonally, 1 bps damn “and aes anwar ee eee eager id -eonkedk yon Giesks ib. eet a -Tellees_is_dnusual -brolia. She. tocikes. as. — wate old Friends. Lretwen the Samiiac one, ou een Uae or bi she'd CibMoas evern.o she) stack asker | quest ons. out Che case There by. Musa, sme faints. thal police soe tnlereted mn’ =the tacelak be | anne eaesicee: indrcakor Chat. Fo cop, Or, ; - [hehend . wer | cura | had se et ME... Allhae Ltd ll ik erat ates: 5 could. octualy be. Rl fk en pefote, ease ile. SQecs sy Mave an LES: arHhe.. ‘ig She bs eer eas faa a | ko suapock wie. 7 | . bina = Pechaps > : being peaple. tal h her Louk Lellle LL sill ck agpetthk rl soins to do whab canto Os exoiouete Uri vo LT just cead “kinPand Ltonheact’, | don’ ~tetoapize. Els ae Feu Son » Gut tioie Knpioing. weipicked these. Spetes fo ! © | image. tmethis sono. | pL majo the bay sje ange Td | thed af beam kL And as. prea vd_l'll be shee i bold you use you're my Kin Vow i _——_lonheart’, tp thouah once JESS SeCeeL A Pines eteeesaierc 9 h- god thinking oP yon loc val bedi lof ny z ee fee be. tuith you. The” Ape oof mi ae py Yyow. acct - He . pot ee wiatecialyne., He ee (al bts ERIE aoe hae in_search of | oy eyes ale -nok see it feel ik. ia eee bitbedn minutes 9 oh win subssides..cnanh, ene egens L be beats ort ca Sei is rebnemi Ba asin at be. poiesen We. eee ee Somes iat exercise | “ant fe al Ke. au ——-many.of F Ube ort et Cig foe Sa : i a he. naa ce keta k nee ytahtels to bial be! men 02: wiinaces eee x ; te ak tbe EF —he os pap Od eee hehe : Mi isclosiace is huaely. televant..\'m_assmriisa oe Cacisson fcon CSI fos/Ve be ion the cs, pall _discauer and_prove ve CON ee ee hit, then its as hares ‘fo colch them en The. _selence. hows | isposed of. does: _ fn Chis Case. , shots. one es, accidental 0d “then the body HERA _thal’s mene le Sor - ste = peridenaly uring, a cibber that’s murder. Becase 2 Che. robbery is ick ohtonal hyen._an_accvdenkal death a neo. tnmeder conviction. Mosk of | Sar ae | L_eviderice. points. ds me. tna, | Bus | this pesto ana mitlaly ail age renee Bul iil here's a -prslee ler “ard it’s “the - feskteny- of ’ Avdceoo \ _M: icbalaka tops teices bum ile jing ay, that he was chnoed lath, murder, tshich he. ok and { 1b) thal fe rade be : -—~Lonirming, a poate plete. br. Hem? L And eens told pelt. halo ci May! SI | shotacd he ee and. y Treen Chak there. Wee. fill tuna! cK bo Chinse. fromy and thal. Lashed. a cn ifthe’: Spal STEAL, iit 7 ike. ays,or fhe ass holes Lt took five hones 08 ‘in! Keli ood Andes ae J _conbradte anes mony Cimes a habs thet hese eee ue ali Biel i eco lg hea a —-pichuce of!a back de pickup, Kruck, prided \ opts lahat his tle nan ey a i piece. of evidence,Chat_ (Spe_in.. the og ae if 1. ak inbenkional “dase Aestinnany ak nok. Lacey — + Selence., j me_conyicl tle is. eset J past: Teapots rece. of the case asainsk j—1 His statement pol aives udder eA. ene a See ih Hes ifestoaal on |___seems_ausided Ast the dedeckive tere. hifi ie - ak twhal Andrets should Say: IJhen Andvoes s a ‘Dell. ed he. ‘Tell mea wan th —aboint afta. ai dedective.. Let S_angty... bdhén Artdters says. “thee. bt0S.. a ofA: erne a acd_cudly _hfe.are.. mae fatae bhat Andrew — 0S. aiven ie mmessabe...™ “Eat home. ball” ‘he. “said. lahat he ‘pe tee a rac. Taal, he tas untiithtal, so Chat police. anit fed nim a The. intertoaabien eal does look. \ cowl knkes” “Che oath” very serousl 2 aaa -panish. boa for Iyina 40 inkimidat ina, (ce. boat te : | the all ky. coitck (he Lrath: tt rig: even Hanne ‘ —_—— Commend bee ae ies BG, fie beers. eet 0g ‘eat sheen, Dtor Nolice. mae shea ms aes oo 51E. Dee saere 4 © bo ek Chal E palace i ched- htm on that. Chey. toanted Lo beat” ae eee fests ate onos-aiver, that trould bea hog oto be es nce ls cae. La th oll Thea — i -Asression., ae layed ducina_ fis... ier i iPS vee ane feweable. Hd. iwas cecatded in thebalice. cRuter ene 2 tants bo: Che. Ele He fs al The. Geen is his tach i (Shak said. tobi a the. to e hi anton Te back the est te _me.. foc Tee ‘Ehove. | BE Walsh ea er the bus. All Com) ely dose NOS hy aia fe do. wos Say nothing, bul instead he: feds Tak oe aera Lian’ opine, how wanted to, héar sls jeSebre. Sec stobement tn court, Tas Fully ap have? bind b beltedt nthe! ! Yor howe bo edp his mouth shut seed i: wed the Aaonae he has da mel | T Reon lives me~ He bad L lite Sea ue ae ef me atile sentence, he. would want Shows. dim. bots ‘he. Can, an _he._will eee Chem. ee eles | | taill be. the Ukr on the | teacher. ti oie Uva. ere __pieses Ge kine i have to ‘ad lok ‘ve leaned. Pane Thee 12 tal 4 Lae —2xpecienc bik so bandas. | can‘ tolewabe he Vk dues wt te dean, 1 1 fram backs tuhich : n-all of dhs isola | LL And ofcotsse ln leacnena boss numa: —_beltcen tyes ond. 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Styx Thursday, December 5 Good evening Wane ae yous dikes “nebaived =e Lm + demmand ee if ou Fes ee 7 + RB E il aoe ak alt First he oo eke la HH \ that had been hidde: Then Z lola ai iis Seten T (een EE police TThen 1 feciic Vice abort im p ae a teste | rk tell | die. ots He saiditse eae ould lek bin go home, oe ee are rte hin Bets ee he is. Phe pelos case. Lil have on mre “slab eet a aneneL biel salt te [heat stoke. need a p\ need him! to unde, a len ila ek ns the dled a oe BL showed tion pric nee cwck.__ and gas tabich ail |. should eae 2 BUY '- that alice — en Fite ice ek = soap mt fle Friday, December 12 arene pen ee clothed, Slee fee ba ce ag yone talks ees Your man au inleewveus aren't hat Hea ro a Kode é a ae i i ‘ ink. | pa hole olka | : Be ——— laa abot It Ht eae he is aan Ie athe: enbine., vihe ‘ nt r 7 ‘iskhtsbak : | pana ete Tt oe ys eae lntas bhak | loue him. And sek up anon _ eleckvonre at iden L LOW tectiny int Gor clown the. tal oe es | f December 12 Good morning I miss you Friday, December 12th Sunday Your man | pe esaeeanesaeeeeaneates ——_Plamunuis, Ppyneti, -Aeox yal. MiSs Today, carellers came to the. Soil Many. be |. prisanvers seemed uplitled by ptt For meth wos 2 c saddenatinn | marks ho och ine ts Passi, aod {reminds nie of Unase. \oaish 1 toe ece_tattlh. A mis yom s Fedo | ovaht tobe thal the three of as ate ether, Lith just a lille | help Brom the. wht peorle—— anna faerie foae ther i [oo Ever heard the “Sail I cls? Their a. 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Bibles add 6 gpesk ob motion. Falleined by tinelue., hale tay data b stand_ peshup “4 ist bsexatinn nose. and.can't. t iey. dona back pushups. with, tay ak and pals on the oot Tal Yonoe Wednesday, December 18th 20 or 20 i j—ahasas at a _wall. et steel that. — ae 7 hey eng Grown. or how sexesh Vena T Despabe Che ua See. a vay. shoulders -ond_ocusace..l ae ey oe are Jnoumentolly tmprsuna : ly Cig. L_hovewl maintained ts elle. a Tne “rus_o6 | i eat stack thinkioa about, ——rudaiina outside. Ther 't start totshtne | were” oukse lis desviobivali 3 he Leaget. Cera amined way wind. | haven't yet because | keep quit 2 ast ear ine_tocek st Fak yet Hoy sieicreses i pa ot ae one yo-ace_lled : nes... ee thovah. Events lke aconet a: ai — that to ee “Pian or Hhnee onnths. ts th pe td. cinkack.. “ocean -only... month abon lt feels Like ee Vve._oeen i here fo ver plone, | Gis And, ith somuch ime still lePt te ae Loe pl. NO excuse fax, at_makinas _soite._improvaments.. ts. emysel€. | |i Sunday, December 29th Your man + wistk me. Hs nice to see*her Ne» pleas tbis_se, ration + Prove toute, ei tale sox _comberk in, eee eee thatct will. achioa lly. aid_in As nice —98..20:prison..utstk twéould be ck is oly lucent i “minutes, seperated biy alt Being. denied th seg oe priceto. - pays “howards ending Uhis orion _ —— — Shaye aul. saoain heli tiag-and_ktssing a —2specially...miks. daneting Torth “Peal like. eet =e ease ee - hea J re. Det aida Nytongar cide, Ident renweralect” iohal sonas taeoe ayy ae Hntnkes Sone ae PH as Tee "L Semenl emgage hous much pieeeeuaat kh ieee eee cling A fae a ste 7 soins “okt fact gm Seo. senes., an only plat the “rack owt’ Sar Atome., to _méKauk, OD ae QC. Mcense. yek 2 Thursday, January 2nd i Good day, Sunday, January 5" | miss you —Uerrep ( Lobeuir Aete, ———7 ata, doa ax sdslona. (Ls ato be sure. + Yup Alt” a a. Buck yea 2a Tokore | Thursday, January 2nd Your man 1 i 4 i are Cideube ee Ello Darling, ae My cae pees at _asain._Uolike! othess | “ | tobertterm for this one. omen cae = hame_and Hace ne tani gi ies ren eeeceecect | eee eemaae we gata —| ae ee : | eet nok want sour snanie. fe Eg Pa: 7 paper. Sola ked sina 1b ep S baa oe pm en fo_that Knnd of Ud inal be ee i (ey Lh pene Dac: ie x se oe j—thadk: chilies and shgers-maz one, ful Lt Inave elo age. die a ‘th rd because \ \ road Hal sth tk person tas nat”ciahk Giese, | a eae , they if should a fasted 1. bad com ‘ko daubh Pret “was stich a_persar y2S_somesne. cial foe me. _bdith you, ikl ts, J did iat | cduld bn ‘ pak all thife ¢ cape Ambions tasice.._ H+: { La dynamia that has come. wills its oon seb tei oe and stresses. 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