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On Monday 12th December, Hotwells Primary School had a special visitor – His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales

came to see the school’s organic kitchen garden, which staff, children and parents have been developing during the last year. The Prince was shown around the school by head teacher Jenny Taylor. In the kitchen garden he met Reception teacher Jeremy Leicester, whose idea it was to convert an underused corner of the playground into food production. The Prince also met several children Lula Ososki, Finley Wilks, Frederica Bullough and Tom Dunn, who explained their experiment comparing onion grown with and without cloches. Tom Krause, Finbar Tillotson and Ella Torkildsen, showed The Prince the beetroot they were harvesting. The Prince Prince Charles talks to children at Hotwells School also planted a cherry tree. Other activities during the visit included observing Class 2 experiencing a vegetable quiz run by the Duchy of Cornwall’s Garden for Life Project; hearing Class 5 explain the importance of eating locally grown food and listening to GP parent Dr Catherine Zollman teaching Class 6 pupils about health and nutrition. The Prince also made a surprise visit to the kitchen where he met school chef Annette Morgan and tried his hand at stirring the custard! The Prince also joined in a tasting session, sampling green tomato chutney made from vegetables grown in the garden. Daisy Dymond, from Class 2, presented the Prince with a jar of the chutney, which was made using her grandmother’s recipe. Various other gifts were presented during the visit, including a hand made ceramic sunflower sign, a poem about the organic garden, the Reception children’s book about HRH (which made him laugh a good deal!) and a copy of the school’s cookbook Truly Scrumptious, produced by the PTA. This contains recipes from chefs Barny Haughton and Mitchell Tonks, and others contributed by local food producers, parents and pupils. The cookbook is being sold as a fundraiser – for a copy contact the school office or The Clifton Bookshop or Fresh and Wild, cost £6.50. Meanwhile work in the organic garden continues. All Hotwells pupils have practical gardening sessions during the year and the In this edition: food we harvest is eaten, both in class Community News - 2 room activities and sometimes in school Open Spaces - 3 dinners. The school is currently in discusCommunity Forum - 4 sions with the LEA about upgrading the Meet Your Neighbour - 5 kitchen so that they will be able to preEvents & Activities - 6 pare all meals from fresh, raw ingredients SS Great Britain - 7 rather than having to use some preprepared food products. Contacts - 8
Emma Peddie


Hotwells School hosts Royal visit

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Published by Hotwells & Cliftonwood Community Association, Hope Chapel, Hope Chapel Hill, Hotwells, Bristol, BS8 4ND



Community News
Thanks to all those of you who spared the time to come to the Community Association Annual General Meeting in November. Attendance at such events is often seen as duty rather than a pleasure but it is encouraging that 60 people are prepared to make the effort. We had an interesting discussion on local gardens and open spaces, since these seem to be in the news at the moment (see page 3 ) and the scene was set for this by a lively presentation by Mike Dilger a presenter on the BBC Springwatch series of wildlife programmes. Faruk Choudhury, Sandra Fryer and Andy Curtis were elected as new members of the management committee (At the back of Hotwells News you will find a complete list). We lost the services of Stella Bland, who is now working in London. We wish her well and thank her for her work for the Association. The bad news is that it seems likely that we will have more difficulty in meeting the new criteria for financial support so will need to be prepared to move rapidly towards financial self-sufficiency in the worst case. Without a building base of our own, it is hard to see how we could ever generate enough revenue to maintain a paid worker for example. You can help by joining the 500 Club lottery. Ring or e-mail the office for an application form. If you already subscribe; buy another for a friend!

NEW FACES! If you are new to the area, we wish you a very warm welcome from all at the Hotwells & Cliftonwood Community Association. The H&CCA was founded in 1972, and is one of the longest established and best-known community organisations in the area. It is run on a voluntary basis, and is a registered charity and limited company. The objectives of the H&CCA are to improve the quality of life for those that live and work in Hotwells and Cliftonwood and for this we rely on the many local volunteers who are active in running our various groups and projects. If you would like to find out more about the work of the H&CCA, or would like to get involved, please do get in touch. We would be really delighted to hear from you. For further information, visit our (soon to be updated!) website at www. or contact our Administrator, Camilla Kesterton, at Hope Chapel (see contact details above) . We look forward to meeting you! Andy Curtis Lockside Award Lockside Café has been awarded a plaque by the Bristol Civic Society in recognition of their success in regenerating the space under the Flyover. Lockside has done much to transform the aspect of this area from being neglected and vandalised to a desirable destination for eating and relaxing. Many congratulations for their well-deserved achievement!

Bristol South Pool
Since possible closure of our nearest swimming poll was mentioned in our last edition, there has been a growing campaign to defer any drastic action until a proper review of all the alternatives has been carried out. This has now been agreed by the cabinet and I, with about 50 others, attended an inaugural meeting of a ‘Friends of Bristol South Pool’ group at the Southville Centre in November. There seems to be a new determination to make it work and a new busy schedule of sessions, clubs and classes –partly due, I suspect to the closure of Speedwell and Bristol North Pools.

Bulletin Board
Trevor George has now created a message board, associated with our website at forums/ . This is a more dynamic and entertaining way of keeping in touch with local news and events than the newsgroup e-mail system. which we have been using. Give it a try. Anyone can post a message or comment on an existing topic. The more people that view and contribute, the more useful (and fun!) it becomes.

Plastics Recycling
It may or may not have been a complete coincidence but shortly after the appearance of the City’s Recycling Action team at a community links meeting, a plastic bottle re-cycling bin appeared in the group of containers in the car park by the Rose of Denmark. Apparently, there is a new specialised vehicle which shreds the plastic as it is loaded to save space and make the whole process more viable. Only plastic milk bottles are acceptable. No lids, caps or margarine pots etc. Ray Smith

We were delighted to learn that our annual grant from Bristol City Council will be extended until at least September this year while the regeneration team sorts out a new strategy for allocating grants.

With the destruction of Granby Green, birds have lost both winter shelter and a wellstocked larder. Please do what you can to help them survive the Winter and find nesting places. If you were contemplating pruning trees or bushes you might bear in mind that birds may be using that ‘untidy’ patch for roosting at night. Perhaps you could be less drastic in your tidying, or even leave it for now –and think of planting more bushes and providing nesting boxes. Some people don’t like ivy but it does little or no harm to trees and gives good cover for birds, plus winter berries and can provide flowers for bees and other insects right into the Winter. I wonder whether anyone living near Granby Green has found any ‘refugees’. In September a large frog appeared in our water butt and we were pleased that it had escaped the massacre last Spring when the breeding frogs were buried under piles of rubble. I have several little native trees, mostly grown from seed including hazel, bay, holly and a horse chestnut. Ring me on 9291804 if you can find a good home for them. Lynda Stahl


Open Spaces
Cliftonwood Terrace Green
As previously reported, the Council will be selling off this land below Cliftonwood Terrace in the Spring of 2006. The future of the site is still uncertain although we have been assured it will be sold subject to a covenant restricting its use to open space purposes. The sale will be announced in the press in early February and bids will invited by a closing date of mid March. The Council say that they will be evaluating bids not only on an exclusively financial basis but also taking into account proposals for future use and maintenance of the site. The Council seems committed to resisting any building development on the site but, following a number of public meetings last year, local people are united in wanting to ensure it is retained with public access. Cliftonwood Terrace residents are therefore considering putting in a bid with the full support of the HCCA. Hopefully, this united approach will strengthen the case we can put to the Council and give local people access to and involvement in a much-needed wild park /nature reserve which might The overgrown site below Cliftonwood Terrace otherwise become a private residents’ garden. As a legally constituted body, and a registered charity, the HCCA could be eligible for grant funding for long term maintenance of this site. Grants would almost certainly need to be match funded, so some fund raising work would be required in order that there is no direct cost to the CA’s current limited financial resources.


Works on the Portway In case you were wondering why it all seems to have gone very quiet at the Wessex Water construction site, we are told that they ‘have run into some difficulties with the design of the temporary works related to the ground conditions’. Wessex hope this will be resolved and construction will start in March after the Council has approved the changes. As for poor old Samuel Plimsoll, we have been informed - ‘following discussions with Bristol City Council and having established a possible new site there is a possibility that it can be relocated. However this has to have approval from English Heritage etc’

Butterfly Junction
This is the name being given to the wild area between A and B Bonds and the area to the north of A bond (by Create Centre). It seems that this area is officially protected as a butterfly sanctuary. There is good authority that states nearly a quarter of the total butterfly species found in the UK breed here. Southville Community Development Association have been awarded a grant to draw up a Management Plan for Butterfly Junction, and a meeting of SCDA, HCCA, BCC Parks Department, BCC Sustainable city team, Avon wildlife, and the railway section of the museum was held on 10 January. The aim is to set up a communication and information group to represent the interests of, and oversee the management plan for, the Junction. If anyone would like to be kept informed of the outcomes and/or join in future activities, please let me know . Mike Timmins

Tables Together

Argyle Place Park
The Council’s Park Department are meeting with local residents in January to finalise plans for replacing the play equipment in the Argyle Place Park, which the Council has agreed to pay for. Fundraising and donations during 2005 have raised a total of £1400 which will also be put towards the project. The hope is to put in equipment suitable for under 5s, to replace the current slide with a tower/slide that is accessible to children of all ages and to put in additional seating. Moving the existing gates will also improve safety and make better use of the space. There is no intention to encroach on the popular footballing area or ‘overfill’ the small park with play equipment – we all like it pretty much the way it is, but with a few improvements. Rubber crumb was added to the football area in the autumn to improve drainage and give the grass a better chance. For more details contact Emma Peddie on 923 0343 or email at

This is a very simple idea. Enjoy a meal and a few drinks in the company of local people at a local eatery. You may know some of the people already, but if you don't, you soon will. Everybody is welcome. The tables will be put together and you pay only for what you eat and drink. It's called "Tables Together" and if people like the idea it will happen from time to time at different local eateries, all within walking distance of where you live. The next date is set for 8pm on Friday 24th February. If you would like to join us, simply phone Mark or Marian on 9294646 so we have an idea of the numbers and we can let you know where it will be.


Community Forum
The idea of a broad network of organisations active in Hotwells & Cliftonwood was floated in the last newsletter. Now we have identified the state of business, particularly the retail sector as a major concern which will form the first topic for Community Forum to explore.. It is obvious to anyone walking down Hotwell Road that some businesses are doing well and others are struggling. The trend over the last few years has been for ‘utility’ shops that might tempt people to visit regularly to disappear so that local people are forced to go further afield for necessities like groceries, vegetables, a newspaper or –dare we mention, a book of stamps. We want to stem this deterioration if possible and help the businesses we still have to work together to make the whole area a more attractive destination for shopping, eating and drinking. We are all responsible for this –do you use your local pharmacy for Hotwells Road shops dispensing prescriptions, for example! Other areas of the City like St. Marks Road and Christmas Steps have demonstrated that change is possible. There is a good possibility we can get some financial help to employ a consultant to advise local traders on how they might help themselves and how we can help them. If you have an interest in this subject, you should sign up for Community Forum membership. You will then automatically be invited to any discussions that take place. E-mail the office or phone (contact details on back page of this newsletter). We hope to be able to convene a meeting sometime in February or early March.

Reader’s Rant
This slot is for anyone who wants to let off steam about problems affecting our local area. Views expressed do not necessarily represent those of the Community Association.

Where’s Barbara?
I have been very disappointed over the last year in the total lack of interest shown in any of our activities by our local councillor Barbara Janke. We have had no support or indeed any comment on the concerns and issues raised on traffic, parking and environmental issues. A recent submission concerning increased central area parking and park and ride charges (Cabinet 13th October 2005) that would increase the commuter parking problems of our area elicited “many thanks. We took note of your comments at last evening's Cabinet meeting.” The document was, however, passed in its original form. One can only envy our friends in Southville whose councillors are actively supporting them in their efforts to deal with similar problems. Their representations were similarly ignored by the Bristol Cabinet but at least they tried! In efforts to safeguard the open space below Cliftonwood Terrace it has been impossible to get even a meeting with our councillor to request help, let alone receive any active support. I believe Individuals elected to the council to represent local interests should at least make themselves available to hear what their constituents are thinking – and not just in the run up to elections. James Smith

Peter Ware, architect 1929 – 1999
The work of a much-loved and respected local resident, Peter Ware is soon, it is hoped, to gain more recognition. The Peter Ware Memorial Committee was formed with the aim of creating a permanent visual memorial to a man whose life and work was of great significance to the architecture of the West of England. The committee’s Honorary Chairman is Bristol-based George Ferguson, President of the Royal Institute of British Architects, and most of its members are residents of Hotwells, particularly of Dowry Square, where Peter Ware lived most of his life. It is for this reason that the planned memorial is a brass and steel plaque, part of which is intertwined with the historic iron railings at the foot of the Square gardens. The memorial has been designed by Janet Margrie, a local artist and particular friend of Peter. If you would like to support this project e-mail the HCCA office at or send a SAE for a leaflet giving details of the project. You can also contact the Architecture Centre, , Narrow Quay. Bristol, BS1 4QA

. Tel: 07771 606779

The restaurant is closed temporarily while the boat is in the Underfall Yard for it’s marine inspection. We hope to resume business at the end of January.

Meet Your Neighbour
Trinity Day Centre
Visiting Hotwells’ own Day Centre is a joy. Everyone I have spoken to expresses such enthusiasm for the meals, the company and the entertainment.
Its purpose is to help older people maintain independence, and as well as offering a meal cooked on the premises by Rachel — beef stew with apple crumble for pudding or a proper roast with all the trimmings, for just £2.90, there is entertainment or an opportunity to get taken shopping at one of the supermarkets or have clothes machine washed and dried on the premises, for £1.50 per load. Manager, Mark Griffiths told me that although the Centre uses part of Trinity Rachel (left) and Mark (right) planning the day Church it has no religious affinity. Bristol City Council Social Services and Health provides core funding and refer people assessed by them or by nurses at clinics. Friends or families can refer via Social Services older people with “substantial or critical needs”. These new, more rigorous criteria mean clients may be less active and less able to participate in future, making it more difficult for the service to help people to keep active and remain in their own homes. They have raised funds for hearing loops, a wireless microphone for use by entertainers, a new computer and a large cinema screen which can be linked to DVDs, videos or slides. Volunteer helpers are also highly valued. Afternoon entertainment and activities, organised currently by Sarah Griffiths, include armchair exercises, bingo, talks from invited speakers, entertainment, games, discussions and on Thursdays, Councillor Brian Price is the regular question master for a quiz devised by Margo Price! Some people come every weekday (except Mondays) others a day or two or three and arrive in the minibus or Brian Price conducts the weekly quiz taxi. Albert Twigg comes for three days and enjoys the meals. He used to go to watch Bristol City football club but once wasn’t allowed in because of his walking stick- it was thought he could use it as a weapon! So now he watches it on television. Edie, a regular user, remembers seeing a bomb dropping on Trinity Church from the top floor flat in Hillsborough- and having to run down all the stairs to a shelter. Stella Street, 83, and Pam Stradling, 73, come every Thursday for the company, the entertainment and the food. Sheila Kirsh, 71, originally from Nottingham, wouldn’t have known what to do when her husband died, with no relatives here, enjoys lunches on Thursdays and Fridays, “can’t fault the staff” the transport-“ the driver who makes sure we’re all safe” and the entertainment - the nurse who does talks on health, the police about security and the fireman. Also she likes the fact that people come to sell cards and soap etc. Dora Hann, nearly 85, comes all four days for the company and the dinners. We owe a massive thanks to all the dedicated staff and volunteers at Trinity. They perform an invaluable service that any of us might be grateful for sooner or later! Helen Smith

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Events and Activities
Hats off to Brunel
The Exhibition Hotwells & Cliftonwood will be celebrating Brunel 200 with a mixed media exhibition of work produced by local artists round a Brunel theme at THE CREATE CENTRE Tuesday 4th April 2006 until Thursday 27th April 2006 Open Monday to Friday 10am-4pm The Great Stove-Pipe Hat Competition Entrants are asked to design and make an alternative, innovative use for Brunel's stove-pipe hat. This will demand ingenuity, lateral thinking and although some standard joke shop hats are available for use as a base it is hoped that a wide range of materials from fabric to clay and everything in between will be used. Above all, this exhibition should be great fun. There is a prize of £250 for the outright winner. More details, application forms and bargain price hats at £2.50 (not absolutely necessary) are available by telephoning 0117 927 7157 Entries for this competition will be displayed at the CREATE Centre during April alongside the Art Exhibition Sarah Guppy A small exhibition about Sarah Guppy, a Victorian lady interested in engineering will all be on display, and a performance about her presented by Kim Hicks from "Show of Strength" will take place in the lecture theatre at CREATE Centre on Wednesday 27th April at 7.30pm For further information contact Sue Stops, tel: 0117 927 7157 email
Brunel 200 is an initiative of Bristol Cultural Development Partnership, Arts Council England South West, Bristol City Council and Business South West

Hotwells Pantomime
An everyday tale of good triumphing over evil as poor boy makes good. Sound familiar? This year, Dick Whittington features in the latest, spectacular , no expense, block buster from the team that brought you ...last year’s pantomime. Yes, it’s time to boo and hiss, laugh and cry (and not always for the right reasons). This durable antidote to Winter blues is always bursting with enthusiasm and surprises.


Tel: 0117 9292118 Email:

A scene from the 2004 pantomime

The Panto is at Hope Chapel from Wednesday Mar 8th—Sat. Mar 11th. Tickets £7 adults, £6 concs, £5 child obtainable from 1st February by telephoning Carol Arnold 01275 461 262 Bristol Old Vic and Southwest Scriptwriters are set to co-produce a new play by local writer Peter Kesterton. ‘Air Guitar’, was the winning entry in the 2005 Southwest Scriptwriters Playwriting Competition. This is his first fulllength stage production. The play is set in the wilds of the West Country outside an old caravan in a field. When urbane TV producer Mike visits his estranged and isolated brother Edward, they struggle to find any common ground. Playing air guitar one night is a reminder of happier days, but beneath such youthful games, Mike begins to suspect there lies something more sinister. On at Bristol Old Vic Studio from January 25th – February 11th. To book tickets please phone the box office – 0117 987 7877

JULIA NORMAN M.S.T.A.T Alexander Technique Teacher by appointment Telephone 0117 9277005


SS Great Britain; star of Hotwells’ heritage
Brunel’s SS Great Britain is steaming ahead with an actionpacked 2006. A major highlight for the museum ship attraction is 'Brunel 200' - the 200th anniversary of the engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel's birth. Brunel's ss Great Britain, in Bristol, is holding a number of special events including a nationally important exhibition for Brunel 200 and the official turning on of a full-scale working model of Brunel's 1845 engine, inside the ship. It follows completion of the £11.3 million programme of works, in July 2005, to save Brunel's ss Great Britain and make her one of the world's most exciting historic ships. The steamship is playing a major part in the Brunel 200 celebrations. They include the exciting new exhibition, entitled 'The Nine Lives of I.K. Brunel', from April 1 to October 31, in the SS Great Britain Trust's Maritime Heritage Centre. The exhibition, which focuses on Brunel's roller-coaster personal and professional life, is twinned with nearby visitor attraction At Bristol's 'The Forces that Made I.K. Brunel'. Exhibits on show in the Maritime Heritage Centre include many loaned from museums and collections across the UK. The biggest is a 50-tonne replica broad gauge locomotive, the 'Iron Duke', which has to be transported from the National Railway Museum in York. A full-scale turning model of Brunel's original 1845 engine, with sounds and smells, will be in place in Spring. Visitors will have the chance to find out what life was really Copyright SS Great Britain Trust like for the Victorian stokers and engineers, who were responsible for ensuring the ship would steam safely and to a timetable to New York. Visitor facilities are due to be improved with a new waterside ticket office and café bar, due to open in time for the 2006 Easter holiday. See for information about further events and activities.

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Anti-Social Behaviour—24 hour action line – this is council run but they keep records and this can be used by the Police to take action – 0845 605 2222 Nick Shaw is our local Police Constable based at Redland Police Station 0117 945 4453. e mail – Bobby Van Scheme – Free police security assessments for the over 65s 0117 927 7777

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