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For those lost on how to use Tunerpro and burn a chip, this is a good starting point.

This is for
educational purposes only.
Download Tunerpro here: TunerPro and TunerPro RT - Professional Automobile Tuning Software
1. You will also need a Bin and Xdf file.
2. Scroll down to 1g DSM, get the 32kxdf file from here TunerPro and TunerPro RT - Professional
Automobile Tuning Software
3.Bin file download here Index of /download/bins/DSM
4.Download a hex editor.
5.Open the Bin in the hex editor, we need to double the code 100%. Turning the 32k bin into a 64k
bin. Go to edit select all, then copy, paste it right at the top.
(Your first line will then read 00000000 and your last line will read 0000FFFF0 with the last 2 on the
line reading CE FF. Now save.
6.Open tunerpro load the new 64k bin and the 32k xdf file.
7.Set your injectors, if you have 450cc then set it to 450. If your running E85 for example 1200cc
injectors should be set to around 800cc in tunerpro for the car to run. Bottom of this page provides
deadtimes/and e85 formula if needed.
8.Fuel cut setting to eliminate it, enter 4.06
9.Maf multiplier for 2g mass enter 64
10.Maf scalar for 2g mass 31235
11.Timing, Octane, AFR tables can be found here under Extended maps.XLS (XLS requires MS Office
or equivalent to view it)(also attached to this thread)
12. Plug in the Optimized maps if you prefer. Note some of the tables need to be copied in its hex for
and translated in TP, this is very simple, open table in TP, right click the table column and select show
raw hex. Now copy the table writen in hex from the xls doc and paste into TP. Do the right click again
an deselect raw hex, and bam your values are now in english.
13.Next thing you may want to change is FI Deadtimes. Stock deadtimes should be set already, if you
have bigger injectors IE Fic 650 you would add 210 to each line of the deadtime table. (IE @
4.7volts/4056) add the value (210) to the stock injector deadtime. 210 + 4056=4266. Highlight whole
column, look at the box that says "value" enter 210 then hit execute, it will do all them at once.
Note:To adjust low,med,high trims, raise or lower these values a small amount. Lower number the
richer, higher the number the leaner.
Maf compensation table or injector compensation will richen or lean on a bigger scale, do not use
deadtimes to adjust WOT.
14.Maf Compensation 1g/2g/3g each has different values. Tables can be found here under Maf
Correction download the xls files. In the file theres a list of maf table Choose 1g mass (starts at 91)
table for 1g mass or if you have a 2g mass (starts at 133) use the 2g table. Just copy and paste.
(Closed loop tables are stock values, usually ok)

Thats it bin is ready to go, this would give a good rough starting point.
To take advantage of the Stutterbox and NLTS a wire needs to be ran from clutch switch closest to
firewall. Cut green wire from switch and connect to pin 104 on 1g ECU. Now when clutch is all the way
in and hit the gas at a stop or a roll NLTS/Stutterbox will occur at set RPM. If clutch is required to start
car, a diode will need to be installed. Instructions found
If car was an Auto, the black wire from clutch switch just needs to be grounded.

If you have the "Burn1 chip programmer" you can burn chips all day.
Burner:BURN2 Chip Programmer
Drivers:USB Device Drivers
I recommend the 27SF512 reprogrammable chip.
If you have the burner open the Flash&Burn, select chip 27SF512 if thats the chip you have. Click
erase chip/load file to buffer (the new bin) upon loading the 64k in the chip addressing box, start is
000000 end is 00FFFF that is correct.
If anyone has more helpful insight to this feel free to add.

Hope the info helped : )