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Client Profile: Parijat Controlware Inc.

based out of Houston, TX is a controls systems
integrator company since 1989 and has been a strong player in the system controls and
automation industry. It is a small company with 25-30 employees. Parijat is specifically
structured to meet client needs in industrial automation and control solution for both
Hardware & Software Solutions. Parijat develops end-to-end solutions that assist
corporations with their automation, control systems, and monitoring needs. Their solutions
provides real time communication tools between maintenance, operations, engineers, plant
managers, IT, ERP and MIS. It also helps customers use commodity hardware and software
thus eliminating the dependence on any specialty controls. The company is a close associate
of Microsoft and implements software solutions using native Microsoft products for data
analytics, reporting and data disbursements to anyone in the plant and to the enterprise.
Parijat has a website which was created in 2006 to create and
increase the online awareness of the company. There are no online sales made, but the
website is used to demonstrate the wide range of products and services offered and to
provide other technical details. In January 2016, Parijat launched a new website which is managed by the company’s marketing
personnel. There is no significant social presence of the company, although they have a
page on LinkedIn and Facebook, none on Google+, YouTube or Twitter.
Market Analysis: Parijat has clients with primary needs in automation and system
integration tools. They have worked for industries in Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage,
Pharmaceuticals, Cement, Energy management, Water & Wastewater, Pipeline, Metal
Manufacturing, Tank farming, Warehouses, Chemical etc. Their Client list consists of
reputed companies like BP, Exxon, Shell, Campbell’s, Emerson and Chevron. Potential
customers are the Corporations in the oil and gas industry and the ones looking for big data
analytics. Competitors include other automation industries like Delta HMI software, Baldor
and Prime controls based out of Houston, TX.
Parijat is moving forward to lead in the industry with its cutting edge technologies. With the
world leaning towards big data and analytics, Parijat stands at an advantage with their

. With the growing needs for automating things and decreasing the human intervention there is a reported demand in the industry. lead generation being the main motive from the website traffic. Since no sales happens online. We can perhaps also ride on Microsoft's brand name since they have tie up with Microsoft. AdWords will play a very important role in attracting and reaching the right customers at the right time. and use keywords that will combine client brand names with industry specific keywords like BP automation etc. the conversion here could be calculated based on the contact forms filled out by the visitors. The campaign’s primary objective is to drive traffic to Parijat’s official website and increase customer awareness of its wide range of products and accessories in the industrial automation tools. the following goals have been identified which our Campaign aims to achieve. Proposed AdWords Strategy: To establish Parijat’s presence in online market space. This information is very limited though helpful. The secondary objective is to reach new potential customers for different products of Parijat to increase sales. The company has a profile with Google’s My Business portal from where we got the basic information which says 451 people saw your business on Google. They have also integrated and are trying to link their reporting and dashboard tools with analytics to give a real time feedback to the customers. not optimized or doesn’t use any web analyzing tool like Google Analytics. with the use of proper keywords and targeting customers exactly what Parijat has to offer. With this in mind it will be beneficial to use long tailed keywords which will combine both analytics and industry specific keywords. The new website is well designed to answer the questions a potential customer might have. Parijat’s online presence is minimal and they are exploring ways to advertise and publish their new website.controlsystemtools. Current Marketing: The new website launched recently by Parijat http://www.products and services in these areas. We can also take advantage of the fact that Parijat has big and branded clients. 7 people asked for directions to your business. there is a lot of work done to make the website look customer centric and neat. Our aim is to help them attain their goal and attract right customers with the AdWords campaigns. we will try to get more details on the same. One advantage that Parijat has over all of its competitors is its expertise in analytics. Conclusion: Automation industry is quite a mature industry today.

plc control system.mrplc.PLC programming. Control System Programming latest trends Industry based Targeting Geo Targeting Product Awareness New Customers Remarketing Oil and gas. HMI simulation software. Automation for manufacturing industries Plcforum. Louisiana. We also plan on using Industry based targeting by focusing on the industry categories that use control systems and automation technologies provided by Parijat. Keywords and Targeting Strategies In the beginning. food and beverages. IOT. big data . . we plan on using a broad search pattern since our primary goal is to develop brand awareness and attract new customers online to view the products offered by Parijat Controlware and thereafter look for essential keywords and exact phrase match to improve the CTR. internet of things. . plc programming Automation Industry Plctalk.SCADA Applications 4. PLC Programming applications 3. PLC Communication Drivers 5. Sample Ad Groups. Parijat Controlware HMI Oil and gas industry analysis. HMI control systems 3. factory Sample Keywords industrial automation.Campaign Brand Awareness Sample Ad Groups 1. Industrial Corporations. aluminum extrusion. plc controller. Internet of things 1. being our most potential client are also densely populated in certain Metro cities . Control System Tools 3. Industrial Automation 5. automobile tools and parts USA USA Texas. Control System Integrators 2. Supply Chain Management 6. process automation. Web Application Software Control.This information will be used for geo-targeting in our campaigns. Parijat Controlware 2. HMI/SCADA.. Industrial Automation 5. metal manufacturing. Alabama USA Table 1: Proposed Ad Campaigns. industry automation.NET for industrial automation 2. Fabricated Electric Panels Forums. Big Data Analytics 4. System Integration 4. PLC SCADA software.

.50 $25. Objectives and KPIs: Week Budget% Brand Awareness Product Awareness New Customers Remarketing Budget % Amount 40% 25% 25% 10% Week1 25% $62. automation system automation technology expo. automation ware Table 2: Sample Negative keywords for an Ad Group Sample Ads to display on search: Budget Distribution. factory automation. KPIs will be determined by average CPC.Keywords and negative keywords: Ad Groups Keywords Negative Keywords Industrial automation industrial automation.00 $25. Emerson industrial automation.00 $40. we have set 40% of the total budget for that purpose.75 Week 3 40% $100.00 $10. The goal is to maintain an average CPC of $0. CTR and total no.50 $35. automation. process automation. Control factory automation jobs.5%. The motive behind this campaign is to drive industry specific traffic and potential customers to the website. and a CTR of 3.00 $21.625 $15. robotics. of impressions. plc controller. We would also try to use google analytics.00 Table 3: Budget Split for the 3 weeks of campaign duration The Table above represents our Budget plan.35. Since our primary goal is to create brand awareness.00 $15.00 $25.875 $21.625 $6. automation technology. Our goal is to achieve low CPC for all the campaigns. to analyze the incoming traffic for the first week and improve our strategies based upon those results and insights from google analytics.25 Week 2 35% $87.875 $8. industrial robotics. as there are not many companies or competitors displaying their ads on google.