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The Human Form

Please note that all proportions are based on the idealised human figure

The average human figure is about 7 to 7.5 heads tall

Notice the length of the neck

Sometimes, proportions are exaggerated for artistic effect

Boticelli s The Birth of Venus

A young child is about 5 to 6 heads tall

The younger the child is, the bigger the head is in proportion to the rest of the body


The Head

The eyes are separated by the width of an eye The head can be divided into 3 equal parts: - The forehead - From the bottom of the forehead to the bottom of the nose - From the bottom of the nose to the bottom of the chin

Image: Joelle Maslaton

The younger a person is, the lower the eye-level line


The height of the ear is roughly equal to the distance from the bottom of the nose to the corner of the eye

Image: Joelle Maslaton

The head is between 4 and 5 eyes wide The width of the nose is the same as the width of the eyes The width of the mouth is equal to the distance between the pupils

Image: Joelle Maslaton

The fingertips of the hand reach the middle of the thigh The forearm (from the wrist to the elbow) is equal to the upper arm (shoulder elbow) The length of the forearm is equal to the length of the foot

3. Divide the oval your work against the Now, check shape into 3 equal horizontal parts 13. gap at Erase which will be cheeks lines top, eyelids leaving a slightDraw14.the for corrections andthe hairline grid, and make necessary the extra alignment lines 12. Top part of the hair Hairline 11. and the jaw

How to draw a face
10. The eyebrows

9. Draw the ears 5. Draw the eyes (taking into account face width = 5 eyes) 4. Observe the lines for the eyes and mouth 6. Draw the nose 7. Upper lip 8. Lower lip 13. The chin 2. a straight line 1. Draw an oval shape down the centre of the head

Label this face
Pelo Hair Eyebrow Ceja Pupil Pupila Forehead Frente Párpado Eyelid Oreja Ear Pómulo Cheek Labio inf. Lower lip

Eye Ojo Nose Nariz Jaw Mandíbula Upper lip Labio sup.

Barbilla Chin

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Draw a face over this grid

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