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Text for fast paced animation:

(Revised Sept. 21, 2008)

by Mike C!
Some editing help from Joe D!


The voice over narration will be accompanied by a fast paced animation. This is simply
to get the viewer up to speed on all the weird sub-chapters and conflicting theories that
abound in this totally strange field.

The drawings will mimic a sketchbook. Simple line drawings on a pale sepia-tone paper
background. Keep it simple and sketchy.

As in a sketchbook, each sub-chapter could be separated by the visual image of a hand

turning to the next page. This would distinctly break up each concept. This is noted as
(Page turns) in the visual directions.

Each little vignette will have a simple cartoon with animation, just enough to help get the
idea across.



Something is happening - But what?

We are obviously being visited by Extraterrestrials. This is a no brainer, right?

It’s easy to comprehend; this whole UFO thing is just a team of little alien
scientists from another planet, coming here in metal spaceships to collect data.
They are a lot like us, just more advanced. We do the same thing: we sneak into
the forests of Yellowstone to do research on Grizzly Bears. And we go to the Moon
and Mars using metal spacecraft to gather data. So, they are just like us. Right?

This is the “Extraterrestrial Hypothesis” - lovingly called the ETH – it’s the fall
back mode for a big chunk of the researcher community trying to make sense of
this phenomenon. But is it too simple? Maybe.

If they really are from some other planet, why are they here?
There are oodles of reports that tell of little men in space suits stepping out of
their flying saucer with long handled shovels and collecting soil samples. This
closely mimics the Apollo moon footage of Neil Armstrong doing exactly the same
thing. Maybe TOO closely.

It’s easy to declare that the vast distances of space make travel to our planet
impossible. Sure, this requires some technology that we don’t understand, but a
hundred years ago it was impossible to fly the vast distance across an ocean - and
we solved that one. Maybe they have a few hundred years advantage over us - or a
few MILLION years.

(Page turns)

Have they had Earth under surveillance for centuries? Why are they so sneaky?
Why don’t they just land on the White House lawn? Are they deliberately hiding
and misleading us?

(Page turns)

Are they our kindly space brothers? Are they following an altruistic policy of non-
interference in our planet's drama, like the PRIME DIRECTIVE on Star Trek?

(Page turns)

Are they cold and indifferent, lacking emotions, dispassionately observing us.
Studying our planet like we would study a rat in a maze?

Maybe they are in the final stages of conducting important tests that will
determine whether they destroy us, exploit us ruthlessly, or totally enslave us.

(Page turns)

(question: Do we NIX the government stuff below? Or, just boil it down to one
or two sentences?)

Are there super-secret underground bases hidden in the desert with aliens
working side-by-side with our scientists? Did we sign some treaty where we get
advanced technology from them in exchange for letting them abduct citizens for
their own needs? All of this stuff gets repeated over and over in the UFO
literature. But, is any of it true?
There’s a story that some ufologysts tell with absolute conviction: in 1954
president Eisenhower met, face-to-face, with a little gray alien at Edwards Air
Force Base in the desert of California. How do we know what to believe?

(Page turns)

If a flying saucer really DID crash in Roswell in 1947, and we really DO have this
thing hidden away in some military vault - what does it mean? DO we have
access to advanced alien technology? Are there pickled aliens in glass tubes in
Area 51? Or - are there LIVE ones?

What does the government know? Are we at the mercy of an on-going program of
deceit, ridicule and lies? I mean, we’ve been told that UFO’s are just weather
balloons and swamp gas - right?

(Page turns)

Billions of our dollars are spent to created wildly advanced aircraft, and it’s
always conducted in complete secrecy. That something that’s obviously true,

So, when somebody sees a very unusual thing flying around in the sky, maybe it’s
one of ours? The government can easily ridicule any civilian who spots one. All
they need to do is somehow dismiss it as a UFO sighting. Then, any investigator
looking at a report of strange aerial phenomenon ends up going down the wrong

Wouldn’t it be fun to be they guy who sits in the basement of the Pentagon and
types up the far-out documents that’ll end up in the hands of UFO researchers?
A document that says that the secret government has secret underground
bunkers filled with flying saucers recovered from crashes.

Maybe the aircraft is nothing more than the product of billions of dollars in R &
D, and the document nothing more than a sneaky lie designed to send
researchers down a blind alley, away from the REAL story.

(Page turns)

To make things even sinister, some abductees will report seeing humans in
military uniforms working right along side the aliens during an abduction and
interrogation. How does this fit in?

(Page turns)
Are they unknown life forms, from right here on earth? Cryptoterrestials?

(Mac, this is all you Baby...)

(Page turns)

Are the UFO occupants the descendants of an ancient Earth civilization - like
Atlantis? Did some long-forgotten race develop space travel and then set about
colonizing other worlds? Maybe they are here for a return visit to their home

(Page turns)

Are they Time Travelers from our Future? Maybe they are really us. Descendants
from our great-great-great grand children stepping into a time machine and
returning. Maybe they have something important to do here.

Maybe they are being sneaky for a reason. They can’t openly declare themselves
for fear of upsetting the time-line of history - thus altering OUR future, meaning
THEIR present.

(Page turns)

Are they from a parallel Dimension? Some unknown reality that we simply can’t
comprehend? Is there an adjacent space-time continuum, coexisting with Earth,
but on another dimensional frequency?

That all sounds intriguing, but what is a parallel dimension, really? Simply a
mystical place behind the curtain where ghosts come from? Or angels?

(Page turns)

Are they like the same ancient myth-makers that influenced our religions and
mythology since we came down from the trees? If someone saw a glowing angel
two thousand years ago, would people believe their story? What if a native
American shaman spoke to a talking coyote in the plains of South Dakota, would
that ring true? Maybe they are the same beings, but now that we live in a
technological society, they show up in a metal space ship. Nothing has changed
except their costume.

But today - If somebody came out of a forest in Ireland telling a wild tale about
meeting a little Leprechaun, he’d be laughed out of the pub. Or if someone claims
seeing the Virgin Mary during prayer - is anyone going to pay attention? But, tell
someone that little scientists in a shiny flying saucer visited you - why not?

(Page turns)

Or, are we being entertained with a Magic Theater? The weirdness we associate
with UFOs seems to mimic our folklore: gods, elves, fairies, angels, spirit guides,
nature spirits, ghosts and demons. Maybe they are “mystical” beings that have
coexisted with us throughout our history. Are they the same little tricksters that
always seem to play a role at the periphery of our human experience?

(Page turns)

Is some alien intelligence playing a kind of a teaching game with humankind? Is

our concept of reality gradually being guided? Are they taunting us, just to shake
things up, to make us think? Like a Biblical parable, or a Zen riddle? Are we are
being prodded into a higher consciousness?

Is the entire UFO thing the result of an unknown energy that’s connected to our
own psyche? Is it the preverbal Collective Unconscious playing itself out in some
kind of grand theatrical drama?

(Page turns)

Maybe the UFO intelligence is the same “Supernatural” described in the

scriptures of our religions. Plenty of the stories in the Bible read like modern day
UFO reports. Are these the angels? Or the fallen armies of Lucifer? Can the entire
UFO mystery be simply the continuation of a cosmic struggle between two
warring factions for the souls of humankind?

(Page turns)

Do the UFO occupants maintain an interest in our planet because they literally
invented us? Are we their property?

Did they land here, way back when, and zap the primordial soup with some kind
of DNA jump-start? Did they meddle with our evolution the way we do now with
the genetics of corn? Did they splice in some new genetic material when we
jumped from monkeys to full-fledged humans?

If this is the case, is earth just a their zoo?

(Page turns)
All this talk of hybrids, genetic manipulation and expanded consciousness seems
to point to some sort of grand new updated form of human kind.

Will we suddenly communicate telepathically and be in-tune with our long-

suppressed Christ conciseness? Or, will we turn into automaton slaves, doing
THEIR bidding?

Or, are they creating a new strain of human with resistance to germ warfare and
radiation sickness. So there’ll be a remnant population around after an all out
nuclear war?

(Page turns)

Or, is the answer a conglomeration of these puzzle pieces?

How can we ever know WHAT to believe or rule out. The answer might very well
be something we haven’t even thought of… something more bizarre… more
Unthinkable… than we even dare to imagine.

(Visual of the sketchbook slamming shut. End)

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