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Trasaturile de personalitate care te imping la infidelitate

S-au studiat 516 barbati si 412 femei si s-a ajuns la concluzia ca exista cativa factori
care predispun la infidelitate.

In cazul barbatilor:

cei carora le place riscul in general, vor fi predispusi sa isi insele partenera;
cei care sunt anxiosi in privinta performantelor sexuale, adica cei care sunt nesiguri
in pat si care se indoiesc de capacitatea lor de a-si satisface partenera;
cei care sunt usor excitabili;
In cazul femeilor:

cele care sunt nefericite in relatie, asta fiind factorul principal pentru femei;
cele care considera ca nu sunt compatibile sexual cu partenerul;
a insela partenerul
Vocea ta spune daca vei insela
S-a realizat un studiu pe acest subiect si s-a ajuns la consluzia ca femeile cred
despre barbatii cu vocea groasa, joasa, ca vor fi mai tentati sa insele, iar barbatii
cred despre femeile care au vocea subtire si care vorbesc pe o tonalitate inalta ca
vor fi infidele.

Datorita costurilor mari ale infidelitatii: suferinta, problemele financiare provocate si
in final chiar destramarea familiei, se pare ca avem tendinta sa ne alegem
partenerii in functie de voce, evitand barbatii cu vocea groasa si femeile cu vocea
prea subtire.

Explicatia consta in faptul ca vocea groasa este asociata cu un nivel mai mare de
testosteron la barbati, deci o cantitate mai mare de hormoni, iar la femei cu o
cantitate mai mare de estrogen, iar hormoni mai multi ar putea sa ii faca mai activi
din punct de vedere sexual, deci sa ii predispuna la infidelitate, fapt care ar putea fi
o problema intr-o relatie pe termen lung si cauza unei despartiri.

edu/courses/2006spring/spcl/091p/016/InvestmentModelofInfidelity. time and attention towards another person. sexual orientation and current relationship status.unc. The findings in this study may help in understanding how to deal with infidelity concerns and thus enhancing partners’ satisfaction in romantic Participants will be asked about their gender. age and relationship status differences in concerns in relation to a range of emotional and physical infidelity behaviours in romantic relationships such as ‘Your partner cuddles with someone else’ or ‘Your partner gives oral sex to someone else’. age.p df Emotional and Sexual Infidelity Concerns NFORMATION SHEET Project Overview Emotional infidelity occurs when a romantic partner directs resources such as romantic love.nih. It is possible that some of the questions may cause you minor distress or upset. The first .nlm.What is infidelity? Perceptions based on biological sex and personality http://www. Sexual infidelity occurs when a romantic partner becomes involved in sexual activity with another person.helenfisher.pdf http://www. Participation Procedure Participants will be asked to visit SurveyMonkey to complete some demographic information and a questionnaire. If you do start feeling upset. then please discontinue the survey and call the following support services available to you: Lifeline on 13 11 14 for 24 hour counselling or Relationships Australia on 1300 364 277. The aim of this study is to examine gender. Risks Severe risk to participants is unlikely.

Consent By completing the . Details that identify or i. CQUniversity. it is assumed that you have consented to participate in the study.koniw@cqumail. any data you have filled out will not be used for the final for any questions or further information. E-mail: ethics@cqu.elliott@cqu.part of the questionnaire is ratings of concerns in relation to emotional infidelity behaviours and the second part is ratings of concerns in relation to sexual infidelity this sheet will be provided to participants upon request. Rockhampton QLD 4702) should there be any concerns about the nature and/or conduct of this research project. The questionnaire will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Right to Withdraw Participants have the right to withdraw at any time without penalty. Thank you for your time. Questions/Further Information Contact stacey. Concerns/Complaints Please contact the Office of Research at CQUniversity Australia (Tel: 07 4923 2603. Feedback A feedback sheet detailing the outcome of the study will be available when the study is Please be advised that withdrawal is only possible by exiting the survey before it is completed. If you withdraw. including names will not be used or recorded. Data will be securely stored for five (5) years in accordance with the CQU policy. Confidentiality/Anonymity All information provided by participants will remain confidential and anonymous. Mailing address: Building 361.

.surveymonkey.https://www. de obicei este o combinatie a calitatii sm=O1YhBDmta3oPaWaxDyIm0l0cdv7NgWgIDLfHQous53o%3d Este foarte dificil sa spui ca doar un factor a dus la infidelitate. plus alte caracteristici proprii relatiei si experientei de viata a persoanelor implicate. deci a modului in care castiga bani. care ar putea duce la a insela. a modului in care se simte cel intretinut. a nesigurantei in pat si a nivelului de asumare a riscului.