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Mer2D for dimensional control

GausSPC for statistical control

RLS stands for

Rotary and Linear Motion Sensors

Statistical Process Control

An excellent combination
for the plastics industry
and others

Upgrade a profile projector,
tool microscope or measuring

Upgrade a measuring machine
featuring a touch-trigger probe.

We provide solutions for a wide field of motion

control and metrology applications. Our products
include GausSPC statistical process software,
Mer2D, Mer2D+ and MerOpt dimensional control
software, optoarrays, interpolator ASICs for
encoder producers, and angular magnetic ICs,
modules and encoders.
Our flexibility and excellent engineering allow us
to produce advanced custom-made components
to clients' special specifications.

Upgrade a measuring machine
featuring a video camera.

We work together with the Faculty of Electrical

Engineering at the University of Ljubljana in the
field of micro-systems research.
Our encoder products are sold and supported
worldwide by our partner company Renishaw.

RLS d.o.o.
C. II. grupe odredov 25
SI-1261 Ljubljana-Dobrunje
Tel: +386 1 52 72 100, Fax: +386 1 52 72 129
2005 RLS d.o.o. All rights reserved.

An SPC solution developed

in close cooperation
with SPC practitioners

GausSPC - quick and easy

from data acquisition to
multilingual reports

Standard equipment of a measuring station

We are looking for GausSPC

distributors worldwide.

Why GausSPC?

GausSPC can link to other applications either

through the Clipboard or text files. Import your
CMM measurements as well as the measured
features parameters from the pc-dmis.


Importing measurements from a CMM


text or rtf

Access to GausSPC can be passwordprotected. Different user rights can also be set
for each user group (e.g. the permission to
enter measurements manually). For each
measurement, time, date and operator are
All the charts in GausSPC are updated in realtime. The user can select and set a number of
process stability tests.

GausSPC can be easily

translated to your local language.
Currently available languages are:
- English,
- German,
- Slovene,
- Serbian.

Measuring interface
to attach several gauges
to the PC

Working with GausSPC is quick and easy.

Logical, intuitive - and therefore simple - workflows have been developed through working
with people from the shop-floor.
GausSPC is a complete solution that provides
everything from automatic data acquisition to
generation of multi-language reports. All in a
single package.

Distributors wanted!

PC with GausSPC


Please contact us for more details on distributing


Demo version
Try GausSPC
by downloading
the demo version
from our website.
measuring machine

PC with pcdmis
and GausSPC

GausSPC is easy to learn.

Therefore it is also an ideal tool for
process control and improvement
at the level of work groups, quality
circles, and similar.

the demo version

PC-DMIS is a registered trademark of Wilcox Associates, Inc.

PC-DMIS is a registered trademark of Wilcox Associates, Inc.

For further information, call

+386 1 52 72 100