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Phase 1 Desk Study Report

with Preliminary Risk Assessment and Conceptual Site Model

An Adeptus Phase 1 Desk Study report provides concise but

comprehensive assessment of the potential for a particular piece of land
to be contaminated. Our Phase 1 Desktop Studies are carried out in
compliance with government guidelines to ensure their suitability for
submission in support of planning applications, the discharge of planning
conditions, conveyancing and environmental due diligence.
The priority at Phase 1 is to optimise future efforts and rule out
unnecessary works, so the report will often indicate that no further
investigation is required. Where further site investigation is suggested,
the Phase 1 Environmental Report provides valuable baseline
information to ensure cost effective Phase 2 Site Investigation.
This enables sampling to be carried out as efficiently as possible, and
avoids laboratory analysis for contaminants that are unlikely to have
been brought onto the site given its previous use.
What is a Phase 1 Desk Study?
Our Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment involves the collation of
specific information required to determine whether the land is likely to
pose a significant environmental risk. This information is interpreted by
our specialist contaminated land consultant and forms the basis of
the preliminary conceptual site model.
The conceptual site model is central to the phase 1 desk study
report and describes all potentially significant pollutant linkages thought
to be present at the site using the source, pathway, receptor concept.

Qualitative risk assessment is then undertaken to determine the level or

absence of risk is in relation to such pollutant linkages.
Although Defras Model Procedures for the Management of Land
Contamination describe a site walkover, this is not mandatory as often
assumed, and so not always required. However, a number of local
authorities require a site walkover/visual inspection with any phase one
land contamination report. A site walkover results in a small additional
cost to the client, but the visual land contamination survey can prove
extremely valuable in terms of the information gained. Our constants will
always establish whether a reconnaissance visit is required and provide
you with a fixed phase 1 environmental report cost before
Phase 1 Desk Study Report whats included?
Adeptus Phase 1 Environmental Reports include the following as

Environmental setting surrounding land use and ecosystems

Expected geology, hydrogeology and proximity to controlled water
Flood Risk
Detailed site history (with reference to potentially contaminating
Contaminant sources potentially present on and around the site
Receptors potentially at risk (e.g. people property, water, ecosystems)
Pathways for potential exposure
Expert judgement on the significance of potential pollutant linkages
Level of risk clearly communicated in relation to previous, current and
any proposed use
Why do I need a Phase 1 Desktop Study Report?
Also known as a phase 1 contamination report, contaminated land
assessment, or land contamination report, the desktop study is vital to
ensure the protection of human health and the environment. Suitability

for proposed site use is determined by assessing the impacts of any

potential contamination in line with proposals. Where there is a likelihood
that the site may not be suitable for use in its current condition, the
report is used to establish a suitable, pragmatic course of action
for phase 2 site investigation.
Our phase 1 environmental site assessments are also undertaken on
behalf of business and property purchasers to help identify and quantify
potential environmental liabilities through a comprehensive
understanding of the site and its circumstances.