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Chapter One What is favor?
Chapter Two Why some people are unattractive to
Chapter Three How to attract favor?
Chapter Four How to carry and retain favor?
Chapter Five The joy of being favored.
Chapter Six How to make disciples.

Favor is a gift to mankind. It is that gift that enables you
hooks to another level of life. It escalates one to the top and
makes him ten times better than his fellows.
Everyone is born with potentials. When these potentials are
harnessed and are ready to be explored. Favor gives him the
right market for the exploration of these potentials.
Unexplored potentials are as good as nothing. As a slogan
says ‘if you do not tell people that you are here, people will
not know that you are here’. Favor exposes you to different
market for your ideas and potentials to be harnessed and
Today, the world is full of competition. Everyone is
striving towards making it in life. Everyone wants to become
better than his present condition.
Hard work is needed in other to achieve this, but vital
element such as Favor is equally needed to skyrocket your
destiny to a better level.
In this book, time is taken to explore the pathways one
can follow in other to safely attain favor. Please, take a deep
breath; relax your mind as you read this book.
Belief it, this is a knowledge that will open a new chapter in
your life.

What Is Favor?
This is a simple question to everyone. At this moment, an
answer may have quickly flashed into your mind. Yes, you
got it. Your answer may be as good as mine.
But, referring to Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary favor
is seen as ‘a treatment that is too generous to one person or
group in preference to other’.
It has to do with the act of kindness that someone does to
help another. It is a willing offer of kindness. It is a free and
unmerited gift to the favored. It is free because, you did not
pay to get it, and is unmerited because; you cannot force
anyone to favor you.
Favor is a surprising gift which can come in different ways
like: help, attention, support etc. This makes the receiver
very glad.
Importantly, one should know that, favor comes from only
one source, who then gives it to people through different
agents. What do I mean? Favor comes only from God. Psalm
24 vs. 1 says “The earth is the lords and the fullness thereof,
the world and them that dwell therein”.
This shows that, everything in this world belongs to only one
person, who then gives it out in different measures to people
that lives on earth.
Our measure of achievements in life differ, so is the level of
favor people carry.
God is the sole producer of favor, and God being a spirit
will not physically come to give to it to people. He does this
through physical agents called man.
This agent called man is in two types-known and unknown
By known man, it means a process where by, God favors
you through someone you know. Who may be close or not
close to you, but you do know him. For instance, as a young
man who has finish his university education. You have been
at home for years without any job. And one day you phone
rings, lo and behold it was a cousin who have abandoned
your family for decades. One day he suddenly calls you and
requesting that you come up to a big city to start work
immediately. While still trying to understand the news. He
tells you that, he has secured an attractive paid job for you
in the city and you are to resume work immediately. This is
a good example of favor from known agent. You know this
your cousin although he has been far from your family. But
suddenly, he wakes up to favor you.
It can be from someone you do not even know.
Someone you have not seen. Just seeing you, he feels like
helping you. He feels like granting your heart desire.
A guy, who had spent six years at home after his
graduation from school, has been moving from one
newspaper vendor to another in search of job vacancies. He
has been moving from one office to another in search of
white collar job, to the extent that, he lost hope of getting
one, hence resolved to move down to his village at least,
where he will have free accommodation. The news was
everywhere about his coming. Both those that were happy
at his condition and the other side were expecting him back
home. Just a day to his relocation to the village, a text
message from one of the biggest manufacturing companies
in town invited him for a job interview the next day.
Instead of going down to village the next day, he went
for the interview. Reaching their, he saw battalion of
graduates who came for the same interview. Can you
imagine, thousands of people subscribing for a position that
needs only twenty eight people? The crowd alone was
deterrence to this poor guy, who, by academic qualification,
working experience, physical appearance, was not even
qualified for the job. Just at the verge of going in for the
interview. A man, who had been observing this boy, walked
to him and asked him his name. He dropped his
complimentary card and asked him to call him later. This
guy never knew he was talking with the personnel manager
that came to conduct the interview.
Days rolled by without any sign from the company.
This young guy decided to move down to his village. At the
verge of packing his belongings, he saw the complementary
card and decided to just call the man.
A minute call by this young poor guy changed his
destiny. He was invited to commence work immediately. His
story changed. His life totally changed, and those who were
laughing at him, laughed with him at last. This type of favor
was from unknown agent. This is what favor does. It
transforms your life for better. It gives you unmerited and
unexpected support, help, attention that will turn your life
for better.
Favor comes with good news. It comes with act of
kindness from someone to you, but remember, for any agent
to dispense favor to you, he must have been motivated to do
so through a persuasive force which he may not explain.
When this spiritual idea or force comes on the agent of favor
to favor someone, even against his will, he does that even
unknowingly. That is why, some people after helping
another, suddenly gets to his senses and begins to ask
himself when he did what he did. Ones God wants to favor
you, He does not need the permission of any agent before
He does that. Ones your time comes, nothing can prevent
you from rising.
Ones you connect to the source of favor and the door of
favor is opened to you, your life certainly will not remain the

Favor is not meant for everybody. That is why; there
are those who are often favored more than others. While
some are ill-lucked. What creates this gap is knowledge.
What determines the class you belong is choice and what
determines your choice is the level of knowledge you have.
Knowledge indeed, is what makes your better than the other.
The world is governed by principles, ones you identify
these principles and work by them, certainly, you will be
better than a friend who is ignorant of those principles.
Referring to the example used in chapter one, about
the young guy that was favored by the unknown agent.
Today, there are thousands of people in that shoe, especially
in the developing countries. Did you ask yourself these
questions, why that invitation message came to that boy at
the verge of relocating to his village? What made him,
among thousands of the candidates to be the person picked
by the manager? What made him to call the manager at the
verge of moving to the village? And what made him to
finally get the job?
There are many in that shoe that went or relocated to
the village. There are many who suffer till death while some
suffer for sometimes, and favor from somewhere picks and
changes their destiny. Not everybody is positioned to be
favored. God the sole owner of favor has everything you can
think of. It depends on Him to give you or not. You cannot
force Him or sue Him for not doing your will. Matt 7 vs. 7
says, “ask and you shall receive…” still why is it that many
Christians read this passage everyday yet, they are still
unattractive to favor? Ones someone is born again, he
automatically develops the potential of favors which may be
dormant or dominant in manifestation. It is left for you to
activate and develop your antenna. Being born again,
having made peace with God places you on a high level or
advantage of being favored. Because the bible says that
“the Lord shields the righteous with favor as a shield”.
In Ps. 119 vs. 63 says “I am a companion of all them
that fear thee, and of them that keep thy precepts”.
Connecting to the sole source of favor places on you on the
right side of getting favors. Yet, some Christians are
unattractive to favor why? If you are in this condition.
Critically search yourself; you will identify the cause to any
of the followings:
 Your belief
 Your confession
 Your past actions
 Connection with your ancestral covenant/lineage.
 Timing.

Belief: The concept “Belief” means the feeling that

something is real and true; trust, confidence. Some have
that, inbuilt feeling that they cannot make it in life. Perhaps,
as a result of their background, surrounding circumstances,
so they have confidence in those ill circumstances that they
cannot make it in life. Some belief that, they can make it,
but to a certain position. Thereby limiting their possibilities
in life. Unfortunately, some of these people are Christians
who quote the scripture that says “with God, all things are
Yet, when you try to build vision and faith in them, they
tell you, forget it, we know the system. It is not possible for
me to attain that stage or position. Listen, your present
situation in life should not limit your dream, vision and belief
in life.
Ones you have a dream and you are determined to
achieve it, do not mind your past. Your past is as good as
the meaning of past. Yesterday is different from today, so is
today different from tomorrow. What your tomorrow will
become is the offshoot of your belief. You belief today will
be good, so will it. You belief you will make it, so will you.
You belief favor will come your ways, so will it. Favor is not
for those who allow their past to overwhelm them
negatively. You are from poor background, you belief you
cannot reach a certain height in life sure! You cannot reach
that height.
This is why the gap between the rich and poor is so
wide. Children from rich background have that belief that,
yes, I can make it. I have all necessary things needed to
succeed in life. And he moves on with this awareness to
greatness. While the other child from poor background
seeing circumstances around him quickly concludes that is
not possible to make it so, thinking otherwise is foaling
myself. I have to be real about facts. Sure, this person
cannot make it. He may encounter several opportunities that
would have changed his life, but that belief of not making it
will always walk with him to walk him out of progress and
opportunities in life.
Nevertheless, there are many wealthy people today who
came from a poor background. They never allowed their
past situations to way them down. Rather, they had dreams
of making it, believed in those dreams and worked towards
them. Look at such people, God seeing their hearts will give
them favors that will establish them. “Belief” is very strong
more than you think. You are what you belief you are, and
you will be what you belief you will be.

Confession: has to do with your vocal expression of your

belief. While your belief is your inactions, confession is your
actions. Belief is like writing a cheque, but confession is as
powerful as signing or putting your signature on that cheque.
When you belief that, you cannot make it in life, you
further seal your downfall by voicing it out (confession).
Your destiny is in your mouth. (Pix of a mouth with a
loudspeaker ) Never accept spirit of average in your life.
Never look down on yourself. Because, everyone is born into
this world with bowel of potentials. Never confess negatively
because, there is power in spoken words.
The unknown truth is that, you are today, what you
confessed with your mouth knowingly or unknowingly
someday, and you will be in future, what will confess today.
This is because, your confession is your possession.
Someone, after thinking about his life, sits down and
writes what he wants to achieve in life. He pastes them on
his walls, bedsides. Every morning, he wakes up to glance
at them. He tells himself, I will be this and that, I can
achieve them. I will make it in life. He recites them when he
wakes up in the morning and before he sleeps. He goes
further to put them as reminders in his mobile phone. He
keeps confessing and believing them till the day they will
manifest. Watch such person, he makes it in life. He uses
his mind and mouth to structure his destiny.
Unlike those who live the life of vegetable. They
became what life turns out to give them. Whether positive
or negative. My friend, your present situation should not
make you think joining bad gangs rather, it should propel
your mind towards taking your destiny by force through
positive belief and confession.
Keep saying and confessing positive about your life, in
spite of your present conditions. One day, your condition will
turn around for good. Just because, there was a day you
confessed positively towards that condition. God will send
an agent of favor known or unknown to you to turn your life
for good.

Past Actions: Many suffer today as a result of what they

did many years ago. Your actions in life certainly must play
someday. It will turn to play good for you if you did well. A
young man, who conspires to sack a man , will someday
reap the reward of his action. What ever you do today is an
investment into your tomorrow.
Perhaps, you have positive belief, you confess
positively to your life. Yet, favor is far from you. Why not sit
down and examine your life. Ask yourself, could it be from
my past actions? Ransack your mind to check if you can
trace where the problem comes from.
As a woman who is married for years without issue.
Ask yourself, when I was a youth, did I exterminate or advice
of friend to exterminate pregnancy? As a young man who
struggles but have nothing to show for it. Ask yourself, did I
defraud any? Did I do anything bad that earned me a curse
from someone? If you have done evils while young. While
old, they are to play in your life, if they did not play when
you were yet young. The bible says “whatever a man sows,
that he will reap”. So, many are unattractive to favor
because, they fought against favor someday in their lives.
What they did years ago walk with them to walk them out of

Connection with your Ascentral Covenant/Linage

Someone might have passed the three stages. He
believes and confesses positively and his past actions are
not the cause of his problem.
Still sit down, take a deep thought about your
background, about your lineage. What are we known for?
Is there any form of evil my grandparents have done?
Research and identify them. Many things that happen to
people are as a result of the connection they have with
ancestral covenant through their ancestral parents. Ask
questions. Did my grandparents trade slaves, killed twins,
exchanged one thing for another? All these have negative
effects on the future generation. Even when you are born
again, if you do not deal with these issues very well, they will
still be exercising influence on you. You have to know that,
God honors covenants. Ones you are still linked to certain
ancestral yokes. They stand to influence your life
What about your direct parents? What have they done?
What have they done with your life? Did your father pay
tithes to evil while you were still in his loins? Heb 7 vs 6.
While Levi was still in the loins of Abraham, Abraham paid
tithes to Melchisedek.
You have to know that, the actions, activities or dids of
your parents fine tune your destiny. Your present state of ill-
lucks may be traced to one evil done by your parents or
ancestors. Your ability to detach yourself from those
ancestral yokes makes you shinny to favor. See! Some
covenants deter favor. When favor wants to come your way,
those covenants stand to shield you away from favor. It
could be, at the verge of being favored. Something just
kicks you away from that opportunity or favor. My dear, you
have to ask some questions today.

If you have really given your life to God, You belief in
favor and confess it, and you have dwelt with your
foundation. Yet, it looks as if you are still the unfavored one.
Then, wait for divine timing. God makes all things beautify
in His time. Eccl 3 v1 says “to everything there is a season,
and a time to every purpose under the heaven” just keep on
praying and hoping. Certainly, your time of favor will soon
come. God has invested much in you and He got to preserve
his investments in you. So, He will not want any type of favor
to come your way. He wants to give you spectacular favor.
Due to impatience, one may walk out of his destiny, just few
minutes to God’s visitation in his life. Wait patiently and
then see favors flood your way. It happens (Ps 126) it will be
like a dream. You will be like a woman in travail, who ones
put to bed, immediately forgets all the pains she passed
through, as a result of the oceanic happiness that sweeps
her way.
Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the
morning. If only you can remain steadfast in God. You will
stand to tell others your story.

In you lie great potentials longing for expressions. There are

special qualities in you that cry for recognition. They keep
crying till they are recognized.
There are certain things that attract favor to some lives.
While some are unattractive to favor, some are highly
vulnerable to favor. Ones they walk from one favor, they
walk into another to another and another.
In fact, they swim in the ocean of favor. People around them
find it delightful to favor them. Such people are said to be
attractive to favor.
Haven dwelt with the little foxes that spoil the vine in the
previous chapter. It is, still imperative to highlight on
something that make one prone to favor.
Carriage is very vital if one wants favor. How do you carry
yourself? Are you like others or are you distinctly different
from the crowd? My dear Friend, if you must be outstanding,
strive for qualities that are scares in your generation. Virtues
like honest, meekness, hardworking, transparency etc.
Show the crowd that you got costly potentials.
For female folk, make yourself different from others. Seek
after costly potentials that ladies of your generation lack.
Potentials like self control, respect for others, meekness,
diligence, hardworking. Many ladies want short-cuts to
success. That is why many of them dress naked; place their
bodies as a merchandize for bargain, by so doing aborting
their destinies.
In everything you do in life, a day will come when those
things will play back in your life. It may tarry, but certainly
must play someday. Many women suffer a lot today, just
because of the live they lived while still young. Prov. 3 vs.1.
Men always respect ladies that know their worth. Ladies
that, have and uphold decent principles. Ladies that are
driven by good visions and determinations. Ladies that
package and carry themselves with some sense of decencies
and respect. Ladies that do not mess around like others.
Such people are always vulnerable to favor.

People find it an honor to favor such ladies because, there is

something they can learn or get from you. If you are an
executive manager in a firm and you need an honesty
accountant. Certainly, you will search for a person that has
the virtue of honesty, least your company goes bankrupt.
People with these extra-ordinary virtues are hot cakes in any
society they find themselves. Remember, nobody wants to
associate with a failure. Even failures do not want to
associate with fellow failures. Everybody wants to have
what is good, and to associate with success.
Stand out from the crowd, be different, acquire scares and
wonderful potentials/virtues and then, watch your star shine
forth. You will be the gold that the world hunts for, and
favorable is that man that will favor you. Dear, make your
qualities extra-ordinary and shiny ones. Then, watch
yourself select favors. Those qualities that are common
among people are not for you. Rather, go for wonderful,
better and extra-ordinary scares virtues, and then watch the
cloud be your starting point.


When you become attractive to favor. When men begin to

favor you. Remember, it can disappear in a moment. That
someone is able to climb to the top is not a guarantee that
he will continue to remain at the top.
When you are attractive to favor, certain things need to be
done in other for you to retain and grow in favor. No matter
how attractive you are to favor, no matter how wealthy and
balanced you think you are, you still need favors to sustain
your wealth as well as to expand your coast. Many fall from
top to the bottom because, they feel they have arrived.
Pastor Chiefo Ejioforbiri (Nigeria) will always tell people
around him to, forget their yesterday’s achievement. It
should be a story for others. Do not dwell on your past
achievements. Forget it, look forward for better
achievements and pursue them.
Ones your past achievements begin to enter your head, my
friend you are gone, because that will be the beginning of
your gross failure. When you swim in favors, and you see it
as a permanent condition. Then, there is a signal indicating
big problem ahead. If you think that, your parents
structured the system or the path for your favor, and you
feel you need to play no part in other to better and retain
those favors, then; there is a big problem ahead.
An individual who carries himself well, who is attractive to
favor, and enjoys it, and suddenly begins to feel he has
arrived, then starts to drop those extra ordinary virtues that
made him attractive to favor is gone. As he drops them, so
do favors leave him till he becomes flat and empty.
Everyone in favor has vital roles to play in other to retain
such favors. Always remind yourself and your ego that God is
the chief source of your favors. He can decide to withdraw
them anytime. He can decide not to send any agent to you
and you cannot sue Him for that. For you to retain favor,
always be in good terms with your maker (God), and serve
Him with those favors He blessed you with, and then see
Him open more doors of favor to you.
Always help the less privileged .Give to those that do not
have, for it is more blessed to give than to receive. Invest
your resources in programs that will promote the gospel of
God. Invest in charitable programs like visiting and helping
orphanage homes, and other less privileged homes.
If you are highly blessed, you can equally grant scholarships
to the indigent youths, help in community development, and
help to establish others. Invest in the lives of people. Never
reduce your standards, rather escalate them. Acquire more
virtues. Look for those scares qualities you lack. Get them,
exhibit them and see yourself become increasingly favored.
The fact that, the rich are becoming richer and the poor
poorer is a statement subject to augment. Some rich people
get themselves stamped to riches because they invest
wisely. You see them give arms to the less privileged, open
and sponsor foundations, help in carrying out different
projects in their churches and other philanthropist services.
Even without being born again. God still blesses them
because He is a God of principle. Do you know that prayers
are powerful? Prayers made by the benefactors go along
way to project their givers higher. When you use your favor
very well, God will favor you the more. It depends on how
you carry your favor. If you carry it with pride and
arrogance, feeling you have arrived. My friend that is the
beginning of your downward movement.
If one is prosperous, he is happy. It is often said that “the
rich has many friends”. Karl Marx would always say that the
social conciseness of a man determines his economic status.
Meaning, the more you get wealth, the more you are socially
recognized. While the poor are socially subjugated.
Favor makes you wealthy. It makes you respected. It places
you were others who have toiled hard are far from reaching.
It makes you have many friends. It makes your life sweet
and easy. It boosts your faith and service to God. It makes
you able to favor others. It makes you an extraordinary
person, a champion. It makes you think and talk positive
about life. It makes you happy and live longer. It makes you
trust God’s abilities ad promises. It makes you stand in the
gap between the rich and the poor; it makes you have say in
matters around you. It makes you a referral point, a model.
It makes those around you favored and happy to associate
with you. It makes you a joy to your generation. It also,
makes you a figure to reckon with.
When you are in favor, you will see the joy of being a human
being and you will really appreciate the work of God in you.
I hope you want favor. Pray for it today. Position yourself for
it, get it, retain it, enjoy it and make disciples with it.

A disciple is a follower. For you to make one. You too must
be a true follower. Always stay connected to those that God
used to lift you up. Never bite the fingers that fed you.
Always stay communicated and connected with those
When you are established, look for another person to invest
in. You can raise disciples by picking on those you are better
than. Help them, nurture and grow them. When you get
favor, do not eat and die alone. Raise someone outside your
immediate family. Sow seed of favor into the lives of others.
The truth is that, some are blessed when you are blessed.
That is to say, some are yet to be blessed, because you are
yet to be blessed.
And when you are blessed/favored, some are meant to be
favored from your favor. Do unto others; what you will like
others to do for you. Meaning, if you like favors, favor
someone today. If you need connections, connect another in
your capacity. If you need help, help someone today.
Vital to note is that, to be an agent of favor, you must not
necessarily be rich. God can use anybody to carryout any
Being an average or less average man, you can in your little
way, help someone you are better than. From today,
develop a generous mind. Help people around you. Invest
in the lives of others. Always desire to help people. Make it
a duty, while leaving for work, have a target of how many
people to help or invest in their lives each day.
Try to touch at least a life everyday. These lives you touch
are your disciples who may in one way or the other escalate
your position in life. The more you favor others, the more
you get favor, because you are being networked and
promoted by the number of people you invest in their lives.
By favoring others, you are certainly making yourself
vulnerable to favor.
Stays connected to favors and enjoy it. Remember, touch a
new life everyday.

Is an inspired book that dispenses knowledge to all those

who may wish to learn how to attract, and retain favors in

It teaches you, how to attract wealth through favors and how

to attract wealth through favors.

This book in its clear and simple diction encourages

everyone to read it for a change of life. Explore the
principles in this book today and you now have a good story
to tell others.


The author, Anioke Vivan is a Political Scientist and a
researcher, who enjoys writing both political and other
literary woks. She believes in change and encourages others
to fight for positive change wherever they are.