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It is a useless life that
is not consecrated to a
great ideal. It is like a
stone wasted on the
field without becoming
a part of any edifice.
Come to think of it, Filipinos will sell something (example foods, which are
perishable goods). If they get it at 30 pesos, they will sell it at 40 pesos to gain 10.
At noon time it is still 40, at afternoon time you still sell it at 40 at night before
closing you still sell that at 40 and you fight for that price with principle and not
giving it up until you closed and you let the food expired and spoiled. Now, you
gain principle, but can you spend that for food? Well consider the other culture,
Chinese, they will sell the same things, they will sell that at 40 at day time, at noon
time they will sell that at 36 pesos at late afternoon time they will sell it a 33 pesos
and at night time they will sell it at 30 to break even and not gain from it, but the
products are consumed, so no spoilage no losses also. Now what do you think
about the two Philosophical points. Which is better then? Is it worth our culture?

PLATO, born in Athens around 427 BC, was considered to be one of the
earliest philosophers. He lived during the Age of Synthesis. After his
father's death his mother married a friend of Pericles so he was
politically connected to both the oligarchy and democracy. After the
Peloponnesian War, his mother's brother and uncle tried to persuade
him to join in the oligarchical rules of Athens. Instead, Plato joined his
two older brothers in becoming a student of Socrates. Socrates forced
them to challenge then to examine their ideas and beliefs critically,
which was annoying and antagonizing many in the process. Socrates seems to have
adopted as his own the motto of the Delphic Oracle, "Know thyself"; and, while trying to
dissociate himself from the sophists' brand of instruction for hire, he taught his students
that, "it is the greatest good for a man to discuss virtue every day and those other things
about which you hear me conversing and testing myself and others, for the unexamined
life is not worth living."

RIZAL - Dr. José Protacio Rizal Mercado Alonso y Realonda (June
19, 1861 – December 30, 1896, Bagumbayan), was a Filipino polymath,
nationalist and the most prominent advocate for reforms in the
Philippines during the Spanish colonial era. He is considered a national
hero of the Philippines, and the anniversary of Rizal's death is
commemorated as a Philippine holiday called Rizal Day. Rizal's 1896
military trial and execution made him a martyr of the Philippine
Revolution. The seventh of eleven children born to a wealthy family in
the town of Calamba, Laguna, Rizal attended the Ateneo Municipal de Manila, earning a
Bachelor of Arts. He enrolled in Medicine and Philosophy and Letters at the University
of Santo Tomas and then traveled alone to Madrid, Spain, where he continued his
studies at the Universidad Central de Madrid, earning the degree of Licentiate in
Medicine. Rizal first studied under the tutelage of Justiniano Aquino Cruz in Biñan,
Laguna. He was sent to Manila and enrolled at the Ateneo Municipal de Manila. He
graduated as one of the nine students in his class declared sobresaliente or
outstanding. He continued his education at the Ateneo Municipal de Manila to obtain a
land surveyor and assessor's degree, and at the same time at the University of Santo
Tomas Faculty of Arts and Letters where he studied Philosophy and Letters.
Rizal’s Greatest Philosophical Quotes
 He who does not love his own language is worse than an animal and smelly
He who does not know how to look back at where he came from will never get to his
It is a useless life that is not consecrated to a great ideal. It is like a stone wasted on the
field without becoming a part of any edifice.

and there will be a personal seal that will only be issued by the instructor. This is a 3 unit course without pre-requisite. COURSE REQUIREMENTS AND REQUISITES  The Requisites for Break Down of Grade Input 25 % Quizzes / Daily Output 25 % 25 % 25 % Examinations Oral Output / Activity Results Attendance and Duration Project You are required to have a handout that will be available at announced places. as well as during special summer classes. and can be taken at anytime due to the fact that this is offered First and Second Semesters. BRANCHES OF PHILOSOPHY AND THEIR INCLINATIONS Aesthetic Philosophy -This is the study of beauty and taste. You are required to have a sliding folder with the ladies folder colored yellow and the gents colored blue. for compilation and grading purposes. . Thus it resembles the etymological source of the word. the word comes from the Greek aisthetikos. Without the personal seal the teacher will not consider the handout as a countable and gradable material. Handouts will be checked anytime and therefore should be always ready from first to present the formal study of moral standards and conduct and is also often called "moral philosophy.COURSE IDENTIFICATION AND DESCRIPTION  The complete official name of this subject is Philosophy of Man or Philosophy of the Human Person. reality." Epistemologic Philosophy . (3) Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English – Minor in Social Sciences (Education – 2002). This course will educate students several means of reasoning and correct reasoning patterns that will segregate them from learned and unlearned student of reason.  Grade Equivalents. is the official instructor of this Social Science Course.  Professional Licenses Held – (1) Licensed Teacher – (Passed Licensure Examination for Teachers – LET 2002) (2) Registered Nurse – (Passed Board of Nursing – RN 2008). causality. Francisco Zulueta and (2) Logic For Filipinos – Authored by a Filipino [Visayo-Mindanaoan] in the person of Dr. Project is to be announced at the third week of the class DEFINITIONS OF PHILOSOPHY BY DIFFERENT RESOURCES (Farlex Online) Philosophy is the love and pursuit of wisdom by intellectual means and moral self-discipline. Epistemological studies usually focus upon our means for acquiring knowledge.  Graduate of (1) Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology (AUP Medtech .1999). existence. and freedom (Conceptual Encyclopedia) Philosophy is the branch of knowledge or academic study devoted to the systematic examination of basic concepts such as truth.  The Instructor of this course will be using Internet Based updates as well as National and International Newspapers and News Magazines. Your handout will be photocopied by the teacher himself.00 per issue. Each handout when checked at unannounced durations will be 5 points each and will be credited as quiz points. (4) Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Nurse – 2008).is the study of the grounds and nature of knowledge itself. philos (Love) / Sophia (Wisdom) – Thus in short Philosophy is the love of wisdom. (2) Bachelor of Arts Major in English (AUP AB English – 2000). (Meriam Webster) Philosophy is the branch of knowledge or academic study devoted to the systematic examination of basic concepts such as truth. Computation will be demonstrated here: ss/psx50+50. as authorized and mandated by the Academic Administration 98 – 100 95 – 97 92 – 94 89 – 91 86 – 88 A A– B+ B B- 83 – 85 C + 80 – 82 C 77 – 79 C 75 – 76 D 70 – 74 F C+ = CPAC Passing Rate D = Academic Passing F = Failing Mark COURSE PROFESSOR  PROSPERO GENTAPANAN GONZAGA JR. causality. a day before the time of usage. reality. but the teacher reserves the right to come up with materials from other authorized and re-known authors of Logic. Ethical Philosophy . existence.  Grading System: Carreon Grading system with 50/50 base. and freedom. This is a Social Science Course and is under the umbrella of General Philosop as a general subject. The two reference materials will be: (1) Introduction to Philosophy – Authored by a Filipino [Luzonian] in the person of Dr. You will be issued a 3 pages handout that will be granted to you at PhP 5. COURSE REFERENCES AND GRADING SYSTEM  This course will use 2 official references. "of sense perception." Often this is called the stud of what s right and what is wrong. Priciliano Bauzon.

o Educational Philosophy is the philosophical arm that deals with the mental growth and development of one person in his conquest of learning. we may endanger the person receiving the message. you can say. Now if we go direct to the point with complicated things.o Logical Philosophy . why? Due to the outward tears. Very objective – analysis is opted by the actual criteria of truth presented and followed in a certain community. o Metaphysical Philosophy is the study of what is above the human miles and. o Historical Philosophy . Very Subjective – analysis is driven by the urge of what we feel Usually very long and laborious. justice and fairness. which is contrary to the point of insight people. So example the one crying will say. Disadvantage/s: The disadvantage is when we are trying to deliver a very harsh reality. Highly emotional and sentimental (Ideas evolve from INSIGHTS Insights is the act of giving ones ideas by knowing what is the real inner truth of things presented and not merely settling for what is physically seen One is giving an insight when he sees someone crying but did not give a direct judgment. therefore the accuracy of truth is often compromised. o Religious Philosophy . Rights Reserved . Truth is the main point of this presentation and it doesn’t matter how short or the long the presentation can be as long as the truth is on its accurate form when presented. PHILOSOPHIZING AND INSIGHTS: WHAT’S THEDIFFERENCE GIVEN ITEMS Definition Example Source of ideas PHILOSOPHIZING Philosophizing is the act of giving ones ideas by just looking at what is presented and what is manifested by the person in the outermost self. we need to evolve in a very subtle way first. but the person is now experiencing a second consecutive cerebrovascular attack (stroke) and one trigger for a third one will mean a vey good chance of death. One is philosophizing when we sees someone crying and then by virtue of seeing that cry. This is also called the study of invisibles and enchanted science. when we deliver a point. the listener don’t have to implement critical thinking to understand what you are trying to say for it is generally understandable and the ambiguity of meaning is often times eliminated. I cry because I can’t believe I can pass the board exam. yet the impact is less and the inclination is a bit soft evolve in the mind).is the study of chronology and proof mitigation in the field of Philosophy mainly to extract the truth factor in every situational clashes. GOD BLESS YOU IN YOUR BASIC FIELDS FUTURE PHILOSOPHERS Jervin Eagle Educational Specialists. the teacher then has an impression that the one writing may not know the real points in the the Philosophical field that deals with evidence based learning and experimentalism that will result to the provision of what exists and what did not exists. Often times when we philosophize in the essay. but just trying to gamble to come out with the often times referred as the Philosophy of doctrinal and sacred entities of existence. Usually short and direct to the point. o Scientific Philosophy .  Politico-legal Philosophy – is the Philosophical field that deals with order. Often times we philosophize to let the truth come out in a very subtle methodology. Inc. things man cannot phatom or man feels that he has no right to ask such questions. often when we don’t know what is real we philosophize. but rather asked the person crying what was he crying for. It is a Philosophy of equal treatment and equal opportunities. Now this is where the insight person registers disadvantage footing. Disadvantage/s: Being philosophical may sometimes mean not knowing what is the phyilsophical aspect of reasoning and use of argumentative communication dimmed to instill clarity after the resolve. Example: The wife of the person died and that you need to tell him. The impact is severe and the inclination is hard and abrupt. Highly intellectual and logical in presentation of views (ideas Veracity Claims Analytical Strengths Presentation the heart) Truth is not the main point of this presentation but rather description and elaboration of what is true. that the person is lonely and is in great despair. o Mental Philosophy – is the Philosophy that deals with the communicative atmosphere of one person and the ability to comprehend and reason to give a communicative avenue to exist. Now you know the real reason. ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES OF BEING AN INSIGHT PERSON Advantage/s: The advantage is. ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES OF BEING PHILOSOPHICAL Advantage/s: Being philosophical is exploratory. because by exploring half-truths we can combined data and produce the real truth.