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Assignments are sets of tasks assigned to students by their teachers to be completed outside
of the class. In the present situation, many students have to spend hours every evening doing
their assignments. Some students are very active when their teacher is giving them assignments ,
some are benefiting from the assignments, some are too lazy to think of their assignments and
some are doing for the sake of complying it. Teachers seem to believe that this will help their
students in their academic field and in enhancing their learning. Others feel that giving
assignments to students is not effective to enhance the students learning. Giving assignments to
students can either be a good thing or useless sometimes.
First of all, students need to practice new material of learning. They need to study at home
and find out how well they have listened and understand the new information and ideas given to
them. The teacher can then change the next lessons to match. The students will now have a
background about their next lessons just by doing their assignments. It will help them revise the
concept they learned in school. It is a good way to prepare for exams, test, and future
discussions. They will practice the assignments and get prepared for the exam and tomorrows
Assignments can involve parents who can help the students to understand and do the assignments
correctly and effectively. Family members can encourage the students and see for his or her
enhancement or progress. Assignments help students improve their understanding of the subject.
They can develop a better understanding of the subject and its applications when they attempt to
do their assignments in their own. Students who have trouble in grabbing the concepts will learn
better when they do their assignments. Students can develop time management and study skills.
Assignments set the student up to manage their time and plan their schedules which are very
useful skills to have within themselves.

Students can engage in their studies while doing their assignments. Submitting assignments also
provides a good lesson in responsibility and diligence often with disciplinary consequences if the
assignments is not passed or completed to the required standard. It can be helpful in certain
circumstances and making the students realize the value of assignments can help them in their
studies. Assignments should enable students to see the purpose for their study and some definite
objectives to be achieved. The objectives of the lesson are essential in giving direction to the
students activities. In order that the assignment will serve its purposes, it must be purposive; it is
paramount duty of the teacher to ensure that all assigned learning task are important and
meaningful to the learners.

Giving assignments to students in all levels is effective if they realize the value of doing it. It can
help them in their future career and be a responsible person.