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Interesting Festivals to Travel to Vietnam

Vietnam and obviously South-East of Asia are among the most beautiful destinations with a lot
of tourist sites and captivating attractions that magnets tourists and vacationers from every
corner of the world. The wonders and natural beauty and uniqueness of Vietnam are always a
big surprise for a holiday to Vietnam and also the country host a several interesting festivals just
like other countries in the Indochina peninsula.
Perfume Pagoda Festival
Vietnam's most celebrated festival is held each February at the Perfume Pagoda located some
70km southwest of capital city of Hanoi in northern Vietnam and considered as the most famous
Buddhist pilgrimage site in the country and every year literally tens of thousands of pilgrims
travel to the sacred cave to pray for happiness and prosperity for the coming year.
Cow Racing Festival

Held in late October and early November of each year and mostly celebrated in pagodas and
Khmer households in An Giang Province to remember the ancestral merits, wishing happiness
and peace for the deceased's souls, In this festival, the ox racing which is held in a large ground
surrounded by high earthen ramparts where spectators can stand. The racing lane is 100m long
and 4m wide each racing tournament involves 38 pairs of oxen selected from competition in
commune level. Most of the oxen have strong postures: big heads, straight backs, solid bones,
long tails, small ears, round necks and gentle eyes.
Elephant racing festival in central Vietnam
This annual festival is held in the 3rd lunar month in Don Village near the Sevepoi River in the
Central Highlands province of Dak Lak. The race track is on a ground which is large enough for
10 elephants to stand in a line simultaneously whilst the length of the track is from 1 to 2 km.
After the sound of the horn, the mahouts command their elephants to move to the starting point.
The horn signals the start of the race, and the elephants rush ahead amidst the resounding cry
of the spectators the sound of the drums, gongs. At the end of the race, the winning elephants
raise their trunks to salute the crowd and receive sugarcane from them. However, there is other
similar festival which called Do Son Buffalo Fighting Festival which held in Hai Phong city.
Bai Dinh Pagoda festival
This festival held in sixth day of the first lunar month in Sinh Duoc village. The festival is held to
worship the Buddha as well as the honor to many significant historical events related to national
heroes like Quang Trung, Dinh Bo Linh.
Vietnam Lunar New Year TET holiday
An ancient lunar new year which held in both Vietnam and China with history dating back to the
thousands of years ago, generally this was the festival run by the Vietnamese farmers to thanks

the god for the coming of the spring which latter become the national and the Lunar New Year.
Tet is the time for refreshing the soul, mind and culturally the largest and most celebrated even
in Vietnam, the time for Tet is around Mid February each year.

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