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About 7cm long, medium heat, widely available in its green form.
Used in place of Jalapeo in all mexican cooking, can be eaten stuffed whole
although fairly warm.

Up to 12cm long, sweet red pepper ripening from green to red.
Crisp pepper with a good flavour for salsas or frying.
Sweet Pepper no heat

Clumps of small 1 cm round chillis ripening from pale yellow to a deep red. Compact
plant growing to about 40cm high in a pot. Early to mature.

Upright 4cm long, hot chilli turning from pale yellow to orange and red. Good little
ornamental plant for growing on a sunny windowsill, the plant will grow only about
30cm high but will continually give lots of edible chillis. Easy to grow and ripens
(Grown 2001 see diary)

About 7cm long, this chilli grows upright hence its name meaning looking at the sun.
Fruits ripen from green to translucent red with a fruity flavour.
(Grown 2000 see diary)

About 7cm long, deep dark brown dried chilli of medium flesh similar to anchos,
fairly mild with a smokey liquorice taste, more smokier than the Ancho. Traditionally
used in sauces, chile pastes, enchiladas, and chile con carne to add a distinctive rich
mellow flavour. The traditional mole has Ancho, Mulato and Pasilla Chills.

About 7cm long, thin fleshed, this is the Bangladeshi version of the Habanero and
Jamaican Scotch Bonnet. In common with its Caribbean relatives, it has a scorching
heat backed up by a distinctive fruity aroma.

Nu Mex
About 12cm long, medium fleshed varying in heat, sweet and earthy. The New
Mexico Green is excellent in stews, sauces and salsas and excellent stuffed, freezing
well they make an all year round chilli. Available in various strains - Sunrise, Sunset,
Twilight and Eclipse. (Grown 2000 see diary)

Nu Mex Red
About 12cm long, also known as the chilli colorado, dried version of the red variety
although all varieties of Nu Mex can be found dried, thin fleshed with an earthy
flavour. The red dried ones are sweet and fruity.
Used in red sauces and stews, good roasted or stuffed when fresh, also used
decoratively in the making of ristras.

Orange Habanero
About 5cm deep, faily early to ripen habanero. Ripens from green to a orange.
Used in salsas, chutneys and Caribbean cuisine, mixing especially well in salsas with
fruit. (Grown 2006 see diary)

About 12cm long thin fleshed chilli, dark raisin brown and wrinkled with herbaceous
tones and a hint of liquorice. Also sold as chilli negro.
Used with Mulato and Ancho to make the traditional mole sauce. Good in all sorts of
sauces. (Grown 2000 see diary)

Peter Pepper
About 9cm long rare ornamental chilli. Medium thick fleshed with a sweet hot
flavour when ripened to red. Mainly ornamental but can be used in salsas.
(Grown 2000 see diary)

Up to 14cm long, thick fleshed varying in heat between medium to hot. The green
poblano is always cooked or roasted and never eaten raw. Roasting will give a
smokier flavour. Versatile chile, good for stuffing as thick fleshed.
(Grown 2000 see diary)

About 7cm long, this very hot chilli will grow upright in clusters, fruit will ripen to
red and makes an attractive pot plant about 70cm high.
(Grown 2001 see diary)

Prairie Fire
Early ornamental with 3cm upright chillis, ripening from cream to orange to reds.
Good for growing on windowsills to about 40cm high with plenty of fruit.

Pretty Purple
Early ornamental with 2cm round chillis, ripening from purple to red. Good for
growing on windowsills to about 40cm high with plenty of fruit.

Ring Of Fire
About 9cm long, turning from green to red. Can be grown in pots on a windowsill as
the plant will grow to about 90cm high. Plenty of thin tapered chillis developing early
in the season.
(Grown 2001 see diary)

About 10cm long, thick fleshed mild chilli. Harvested when yellow to green and
commonly pickled. Probably seen in deli bars for sandwiches.
(Grown 2000 see diary)

Rooster Spur
Very hot little 1cm upright tapered chillis. Small compact bush, good for pots, gets
covered in hundreds of chillis.
(Grown 2003 see diary)

Scutaba Habanero
About 3-4cm deep, very prolific, faily early to ripen habanero. Ripens from green to a
bright red.
Used in salsas, chutneys and Caribbean cuisine, mixing especially well in salsas with
fruit. (Grown 2006 see diary)

About 6cm long, thick fleshed chilli, shaped like a bullet, it has a clean fresh green
flavour with a blistering heat. Grown word wide, turns light green to red and used in
many bottled chilli sauces.
Used in salsas, or good for pickling, the riper red version is sweeter than the green.
(Grown 2001 see diary)

Super Chilli
About 4cm upright pointed chilli, compact and a very productive chilli plant giving
lots of fruit, ripening to orange and red. Fiery heat good in Thai and Asian cooking,
or pickle them if you get too many.
(Grown 2001 see diary)

Super Shepherd
About 12cm long, sweet Italian pepper, thick fleshed with juicy strong flavour,
ripening to dark red.
(Grown 2001 see diary)

About 4cm long, turning from pale green to orange to red. The chilli has a thin flesh
and an intense heat and go into the making of Tabasco sauce which originates from
Tabasco in Mexico. Substitute cayenne as they are not widely available.

Tennesse Teardrop
Upright 3-4cm teardrop chilli ripening from a mottled light purple to a bright red.
Good plant for a pot growing to about 50cm.

Thai Hot
Ornamental compact little bush about 90 cm high, so can be grown on a windowsill.
Lots of 2cm upright very hot chillis ripening to red, good in oriental dishes. (Grown
2001 see diary)

Tri Colour Variegata

Stunning ornamental with 2cm purple chillis. Good for growing on windowsills to
about 1 foot high with plenty of fruit. Each plant will look completely different with
the amount of variegation on the leaves, white to green to purple.
(Grown 2001 see diary)

Whippets Tail
Very long 30cm green to red chillis, medium fleshed and of medium heat.
(Grown 2003 see diary)