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Cory Ex, Or OS @) '8 PM, Bill Penner wrote: On Tue, Jun 19, 2012 at Hi Shane, here are the quotes for the 260Ib and 500! units, They both have the same afterburner. left the prise ofthe freight out because if you decide to get a unit freight willbe determined at that time Heise we can ship it direct to you instead of it coming to Manitoba fist. Also, for the cost of site inspection each province or municipallty has diferent regulations go itis hard to geta price for your inspection from here in Manitoba, The price for Canadian Standards cost i the extra pars that ore aeeged to pass inspection In Canada which they don't need in the USA. If you don't want te roll back Id {hat cost would be deducted from the price. Any questions please let me know. Thanks for letting us quote you these Eliminators. BILL PENNER Poulty Sales Specialist “Tristar, Day, Hog, Poultry Office: 204-434-6804 Colt, 204-371-1800 bpenner@tristaras.ce ae b5°P ARISPR DAIRY - HOG + POULTRY. 26147 Wiens Road, Box 40, Grunthal, MB ROA ORO Ph: (204) 434-6801 Fax: (204) 434-6898 Super Nova Incinerator Quote on SN250 ‘Name: Shane Schlatman June 19, 2012 250 Ib unit Cremator Unit SN250 $6,980.00 After Burner $2,095.00 Canadian Standards $925.00 LP Gas Burner (primary) $695.00 LP Gas Burner (afterbumer) $695.00 Roll Top Lid $1650.00 Freight $ to be determine CSA Inspection $ to be determine Total Cost $13,040.00 Taxes not included Prices good for 30 Days FOB: Camilla, GA. Bill Penner ‘Tristar Ag 204-471-1800 penner KX. 65-¢ From: Shane Schlatman (] Sent: June-19-12 5:04 PM Subject: Re: Quotes Hi Bill, I forwarded prices to my boss. I will let you know within a day or $0 of his decision. Thanks again for all your help... Shane Schlatman Shane Schlatman MillardAir MRO Waterloo Regional Airport 251 Jetliner Ct Breslau,Ont NOB 1MO Ex¥ 65-d From: Shane Schlatman [] 4 ‘Sent: June-20-12 12:09 PM. To: Bill Penner Subject: Re: Quotes Hi Bill, My boss would like to order the SN500.. No roll up door please just the plain lit open door and using propane to fuel it. Ifyou have any questions please feel free to email me back or you can call my cell- $19-751- 6186, Ihave a Visa to pay for the unit. Also if you could give me shipping costs to the address below. ‘Thanks very much, Stiane Schlat man MillerdAir MRO ‘Waterloo Regional Airport 251 Jetliner Ct Breslau,Ont From: Shane Schletman { Subject: Re: Quotes ‘Thanks Bill.. Shane. EA#65--P On Wed, Jun 20, 2012 at 5:09PM, Bill Penner wrote: J will get @ price on freight and estimated time of arrival. Thanks BILL PENNER Poultry Sales ‘Specialist Tistar, Dairy, Hog, Poultry Office: 204-434-6801 204-371-1800 cell: bpenner@ o) From: Bill Penner [ Sent: June-21-12 1:54PM To: ‘Shane Schlatman' Subject: RE: Quotes Here Is the final quote for the SN600 with the afterbumer. Freight is a litte higher because we have to put it on a flat deck traller instead of a closed traller. Because of the extra cost to Tristar for using credit cards over the hone we do not accept credit cards for large purchases unless the customer Is willing to pay 2% more. | would ‘accept the down payment up to $5000.00 payment on crecit card and the balance a cheque on receipt of the incinerator. | wil order this unit for you as soon as I get a down payment for the unit. We want 25% down payment so the total would be $3856.12 and if you wish you could pay the $5000.00 down payment on the card and the remainder by cheque. Lead time Is about 2 to 3 weeks. Please give me a call with the credit card number and we will get this off to you asap. Thanks. BILL PENNER, Poultry Sates Specialist Tistar, Dairy, Hog, Poultry Office: 204.494.6801 Cell: 204-971-1800 Ex? 6-h From: Bill Penner ( Sent: June29-12 9:49AM To: ‘Shane Schlatman’ Subject: RE: Quotes Hi Shane, we are picking up the unit on Monday. Can you glve me a contact phone number so the trucking ‘company cen call when they are in the atea? Thanks BILL PENNER Poultry Sales Specialist Tristar, Dairy, Hog, Poultry Office: 204-434-6801 Celt; 204-371-1800 bpenner@ KES j On Fri, Jun 29, 2012 at 2:32 PM, Shane Schlatman wrote: HiBill, My number is 519-751-6186, Its my cell number. Thanks ‘Shane. Ex a From: Shane Schlatman [] Sent: July-03-12 4:11 PM Tos Bill Penner Subject: Re: Quotes Hi Bill, Just wondering on an update on the incinerator... ‘Time schedule for delivery? This week, next ‘week kinda thing...dont need exact day or time or anything... Thanks, Shane MillardAir MRO ‘On Tue, Jul 3, 2012 at 5:14 PM, Bill Penner wrote: Just talked to Tim at Super Nova an hour ago and he said that they had loaded the unit today. Itis on the oad, my guess is that it will take 2 or & days to arrive, The paper work should be correct at the border. BILL PENNER Poultry Sales Specialist ‘Tristar, Dairy, Hog, Poultry Office: 204-434-6801 Gell: 204-374-1800 BAS _| On Wed, Jul 4, 2012 at 8:54 AM, Shane Schlatman wrote: Ok cool, thanks very much Bill.. Shane. Ex%5-m From: Shane Schlatman (] ‘To: Bill Penner Subject: Re: Quotes Hi Bill, received the unit on Thursday... WOW! very impressive.. A quick question, do you know the amount of gas it would take to zum the unit for say thr? Or for a complete bum of 5 hrs? Just trying to figure out tank sizing... ‘Thanks Shane Schlatman ‘MillardAir MRO _ Be Ex: Cop a On Mon, Jul 9, 2012 at 12:41 PM, Bill Penner wrote: ‘Yes, | was going to call you this morning to see how everything went, trucker told me on Friday that it got delivered. Good to hear that you lke it. There is 24,03 BTU's per litre of propane and the SN500 needs 780,000 BTU's with both burner running full capacity, however the bumers kick out once they reach there temperature, especially the bottom burner the carcass's start buming and that saves a lot of fuel. If both burners run full capacity you would need 31.7 litres per hour of burning and at 125 lbs per hour you will burn about 3 hours. I hope this helps You. If you have any other questions please let me know. Thanks. Also, | am coming to the Outdoor Show In September. I would like to connect with you either at the show or some other place, let's keep in touch. BILL PENNER Poultry Sates Specialist Tristar, Dairy, Hog, Poultry Office: 204-834-6801 Cell: 204-374-1800 EXFL5 From: Bill Penner [] Sent: Juy-09-12 12:60PM : Shane Schlatman' Subject Invoice Hi Shane, here Is the Invoice for the remainder of the Incinerator. Please send a cheque for the amount. Any ‘questions please let me know. Thanks for your business, BILL PENNER Poultry Sales Specialist Tristar, Dairy, Hog, Poultry Office: 204-434-6801 Cell: 204-374-4800 *** eSafe scanned this email for malicious content *** *** IMPORTANT: Do not open attachments from unrecognized senders “** Ex*%@5- TriStar Dairy Centre Ltd, Dalry - Hog - Poultry Invoice - original 2810 in Re, Box 30, Gil arcs, ROA ORO Thu Sine 22612 faa a FRE DORA Te aT ATT ier oaa Pagel Saar Customer: fers ‘ Shane] 57214 4 MillardAir MRO Q 251 Jelner Wega Rell Apo Bisa Onao os 10 [sare sehen (ar A, Cran ([Pamentwemod: Sato BL 1 om éseipton: Rosie Pietsch Pow ts srt Crater UT 0 + gepeneo seen FC) ‘er Bier 1 s3oason—-saesscn MO aon Sandads 1 s7s00 areca MO 1 fiat CD > Gas Bumer (mer Ip Gis Bumerfebumet) 1 seed 80500 ICI 1 Seo. sa%000 MO ‘Terms of Sale Quncn ect rel ‘oin Payment ét $5000.00 oo Reriaining payment Upon detvry. oo ‘Subtest ——‘s146s000" st 373450 Ps. s0c0 Tota $fea24e0 = 8,009.08 Less, Deposit ¢ Please Pay: F044. SO ane Schlatman [ ‘Sent: Monday, August 13, 2012 12:37 PM ‘To: Bill Penner Subject: Re: Quotes Hi Bill, Im hoping you can help me, seems Dell has lost the receipt for the $5000 visa transaction... Is it possible for you to email me a copy of the bill and Visa receipt? It would make it so much easier for me if you could. Thanks very much, Shane. BTW- SN500 is working great now.. Sounds awesome when the afterburner kicks on!!