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The Final Stages of Grounding: life thru new

The Gift of Grounding

Since the last update, we are definitely still grounding, grounding,

grounding. Ouch.

We are basically being drilled into the earth...hence all the

unbelievable leg, back & neck pains... while experiencing earth
activations and the opening of major chakras and higher octaves of
universal intelligence...all of which is providing us with the option
to openly reveal our true nature as fully integrated beings of love.

Roughly speaking, in the space of time provided for the

finalization of these major activations, many of us will be
presented with swift and grand opportunities to align with our
next level creations and share our gifts and expertise with the

In the mere moments ahead... mainly the time cycle that is

presenting itself through the remainder of this sacred season of
completion (from the equinox until the summer solstice)...those
with contracts to serve the higher good in physical ways are
quickening and beginning to put their newly acquired universal
intelligence into tangible form.

From this perspective, those who have had limited access to the
earthly dimensions, the grounded energies and applications
needed to live a fulfilling life, will be once again in the throes of
great earthly support and forward movement.
New Earth Rules of Conduct

There is a celestial timeline of completion rapidly approaching

that will sever all energetic ties to the lower dimensional field
matrices for those who have completed their "inner" work. These
souls will be freed from disharmonious energies and aligned with
the source of greater potential to apply their "inner" work to the
"outer" world.

Those who have completed the journey into oneness ... the
forerunners in ascended consciousness...will not necessarily be
provided with "rules of conduct" for new earth living, however.
(mostly because we make this part up) This is notable because for
those of you who have completed the "work", honored your
personal evolution and the sacred laws of creation, you will be
progressing at speeds and levels previously unknown to the human
experience. In fact, this quickening process may have already
begun for you.

I am hearing that this information is not to warn or discourage us

from forward movement, but to make us aware of how effortlessly
and fast energy works in alignment with "right timing" and without
karmic resistance in the upper realms of human consciousness.
This fast moving energy is the energy of a fully reconnected
being. Pretty exciting stuff....well, except for all those lingering
physical symptoms....

Creative Surges
The next level of creation...the physical manifestation
what we have been tirelessly working toward for so so so freaking
long. It is the proverbial reaping of our meticulously cultivated
crops. This stage of creation will be an acute reflection of the
mastery that we honed through relentless hardship and in many
ways, will feel like the next logical step on your journey. This
phase gives us the key to unlock the gates to the ripening fruits of
all our divine labors.

There are many opportunities beginning to surface for us to

explore new potentials in physcial form... a plethora of new ideas
will be gifted to those tapped into the new matrix and through the
reunion of soul family, these ideas will begin to quickly
materialize in astonishing ways.

All this information coming at us can be a bit overwhelming if you

are in tune with these surges of creativity. They can come on
sudden and strong, so you may find it helpful to rely on the earthy
energies surrounding us at this time to keep balanced and at
peace with these tidal waves of new and exciting ideas. For the
next few weeks there will literally be a multitude of creative
endeavors swimming in the hearts and minds of awakened souls
everywhere. These ideas will inevitably bring the physical
framework and new earth structures into full form and it will be
the first wave of partcipating souls who will have the role of
relaying these concepts to the world for the next act in this r-
evolutionary play.

The Script-less Play

Each of us has a unique part in this divine play, but the beauty in
its creation comes from our ability to write it as we live it...real
time creation. This is because there is nothing in place
rules, no guidelines, no structure, no format...only the fluid fields
of creative potential waiting to manifest through us, into form.

The pioneers who will lay the laws of this new land...the purified
vessels of Source creation...are the first to have access to it and
are arriving now to announce and proclaim our individual visions of
this beautiful new earth. As each of us applies our individualized
vision of perfection in this fertile soil, we will be awestruck at the
rate and ease by which things grow.

What Now?

Right now we are finishing up a particularly arduous and physically

painful cycle of grounding and detox, and while learning how to
master the application of our new perceptions in the physical
world. Everything now is about bringing our point of perceptual
awareness to the physical realms of creation and learning how our
expanded potential fits into our cellular form.

This new framework by which we are learning to operate is

familiar, yet new...operational, yet dormant...mundane, yet
other-wordly. It is the juxtaposition of these energies that are
now merging into one...where spirit meets matter... with the
sobering realization that we have come full-circle and that
nothing, yet everything, has changed. Our outward life may or
may not look the same, but suddenly the eyes we are looking thru
are not.

This grounding business is almost like waking from a dream by

which we were removed from reality and tortured for a decade
and then popped back into our life again to make sense of it all. It
can be confusing, foreign and may be wondering
"where you have been" and "why you were even on this journey" as
you look around you with no connection to what is your so-called-

Undoubtedly, life is growing increasingly more surreal by the

moment...very Truman-show-esque...but this will pass as we
settle into ourselves fully. During the early stages of awakening
we are deliberately removed from life-as-usual as all of our energy
is focused on developing the upper energy centers, expanding our
consciousness and developing our higher aspects.
As we complete the reconnection phase we drop back down into
our lives and bodies and begin to work within the physical
dimensions again...albeit with our new and expanded sense of
self. This is why it may seem that we are waking from a dream
because tho we were on the earth during the last several years,
we were not fully participating in it.

It will definitely take some acclimating to understand how all of

our inner-schooling will apply to the outer-world, right now we
just need to take one step at a time and help our still-morphing-
bods to catch up. As we begin to practice using our authentic
selves in our daily living, things will get interesting...for sure. We
will realize that we bump up against familiar situtions, people and
places...but with a new way of seeing, being and experiencing.
We will notice a significant increase in confidence, a surety we
haven't had in a VERY long time...or ever.

As we climb back into these changing bodies we are starting to see

the magnitude of what we have accomplished...mainly because we
finally have a context for it now that we can relate to the outside
world. In fact, we are beginning to see this whole remembering-
our-divinity game as more real and as a result, those around us
will now begin to respond to us in different ways.

Because we are becoming more certain and assured of who we

are, where we've been and where we are going, we will now have
a greater impact and believability as the masters we truly are. In
other words, we are beginning to really SEE, understand & know
ourselves...the whole of who we are...for the first time. This
new clarity is also enabling us to understand more fully how others
see and relate to us...whereas for the last several years, we were
so immersed in the process, we couldn't see outside of it.

Practically Speaking
We are at a major crossroads...a turning point...and literally
bumping elbows with our new lives. Many of us are about to take
a serious step in the direction of our long held dreams and
heartfelt desires...and once we do, there will be no turning back
to the life we knew. Amen to that.

This means a lot of "spring cleaning" and practical, down to earth

biz...a time to bring old projects to completion and to hone new
projects to perfection. It is also a time to harness the multitude
of incoming ideas and information (at the very least, write them
down) for our new beginnings and the start of a brand new life. A
time of review is also upon us with Mercury going retrograde on
the 17th and will best be put to use thru reorganizing and
restructuring our foundations once more before building the new
framework upon it.

We are being completely supported to create a radically different

life for that is based on the full integration of our
authenticity, but very grounded in earthly structure with the
blessing of the divine masculine energy here now to support the
free-flowing energy of the divine feminine that we have been
nursing for so long.

Renaissance Revival

Those who will be utilizing the new earth freqeucny codes for the
purposes of enjoying a better way to live will be those who are
providing others with the inspiration, scope and understanding of
whats possible as a whole and integrated being. We are not only
approaching a time of inspired work, but a time of inspired
play...a time to make life beautiful and fun again...a time to
resort to our childish ways of playfulness, imaginative creativity
and to induldge in the deeply physical and sensual pleasures of

Beginning at the end of April... and in light of our renewed

physical desires... there will be strong celestial support for beauty
and healing. Akin to a modern Renaissance period we will begin to
witness new levels and highly inspired creations of art,
architecture, music and even some creative sciences at the fore.

We are being supported to integrate new systems that support

uninhibited creation, love and beauty, reconnecting with our
bodies again, and working from the sacred connection between
spirit & matter...a time to honor our own finally and
fully create a beautiful and abundant life here on earth.

In addition to all this feel-good stuff, many new gifts of our

multidimensional aspects are beginning to pop through, and in
some cases are taking us to greater levels of expertise in our
known field or talents. These gifts may come as a complete
surprise, or may be a part of you that you were vaguely in tune
with...either way, they are now surfacing for us to fully explore
and share.

What Next?

Planetarily and numerologically speaking... if April is all about

stillness & inner exploration, then May will be about stepping
further out into action. Our inner renewal process will wind-up
(after Mercury goes direct) and our outer transformations will
begin to solidify...maybe even through the ability to adhere to a
routine!...remember what that is?

We will continue to have access to really supportive earth energy

that is grounding, stable and practical and we should be able to
move into a new life-rhythm with greater ease. The new moon
last night was a potent (and really painful) blast of the energy that
is literally pushing us on our new path. This energy can be felt in
every cell of our bodies and is restructuring our daily lives on
fundamental levels, helping us to create new balanced systems for
living...both personally and collectively.

From now until July we will have the opportunity and support to
continue tying up our loose ends, finish up our healing, resolve any
unresolved personal issues and while simultaneously launching the
first phase of our new-level lives and creations.

Physical Symptoms

See the last 100 energy updates.

In Closing

The unseens are hammering two things in my brain:

1) A great divide will soon be very noticeable in the world and

those who are activated and cleared are beginning to hold a very
bright light for newly awakening souls.
2) This cycle we are entering is a time of great power... but also
great responsibility. Those with pure hearts and minds will feel
driven in ways that will uplift and inspire large masses of people
during the continuation of great planetary dismantling. It is their
wish that those with the gifts of ascended earth use them wisely
and consciously to prepare the foundation of a new society based
in love, sovereignty and with strong structures of support for the
many who will need it. on to filing those damn taxes... : ((

With Love,