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Dinner in honor of President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia

Attendee List
1. President Juan Manuel Santos (The President of Colombia)
2. Mrs. Maria Clemencia Rodriguez de Santos (The First Lady of Colombia)
3. H.E. Juan Carlos Pinzon (The Ambassador of Colombia to the United States)
4. Mrs. Pilar Lozano de Pinzon (wife of the Ambassador)
5. Mr. Martin Santos (son of President Santos)
6. Mr. Esteban Santos (son of President Santos)
7. Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT, Chair, Senate Foreign Relations Committee)
8. Ms. Alicia Jackson (daughter of Senator Leahy)
9. Senator Bob Corker (R-TN/Chairman, Senate Foreign Relations Committee)
10. Senator John McCain (R-AZ/Chairman, Armed Services Committee)
11. Congresswoman Kay Granger (R-TX/Chairwoman, Subcommittee on Appropriations
State and Foreign Operations.
12. Congressman Sam Farr (R- CA)
13. The Hon. Christine Lagarde (Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund)
14. Governor Terry McAuliffe (The Governor of Virginia)
15. Mrs. Dorothy McAuliffe (First Lady of Virginia)
16. The Hon. Madeleine Albright (former US Secretary of State)
17. The Hon. Gayle Smith (Administrator, USAID)
18. The Hon. Luis Alberto Moreno (President, Inter-American Development Bank)
19. The Hon. Stephen Hadley (Chair, Institute for Peace /former National Security Advisor)
20. The Hon. Thomas F. McLarty (former White House Chief of Staff)
21. General David Petraeus (former Director of the CIA)
22. Mrs. Holly Petraeus (wife of General Petraeus)
23. General Colin Powell (former U.S. Secretary of State)
24. The Hon. Carlos Gutierrez (former U.S. Secretary of Commerce/Chair, Stone Albright)
25. Mrs. Edilia Gutierrez (wife of Carlos Gutierrez)
26. The Hon. Thomas Donilon (former U.S. National Security Advisor)
27. H.E. Catherine Russell (U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for Womens Issues)
28. The Hon. Bernard Aronson (Special U.S. Envoy for the Colombian Peace Process)
29. (Former) Senator Chris Dodd (CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America)
30. The Hon. Bill Richardson (former U.S. Secretary of Energy/former U.S. Ambassador to
the United Nations/former governor of New Mexico)
31. Ms. Brooke Lange (guest of Bill Richardson)
32. The Hon. Anthony Blinken (U.S. Deputy Secretary of State)
33. The Hon. Evan Ryan (U.S. Undersecretary of State for Education and Culture)
34. Mr. Jack Leslie (Chairman, Weber Chandwick)
35. Mrs. Caroline Pech Leslie (wife of Jack Leslie)
36. Mr. Peter Madigan (Executive and Legislative Branch Strategist, Peck, Madigan,
Jones/Board Member, International Republican Institute, former Chief of Staff of BushCheney transition team)
37. Mrs. Megan Madigan (wife of Peter Madigan)

38. Mr. William R. OLeary (Head of Corporate Affairs Practice, Russell Reynolds/ former
aide to President Bill Clinton)
39. Mrs. Pilar Frank OLeary (Director of Strategic Engagement, IWMF/former Senior
Latin America Policy Advisor, Facebook)
40. Mr. Muhtar Kent (CEO of The Coca-Cola Company)
41. Mr. Steve Case (CEO of Revolution, Inc and founder, AOL)
42. Mrs. Jean Case (wife of Steve Case)
43. Mr. Al Monaco (CEO of Enbridge)
44. Mr. Roger Sant (Chairman Emeritus and Founder, AES)
45. Mr. Robert Trone (Owner and CEO, TotalWine & More)
46. Mrs. Anna Trone (wife of Robert Trone)
47. Mr. Clarke Murphy (CEO of Russell Reynolds &Associates)
48. Mrs. Whitney Andrews Murphy (wife of Clarke Murphy)
49. Mr. Jack Davies (founder of AOL International)
50. Ms. Kay Kendall (Chair of DC Arts and Humanities)
51. Mr. Stephen Scherr (Chief Strategy Officer and head of Latin America,
52. Mrs. Susan Scherr (wife of Stephen Scherr)
53. Ms. Jane Fraser (Head of Latin America)
54. Mr. Richard Frank (CEO, Darby Overseas Investments/former US Managing Director,
World Bank)
55. Dr. Irma Melo Frank (Senior Associate Dean for International Programs, Georgetown
Medical Center)
56. Mr. Carlos Julio Ardila (CEO, Ardille Lulle Group)
57. Mr. Luis Carlos Sarmiento (CEO, Grupo Empresarial Luis Carlos Sarmiento)
58. Mrs. Fanny Gutierrez Sarmiento (wife of Luis Carlos Sarmiento)
59. Mr. Carlos Alejandro Perez (Managing Director, Quadrant Capital Advisors Inc.)
60. Mr. Jarl Mohn (CEO of NPR)
61. Ms. Maureen Orth (Special Correspondent, Vanity Fair/founder of the Marina Orth
62. Mr. Luke Russert (Correspondent, NBC News)
63. Mr. Fred Hiatt (Editorial Page Editor, The Washington Post)
64. Ms. Margaret Shapiro (wife of Fred Hiatt)
65. Mr. Gonzalo Cordoba (President, Caracol)
66. Dr. Douglas Elmendorf (Dean of Harvard Kennedy School)
67. The Hon. Karen Dyman (Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy)
68. Mr. Douglas Cassell (Notre Dame Presidential Fellow Professor of Law)
69. The Hon. Jane Harman (President and CEO, Wilson Center)
70. Dr. Richard Kurin (Provost and Undersecretary of Art, History and Culture,
Smithsonian Institution)
71. Mrs. Allyn Kurin (wife of Richard Kurin)
72. Mr. Septime Webre (Artistic Director of The Washington Ballet)
73. Mrs. Ami B. Aronson (Executive Director of the Bernstein Family Foundation)
74. Mr. Louis Aronson (CEO, Discourse Analytics)
75. Admiral Kurt Tidd (Commander US Naval Forces, Southern Command)
76. Mrs. Eileen Tidd (wife of Kurt Tidd)
77. Mr. Daniel Schultz (President, Sikorsky Aircraft Company)

78. Ms. Jodi Bond (Vice President for the Americas, U.S. Chamber of Commerce)
79. Mr. William Kappaz (CEO, Dorado Group)
80. Mrs. Laura Kappaz (wife of William Kappaz)
81. Mr. Alberto Perez (Creator of Zumba)
82. Ms. Paulina Vega Dieppa (former Miss Universe)
83. The Hon. Carolina Barco (former Colombian Ambassador to the U.S.)
84. Mr. Robert Mosbacher, Jr. (former head of OPIC)
85. The Hon. Carlos Urrutia (Former Colombian Ambassador to the U.S.)
86. Mrs. Leonor Restrepo de Urrutia (wife of Carlos Urrutia)
87. H.E. Maria Emma Mejia (Colombian Ambassador to the United Nations)
88. Mr. Alberto Casas (attorney and journalist, former Colombian Minister of
89. H.E. Andres Gonzalez (Colombian Ambassador to the OAS)
90. Mrs. Ines Elvira Shuck de Gonzalez (wife of Colombian Ambassador to the OAS)
91. Mr. Roberto Pombo (Editor of Chief of El Tiempo)
92. Mr. Julio Sanchez (Editor in Chief of Radio W)
93. Mrs. Leticia Martelo (wife of Julio Sanchez)
94. Mr. Eduardo Pacheco (Chairman of Banco Colpatria)
95. Mrs. Sonia Espinosa de Pacheco (wife of Eduardo Pacheco)
96. Mr. Miguel Cortes (President of Sociedades Bolivar)
97. Mr. David Bojanini (President, Grupo Sura)
98. Cesar Caicedo (President, Colombina)
99. The Hon. Eduardo Montelagre (Attorney General of Colombia)
100. The Hon. Mauricio Cardenas (Colombian Minister of Finance)
101. The Hon. Luis Carlos Villegas (Colombian Minister of Defense)
102. Mrs. Carmela Restrepo de Villegas (wife of Luis Carlos Villegas)
103. The Hon. Maria Lorena Gutierrez (Minister of the Presidency)
104. Mr. Manuel Jose Cepeda (Attorney and ex-magistrate of the Colombian
Constitutional Court)
105. General Jorge Enrique Mora (former Commander of the Colombian Armed Forces)
106. Mrs. Gloria de Mora (wife of Jorge Enrique Mora)
107. General Oscar Naranjo (former Director General of the Colombian Police)
108. Mr. Augusto Solano (President, Asocolflores)
109. Mr. Carlos Raul Yepes (President, Bancolombia)
110. Mr. Harold Eder (President, Azucar Manuelita)
111. Mr. Martin Carrizosa (Attorney)
112. Mrs. Monica Puerto de Carrizosa (wife of Martin Carrizoza)
113. Mr. Jaime Gilinsky (CEO, Gilinsky Group)
114. Mr. Gonzalo Duran (Colombian businessman)
115. Mrs. Luz Maria Sampedro de Duran (interior designer)
116. Mr. Mike Murphy (CEO of ForestFirst)
117. Mr. Juan Carlos Echeverry (President, Ecopetrol)
118. M. Antonio Celia (President, Promigas)
119. Mr. Luis Carlos Velez (Journalist)
120. Ms. Siad Char (TV host)

Llegaron y se fueron

The Hon. Maria Angela Holguin (Minister of Foreign Affairs)

Ms. Ariadna Gutierrez (Colombian beauty queenthe almost Miss Universe)
Ms. Lina Caceres (Manager, Ariadna Gutierrez)
Mr. Diego Molano (Former Minister of Technology)
Mrs. Lizeth Gonzalez de Molano (Counselor, Colombian Government Trade Office to
the United States)

No fueron

The Hon. Gabriel Silva (Former Colombian Ambassador to the U.S.)

Mr. Sergio Diazgranados (Executive Director for Colombia to the Inter American
Development Bank)
Mrs. Paola Vergara de Diazgranados