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Grilled Fresh Jumbo Ocean Scallops

100 Portions

Sea Scallops
Sea Scallops 10 20 Ct
Butter Unsalted (to be clarified)
Pepper Powder White
Kosher Salt

35 lb
5 lbs
0.25 ea
1 ea
0.25 ea

For Saffron Risotto

Arborio Rice
Yellow Onion Chopped
Yellow Color
Garlic Peeled Fresh
White Wine
Chicken stock
Oil Olive Pure
Butter Unsalted
Arugula Fresh
Powder White Pepper

11 lbs
3 lbs
0.5 ea
1 oz
0.5 lbs
0.75 gal
3 gal
0.25 ea
3 lb
12 bu
0.05 ea
0.25 ea

For Red Pepper Butter Sauce

Red peppers
Yellow Onion sliced
Garlic whole
Thyme Fresh RTU
White Wine
Clam Juice
Chicken stock
Butter Unsalted
Chive Fresh RTU
Sherry Vinegar
Powder White Pepper

15 lbs
2 lbs
0.5 lbs
0.25 oz
1 qt
1.5 qt
1.5 gal
6 lb
6 bu
4 OZ / to taste (sharpness)
0.05 ea
0.25 ea

For Sauted Shitake Mushrooms

Shitake Mushrooms ( sliced by hand)
Garlic peeled
Butter Unsalted Solids
Powder White Pepper

4 oz
1 lbs
0.10 ea
to taste

For Green Beans

Green Beans
Butter Unsalted Solids (Clarified)
Powder White Pepper

15 lbs
1 lbs
0.001 ea
to taste

For garnish
Chervil Fresh
Herb Oil

0.5 bag
30 bu

Sea Scallops
Thaw Sea Scallops as per USPH Procedure ( it will take 24 hours to thaw it in bags).
When thawed, wash and drain the scallops - HANDLE WITH CARE.
Sort the scallops (you will find some that are broken in half, keep them aside
Line the scallops on a sheet tray with paper towels to dry them.
Portion them and keep them aside in a refrigerator to be cooked for service
When ready to cook on a heated (max temp) flat top grill, add clarified butter, the scallops and
seasoning - do not move it around with a spatula; it needs to get a nice golden color on each side,
at least 30 seconds on each side, depending on the size of the scallops, do not over crowd - after
searing on both sides it should be cooked , keep it slightly underdone.
The Scallops will be seared properly only if :
1. The scallops are patted Dry after cleaning,
2. The scallops are not overcrowded on the flat top ,
3. and enough searing time is given on each side 30 seconds each side.
After Searing / cooking on the flat top, brush with soft butter, sprinkle with Kosher Salt and flash
in the salamander slightly (5 seconds) so that they are hot.
Please cook the Scallops A LA CARTE.

Saffron Risotto with Arugula

Soak the saffron in a pan with warm water for at least 1 hour
Wash and chop the Arugula in 1- 2 inch pieces, set aside
In a tilting pan add half the amount of butter ,
Add the chopped onions, saut until translucent, add garlic until fragrant
Add the Arborio rice and saut until rice is coated with fat.
Add white wine and stir continuously, when liquid has evaporated, add hot chicken stock one 72
oz ladle at a time gradually do not add all the liquid at once
Add the soaked saffron, some yellow color and seasoning these ingredients have to be added at
this stage
Continue stirring until the rice is cooked (constant stirring the rice causes abrasion of the grains
and hence the risotto gets creamy
Check seasoning again and if needed add more.
When rice is cooked, shut off the heat, add soft butter and olive oil; transfer into pans and add the
Arugula, stir, the Arugula doesnt need to cook but needs to be soft /wilted.
Red Pepper Butter Sauce
Wash peppers, remove the stickers and apply oil, thyme, salt and pepper.
Roast the peppers and some whole garlic cloves in a very hot oven (400 f) until the skin is charred
and the peppers are soft.
Deseed the peppers, remove the skin and pith,
Dice to small brunnoise (approx 1/3 rd the quantity) and set aside (should be around 3 lbs after
The rest of the trimmings, roasted garlic keep aside for the sauce.
In a tilting pan add butter, add sliced onions and sweat until soft (as in beurre blanc), add the
white wine, reduce to 1/3rd .
Add clam juice and chicken stock.
Add the roasted garlic and pepper trimmings; continue cooking until stock is reduced to 1/3rd .
Blend using the stick blender, strain through a chinois.
Add the soft butter and emulsify, (no need to add roux, as the other ingredients have enough body)
Add Sherry wine vinegar and check seasoning again.
Place in pans for service on the line (just before service), add chopped chives to the sauce.
Sauted Shitake Mushrooms
Slice cleaned and de-stemmed Shiitake mushrooms by hand.
In a very hot tilting pan add some clarified butter, add the mushrooms, seasoning, ,soft butter and
chopped garlic - cook until soft.
When cooked, remove and place on the line for service.
Green Beans
Saut blanched green beans in clarified butter and season (pick the longest of the green beans,
and arrange them all in one direction)
Chervil Sprigs.
Finish and Presentation
Using a cutter, place 3 oz of risotto in the center of a hot, large pasta bowl.
Pour the sauce around the risotto.
Place the shiitake mushrooms on 3 sides, remove the cutter.

Place green beans over the risotto and arrange 5 scallops on top.
Garnish with a sprig of chervil.