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Rev. Paul Hurst and
Don Warren Committed
EE in Washington DC to the Sudanese People
Exciting Outreach June 11-15
Evangelism Explosion International unveiled its theme for 2007 at the annual international banquet on
March 9. The theme, “The Mission of God—Prepare&Declare” coincides with EE’s equipping ministry
and its vision of every person hearing the Gospel.

Rev. John B. Sorensen, Executive Vice President, provided an update on The D. James and Anne Kennedy
International Training Centers for World Evangelism. These centers will further the goal to prepare
people to declare the Good News. Hundreds of thousands of people will be equipped through these
training centers placed in strategic sites around the world.

2006 Accomplishments
Number of clinics held 1,080
Number of clinicians equipped 198,080

Number of professions of faith in Christ 4,971,476

Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples.
Psalm 96:3

Mark your calendars for 2008

EE’s 2008 International Banquet will be held on Friday, March 8, 2008. To guarantee you receive an invi-
tation, call 954-465-2227. If you would like to underwrite the cost of a table or be a table host. We can
also help you make those arrangements.

The Mission of God–

Prepare & Declare
This year’s theme encourages us to focus on God and not on ourselves.
The Great Commission of Jesus Christ offers us the great missionary
charter of the Church. It contains more than enough justification for
us to urge the carrying of the Gospel to every nation, people group,
and age group. We are positively instructed by Christ to evangelize the

And yet, the truth today is that more than half of the people on earth Rev. John B. Sorenson
live in a culture that has no evangelizing church at all-not one! 1.8 Executive Vice President

billion people on earth right now have never heard the name of Jesus.
How can that be?

The Church has never had more people, more talent, more resources,
and more tools to accomplish this task but we appear to be moving the
opposite way.

The mission of God does not come from the fact that there are people
who live with great physical needs (it is not people centered). The
mission of God springs from the direct command of Christ (it is God
centered). The church that neglects this mission can only do so by
disregarding the express orders of Jesus.

We in Evangelism Explosion must, by God’s grace, share the Gospel to

every nation until every person has heard. Jesus’ last command must
truly be our first concern.


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Editor: Rev. John B. Sorenson

Engaging Your Culture Content Development:
Tips and Tactics for Everyday Evangelism. . . . . . . 19 Gerry Kumpf

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EE @ TOP 10
Evangelism Explosion Textbook
in Top Ten List
The Good News Does Not
Make the Front Page With help from dozens
of evangelical leaders,
Christianity Today set out to
It may not make the evening news, but it doesn’t mean identify the top 50 books that,
over the last 50 years, have
it’s not happening. Below the radar screen of the mainline press, altered the way American
people are leading others to Jesus in great numbers. evangelicals pray, gather, talk,
and reach out.
It’s easy to think that we’re failing. But looking under the
surface and seeing what God is doing, we discover that we’re The list of 50 are books that
have shaped evangelism as
living in the greatest spiritual ingathering in the world. we see it today, landmark
In 1995, statistics indicated that 200,000 people were titles that changed the way
we think, talk, witness,
being reached for Christ daily! And today, it is much greater than worship, and live.
that. Africa, the so-called Dark Continent, has more Christians
than there are people in North America. You don’t get this news Christianity
from the media. Today’s Top
50 Books
Training those won to That Have
Christ to train yet others is Shaped
happening through EE. Evangelism
We call this publication Explosion,
by Dr. D.
Multiply because it James
is that principle, of Kennedy, was rated #10.
Dr. Kennedy joined such
multiplication, that gives us hope renowned Christian authors
to reach every one from our multiplying like C.S. Lewis, Dietrich
Bonhoeffer, and J.I. Packer.
population with the Good News.
We are to preach the Gospel to every creature. That is Christianity Today says, “This
book more than any other
The Mission of God— Prepare&Declare. book . . . gave evangelicals a
systematic way to share their
faith. It made the question,
“If you were to die tonight,
do you know for sure that
you would go to Heaven?”
standard evangelistic fare.”

Order your copy today

Call 1-888-567-3543
Evangelism Explosion Fourth
Edition $14.95
Dr. D. James Kennedy
EE Founder and President

The Kids’ EE musical, The Big Trip, was

performed for the clinicians and to more than

EE grows in Italy
Three years ago, Sister Nancy Gutierrez
was trained at a Filipino EE Leadership Clinic
in Florence, Italy. The clinic was hosted by
Assemblee Di Dio – Missione Evangelica
Filippina (ADI-MEF). She then began to train
fellow believers. Nancy’s life began multiplying
in the lives of others. Today, she has trained 1,000 people who packed the Art Hall of
more than 100 believers in Milan, Como, Hallelujah Community Church. It took a lot of
Florence, and Parma in Italy who are now EE work, but God worked a miracle, and all those
trainers. present clearly witnessed God working with us
The JIL Church in Milan has grown to through Kids’ EE in a mighty way.
more than 600 believers. On November 5, 2006, The Korean people are catching the vision
Rev. Bernard Henson, Executive Director for of Kids’ EE to transform children into spiritual
EE Philippines, had the privilege of awarding champions. The Lord will surely bless the kids
certificates to 30 new EE graduates. JIL Milan and use them for His Kingdom.
will host two EE Leadership Training Clinics in Blessings!–Pastor Samuel Cha Kids’ EE
2007. ADI – MEF will host two other EE clinics Director for Korea
in Rome.

To Marcia Ardis, Kids’ EE North Kids’ EE: new, improved, ready

America Director to roll!
Thank you for your consistent and prayerful With assistance from the Kids’ EE Advisory
concerns about the first Kids’ EE clinic in Korea. Committee and a talented group of teachers, the
We had 47 clinicians from 25 different churches new and improved Kids’ EE materials are ready
and institutions throughout Korea. From the for distribution. “Our goal,” says Marcia Ardis,
two on-the-job training sessions, we shared the Kids’ EE Director for North America, “was to
Gospel with 139 kids, among whom 118 prayed design materials that teachers will open and say,
to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. ‘We can do this.’”
The curriculum gives teachers specifics in Pastor Budmaa and his family will return
planning, preparing, setting the mood, reviewing, to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, to resume his
and teaching new concepts and scriptures. responsibilities as EE Director.
Dramas and illustrations are carefully explained Please pray for his family’s financial
so biblical concepts will be clearly demonstrated support for housing and ministry expenses in
to participants. Songs from the newly published Ulaanbaatar.
Kids’ EE Musical are integrated into each unit.
Although Kids’ EE encourages teachers
to attend workshops and/or clinics for training,
the new materials were written, formatted,
and organized for anyone to use immediately Prison EE is praising God for the
including children’s directors, Sunday school 3,413 people that made first time
teachers, volunteers, and parents who lead Kids’ professions of faith in Christ in 2006,
EE clubs in their homes. and also for the thousands of correspondence
The new Kids’ EE materials bring children Bible studies processed.
to a saving faith in Christ, ground children in their Several Prison EE students were released,
faith, and equip participants to share Jesus are reunited with family, and their local church.
with others.
Check out the new materials at

EE Director for Mongolia,

Badamdorj J. Mongol, took a leave of absence
to pursue his Bible degree from the Singapore
Bible College. After his graduation in June,

One student, Luis Mari, was a Level 4 graduate

and inmate facilitator of our English and Spanish
EE ministry while incarcerated. Prison EE
ministered to Luis for more than eight of his
20-year incarceration. During that time, Luis

translated our Level 2 training materials from

English to Spanish. Several of the men that
Luis trained are now free and involved in local
ministry in their hometowns. Luis has been
invited to join the Prison EE staff and leadership QUICK START from Youth EE
team helping to direct the Prison EE Hispanic It’s like getting time wrapped in a box.
ministries. Youth Evangelism Explosion is rolling out a new,
Please pray for Luis as he raises support, revolutionary form of training. It’s called QUICK
makes the transition, and begins his leadership START, the quickest way we know for kids to
training. start talking to their friends about their faith. It’s
Includes inmate to inmate OJT and pulpit life changing, fun, interactive, and easy to learn.
ministry. QUICK START breaks training down into two six-
week sessions.
In the first six weeks,
Prison EE stats
Taken from a survey of 31 U.S. kids learn a simplified
prisons in 2006 Gospel presentation. Once
Inmate to inmate on-the-job training students gain confidence,
we invite them back for a
Contacts made: 2,153
second six-week session
Gospel shared: 2,317 called ZOOM, where
students learn to share their faith even better.
Professions of faith in Christ: 913 For more info: 954-465-2233
(547 people prayed for assurance)

Prison EE is currently training 1,046 stu-


Do I Need a Will?
There are many common misconceptions about wills, such as
“My estate is so small,” or “Aren’t state laws adequate?,” even
“Isn’t it expensive to write a will?”
Well, actually everyone has a “will.” It’s only a matter
of whether it is a will that you helped draft reflecting your
intentions, or a “state-written will” for those who haven’t made
their own. And, can you be certain that the state, and its courts,
will distribute all your assets (including your children) to those
Please contact Gerry Kumpf for information
individuals and organizations that you would choose? In most
cases, probably not. Vice President for Ministry Advancement
Even if you have a will, is it valid? Do the arrangements 954-491-6100
you made in your original will still reflect your desires today?
Approximately 60 percent of the two million Americans
who pass away each year do not have valid wills (let alone up-to-
date with their current wishes).
When God called us to be stewards, he did so not just
while on this earth, but also when we leave this earth. If you
haven’t taken the time to get your end-of-life affairs in order,
take time to do so now. Please call or send an email requesting
the free booklet, “How to Make a Will that Works.” If you have
specific questions, please send me an email. Our Lord wants us exists to support the construction and operation
of 12 international training centers around the
all to “finish well.” That includes having a valid, up-to-date will. world to take the equipping process farther than
ever before.
My email address is
The first training centers are on the island of
Fiji, Indonesia, and Ukraine. Other locations
John’s passion is to help people prepare to meet their Heavenly may include places like China, India, Malaysia,
Father—by focusing on the eternal rewards. His life mission is Kenya, Finland/Germany, Mexico/Colombia/
to: “Equip God’s people to release God’s assets to further God’s Brazil, Jordan, South Africa, and the United
kingdom for the temporal and eternal benefit of God’s people.” States.

By John Fisher If you would like to assist in making

Director for Stewardship these training centers happen please
PO Box 23820 • Fort Lauderdale, FL 33307 contact John Fisher, Director of
Office – 954.465.2244 Stewardship, office: 954.465.2244
Cell – 954.691.5272 cell: 954.691.5272
Fax – 954.350.0996
Email –

D. James and Anne Kennedy International

Training Center for World Evangelism

Construction is well under way for the Kiev training center. This center will conduct two to three
training sessions per year including special one to two-month programs on equipping.

Individuals at the Kiev Training Center will also learn:

• How to organize high quality clinics, seminars, conferences
• How to teach different formats of EE
• Methodology of teaching, management, team building
• Master planning, finances, partnership development, theology of
Currently, there are 62 people on staff for EE in Eurasia. There are
125 clinic teachers and more then 600 others who organize EE in
local churches. Initially, the goal for EE Eurasia is to equip more then 800 more EE leaders. The Kiev
Training Center will help accomplish this goal. The building will have more then 8,300 square feet and
accommodate 70 to 80 people including a conference hall, dining room, and kitchen.

R o d n e y D . S t o r t z Imp le me n t at io n F ie ld Wo r ke r P r o ject
Number of EE churches in partnership
with field workers 2,818

Field workers in place around the globe

is 500; 350 full-time and 150 part-time

Implementation rates of local church

training, 50% increase

Implementation rate in Indonesia,

now 90%

EE local church accreditation in India–

before: 100 graduates–after: 770 graduates
Gospel Spreads Through
Tsunami Stricken Southeast Asia

Number of churches helped by EE Tsunami Field Number of churches helped by TFWs has been
Workers (TFWs) has been eight. eight In Tsunami affected areas–
In Tsunami affected areas– 11 clinics have been held
5 clinics have been held 141 people trained by TFWs
142 people trained by TFWs 139 professions of faith
338 professions of faith Goals
Goals • Produce and print all Thai EE materials; Kids’
• Local church training EE and Youth EE
at the eight EE base • Conduct one Kids’ EE Camp in northern
churches Thailand
• Vocational training • Implement three 13-week adult semesters;
• TFWs will do on-the- two in Khaolak and one in Hatyai City
job training with every • Form committee to translate EE materials
family in village not available in Thai
• During Thadingyut EE team prays with people in Myanmar “EE has played a big role in equipping
Holidays, the TFWs will leaders in
hold 5 EE clinics. these tsunami
• Follow-up clinics with Bible study program to devastated areas
disciple Christian families of this un-reached
“Through the EE Tsunami Field Worker Project, part of Thailand.
EE Myanmar is able to help those in trouble and God is indeed
those who are virtually helpless. They are very faithful in providing
thankful to you.” Kids’ EE “lifeboat” illustration presented at orphanage in Thailand all our needs
Rev. Toe Toe, through faithful
Team Leader donors and supporters. We are so grateful for
EE Tsunami Ministry Myanmar your investment to EE for work here in Thailand.”
Henry Bimmolog,

Team Leader

EE Tsunami Ministry Thailand

The Mission: Build a radio tower and equip people with the
precious Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Experience: Stone Age. Meager food supplies.

Refugees everywhere. War-ravaged environment. “It’s
hard to imagine.”
Two EE trainers, Rev. Paul Hurst and Don
Warren, are becoming more and more familiar with life
in Sudan. On numerous occasions, they have traveled
there to help further the Gospel.
During their most recent visit in October, they
also began the work to build a radio station and erect
a radio tower so that the Gospel could be heard in this
part of the world.
Before landing the plane, the pilot makes a “first
pass” to chase the cows off the dirt runway. Upon
landing on the pockmarked path, known by locals as
the “international airport,” visitors discover that more
difficult means of road travel lie ahead.
There are no paved roads, just rutted
paths snaking through the bush. It
takes a full day just to move a hundred
bone-jarring miles.
On this journey, only motorbikes
will do because paths are too narrow
for autos, and streams and rivers have
no bridges. Don and Paul regularly
transport their motorbikes by boat as
the so-called “captain” pulls a

them across the river using a cable that day of

spans the river. “It is really being generous to call survival. Don and

these water craft “boats,” says Paul. Eventually, Paul take photos

the men arrive, although somewhat weary and of water that is

bruised. “We’ll travel by whatever means it consumed by the

takes,” says Don. locals alongside of

“The culture is basically Stone Age,” Don the water they must

says. “They eat whatever they can get their hands filter and treat. Their

on.” Sometimes it’s monkey meat. Other times clear water was in stark

its termites. Refugees are everywhere due to the contrast to the local dirty,

war and this puts added pressure on an already yellow liquid. Just one sip of

meager food supply. this water is very dangerous to

All of the locals are subsistence farmers. them. The saddest fact is that many

Anything that grows in their own gardens, that of these diseases are preventable or treatable.

survives the blight of crop disease, the foraging During this October 2006 adventure, Don and Paul

of animals, and insect invasion will be their food transported mosquito nets and distributed them

source for the year. Once this food supply is gone, to hundreds of people who had never before seen

hunger sets in. one. They were especially glad to put a net into

They use wood for fuel that the women the hands of pregnant and nursing mothers. The

gather by hand. Females have daunting chance of survival for an infant/child protected by

challenges to roam the bush, often for miles, a mosquito net rises dramatically.

to gather and return home with enough fuel for Sudan is a ministry for Don and Paul,

the needs of the day. Women bear the brunt where they go to equip people with the precious

of all labor. No task is simple whether cooking, Gospel of Jesus Christ. “As a lay person,” Don

laundering, cleaning, fetching water, or bearing exclaims, “there are things I can’t do. But, now

and raising children. “They live in conditions that that I am equipped, I can train others.”

are hard to imagine,” Don says. During their trips, Don and Paul have

With virtually no health care, more than equipped hundreds of people. Many of them

3,000 children die every day from malaria. There come from more than a hundred miles to stay for

are many other insect and water borne diseases a week of training. Don conducts Kids’ EE clinics

that the people contend with. This central part of and Paul instructs pastors in Bible and Theology.

Africa is especially dangerous. Many times this training is the very first formal

In this sickening environment, each day is teaching the locals have received.

The past
35 years of war has prevented
educational opportunity of any sort. One
of the greatest blessings Don and Paul
experience are the professions of faith in Christ
expressed by local church workers and pastors.
One pastor wrote: “I praise God that He has kept me
alive long enough to hear this true Gospel of grace”.
Amidst the deprivations of war, including extreme isolation
and dangers, a large Christian community struggles to survive
physically and spiritually. “What a great joy it is to open the Word
and begin to bring understanding and to witness the work of the
Spirit among them,” Paul says.
On an earlier trip, Don trained a man named Repent. “As
hard as we tried,” Don recalls, “Repent could not learn enough
to earn his certificate.” During this October return, Don met
up with Repent. “He was so committed to learning the Gospel
presentation, that he asked someone else to train him. By the time
of our return, he had not only trained 12 others, but had taken the
Gospel into a known wicked community where witchcraft was
practiced. Their witness changed that community for Christ.”
Don and Paul will continue their ministry to Sudan. When
asked about the dangers, Paul says, “It’s something my wife
and I have discussed. But we understand that God is sovereign,
and whether I die in Sudan or in the states, God has our days
numbered. So we choose to serve Him. We do not take any undue
risks and we apply all due diligence to be safe. The hunger for
“He was so committed to learning the Gospel presentation, that
he asked someone else to train him. By the time of our return, he
had not only trained 12 others, but had taken
the Gospel into a known wicked community
where witchcraft was practiced.”

knowledge and instruction in evangelism and Bible is so great we are compelled to go.”
Don travels to Sudan at least twice a year, depending on the project needs and funding. Paul
calls him “the hardest working missionary I have ever known.” Not a minute of time is allowed to slip
by without using it for Kingdom building.
He has been able to use Kids’ EE in very creative ways to train people where literacy is low.
Because Kids’ EE is interactive adults who cannot read can learn how to share the Gospel and train
others in evangelism.
Don is the full time missionary and the leader of the trips. Paul says, “All I have to do is show
up with my suit cases.”Both men are committed to return as often as the Lord allows. Paul has been
certified as “Visiting Professor” by a seminary for southwestern Sudan. Don is beloved and has been
adopted into some of the tribes. One of the messages that struck deeply into their hearts came from a
tribal chief who has given his life to Christ. He said, “There are many from the west who come to help,
but there are very few who come back.”

“I’m a nurse by trade, and my real than a training program for knocking on doors. It is
passion is sharing the Gospel of a lifestyle of sharing our faith in everyday life. As
Jesus Christ.” a Christ-follower EE has revolutionized my way of
“EE has transformed my witnessing to the world around me.
life. I not only came into
a strong understanding “I’m a pharmacist by trade, and my
of my own salvation real passion is sharing the Gospel of
after being trained in EE, Jesus Christ.”
Stacy Gallego
but now I am equipped “As a pharmacist, I’ve developed an awareness
to share the Gospel with others. My fondest that people need help with health care related
memory was witnessing to 10 teens. Seven of needs. However, Evangelism Explosion ignited
the teens made a commitment to Jesus, one of my passion to help others in a different way. EE
which was my 11-year-old son.” has opened up my eyes to see that every person
has a deep need for God in their lives. I now have
“I’m a pastor by trade and my real the awareness to see witnessing opportunities in
passion is sharing the Gospel of everyday life and the
Jesus Christ.” ability to share my faith
“I especially enjoy effectively. I have the
sharing the Gospel confidence to tell others
with the unchurched in about the differences
our area. At Pinnacle God has made in my life
Melissa Van Sky
Church, our goal is and heart. I very much
to connect people to appreciate the EE training experience and am so
Heath Davis
God, grow them in glad that the Holy Spirit guided me to pursue EE!
Christ, and lead them to serve in ministry. EE is
the best tool that we know of for leading people
into a relationship with Christ and initiating them
into the discipleship process. EE is much more

Good News Church in America’s Oldest City

Still Spreading the News
Good News Church Committed to:
St. Augustine, Florida • Regular EE mission trips overseas
An “EE church” since its beginning in 1991 • All generations involved
Sunday church attendance: 900 • 40 certified adult EE trainers
2006: 700 professions of faith in Christ! • Gospel shared with all ages

Pastor Smiley Sturgis’ EE ministry is now in the able hands of lay leaders. Currently it is run by Ronnie
and Lynn Lester. At Good News Church, evangelism is more than
a ministry; it is a part of the culture.

Last year, Good News Church organized an EE mission trip to

Costa Rica, where hundreds of youngsters made professions of
faith in Jesus Christ. Another trip took them to Kiev to work with
Dr. Nickolay Revtov, EE Vice President for Eurasia. Good News EE Team

For every profession of faith in Christ, a flower is added to a basket that sits in front of the sanctuary.

Says Pastor Sturgis, “We see EE as more than just an evangelism tool. We use EE as a discipleship
training tool for anyone in our church who wants a deeper walk with Christ. It is more than learning
how to share the Gospel. It is a very integrated ministry with everyone growing in the process.”

We can give you a hand

>>> Witnessing Tip
Experience with youth tells us that it may be best to use the
term “eternal life” in place of “Heaven” when speaking with Chances are, there are people in your
postmodern thinkers. The reason is that youth are not typically
congregation who would like to share
tuned into the concept of or need for “Heaven.” Furthermore,
“Heaven” is a highly connotative term draped with images of the Gospel with a family member, a
clouds, angels, and harps that seem to be of little relevance to friend, neighbor, or associate. We
their lives. can give you a hand! That’s what we
do. We’ll come to your church and
“Eternal life,” on the other hand, is a more neutral concept that
is both self-defining and many times more intriguing to spiritual conduct a one-day Share Your Faith
seekers than the term “Heaven.” Speaking of the gift of “eternal Workshop developed by Evangelism
life” allows the witness to emphasize the present, daily benefits
Explosion International. Your
of life in Christ as well as the eternal..
laypeople will learn five key Gospel
points using the five fingers of their
hand. It will be a tool they will use the
Friend of Sinners rest of their lives.

Jesus has been called the “Friend of Sinners.” People were For a complete schedule of EE’s Share
drawn by His miracles and teaching, but also by the love Your Faith Workshops, or to schedule
and acceptance they found in Him. They were drawn by His one in your area, go online:
FRIENDSHIP. Are people drawn to Christ by your friendship?
One of the main reasons we do not see more people
coming to Christ is because of the bad attitudes believers EE. It Works!
commonly display toward the lost. Just ask yourself, “What are 954-491-6100
the terms we commonly use to designate those who don’t know
Christ?” We call them heathen, sinners, UN-believers, UN-saved,
UN-churched, NON-Christian, NON-believer, NON-churched, or
here’s a real positive one, LOST. How do you think people feel
about us when we refer to them as “the lost?” Can you think of
any positive terms we commonly use of those who don’t know
the Lord? Neither can I, and that’s the problem!
Suggestion: what if we change our terminology from
“lost” to “pre-Christians?” That’s positive. Or, better yet, how
about “FRIEND?” That one change would make a world of
difference! Maybe you and I would one day be honored with the
name “Friend of Sinners.”

My Story– Our Story–

Prior to taking EE, I noticed my passion In March, 2005, a group of five EE trainers from
for evangelism Immanuel Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia,
dwindling. Through the headed for Nyeri, Kenya, to help conduct an EE
encouragement of friends clinic for 28 Anglican pastors and church leaders.
and God’s leading, I went Some, who could not afford bus fare,
to a Share Your Faith walked 20 miles to attend the training. Each
Workshop. Eventually, I afternoon, we headed into the city for on-the-job
signed up for the full 13- training.
week EE course. Often groups of 10 to 15 people would
Now, God has increased my gather around to hear the Gospel
passion for witnessing. I have a renewed presentation, and the pastors
perspective. were astounded that “this really
During an EE mission trip to Fiji, worked!” Twenty people prayed
I learned firsthand about way-of-life to receive Christ that week.
witnessing. I had numerous opportunities Today, nine of the 10 churches
to share the Gospel. I shared the Gospel represented at the clinic now have
with a young Hindu girl who accepted EE, and have seen literally scores
Christ on a bus ride home. of people won to Christ!
Jesus has increased my passion and “This trip was life-changing. We were
effectiveness in sharing the Gospel and I am so touched by people joyously content with little
thankful! but the Lord. It refocused our priorities - we now
think more, pray more, and plan to do more with
Teresa McMillan missions. We are ready!”

Tom and Anita Zimmerman

Objection: “That’s OK for you, but I have my derstanding, there has been only one person who
own thoughts, religion, ideas, etc...” has seen the eternal state and can therefore speak
with authority. His name is Jesus Christ. You’ve
Best approach: Gain a hearing for the Gospel.
got to agree He was one of the greatest teachers
General Guideline: Share the Gospel in love. Do who ever lived. I’m not asking you if you believe
not try to win an argument, which seldom if ever in Him, the Bible, or Heaven, but could I just share
with you what Jesus and the Bible teach about
wins a heart.
eternal life and how we can obtain it? I’m sure it
Possible Responses: will only enhance your spiritual understanding.”
1.“That’s great. Would you mind sharing them Ask the Two Diagnostic Questions and share the
with me? And then maybe I can share some of my Gospel.
thoughts with you.”
3.“That’s great. You have every right to your own
2.“The question is, how do we know which ideas ideas and beliefs. May I ask you what you have
about religion are right and which are wrong? come to understand about the central issue of the
Suppose I said to you, “The moon has black soil Bible, which is the attainment of life eternal? What
beneath the moon dust,” and you disagreed. How in your opinion, does the Bible teach about how
would we determine who was right? The best one can obtain eternity in Heaven? I’m not ask-
way is to ask someone who has been there. Neil ing if you believe it, just if you understand what it
Armstrong could clear it up for us. Well, in my un- teaches.”

June 11-15, 2007

Join us for an exciting outreach in Washington, DC, as we join
with HOPE Ministries in evangelizing our nation’s capital.

HOPE Ministries and evangelist Dave Kistler will be holding a tent crusade
on the National Mall June 11-15. EE has been asked to help equip the
crusade workers of HOPE ministries. Training will take place Monday,
Tuesday, and Wednesday, June 9-11.

Extending the love of Christ

On Thursday and Friday, June 12-13, EE teams will take to the DC streets.
Bring your desire, your family, and your heart for the lost as we bring the
Good News to a city that desperately needs to hear the love of Christ.
For more details visit Come for one day, two days, or the entire week.
and click on EE in DC.
for more

Our Kids’ EE teachers are incredibly creative and Grounding them in their faith
energized, constantly sharing what works in their Equipping kids to share Jesus
Kids’ EE ministries. So we took their excellent ideas Kids’ EE allows participants to understand faith
and compiled them into new materials that will knock in Jesus thorugh scripture, drama, illustration, crafts,
your socks off! This is not just a cosmetic re-design. music, and discussion.
The manual alone literally has enough ideas to carry “I pray that you may be active in sharing your
you through three years of your Kids’ EE ministry! faith, so that you will have a full understanding of
Through Kids’ EE, your kids ministry will be: every good thing we have in Christ.” Philemon 6
Winning kids to Christ
Share Your Faith Workshop
Easy to learn. Fun to share. Hard to forget.

Perfect for small groups, Sunday School, and individual study.

In this entertaining three disk set Dr. Ken Silva, director of Share Your Faith Workshops, teaches the
“Hand Presentation” using personal stories and illustrations, and shows you how to incorporate your
own experiences into an effective tool for sharing the Gospel. You will learn to discern where God is
already working and how to join Him in it! Recorded live at Calvary Fellowship, Seattle, WA. Includes:

The Fisherman segment

Nine sessions-5 hours
1 Student Workbook
Harvest video

Share Your Faith Training DVDs (3-set) $69.95
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Pocket-size EE Leather-Bound
New Testament Bible (NKJV)
Back by Popular Demand!

People asked for them and now they’re back. The new EE New Testament Bible comes in an
attractive burgundy leather cover with gold lettering. In addition to Psalms and Proverbs, the EE
Bible offers several biblical helps:

• The EE Gospel tract, Do You Know??

• The history of EE
• The EE Gospel outline
• An expanded EE Gospel Presentation by Dr. D. James Kennedy
• God’s Answers for Man’s Excuses (answers to common objections)

Order yours now while supplies last!

(4” wide x 6 1/2” high)

B000 EE Leather New Testament Bible (NKJV) $19.95

Order now! 1-888-567-3543
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P.O. Box 23820
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33307


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