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Alpha Xi Delta—Delta Alpha Chapter

Spring 2010 Newsletter

Hello Alumnae!
This semester the Delta Alpha chapter has welcomed many
changes. First, we revamped our Recruitment style. We now
have two Co-Recruitment Vice Presidents to help the chapter
transition into a whole new recruitment approach and attitude.
We are already seeing the success of this new recruitment
method as we are initiating four wonderful new members on
the April 15th. Due to the change in our National Philanthropy,
we are now putting on the first AmaXIng Challenge: Karaoke
for a Cure. This is a whole new event that we’ve been working really hard on and can’t
wait to put on for the UW-L campus and La Crosse community. Another area we’ve
been focusing on is strengthening our chapter’s bonds with the Greek community as a
whole. A large portion of our members attended IMPACT this past fall, an all Greek
workshop that addressed issues and focused on our Greek system here at UW-L. We’ve
been building off what we experienced and learned at IMPACT to get more involved in
Hello Alpha Xi Delta other chapters’ events and get to know other Greeks better. Finlly, we are doing another
Alumnae! On behalf of new event this year, which is hosting our own Founder’s Day event. We are planning
Delta Alpha Chapter, I something for the 18th of April. More information to come on that, so be on the lookout.
would like to thank all of While we’ve experienced a lot of new things and changes this semester, the chapter con-
you for keeping in contact tinues to have a positive attitude and strong work ethic. The overall goal to grow and
with us and staying inte- improve as a chapter, and to challenge each member to continually strives to reach their
rested in what is happe- full potential is in the mind of each of us; everyone is playing a part to make sure this
ning with the chapter. happens. I am so proud of all of our members, and you should be too!
I also want to thank all of our advisors and alumnae looking to get involved in the chap-
Heart Sunshine, ter. We currently have more advisors than we ever have had before and some more peo-
Kelly Wendorf— ple looking for ways to help out. All of your efforts are greatly appreciated! And of
Alumnae Relations Chair course we are always looking for help, so if you want to get involved with the chapter, or
just want to stop by for a visit, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email or contact our
Alumnae Relations Coordinator, Kelly Wendorf (
Thanks again for all of your support!
Heart Sunshine,
Michelle Rudig
Upcoming Events

Our Initiation will be April 15. The Delta

Alpha Chapter is proud to be initiating four new
members: Elizabeth Charnell, Rose Edwards,
Van Ngo, and Karly Wallace. I-Week runs from
today, April 12, to April 15.
Chapter retreat is going to be on Saturday,
April 17. Sisters will spend time bonding and
celebrating our recent initiation.
The AmaXing Challenge: Alpha Xi Delta
Karaoke for a Cure, for Autism Speaks, will be
hosted by the Delta Alpha Chapter on April 30.
All alumnae are invited and encouraged to attend
the debut of our new philanthropy!

Council Reports Officers

Chapter Life: This year we have welcomed our amazing new Chapter Life Advisor Lacy Kinders At the end of 2009, we elected new
(Aukema), an alumna of our very own delta alpha chapter, and she has been an excellent resource to me officers for Delta Alpha, as follows:
and my council. This semester we recently enjoyed one of our most successful formals in terms of chapter
attendance since I initiated. We have also enjoyed many wonderful socials with the other Greek chapters
Executive Officers
on campus so far this semester. Things to look for from me and my council include a possible alumnae President—Michelle Rudig
social with our alumnae and current members in the fall. Chapter Live Vice President—Erin Kedrowski
Co-Membership Vice Presidents—Rebecca
Putzer and Angela Gill
Recording Secretary—Megan Galdes
Public Relations Vice President—Elizabeth
Financial Vice President—Molly Goedken
Programs: We’ve done some fun programs this semester including a personality assessment and a Programs Vice President—Megan Leigl
self-defense class. This semester has mainly been focused on philanthropy, launching Karaoke for a Cure Panhellenic Delegate—Megan Lorence
which will be from 5 to 9 p.m. on April 30 in the REC. If any alumnae would like to donate, sing, or par-
ticipate in any way, we welcome all of you to attend! Our Initiation is so far scheduled for April 15 which Appointed Officers
alumnae are also welcome to come to! Also, our members are currently applying for Alpha Xi Delta New Member Orientation Chair—Sarah Fender
Academic Achievement Chair—Sarah Fender
Chaplain—Danielle Prins
Membership: This semester we are proud to introduce our four new members: Elizabeth (Beth)
Marshal—Marissa Knabach
Charnell, Rose Edwards, Van Ngo, and Karly Wallace! The two Co-Membership Vice Presidents, Angela
Scrapbook Chair—Elizabeth Hitzel
Gill and Becky Putzer, have been working with Stuart Umberger to change the way our chapter looks at
Co-Philanthropy Chairs—Sarah Fender and
recruitment. We are looking forward to pinning at least one new member before the school year is out
Megan Rebout
which will put us at our recruitment goal of five from Nationals! We are also looking forward to next
Publicity Chair—Kelly Wendorf
semester and the new members that will help our chapter grow. Assistant New Member Orientation Chair—
Panhellenic: Panhel is really going great this semester. We have been busy planning our Olympic Megan Galdes
themed Greek Week starting April 26th. I have also been working to strengthen our Panhellenic bonds by Corresponding Secretary—Megan Galdes
having weekly dinners with the Alpha Phi’s to get to know each other better. We are looking forward to Historian—Lindy Lythjohan
the rest of our year on Panhel to grow as individuals within our Greek community. Ritual Chair—Jessica Costello
Financial: We ordered an awesome new flag this semester to place over by the Greek Office on cam- Social Chair—Marissa Knabach
pus, but unfortunately do not have the funds to cover it at this time. Any donations toward this would be Alumnae Relations Chair—Kelly Wendorf
appreciated. For donation information, please contact Molly Goedken, our Financial Vice President at Panhellenic Public Relations Chair—Molly Goedken
Panhellenic Recruitment Chair—Jessica
Panhellenic Treasurer—Kelly Wendorf
Panhellenic GAMMA—Lindy Lythjohan
Philanthropy Updates
This semester, we are launching The AmaXing Challenge: Alpha Xi Delta Karaoke for a Cure, our new philanthropy event, to
represent our recent partnership with Autism Speaks. The AmaXing Challenge: Alpha Xi Delta Karaoke for a Cure will be held from 5
to 9 p.m. on April 30, 2010, in the Recreation Eagle Center on the UW-La Crosse campus. Any donations and/or participation from
alumnae is encouraged and appreciated! Money will also be raised by students that pay to perform and vote for their favorite performers.
Although the national philanthropy has changed, Delta Alpha still is interested in keeping Alex’s Lemonade going. We are
planning to hold Alex’s Lemonade in the fall semesters from now on.
For more information about any of our philanthropy events, please contact our philanthropy chairs, Sarah Fender
( or Megan Rebout (

Chapter Happenings
Delta Alpha held an alumnae event at the end of the fall semester; alumnae were invited to share a Thanksgiving meal with
collegiate sisters during Thanksgiving Quill. Christmas Quill was also celebrated with our chapter picking “secret sisters” to gift.
Held overnight from 6 p.m. Feb. 5 to 6 a.m. Feb. 6, 2010, Delta Alpha participated in UW-L’s Annual Relay for Life in the
Recreational Eage Center to raise money for The American Cancer Society.
Our Spring Masquerade Formal this semester was on March 27 at Maple Grove in West Salem. We would like to thank all of
the alumnae that came out to join us: Lacy Kinders, Sarah Organist, Holly Wasko, Jessica Hurd, Jodi Lechelt, and Kristie Heinemann.

New Chapter Advisors:

Amanda Dague
Financial Advisor
Chapter: Delta Alpha
Hello, my name is Amanda Dague. I am an initiate of the Delta Alpha chapter of Alpha Xi Delta. I currently serve Delta Alpha as the Financial
Advisor. I chose to get re-involved with Alpha Xi Delta because the time I spent with AXiD as an undergraduate was an important part of my life. I chose
to join a sorority as a way to make friends and get involved on campus after I transferred from UW-Richland to UW-La Crosse. As an undergraduate, I
served the chapter as the Financial Vice President, New Member Orientation Chair, and held the position of Secretary on Pan-Hellenic Council. Following
graduation I decided to stay in the La Crosse area. When I’m not working my favorite thing to do is travel. Last summer I t ook a 2,400 mile road trip
through Michigan, Eastern Ontario, Canada, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana (including a stop at the Alpha Xi Delta National Headquarters in
Indianapolis, IN), and Illinois.

Melissa Haase
Academic Achievement & Philanthropy Advisor
Chapter: Rho, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
I am a member of Rho Chapter '95, University Nebraska Lincoln. My husband, Aaron and I moved to Stillwater after I graduated from veterinary school at
Kansas State University in 2008. I am a small animal veterinarian at Stillwater Veterinary Clinic. I love what I do and am blessed with wonderful patients.
I found relocating to a new state to be a very challenging experience. I was lucky to have two members of Rho Chapter (including a sister from my pledge class)
in the Twin Cities who were involved in the area alumnae group. I really have enjoyed participating in the local events and reconnecting with sisters from "home" as
well as meeting an amazing group of professional and successful women. I heard there was a need for some help in the local collegiate chapters. I decided to volun-
teer for the Philanthropy Advisor position after participating in the Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk. Our team raised nearly $15,000 for the Susan G. Komen Foundation
so I thought that experience would be useful to the collegiate women with Alpha Xi Delta Karaoke for the Cure. The Philanthr opy advisor position multiplied and I
am now advising for Academic Achievement as well. I figure 12 years of college gives me some experience in academia. :)
One of my favorite things about collegiate life was living with my best friends in the chapter house. We had so much fun pra nking our roommates and making
midnight runs to the kitchen to snag some our cook's amazing treats. Rho chapter has an amazing alumnae association with a large number of active members. As
collegiates, we would host events for the alums such as the Children's Christmas Party and a Homecoming Open House. Last September, my "old" roommate and I
were now the visitors to the chapter and had a wonderful time reliving our old memories.

Rachel Karpinsky
Programs Advisor
Chapter: Delta Alpha
Hi everyone! I graduated from UW-La Crosse in 2007. I joined Delta Alpha in 2004 and served as President of Panhel, Secretary and Delegate of Panhel, and
Vice President of Programs. I became Programs Advisor in late 2009 because I wanted to stay involved with Delta Alpha. I am currently a law student at Marquette
University, and I will graduate this May. My fiancé, who is an alumni of Delta Sigma Phi at UWL, and I plan to get married after graduation. I am excited to serve as
Programs Advisor and look forward to working with the ladies of Delta Alpha!
New Chapter Advisors Continued
Lacy Kinders
Chapter Life Advisor
Chapter: Delta Alpha

My name is Lacy (Aukema) Kinders. I am currently the Chapter Life Adviser for the chapter. I joined Alpha Xi Delta in Fall of 2004 and graduated from
UWL in 2006 with a BA in Psychology and Spanish. From there, I got my Master's in Social Work from UW-Madison, got married a week after graduation to
a Marine/old high school friend, and moved to California where he was stationed. He has recently separated from the service, so we're back home in Wiscon-
sin and living in the Milwaukee area while he attends school at MSOE. I was working as a social worker at an adult day health care center in California, and
am still searching for a similar position here in Wisconsin. I have always kept in close contact with my AXiD sisters, and many were in my wedding, and
continue to be the ones I rely on when I need someone today. I had lunch with my mom ("big sis"), Kristen (Mateer) Vesbach, just today as I write this, and
cannot wait to see many of my other sisters now that I'm back in the area. Alpha Xi Delta was such a wonderful part of my college life, even with the stresses
that came along with it sometimes. As an active member, I always wished for more alumna support, both physically and financially. I couldn't wait to become
the alumnae who actually attended events and help raise money for the chapter, knowing its difficulties and struggles, but also knowing the great experiences
and truly lifelong friendships that are there to be made. During my time in the chapter, I held many offices, as is necessary in our small chapter, but wanted to
be the Chapter Life Adviser because it's such an important part - maintaining the safety, as well as the FUN that we can have together as sisters. It's important
to me to bridge the gap that we've always had between the alumna and the active members of the chapter, so I'm excited to be a part of that!

Jodi (Heinz) Lechelt

New Member Orientation Advisor
Chapter: Delta Alpha

Hello! I am currently the New Member Orientation Advisor for the Delta Alpha chapter. During my collegiate Alpha Xi Delta career, I held the follow-
ing positions: Sunshine-ritual-chaplain, Panhellenic GAMMA chair, Public Relations VP for two years, Panhellenic Public Relations, and New Member Orien-
tation Co-chair. In May 2007, I graduated UW-L with a bachelors degree in psychology. In 2008, I got married and, later that year, had my son, Walter. Cur-
rently, I am a stay-at-home mother, and am also expecting another child in early fall. :)
I recently attended the chapter's spring formal. It was great to see all the current members of the chapter and catch up with the other alumni that attended.
I chose to become involved with the chapter again because I wanted to share my knowledge of sorority life and let the chapter know that you can still be
involved, even as an alumni. All in all, I hope the chapter finds AXiD to be as enjoyable as it can be with all the connections they'll make.

Becky Soderholm
Area Facilitator / Interim Chapter Advisor
Chapter: Epsilon Phi, Iowa State University

I joined Alpha Xi Delta's Epsilon Phi chapter at Iowa State University in 1997. I held many positions as an undergrad including
Chapter Life VP, Financial VP, Panhellenic Delegate, House Manager, and Philanthropy Chair. I served on Panhellenic Executive
Council as Communications Director and I was also a Recruitment Counselor.
When I moved to Minneapolis in 2003, I got involved with Alpha Xi Delta right away by serving as Membership Advisor for our
Epsilon Alpha chapter at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. I became an Area Facilitator in 2005 and have been overseeing two to
three chapters at a time ever since.
My sorority involvement has helped me become the person that I am today and I cannot imagine my life without Alpha Xi Delta. I volunteer to help other
women have similar life-changing experiences!
I have been working as a catering manager for the past 7 years and I’m currently at W Minneapolis - The Foshay, a luxury hotel located in downtown
Minneapolis. I am involved in my local Alpha Xi Delta Alumnae Association, holding the position of Collegiate Relations Chair, and I serve as Vice President
of the Twin Cities Alumnae Panhellenic Association. In 2008, I married my college sweetheart, Ryan Birkenholz, in a private ceremony (just the two of us!)
in Las Vegas.

Jen Umberger
Public Relations Advisor
Chapter: Phi, Albion College

Greetings Delta Alpha Alumnae Members!

I have been pleased to serve on the Board of Advisors for Delta Alpha for the past two and a half years and am currently advising the PR
VP. I am an initiate from Phi Chapter at Albion College in Michigan, and my husband Stuart, a TKE from UWL and I live in Hugo, MN. I
am a senior marketing manager for Cassidy Turley, a commercial real estate firm and I am a graduate student in Augsburg College’s MBA
Program. In my “spare time” I also serve as the president of the Minneapolis/St. Paul Alpha Xi Delta Alumnae Association in addition to volunteering with
Delta Alpha. I have served in advisory capacities with TKE and Lambda Chi Alpha men’s fraternities for a number of years, and it has been wonderful to
reconnect with Alpha Xi Delta where I have now met sisters from chapters across the country. If any of you are in or near the Twin Cities and would like to
connect, send me an email at

Stuart Umberger
Membership Advisor
Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity

Hello Alumnae of Delta Alpha! I am honored to serve your sisterhood as an advisor for your sorority’s membership growth team. I am a
UW-L alum 96” and a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. I reside in Hugo, MN with my spouse Jennifer (AZD Alumnae Phi Chapter);
cats Hansel and Gretel, and our St Bernard Lady Bug! I am an Administrative Faculty member at St Cloud State University and also serve as the
Fraternity & Sorority Advisor for the University. I am involved in my own fraternity and have been working with sororities for many years. As a
University Administrator, I value the importance of having strong role models; healthy support for leadership development, and contributing
back. I look forward to giving back to UWL, Delta Alpha, and supporting your amazing undergraduates.
Greek Happenings
On October 16-18, the UW-L Greek Community came together for a weekend to bond and improve
the community. The weekend was spent doing team-building activities and discussing ways to improve
unity. The weekend was lead by IFC National President, Pete Smithhisler. The UW-L Greek Community
was fortunate to have him. Our chapter advisor Becky Soderholm was also in attendance and helped with
the weekend. Thank you Pete and Becky!

Greek Service Hours

Last year, the UW-L Greek Community began a service hours initiative and as a group we volun-
teered for 2000 hours. Delta Alpha, combined with the Delta Kappa Chapter of Alpha Phi volunteered for
1000 hours.

Delta Alpha Announcements

Our chapter had the privilege of welcoming a new member, Lindy Lythjohan, in Fall 2009. This se-
mester, our chapter is growing again, and we have four new members so far in Delta Alpha.
Delta Alpha and MSPAA Received Special Thank You from Autism Speaks Regional
Walk Director
On September 26, nearly 50 collegiate members from the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse and Eau
Claire and alumnae members from the Twin Cities represented Alpha Xi Delta at the 3rd Annual Minnesota
Walk Now for Autism Speaks. Keith Graunke, Director of Midwest Regionally Supported Walk Events for
Autism Speaks, took a group photo and sent a special thank you message to our participants:
“I wanted to thank you and your sisters for attending the walk this past weekend. Between the tailgate
party and the big smiles during the walk, Alpha Xi Delta knows how to have some fun! It was a pleasure meet-
ing you and I look forward to working with you to grow the partnership between Autism Speaks and Alpha Xi
Delta in Minnesota. Again, thanks for supporting Autism Speaks.”

Delta Alpha Alumnae

At the end of Fall 2009, Kristie Heinemann graduated with a double major in Marketing and Spanish
and went Alum from Delta Alpha. Kate Paulmann also went Alum this semester. Both of these wonderful
ladies put in four years of dedication to the chapter, and we wish them the best of luck in the start of their
alumnae years!

More information will be sent out about future events whenever we find out about them. If you have not al-
ready, feel free to join the Alumnae from Delta Alpha Chapter of Alpha Xi Delta Facebook group. Also, check
out our chapter website:

Hopefully this newsletter has given you a snapshot of what has been and will be happening in the Delta
Alpha chapter. If you have any questions, please contact me at