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Chocopizz a!

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Our Project had been an excellent experience. It gave us a practical view to the Marketing plans and strategies and the various fields under it. However; none of this would have been possible without the support of certain people. Our heartiest thanks to Ms. Nidhi Gupta, Lecturer Amity School of Business and our Marketing Management subject teacher.

She had been our motivator throughout the project and led us to a direction for the successful completion of the project. Regards,

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Market Segmentation Target Market Positioning Market Needs Trends in Indian Market Market Penetration


Marketing Mix Main National Competitors Main Local Competitors

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Competitive Edge
the restaurant industry is very


competitive, the lifestyle changes created by modern living continue to fuel its steady growth. More and more people have less time, resources, and ability to cook for themselves. The percentage share held by foodservice of total consumer expenditure on food has increased from a very low base to stand at 2.6% in 2001. Eating at home remains very much ingrained in Indian culture and changes

in eating habits are very slow moving with barriers to eating out entrenched in certain sectors of Indian society.. The growth in nuclear families, particularly in urban India, exposure to global media and Western cuisine and an increasing trends. number of women joining the workforce have had an impact on eating out


Sara Foods Pvt Ltd is an Indian based company. Its joint called chocolate fantasy is a medium sized fast food corner with over a 300 outlets across the country offering a wide array of food

products with a unique blend of chocolates and fresh fruits. Founded in 2003 it has fast picked up with the youngsters and is very popular amongst them. Over the years chocolate fantasy has tried to make food that has chocolate as its essential ingredient and thus, is always a paradise for chocolate lovers. It rose to fame with the launch of its product called choconuts in the year 2004 and now yet again it plans to bombard the market with another dynamic product called chocopizza.

From the makers

of the famous choconuts here comes another innovative product called chocopizza. The chocopizza is a product with a pizza base with hot chocolate sauce as its layering on top with fresh seasonal fruits as its toppings served with crushed sugar as seasoning. The idea is to tickle the taste buds of people who have a sweet tooth. Though our product is very sweet however, it should not be completely taken as a sweet dish. Since, the fruits would be seasonal; we are trying to keep a balance in the nutrition quotient of our product. We do understand the importance of healthy eating and belonging to the fast food industry there is a general notion of it been unhealthy

as most fast food products are processed. However, we are introducing a new way of making a chocolate pizza. Our pizza would be of a batter which has the right nutritional ingredients like vitamin A and vitamin B and has an adequate amount of protein and besides chocolate ( which according to many studies show is good for health ) would have fresh seasonal fruits which again is a way to inculcate a taste in the youngsters for fruits. The company wants to bring a change in the mindset of the Indian consumers that pizza can only be in the cheesy or spicy form. Since pizzas are a craze amongst the

youngsters they wish to innovate around it and cater to the constantly changing demands of the youngsters. Youngsters define the present youth’s energy who are dynamic and would not settle for anything but only the best and hence the product has been made to cater to those very individuals. Our product is very different as it is a concept which has been explored yet by any fast food chain at the moment. Since the product is using ingredients like chocolate and seasonal fruits which on an average should be consumed by every 7 people out of 10, hence the chances of it becoming popular with the masses is very

high. Being the pioneers in working with chocolate products we see our consumers have an instant liking to it. Also, the product has been designed in a way that it suits the budget of the youngsters. Easily affordable and good to taste is what our consumers expect from us and its something which is the company has been successful in providing. Keeping in mind that our competition offers products with chocolate as well, however we have an advantage of serving it in a completely different form. Ice-creams, everyone be has cakes, pastries, chocolate to the doughnuts pizza is however adding

something which only chocolate fantasy would serving thus product’s uniqueness.







establishments serving different kinds of fast food products around India has shown a significant growth in this sector. Food spending is around 56% of total consumer expenditures in India, and consumer spending on leisure and

recreation made up of 13% of total consumer spending. A much broader appeal exists for weekend slots because those are the days when most of our core target market enjoys the out going activities. Age - Youngsters, single, currently enrolled in college and high school. Family unit - We will also appeal to families (young families) with children. Gender - We will target both sexes, with a slight skew for females due to their longing for chocolates. Income - We will appeal to the medium income individuals. MARKET SEGMENTATION We are targeting young Indians as our primary market segment. Due to heavy extra-curricular

activities among India’s youth, it is common for high school or college students to have lunch at fast food corners, and not at home. limited budget. Also being already established in the market and having created awareness for ourselves, chocopizza is something which will be an instant success with this market. Kids also constitute a part of the primary market segment as they are usually keen for any variety of sweets especially chocolates and they would be willing to try any kind of food product with a dash of chocolate sauces. Our secondary market segment is the "Working Indians." With so many shopping malls in the vicinity, working groups usually tend to flock around fast food joints for refreshments between the office hours as they have long This also tends to conform to their pocket money &

working hours and cannot afford to spend oodles of money for having food at expensive restaurants everyday. TARGET MARKET Chocolate fantasy with its product chocopizza intends to cater to the bulk of teenagers and youngsters in India. We have chosen this group for several important reasons. Our target market from the early days has always been young people as we always want to infuse a spirit of freshness in the market like the youngsters do to a generation. We believe that the age group from 15 to 25 is the primary age where brand building efforts could take place. They are on limited or fixed incomes and seek a value/price relationship that will not stretch their budgets.

Our secondary target is between the ages of 25 and 37, which are a heavy lounge/restaurant user group. They are more flexible in budgets and seek more than a value/price relationship

POSITIONING Our main focus in marketing will be to increase customer awareness in the surrounding community. We want to position the product as an interesting one with an inevitable taste and easy to the pocket of the consumer. Also, our product would be extensively branded as mentioned above through various media channels stressing on the product being a never before tried concept.

A recent Consumer Trend and Analysis identified the following needs among our target markets. Our core group:  Wants variety and flavor in its food  Looks for speed of service  Wants an entertaining and fun experience  Insists upon a clean, friendly, and attractive environment  Adopts a global lifestyle  Enjoys eating out  Has an active lifestyle  Comes from various ethnic background

Marketing to children: fast food outlets in India targets children as their major customers. They introduce varieties of things that will attract the children’s attention and

by targeting children’s they automatically target their parents because Children’s are always accompanied by their parents. Low level customer commitment: Because of the large number of food retail outlets and also because of the tendency of customer to switch from one product to other, this industry faces low level customer commitment. Value added technology services: There is continuous improvement in the technology as far as fast food market in India is considered. The reason behind that is food is a perishable item and in order to ensure that it remain fresh for a longer period of time. Attracting different segments of the market: Fast food outlets are introducing varieties of products in order to cater to the demands of each and every segment of the

market for all age, sex, class, income group etc.

Our strategy is based on serving our markets well. We will first launch our product in the market as a "market tester" that could become a model of the expanding number of outlets in the future. Concentration will be on maintaining quality and establishing a strong identity in the local market.

Market Penetration Being an established brand in the market and known for quality food that we serve, it would not be difficult for our new product to penetrate the market.

All our outlets would be serving chocopizzas and despite regional tastes and preferences the product will integrate all local preferences however while retaining its actual intended taste.


Our food products are an epitome of variety as we offer something completely new to the market with a wide array of choices to the customers. Chocopizza is an innovative product with a unique blend of chocolate sauces and we let the customers choose their own flavor of chocolate sauce as well as fruit toppings.

Our products conform to the highest-quality standards. We take utmost care of sanitation. The fruits we use are perfectly fresh and we make sure those stale food items are discarded off on a daily basis.

The design of our products is tailored to be able to attract our target consumers such as kids and teenagers who have a craving for chocolates and also induce trial among consumers who usually keep away from them. Chocopizza is nothing less than a mouthwatering treat for our customers with its unique taste and attractive appearance almost like in a chocolate heaven.

One of the most outstanding features of our product is the special blend of chocolate in every food product we offer. Everything that goes into its making is freshly prepared as in the case of chocopizza. Moreover the variety of chocolate dips we offer is an absolutely out-of the world experience for our customers.

The product will be priced at Rs. 50 in the market for all consumers and all states. The per unit cost of the product will be Rs.12 with the help of mass production.

Sara Foods will be outsourcing the marketing and promotional activities to P.R. Firm like

McCann Ericson. Outsourced firm would be handling the advertising of choco pizza on national basis through television, radios, banners etc. Internal Promotion would also be taking place through the current outlets itself.

We would use advertisement to develop attitudes, create awareness, and transmit information in order to gain a response from the target market. The media vehicles we would be using are radio, newspaper, billboard, mobile and accounting for a small portion would also be internet advertising. Initially we will get the customers attuned with our product and then we would eventually introduce attractive discounts and offers.

Sales promotion:

We would use extensive sales promotion for the initial stage in order to induce trial and attract more no. of consumers. We will be distributing in-store discount coupons to our visiting customers along with attractive weekly offers. We would also be offering free merchandise to our customer such as toys for kids, etc

We would sponsor events such as cultural fest in universities and schools, to get a little extra coverage from the target audience.

We have our own 300 outlets across the country through which we will be offering the product. It’s not distributed through distribution

channels since it’s not a packed food item but a fast food which is cooked at the time of order.

Competition for the fast food industry is always very strong. For it doesn’t take too long for someone else to copy your concept and make it popular as well. However, the secret to win the consumers and establish as well retain yourselves in the market is by constantly upgrading your product but maintaining the price so that the consumer doesn’t get a chance to find a flaw in your product. Being a fast food chain, we have to see that we maintain the same quality and standard as well as tastes of our products across all outlets in the country.

For the new product –chocopizza we have to see that the product is supplied as per demand and the packaging and serving is attractive. It is said in marketing, a product gets only one first impression. Thus, we have designed the packing, the look of the chocopizza in such a way which would generate a curiosity in the product. Our main competitors would be all bakeries and cafes serving items with chocolates. For example bakeries and coffee shops in five star restaurants have chefs constantly innovating and hence they come up with very unique different sweet dishes. Also, pizza houses like dominoes and pizzahut two mncs could pose a threat as they too deal in the pizzas and have a huge market base and


Major players in fast food are:

MCDONALDS - McDonald's Corporation is the world's largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, serving nearly 47 million customers daily. KFC - primarily sells chicken in form of pieces, wraps, salads and sandwiches. While its primary focus is fried chicken, KFC also offers a line of roasted chicken products, side dishes and desserts


DOMINOS PIZZA - Domino's Pizza is one of the biggest and fastest growing international food joints. The very first Domino's Pizza outlet in India opened in Jan, 1996 at New Delhi. Today, Domino's Pizza India has become a wide network of

Pizza delivery and food chain. There are close to 220 outlets in 42 cities of India and the brand is the top most among the food delivery business.

COFFEE DAY - Café Coffee Day is a chain of coffee shops in in India having its headquarters Chikkamagaluru,

Karnataka, commonly known as Coffee Day or CCD. The cafe chain has had much success riding, and to some extent creating, the cafe culture wave that swept across metropolitan India following strong economic growth resulting in an increase in youth spending power.

BARISTA - Barista Coffee is a chain of espresso bars in India. Headquartered in Delhi, Barista currently has espresso bars across India, Sri Lanka and the Middle East.

The main reason behind the success of the

multinational product quality




expertise levels they

in and

development, standards, a

sourcing service that


standardized operating procedures in their restaurants, strength have developed over years of experience around the world. The home grown chains have in the past few years of competition with the MNC’s, learnt a few things but there is still a lot of scope for improvement.

KHAN CHACHA – It started as a small eatery. Today, Khan Chacha is quite famous for its kebabs and rolls and is a hot BIG CHILL – it is an Italian café located near khan chacha and is one the city’s loved café. It offers a wide variety of pizzas, pastas, cakes. Etc and is a common destination for


 Our unique dipping sauces blend local taste and international into one fusion recipe  Enthusiastic and friendly staff  Supporting merchandise items that support company's brand building.  Our products are 100% fresh.  Innovative presentation and food products will position us at the same level with foreign fast food franchises.


To succeed in this business we must:

 Create a unique, innovative, entertaining menu that will differentiate us from the rest of the competition.  Control costs at all times, in all areas and implement a conservative approach to growth policy. Although, we provide more than enough fund to open more than one outlet, we want to be on the safe side of the business.  Sell the products that are of the highest quality, as well as keeping the customers happy with all of our product categories from food to store merchandising.  Provide 100% satisfaction to our customers and maintaining the level of excellent services among other competitors.