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USB2.0 flash media controller



The program is for SMI SM320s Mass Production Tool can test up to 16 device at once, but
need on Windows XP or Windows 98 (suggest use win98, to avoid the USB time out problem)
Test Steps:
In Win98, it needed install driver firstly, please run setup98factory.exe to install Win98 driver,
then run sm320testB.exe for test program.

(A)Scan USB
Scan how many devices had been connected to USB, and determine how many device
want to test at once. It only needs to scan once after testing, the green box showed the
device is connected to PC or not.
(B) Setting
Password is 320, It will allowed the user to changed CID information.
Select load a ini file, which located in the same directory.
1. Applications: Choose one of the (1)Card Reader (2)MemoryBar
2. VID: Set the USB Vendor ID
3. PID: Set the USB Product ID
4. bcdDevice: Set the users USB Device ID version
5. Serial Number: Select no serial number or 20 bytes of serial numbers.
6. Vendor Str: Set the Vendor Information 20 bytes
7. Product Str: Set the Product Information 20 bytes
8. Begin serial: Set the First serial number
9. End serial : Set the last serial number (count to this number start button will be disable)
10. Inquiry Vendor: Inquiry Vendor String 8 bytes
11. Inquiry Product: Inquiry Product String 16 bytes


12. System CLK: System Clock 1:30MHz 0:15MHz
13. SD CLK: SD Clock 1:30MHz 0:15MHz
14. Enable ISP Select: To manually select download ISP file name (default auto selecting)
15. Disk Type: Set the USB Disk type to USB-ZIP or USB-HDD
16. Test Result Flash: The ICON will flash or not (UI) as the LED flashing
17. USB Power: Set the USB max power 100mA or 500mA
18. Bad Block: Set the allowed Bad Block number, if bad block number then test will fail. The
maximum bad block is 20 of 1024 blocks.
19. How many card: Set how many Flash Card format for card reader function. If Memory
Stick, Secure Disk and MMC are supported, then put number 3.
20. Pretest Time:(1) NO R/W test (2) have R/W test only do 0x55 (3) have R/W test do 0x55
and 0xAA
Test Item
1. Pretest: initial SM320 controller and Flash, after initial will erase entire Flash memory.
2. Write CID: Write Config Information.
3. DownLoad ISP: download ISP file to Flashs reserved memory.
4. Copy Compare: Load testpattern.bin file to do Copy-Compare.
5. Format: high level FAT format.
Note: For Card Reader application not need the test item 1, 3, and 5.
All item selected, then click ok , will save to original ini file. If click fSave To File will save
to another ini file.

Ver2.0-December 2003



(C) Begin Test

1. After Scan USB and Setting to start testing procedures.
2. Click START button ,
3. If test pass, it will show OK , otherwise will show FAIL
4. After test completed, it will show flash size on box (Card Reader will not show)
5. Status Bar will also show the test count, pass , and fail counter




(D) ReadCID
1. Clickthe Box button will display you select device setting

Ver2.0-December 2003



1. Win98 Scan no USB, please check device manager for SMI 320 Factory Driver




2. Fail device: if Pass device will LED will flash, otherwise is failed.

MemoryBar+Card Reader Test (only can run on Win98)

Need set item 1. Application: select MemoryBat+Card Reader
2. How many Card : set how many card , if your can plug-in SD,MMC,MS
then set 3 , if only MMC type then set 1 .

Begin Run:
Step 1: Please dont plug-in any Flash card, then push START button
Step 2: When test to Copy compare item, the right corner will appear the following message,

Ver2.0-December 2003


Step 3:plug in one Flash card
Step 4:when the card test completed, the following message will showed,

Step 5:plug out card , then plug-in next card

Step 6: when test complete all card it will show result