Fiinovation : Gender biased mentality in India

The new reports of World Bank suggest that in the last decade India has shown a tremendous
growth and has been able to reduce poverty. Another report by United Nations Development
Programme also solidifies that in the last 15 years India has been able to double its GDP form
$2,522 (PPP) in the 90's to $5,497 between 2000 to 2014. The rapid growth has also boosted
India's Human Index Value from 0.462 to 0.609 in these 15 years. Fiinovation believes that
these are mere numbers and numbers can be manipulative. The development in figures look
good, but the true assessment of over all growth should be the reach of the progress in different
section of the society. Is the growth reaching out to all the section of the society, that is the
The development Index also tells a story of inequality in the Indian society. As per the study if
the development of women is studied alone, India will then slide down to 30 places in the
Human Development Index created by UNDP. Gender base discrimination is not new for India.
Fiinovation believes that one of the long practiced ill habits in Indian society has been the
inferior treatment given to the women. Fiinovation that women in India are dragged back by
the poor education facilities and lower job opportunities as compare with the educational
facilities available for men and comparatively high salaries in work. Fiinovation that the
conditions are worse in the rural areas where women don't even have access to primary
education and are forced to get married before the age of 18, apart form this the health facilities
provided to the women are far from satisfactory, all these factors hinders the progress of
women in the society.
However, the conditions have improved over the years, especially in the urban areas and well
connected towns. But when compare with the development of men the development of women
is very slow.
How can we think of a shining and developed India when half of its population is not getting
the ample opportunities to grow. It is high time and strict measures should be taken to ensure
that women are kept side by side with men in the development process. The society will get
developed completely when the women in our country will get due respect and opportunities
that they deserve. The corporates have a big role to play in uplifting the women workforce in
the country. The companies under their CSR initiative should establish schools and training
institutes for women. Apart from these measures, campaigns should be done to spread
awareness about the rights of women in the society and the need of educating the girl child for
the betterment of all.

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