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Gestamp Wind incorporates 152 megawatts into operation

Belgium, Poland and Brazil, are the countries where Gestamp Wind has
set into operation 7 new wind farms that have meant an investment of 170
million euros.

Gestamp Wind is currently building 216 MW in Turkey, Belgium and Brazil,
that will be operational before September 2016.

Madrid, 12th of January of 2016. Gestamp Wind has set into operation seven new
wind farms during the past month of December, reaching a total power of 152
megawatts (MW) divided into seven wind farms in Belgium, Poland and Brazil.
Poland’s project is the first one in the country.
Currently Gestamp Wind is also developing 216 MW of wind power that will be in
operation before 2016 in Turkey, Belgium and Brazil; the wind farm of Yahali, of 82.5
MW in Turkey, the wind farm of Beaumont, of 12 MW in Belgium, and five new wind
farms in Brazil sum up 106 MW, and will enter operation during the first nine months of
Gestamp Wind is also present in United States, Mexico, Turkey, Europe and South
Africa and counts with a total of 684 MW in operation which, with the projects in
development, will reach 900 MW in September of 2016.
The 7 new wind farms now set into operation, have meant a total investment of 170
million euros and will generate more than 640,000 MWh/year.
The wind farm built in the community of Feluy, in the region of Wallonie, Belgium,
counts with 14.25 MW of power and has 7 aero-generators of 2.05 MW of power each.
In the region of Swietokrzyskie, in Poland, 10 MW have been installed, made up of 5
aero-generators of 2 MW of power each.
In the regions of Serra Santana, Pelado and Lanchinha, located northeast of Brazil, in
the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Gestamp Wind has installed and set into operation
128 MW, corresponding to 64 aero-generators of 2 MW of power each one.
Dionisio Fernández Auray, Gestamp Wind’s CEO, stated that “The Company continues
with its expansion plan, which will allow us to end 2016 with 900 MW of wind power
installed”. He also added: “The 152 MW that we are now setting into operation and the

216 MW that we will finish developing before this year’s September, will allow us to
achieve an EBITDA of more than 112 million euros in 2016”.
About Gestamp Wind
Gestamp Wind (, wind project developer and producer of
electricity from wind power, is specialized in the development, construction and
operation of wind farm projects in Europe, Brazil, USA, Mexico, Turkey and South
Africa. Gestamp Wind is one of the leading companies in the wind energy business and
integrates vertically the development, construction and operation of wind farms. The
company has more than 680 MW in operation with the goal of ending 2016 with a total
of 900 MWs, as well as an advanced projects portfolio of over 1 gigawatt (GW) in the
different markets in which it operates.