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You are about to experience the powerful benefits of InnaPeace. But before you start...
Challenge yourself to 10 minutes of being, not doing. Why 10 minutes? The demo track is a
10-minute slice of the program’s first track: 7 minutes of entrainment plus a little extra time to ease
you into it and back out. 10 minutes of being can change your life. Our society is all about doing,
and doing it fast. Meditation is the antidote to doing. The irony is, sometimes you achieve more
by doing less! You will want to get the full experience of the demo, so don’t dilute it by focusing
your energies on your to-do list. Just for 10 minutes.
For best results, don’t sit at your workspace or your computer unless you can *promise* yourself
that you will not touch the keyboard even once and you will not do anything except relax and fully
experience the dramatic effects of the demo track.
You do not have to be an experienced meditator to experience the benefits of listening to the
InnaPeace demo. All you need is 10 minutes of quiet time and a willingness to let go of
stress. Before starting, get comfortable, close your eyes, take several deep breaths. Then, push
PLAY. The technology will quickly transport you into a tranquil, meditative state.
Important: To achieve optimal results with your free demo track, don’t use audio equipment
that has extra bass or graphic equalizers, or the tracks will not be effective. Also, please do not
drive, operate machinery or engage in any activity that requires your attention, while listening to
brainwave entrainment tracks.


you may wish to alternate listening to the track with and without headphones to experience the track’s benefits both ways. emotional and mental benefits you will reap. relax and “be.Although the use of headphones is not required. When you have a few moments . You have just opened the door to your own highest potential! We invite you to sit back.S. The effects are almost immediate. but the more time you spend in peaceful serenity. Keep the volume quiet enough to create and maintain a tranquil atmosphere. Sit in a comfortable position.” P. How to listen: 1.we encourage you to read the full report. and experience We recommend giving yourself at least 7 days to experience the full benefits of the demo track. Let the world spin on its merry way. in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed 2. Press PLAY 3. It will still be there when you are ready to hop on again! We at the Brainwave Research Institute are confident you will be impressed with the depth of relaxation. Listen. to find out how meditation and InnaPeace brainwave entrainment technology will rocket you to your ultimate potential! INNAPEACE REVEALED . peace and mental clarity that even this short demo gives you.after you have experienced the demo track . Take time for yourself. the more physical.

read this entire report. better health and much more! This is an exciting and important step in your personal growth.INNAPEACE REVEALED YOUR SECRET SUPERPOWER FOR SUCCESS & HAPPINESS Welcome to the InnaPeace experience! You are about to embark on a marvelous journey of selfdiscovery and inner peace. »» Why is meditation so hard… or is it? INNAPEACE REVEALED . I’m thrilled that you have chosen to give yourself the benefit of trying the InnaPeace free 10-minute demo track. You’ve set your intention to experience life in a more peaceful and meaningful way – so let’s keep that momentum flowing by utilizing the most powerful transformational tools known to mankind – meditation. Meditation »» What is meditation? »» Why meditate? The many varied. profound benefits of meditation. but for BEST results. You are about to unleash your highest potential! Here’s what you will learn in this in-depth exclusive report: 1. You can look forward to better relationships. and I would like to be the first to congratulate you on taking it. fear and worry and full of tranquility. and InnaPeace brainwave entrainment! You may listen to your demo track immediately after reading the Quick Start Guide. You have opened the door to expanding on your own innate talents and gifts and your normal state of being is free of stress. happiness and clarity of thinking. greater self-confidence and self-esteem.

with no special skills or training. What you can expect if you continue with the program 7. how brainwave states affect you. »» What is Brainwave entrainment? »» The benefits of brainwave entrainment: How brainwave entrainment allows you to experience the full benefits of deep meditation in just minutes a day.2. »» The InnaPeace difference.Your Secret Superpower 4. How to listen to your free demo: 7 steps to inner peace INNAPEACE REVEALED . 3. What you can expect from the demo 6. Brainwave Entrainment (BWE) »» Brainwave states and what happens at each level of brain activity. How to get the most from your free demo track 5. Whole Brain Thinking .

powerfully transformational meditation techniques that will make meditation – and a quiet mind – enjoyable and I hope you will read through this report so that you maximize your experience. In today’s constantly noisy and increasingly fast-paced world.” When you learn to control your thoughts and emotions. Why Meditate? Apart from the spiritual benefits of peace and unity. However. emotionally stable. Meditation is easy to learn. sound. These and other personal growth topics are discussed in greater detail as you progress through the program. word. Your life becomes stress-free. trance-like state of unity with God and/or all that is. I feel that you should know what benefits you can expect from your free InnaPeace demo track . and gently but diligently coaxing the mind back to that focus every time it wanders. but it can take a lifetime to master. peaceful. meditation is the perfect antidote to stress and “busy-ness. meditation is a form of mental mastery. For beginners. INNAPEACE REVEALED .MEDITATION What is Meditation? Meditation has been used for thousands of years primarily as a spiritual practice of quieting the mind and turning one’s focus inward. a quiet mind can be elusive but as you progress through the InnaPeace program. the InnaPeace support team will share proven. the mind becomes still and the internal chatter is replaced by peace and clarity. you are able to regulate how situations impact you. shutting out the worries of the world and entering a profoundly relaxing. and happy. calm. mantra or prayer. Eventually. Meditation is the act of focusing the mind on an object.

INNAPEACE REVEALED .Modern science has found that the benefits of meditation are incredibly varied. unfulfilled lives. it causes chemical changes in the brain that negatively affect your physical. How do most people deal with stress? Unfortunately. The “substance” approach (whether prescription. In many cases. Meditation: »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» Decreases stress* Increases focus and concentration Increases creativity and problem-solving ability Accesses intuition Increases memory Improves sleep Improves health in many ways Helps with behavior modification (erasing bad habits) Develops mental mastery Increases mental capacity and sharpness Increases sense of unity with others and the world Increases compassion Increases ability to manage pain without medication Opens you to new perspectives Increases self-awareness Develops patience Refreshes the brain. alcohol and drugs. Research has found that most illnesses and disease are linked to stress. Stress is the number one killer. strains relationships… …and stress causes dreams and goals to be shelved and forgotten. but if it’s not released. eliminates mental fatigue Promotes inner peace and tranquility …and many. with medicine. and the impact of stress spans across all areas of life. mental and emotional state. cumulative stress causes people to resign themselves to miserable. Stress leads to hasty and emotional decision-making. This is unfortunate because the relief is only temporary. many more marvelous benefits! *Stress is normal.

But there is an answer to stress: meditation. Meditation helps you see beyond your automatic emotional response to a situation. You become the eye of the storm – you develop grace under pressure and a new way of facing life’s challenges. This is a scientific fact! Meditation helps you develop a new perspective. INNAPEACE REVEALED . The answer is: any kind of meditation is beneficial! If you’re put off by the idea of technologicallyassisted meditation. he would gladly use it! Now. you develop the ability to consciously create your life. but even that does not take care of the cause.although even the Dalai Lama has said that if there were an easier way to achieve a deep state of meditation. what led you to explore the practice of meditation. You can improve your physical. then this program isn’t for you . there is. You’ll develop the ability to master your thoughts and deliberately choose a completely different way of perceiving situations and responding to them. mental and emotional state. or way of seeing the world. In meditation. People who meditate lead happier. you will come to understand that it is your reaction to an event that causes the stress. You may have heard of the benefits of meditation. Exercise is a great way to relieve stress. And you’ve found it! So – back to what brought you here… your intuition. Meditation is the key to personal achievement and success! Think about what prompted you to look for answers – and specifically.over-the-counter. You can get off the stress treadmill and enjoy life to its fullest. With awareness comes the ability to change… You can take back your life. healthier lives. In other words. but you may be unsure whether you will be able to do it and whether this is the right program for you. Looking at your own problems and issues from a different perspective opens you up to creative ways of problemsolving that you would have missed otherwise – and it opens your eye to the limitations you’ve created for yourself. alcohol or any drug) does not address the underlying cause of stress.

have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.Donna Karan (fashion designer) Are you being held back by your thoughts and your emotions? Are you struggling with unwanted habits? Do worry and stress consume your waking and sleeping hours? Your intuition was correct. . Meditation can help! Meditation is often the catalyst to personal transformation. daily exercise and enough sleep… and if you want to take your life higher.Steve Jobs One of our greatest gifts is our intuition. Don’t be trapped by dogma . .we just need to learn to tap into and trust it. If your dreams are on hold. . Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.Albert Einstein Your time is limited. teaching from within. or INNAPEACE REVEALED . meditation is the secret superpower of successful achievement of your dreams and grand goals. Intuition is something that you will develop during meditation. It is a product of the right brain hemisphere’s extra-sensory (meaning outside of the senses) ability to guide you. you will find it easier and easier to access your intuition.a lot. There is only the way of intuition. And most important. The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery.or in-tuition literally means. which is helped by a feeling for the order lying behind the appearance. As the InnaPeace technology synchronizes the two hemispheres of your brain.Albert Einstein The only real valuable thing is intuition. Intuition transcends the limits of logic. You’ll experience the greatest benefits by incorporating meditation into creating a healthy lifestyle including good nutrition. Is intuition only for the mystics? No! The greatest thinkers and entrepreneurs of the world use intuition . It is a sixth sense we all have .which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. It does not rely on information from the physical senses. .Are you comfortable listening to your intuition? Intuition .

It is a very potent discipline of mental. and no. achieving an altered state of being. it can be very frustrating until you get the hang of it. Buddhist monks – arguably the masters of meditation – spend many hours every day meditating: focusing on quieting their mind. and complete self-control that you need to achieve anything your heart desires. then you can leave the spirituality out of it and focus solely on the benefits to the mind and body. physical and emotional mastery. from meditation. get the self-confidence. I can!” Imagine if Steve Jobs had said “I can’t…” Now imagine what you can accomplish… if you believe you can. mental mastery. Which begs the question… why don’t more people meditate? The main reason people shy away from meditation is that for many people. Want more information about the benefits of meditation? Click here. it transcends the spiritual into the realm of the secular. Other reasons are that it takes a long time to master. Yes. you will confidently say.. you can. If you don’t want to. This mastery takes many years to develop. That’s not realistic for most of us! INNAPEACE REVEALED . “I can’t. and that it takes time to practice. While meditation is an integral part of most of the world’s religions (prayer can be considered a form of meditation). it’s considered a religious ritual. If you were to go about meditation in the traditional way. “yes.still merely wishes. Why is Meditation So Hard… Or Is It? Meditation offers so many benefits.. If you want to make meditation a spiritual experience.” Soon. Meditation helps you get to the root of all of the reasons why you have ever said to yourself.

its capabilities and how to improve them. You don’t have to meditate for long.. I’m glad you’re curious about your brain. you naturally acquire this skill. In fact. You don’t have to master focusing your mind. You may find that as you progress through the program.Meditation can be the perfect answer for many of your problems – and you don’t have to devote many hours or even years to mastering the technique. fun and easy to fit into even the busiest schedule.. the main tracks are only 30 minutes long. without any effort or special skills on your part. And tangible changes in your life will happen very quickly. although you will probably find that meditating with InnaPeace is so enjoyable that you will want to make time to meditate for longer! The beneficial effects of deep meditation are yours to enjoy in just 7 minutes of entrainment. Technology has made it possible to achieve the same benefits of meditation as someone who has been dedicated to the practice for decades! InnaPeace brainwave entrainment technology makes meditation simple. you will experience some changes almost immediately. just from the short demo track! But these benefits are only the tip of the iceberg… You are probably wondering just how brainwave entrainment works and why it’s so effective. This is our passion at the Brainwave Research Institute and we are honored to share our passion with you! INNAPEACE REVEALED .

you will need to go much deeper into meditation to achieve this indescribably blissful state on a regular basis. deeper into the intuitive and illuminating Theta phase. also called the “feeling of blessings. INNAPEACE REVEALED . which positively affects another… it’s an upward spiral! Meditation takes you out of the high-strung Beta state into the more tranquil Alpha state. This is a fascinating look at the range of activity that our brains are capable of.” This is not a state that is easily achieved through traditional meditation – it takes many years to master. and the mental and emotional states associated with each brainwave state. and deeper still into healing Delta. it multiplies them. You can achieve this euphoric state every day as you progress through the InnaPeace program.BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT Brainwave States and How They Affect You The following chart shows the activity levels of the brain. Although you may experience great feelings of joy and contentment as you listen to your demo track. The descriptions give you an idea of the benefits to expect when you push PLAY! If you love the demo – and I’m confident you will – then you should know that time spent meditating doesn’t add up your results. Gamma state of euphoria. Improvement in one area enhances another. What’s really fascinating is that very deep meditation and highly focused concentration brings the brain back up into the extremely fast-vibrating.

is a method of synchronizing brainwave frequencies to an external stimulus such as a sound or light. INNAPEACE REVEALED . causing all of the C-note strings on any musical instrument in the vicinity to vibrate. It works much like a tuning fork – when a C-note fork is struck. it vibrates at a certain frequency.What is Brainwave Entrainment? Brainwave entrainment or brainwave synchronization.

a sound or an object resonates with you as a means to assist you in achieving your desired state of being. Brainwave entrainment is used to elicit a desired brainwave state such as varying levels of meditation. brainwave entrainment relies on the brain’s “frequency following” response. these brainwaves change frequencies. Because neural activity is electrochemical. enhanced intuition and a feeling of unity. it doesn’t matter what road you take to achieve enlightenment or enjoy any of the benefits that meditation offers. This is the same technique used by brainwave entrainment technology: repetitive. but consider this perspective: technology is spiritual in origin! It’s a product of human creativity and imagination and a physical manifestation of desire. rhythmic beats at a certain frequency. Some purists argue that meditation should not involve technology. the resulting brain frequency puts the brain in the desired brainwave state. the brain can be put into a certain state through the use of sound. Brainwave entrainment has been around for thousands of years.In the brain. the effects include brainwave states that promote relaxation. In other words. prayer. pain management.although you may not experience the greatest benefits of meditation for many years if you follow traditional practice. as opposed to deliberate focus and effort. lucid dreaming. or its ability to change its dominant frequency to that of the audio stimulus. Do you need technology to meditate effectively? Of course not . Where it once took meditators a long time to reach the desired state. These same states INNAPEACE REVEALED . it now takes minutes. Based on the neural activity in the brain. then that is exactly right for you! The Benefits of Brainwave Entrainment When the brain synchronizes with external sounds of a particular frequency. enhanced creativity. music. brainwave frequencies can be altered through the use of drugs. super-learning. Ultimately. Drums and chanting have long been used to put people into a trance-like state and elicit altered states of consciousness. stress reduction. or through resonant entrainment (sound). If you feel that technology interferes with your spiritual journey. How does this work? Electrochemical activity in the brain produces specific brainwave patterns. What matters is your personal experience! If using technology. improved sleep. Depending on the frequency of the external audio stimulus. you don’t need to use it. mantras. healing.

can think like a genius! The InnaPeace Difference Many programs require the use of expensive. x-rays. Binaural beats are only effective when one frequency enters your right ear while a different frequency enters your left ear.. Brainwave entrainment also helps the two hemispheres of the brain communicate with each other. but unless you are highly experienced. The 40 Hz frequency is one of the most scientifically researched frequencies. the 40Hz frequency within the Tesla track is scientifically proven to entrain your brain to multiple brainwave frequencies at INNAPEACE REVEALED .can be achieved through traditional meditation. your results will be sporadic and varied. they do not work on open speakers because there is no way to direct separate frequencies into each ear. high-level way (more on whole-brain thinking in a moment). because of its truly remarkable properties. engineer and father of modern electricity. You too.. and so on. It’s the only frequency that can be effectively combined with other frequencies within 1 entrainment track. The world’s great thinkers and geniuses are all whole-brain thinkers. While other frequencies affect only specific parts of your brain. Tesla also discovered a specific frequency that delivers nurturing benefits to humans which is also incorporated within this very special and unique track. Binaural Beats alone cannot produce the 40 Hz Gamma wave frequency found only on InnaPeace tracks. However. allowing you to think in a whole-brain. And. this technology is very limited. You may know Nikola Tesla as the famous inventor. laser technology. InnaPeace is the only brainwave entrainment technology that uses the 40Hz Gamma wave frequency in the Tesla Terra Tone track which you will receive along with your second InnaPeace track. The results of entrainment are consistent and predictable every time: an Alpha frequency will entrain the brain to Alpha. wireless communication and more. high-quality headphones because they rely solely on “binaural beats” to guide your brain into entrainment.

This three-pronged approach is effective both through headphones and over open speakers. soothing experience! InnaPeace tracks are all crystal clear. Throw a third. more effective level of entrainment than Binaural Beats alone. InnaPeace gives you exposure to pure entrainment within minutes. When different frequencies are combined within an entrainment track. Each track includes a pure BWE frequency for maximum effectiveness. chaos! This creates a jumble of incoherent waves. it’s like throwing many rocks into a pond and expecting the ripples (waves) to be uniform. Now throw in a different size rock.. deeply relaxing. for optimal entrainment and maximum benefit. When played over open speakers. One of the main reasons brainwave entrainment appeals to many people is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time meditating to get the benefits. Misguided attempts to achieve multiple effects by combining several brainwave frequencies end up botching the intended results. It’s a lot like going to the mall and hearing different music coming from every store at the same time. Your entire body absorbs the vibrations of the sound waves . The combination of the three technologies results in a much higher. therefore a different wave – and the waves begin to cancel each other out. as most other entrainment products do. faster. the science of cymatics (whole-body entrainment) is at work. InnaPeace tracks incorporate one pure frequency within each track. you benefit from a pure entrainment experience in every track. making this a powerful an unique experience for you. CD-quality tracks. and NO entrainment! With the InnaPeace program. with InnaPeace you spend less time listening (than other similar products) to achieve much more benefit. And that’s okay! Just hit PLAY and experience the bliss again! InnaPeace tracks are layered with Binaural Beats as well as two additional technologies: Monaural waves and Isochronic waves. The InnaPeace main tracks incorporate a “pure entrainment frequency” which is not mixed with other frequencies. producing a universal wave clarity that is easy to entrain to as opposed to the random. Result? Sensory overload. clarity and deeper experience.the same time: have one wave. Looking ahead… the Tesla Terra Tone track is so incredibly soothing that you will want to listen for far longer than 10 minutes.a unique. Throw one rock into a pond . Theta. This means. INNAPEACE REVEALED . and you have. chaotic waves created by multiple frequencies that are difficult if not impossible to entrain to. Delta & Gamma. different sized rock in there. Mixing frequencies within one track destroys the effectiveness of the entrainment experience..

personal support make InnaPeace stand out from the rest. Whole-Brain Thinking – Your Secret Superpower! Brainwave entrainment technology enhances the communication between your brain’s right and left hemispheres.The combination of cutting-edge technology. brain function is enhanced through this increase in communication between the two hemispheres. and caring. the best use of that technology. INNAPEACE REVEALED . As you can see from the chart below.

The great thinkers of the world have been those who are able to seamlessly integrate the two very different capabilities of their brain’s hemispheres. musician. spontaneous. painter. It is very adept at processing physical sensory input. The right hemisphere is intuitive. Most adults are left-brain dominant. botanist. innate creativity. just by listening to an audio track! INNAPEACE REVEALED . reasoning and time. He was an amazing sculptor. but has no concept of things that cannot be quantified or measured. as incredibly diverse as da Vinci’s legacy is. it is also known that he was a terrible procrastinator! Imagine your dreams and your desires in light of what you could accomplish as a whole-brain thinker. your beliefs of “that’s impossible” vanish. anatomist. engineer. If that doesn’t take your breath away and quicken your pulse… read it again! Really take in the meaning of the adventure you are about to undertake. Wow. have access to technology that allows you to use “whole-brain” thinking! When you apply “whole-brain” way of thinking to problems and creative pursuits. The result? Your left-brain “engineer” communicates with your right-brain “artist” and together. for example. It is not bound by time or space. All that. Take Leonardo da Vinci. Now you. But take heart – he was still human. a smaller percentage is right-brain dominant. inventor. scientist and writer … He could not have accomplished what he did without applying whole-brain thinking that married technological ingenuity. imaginative and insightful. architect. logic and wildly inventive imagination. creative. Your thinking will be faster and sharper. It relies on information gathered and processed by the senses. along with a very small percentage of the human population. mathematician. You will be open to multiple perspectives and ways to solve problems – true out-of-the-box thinking. The left hemisphere is associated with logic. Both of these are limiting ways to perceive and interpret the world. they are unstoppable.This illustration of the brain before and after using InnaPeace technology shows the process of synchronizing the brain’s activity into whole brain thinking. geologist. such as eternity and infinity. You will unleash your immense. cartographer. You will be able to think your way out of situations that previously paralyzed you.

InnaPeace tracks are not guided meditation. You have taken a momentous step toward your goal of personal growth. Your entire body will almost sigh with relief as the natural antidotes to stress begin to circulate throughout your system. If you hear the entrainment frequencies. give yourself enough time to get the full experience. I recommend that you enjoy your free demo for at least seven days. 10 minutes a day is a small time commitment that gives you tremendous benefits! What to Expect From the Demo Consider the next 10 minutes to be a very pleasant adventure of the mind. Let go of the need to rush the process. you’ve taken that step! As with anything new and unfamiliar. or you may feel nothing – but rest assured. You will hear the peaceful sound of rain. As little as 7 minutes of entrainment with InnaPeace positively affects your nervous system. positive effects. these 10 minutes you devote exclusively to yourself every day will have lasting. The 10-minute demo track is a slice of the first track of the program. there’s a lot going on in your brain and your body! INNAPEACE REVEALED . and distant temple bells. you may experience them as the fluttering of bird wings or a similar sound… I encourage you to become fully immersed in the soundtrack. a 12 Hz track. and this is one of those resources that appeared just when you needed it. This focused attention helps quiet your mind and give you a much-needed. you will feel the stress melting from you. You may experience a pleasant physical sensation. I promise you. The brainwave entrainment frequencies are embedded in the soundtrack and you may or may not be aware of them. And no matter how tentative. Taking the first step toward any destination is often the most difficult. congratulate yourself. Peace and calm permeate every cell.How to Get the Most From Your Free Demo Track First. to help you move forward. Sometimes the best way to get something done is to do nothing. There is no spoken information. welcome respite from the mind’s incessant chatter! As you relax into the soothing sounds of rainfall and distant temple chimes.

You may feel rejuvenated and rested. If it’s a muscle in which you habitually hold a lot of tension and stress. the feeling of release can be dramatic. you may or may not feel anything. Yes. or what you experience. the tracks are longer. It’s a lot like lying on the floor and relaxing one muscle at a time from head to toe. If a muscle is already relaxed.. or don’t feel. you won’t feel much of a release. Positive change is beginning. What to Expect if You Continue With the Program First. emotional and spiritual needs are unique. or dramatic. the feeling of peace will stay with you. So don’t worry about what you feel. You may feel much calmer and grounded than before. The more attuned you become to your emotions and thoughts. or you may be highly energized. inspiration and creativity. there is no obligation when you take the no-risk FREE trial of the main. a lightness of being and feelings of ecstasy. This is why it’s recommended that you listen to the demo track every day for at least a week. the main program is even more powerful than the demo! The quality is higher. It’s hard to say exactly what your experience will be. Depending on your particular and unique needs. or don’t experience. That’s fine too! The real results are experienced later. They may be subtle at first. and your physical. You may not be as affected by the drama and turmoil around you.. within. even though the muscle is relaxing. Some people report that “nothing happened” while they meditated – and that’s fine! Others report a warmth in their bodies. mental. You may feel very mellow and relaxed. with a sense of well-being that stays with you long after the meditation has finished. You are unique.As the track ends and you return to your daily activities. and you will receive added benefits of bonus materials and support to guide you every step of the way in your personal growth. more powerful program. in your normal life every time you encounter a stressful situation and every time you are called upon to use your brain. INNAPEACE REVEALED . You may have bursts of intuition. the more you’ll notice positive change.

If your schedule permits. Your meditation experience will become progressively deeper. listen for the duration of the main track – but if time is tight. Everyone begins with Step 1 (Track 1). worry. you will find that your general state of being is calmer and happier. 7 minutes is all you need. The result of lower stress levels are immense! »» Anger. The Brainwave Research Institute has compiled a collection of amazing FREE bonus audio tracks to further assist your personal growth: (You get instant access to these when you take the 30 day FREE trial of InnaPeace) INNAPEACE REVEALED . There’s more to InnaPeace than the main meditation tracks. The InnaPeace program consists of 8 steps of progressively deeper entrainment frequencies. regardless of how experienced you may be at meditating. You’ll also learn to manage your emotions and thoughts. you can expect: »» A higher threshold for stress. As you progress through the program. depression. you go from Alpha meditation into Theta and eventually into Delta. and the stimulus to your brain will become greater. Each subsequent step uses a more powerful entrainment frequency. and your brain will need time to adjust to it. memory recall improves. I’m sure you’re curious about the changes you might experience as you progress through the InnaPeace program. This technology is unique. Answers come easily. now don’t ruffle your feathers. in general. Each step in the program is carefully designed to challenge your brain and to give you ample time for your brain to become accustomed to the new stimulus level. anxiety.I recommend you meditate every day. fear and doubt dissipate. Each step of the program is designed to be used for approximately one month. »» Clearer thinking. Things that once automatically made you angry or upset. This adds another level of stimulus that causes the brain to evolve. While the effects will be different for everyone. and your capacity for learning increases. during which your brain evolves to a higher level of thinking that is holistic and progressively less influenced by stress. problem-solving is enhanced. Instead of being on an emotional roller-coaster. »» Stabilized emotions.

improve problemsolving and memory. its most beneficial use lies in its use as a prelude to the main tracks of the program. InnaPeace Instant Creativity & Effortless Learning Package »» Two 30-minute CD-quality MP3s Designed to trigger peak creativity. and push your brain to a holistic. you’ll receive additional bonus tracks: InnaPeace Tesla Terra Tone »» One 10-minute CD-quality MP3 This 10-minute wonder track can stand alone as a quickie meditation that brings you to the euphoric yet elusive Gamma brainwave state. Royal Rife to develop an audio embedded with frequencies that have long been associated with healing and wellness. or it can be used to prepare for the main tracks and enhance their entrainment effects. reproductive problems and a host of other diseases.the “genius thinking” that will transform your goals and dreams from “impossible” to “achievable.” These bonus tracks are available with your FREE InnaPeace trial. InnaPeace Rife Healing Tones »» One 30-minute CD-quality MP3 We have drawn on the magnificent work of Dr. They are frequencies that are believed to stimulate the areas of the brain responsible for generating hormones INNAPEACE REVEALED . for a total of 40 minutes of listening time. If you continue with the program. thirty days after you get your free trial package. Tesla Terra Tone is sent to you along with InnaPeace track 2.InnaPeace Schumann Protection Kit »» Two 60-minute CD-quality MP3 Designed to combat the harmful effects of EMF (Electromagnetic Field) radiation emitted by all electrical appliances. higher level of thinking . EMF exposure has been linked to cancer. ability to absorb a lot of information fast. This track is so powerful that we have kept it at a mere 10 minutes.

InnaPeace removes the stifling blanket of stress. These frequencies also energize the body at a cellular level. you don’t have to go it alone.and other substances necessary for health . with plenty of support materials you can access at any time. Countless new neural pathways will bridge across both hemispheres of your brain. centered and unshakeable… Our support team is here to help guide you through these personal changes. you become the master of your life experience. You will remain energized throughout the day and go about your tasks with a clear. But then one day.even beyond the effects of meditation. The Brainwave Research Institute’s caring.” Only YOU can make changes within yourself. There is no “weird” question. As you grow. *** Personal growth is one of the main reasons that people take up meditation. You may sail through the program and not notice that much is changing. focused mind. However. Your brain and body will come alive as every cell is bathed in frequencies that improve vitality and health! The Rife Healing Tones track is available free with your final main step (#8). compassionate and professional staff are here to help you with personalized support. you will find yourself calm. INNAPEACE REVEALED . The old ways of thinking fade into the past as new. You may be wondering if InnaPeace is your ticket to growth as a human being. healing and regeneration. promoting healthy cell growth. so we know what you’re going through! We are 100% committed to being there for you. While the immediate effects of InnaPeace are impressive. The answer is not a simple “yes” or “no. Your brain and emotional fitness will continue to develop much like exercise develops your muscles. and allows for more coherent whole-brain thinking. We’ve experienced the changes ourselves. as well as email support any time you have specific questions. As you master your thoughts and emotions. beneficial ways of thinking emerge. it’s the best way to expand on the marvelous creation that you are! Although personal growth is an individual journey. more resilient and more peaceful than before. energizes your brain and body. the cumulative effects will astonish you. opening you up to thinking in new ways not bound by your previous limitations. And. when you’re in a situation that used to send you into a panic attack. you become stronger.

worry disappears. With or without headphones. I suggest that you try headphones one day. you will come back to the “real world” refreshed. self-sabotage becomes a thing of the past.but time can be a luxury and you can achieve extraordinary personal benefits in just 7-30 minutes with InnaPeace. but keep it low enough to enhance the meditative atmosphere. The world can wait ‘til you’re finished. mental mastery. INNAPEACE REVEALED . 3. you will notice an increase in out-of-the-box creative thinking. 2. or in your workspace. happiness and serenity.Your journey is your own. and the negativity in your life is replaced by peace. If you like. However. no headphones the next. probably in ways you can’t imagine! Emotional pain dissipates. Make sure you will not be interrupted. I promise. hands resting in your lap. It’s best if you don’t sit at the computer. eyes closed and turned slightly upward. It will enhance and accelerate your personal growth. Do not dilute the experience by focusing your energies on other things. make sure the volume is high enough that you can hear the track. Meditating for an hour every day is wonderful . out of mind.” You deserve this mini-break. you can sit anywhere you are comfortable. 4. Dolby or graphic equalizers. to receive the benefits of both. you can use a traditional meditation posture with an unsupported. Turn off all electronic devices (except your audio device). so it’s impossible to predict how high the technology will take you. or listen without headphones. Give yourself some time away from your regular life. and decide which you prefer. purpose. although it may be helpful to you to use headphones in terms of shutting out all distractions while you’re meditating. and you will experience a significant reduction in stress. Or. How to Listen – 7 Steps to Inner Peace 1. Try it both ways and see which you prefer. erect spine. fear and depression melt away. or lie down. relaxed and happy. You may use headphones. Please note that other brainwave entrainment technologies require the use of headphones – InnaPeace does not. This makes the track ineffective. Sit comfortably. personal power. Make sure that your audio equipment does not have any extra bass. so that all distractions and temptations are “out of sight.

Breathe out all of your worries and stresses. Listen. Breathe in relaxation and light. breathe deeply. If you like. After InnaPeace meditation. you may continue in your usual manner while enjoying the quiet background sounds of the demo track. or lying curled up on the sofa with your cat. INNAPEACE REVEALED . Instead. or you can lose yourself in the tranquil sounds of the track. Close your eyes and take a few very deep breaths. and I encourage you to fully immerse yourself in it in any way that resonates with you. you may play the track again if you like. When you are finished listening. and experience. you can focus on the gentle in-out-in-out rhythm of your breath. and become aware of your body and how you feel and any revelations or interesting experiences you may have had. There is no “should” in the InnaPeace experience! 6. whether it is adopting a traditional meditation pose. If you are new to meditation. you’ll return to your routine refreshed and relaxed! At the conclusion of the track. I recommend that you remain still for a minute or two. If you already have a meditation practice that you are comfortable with. or return to your daily routine. you don’t need to do anything except relax. Press PLAY 7. But don’t feel compelled to “do” or “not do” anything.5. This experience is yours. you won’t feel groggy or confused.

inner peace. I welcome you to our community. exciting developments in brain science. I trust you are excited as I am about the potential of the InnaPeace technology to make a significant improvement in your life. and look forward to hearing your comments about your free InnaPeace demonstration. Please feel free to click here for more information about meditation. If you’ve enjoyed the InnaPeace demonstration and would like to experience an even deeper meditation experience.I hope this report has answered your questions about InnaPeace and about the changes you can expect to see in yourself. then I invite you to take advantage of the no-risk 30 day FREE TRIAL of the full strength InnaPeace program.S. personal growth and new. I would love to hear your story – yours may be the inspiration for countless others! To a simpler more fulfilling life. Steven Johnson Founder Brainwave Research Institute P. INNAPEACE REVEALED .