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GLCC Exhibition & Unconference
MAY 20, 2010 s10:00 AM TO 6:00 PM



Student Exhibition
The Great Lakes Constructivist Consortium (GLCC) is looking for exceptional student projects
to demonstrate project-based learning and constructivist practices on Thursday, May 20th at
MSOE Kern Center. This is an opportunity for students to share artwork, presentations, and
projects in any content areas. There will be a competition and those receiving the highest
scores on the rubric will be awarded prizes. MSOE Kern Center will be available for set-up
between 9:30AM and 10:00AM. Displays will remain in the main hall until 6:00PM. During the
judging time period, all presenters are expected to be at their project. Otherwise make
sure the display can be understood by visitors even if the presenter is not there. Awards
and recognition will be announced at 2:00PM. Please register on-line at

Projects must be submitted to the GLCC website by April 30th, 2010.

Presentation Rooms—For students who want to present projects in a quiet area

they can do so in a presentation room. There will be a sign-up at the beginning
of the day and a schedule will be posted for participants to follow.

s Students will have a table to display their project, electrical power will be
available. Bring your own lap tops, cords, projectors and equipment.
s Projects must be transported to and from the Kern Center by the individual schools

or students. They must be set-up by 10:00AM and removed by 6:00PM. Students

should be able to describe and summarize their project to those who visit in
about 3-5 minutes. Projects should also have a way of being self-explanatory,
when presenter is not available and based on the exhibition rubrics.
s Any special requests such as extra space, etc. must be requested in advance.

Students who would like to share their project in a presentation room will have 15 minute
time slots to give overview of the project, answer any questions, and receive feedback.

We are planing on closing the event at 5:00PM and we will all be cleared out by 6:00PM.



The visual props draw the Minimally appealing Not appealing to

interest of the audience. Appealing to to audience; has audience, not neat,
The visual piece is audience, clear and some creativity. not clear, and not
creative and represents creative. Represents There is some creative. Lacks clear
the essential question the learning. representation representation
or focus of the project. of learning. of learning.

Project demonstrates
new learning, Demonstrates little
exceptional learning, risk Minimal learning, risk
risk taking, and to no new learning
ACADEMIC RIGOR taking, and knowledge taking, and content.
knowledge of or academic content.
of new content. Sources No cited sources.
content. Some No cited sources.
are well cited.
cited sources.

Student can Student can

Student does not
Student confidently adequately explain minimally present
present what has
explains what s/he has or present his/ what has been
been learned and
learned, and is well her learning, learned and
cannot answer
EXPLANATION/ prepared to answer and can answer briefly answer
audience questions.
PRESENTATION audience questions. audience questions. audience questions.
Presentation is
Presentation is well Presentation is Presentation is
disorganized and
organized. Highly organized, and somewhat organized
does not engage
engaging to audience. engages the but does not
audience. engage audience.

Project demonstrates
a very high level Project demonstrates
Project demonstrates
of understanding, some understanding
new understanding Project does not
connection to prior and connection to
HIGHER LEVEL and connection to demonstrate any
experience, and an ability prior experience
THINKING SKILLS prior experience, and new understandings
to analyze and apply but does not show
an ability to analyze or creativity.
learning. The student an ability to analyze
and apply learning.
shows their creativity or apply learning.
and ability to evaluate.

Student has
Student is clearly Student has minimal
adequate Student does not
able to explain why understanding of
understanding show why this
this project matters. why this project
as to why this project matters.
There is evidence of matters. There is
RELEVANCE project matters. There is no evidence
the connection to the very little evidence
There is evidence of connection to
community and great of connection to
of connection to community or
learning resources the community or
the community and learning resources.
outside of the school. learning resources.
learning resources.