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000 km2  African Plate – 61.800.900. Plate tectonic is the term used to denote processes involved in movement of plates or when they interact with each other.300.300.  Pacific Plate – 103.000 km2 .000 km2  Eurasian Plate – 67. Tactonic plates are divided into two types. 1. like slabs of ice on a lake.000 km2  North American Plate – 75.PLATE TACTONICS Tectonic means movement. Minor plates Major plates:. Major plates 2. Plate tectonics is the theory that the outer rigid layer of the earth (the lithosphere) is divided into a couple of dozen "plates" that move around across the earth's surface relative to each other.A major plate is any plate with an area greater than 10 million km2.

000 km2 South American Plate – 43.500.100.000.000 km2  Scotia Plate – 1. he pointed out the simalirity of geology and structure between different continents and ocean on the basis of analogy between plant life animal life mineral extension and geological structure and proved all external and internal processes.900. consisting of a single continent called PANGAEA surrounded by only one body of water (ocean) called PANTHALASA.000 km2  Minor plates:- a minor plate is any plate with an area less than 10 million km2 but greater than 1 million km2.300.  Nazca Plate – He concluded that “The earth was considered as a single entity.000 km2  Caribbean Plate – 3.000 km2  Arabian Plate – 5.600.000 km2  Philippine Sea Plate – 5.000 km2  New Hebrides Plate – 1.900.000 km2  Indo-Australian Plate – 58.600.500.” .000 km2  Cocos Plate – 2. Antarctic Plate – 60.000 km2  Burma Plate – 1.000 km2  Caroline Plate – 1.000 km2 The theory of plate tactonics was put forward by Alfred Wegener in early 19’s.

Features:. Other are. Suturc zone is called the point at which two plates collides. Volcanism 3.mountain building is the most significant feature of convergent movement. Earthquake . When two plates collide part of plate which move up is called obduction zone. whereas the heavier moves downward. The part of plate which moves down is called subduction zone Point at which two plates are merged are called covergent plate boundary.In starting there is only one ocean and one continent but due to the movement of earth big continent are broken down to form small continent. Convergent movement:- Convergent movement is the type of movement in which two plates moves towards each other. 1.The plate which is lighter moves upward. TYPES OF PLATE MOVEMENT 1. Magamtism 2.

Volcanism Side wise movement:- The type of movement in which two plate slides over each other is called strike slip movement. Features:.Divergent movement:- The type of movement in which two plates move away from each other is called divergent movement. Eruption of lava 2. Strike means extension of feature . Ridges and rift 3.These type of movement commonly occurred in oceanic plate. other features are 1.

uk/earth/ 2.htm 3. convergent movement REFERENCES Picture sources used in this topics are 1. Other features are. volcanism 3. 1.htm .uk/earth/tectonic.moorlandschool.htm 5.moorlandschool. no mountain building theory of plate tactonics http://www.along horizontal surface. Slip is the angle made by the horizontal feature.earthquake is the significant feature for this type of movement. give rise to tsunami 2. divergent movement major & minor plates http://www.htm strike slip movement http://www.moorlandschool.