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Maitre Philippe de Lyon

Jean-Yves Bilien
Cotations from DVD

Jean-Yves Bilien ; Maitre Philippe de Lyon ; Nizier Philippe

Quote of Master Philippe de Lyon: I am the least of all. And if you want God to grant what you ask him
do not be taller than me. Do not be proud. Do not believe anything. Do not be nothing. You will all be a
little relieve. But you must promise me to be good. Do you know what to do for this? Simply do not
speak ill of his neighbor. A if I allow you to say but AC presence.
An assistant once asked Mr. Philippe why he bothered to tell and make such beautiful things for some
poor listeners. Philippe said, "Everything that is said and done here, echoes across the universe. "
Quote of Master Philippe de Lyon "To relieve the sick, we must ask God for forgiveness of their sins
and at the same time feels comforted the soul and the body is thereby relieved by the result. If we had
faith we would relieve all and sundry. "
Quote of Master Philippe de Lyon: "If I wanted I could have found a religion. And if Christ had not been
founded I would have made. I'm not wise enough to give you a clear explanation of Jesus Christ. But in
my research, I recognized that this was not only a scholar, a sage, but he was God. As for me I say is the
truth that desires the father who wants God is also the son who is God. Because what the father wants
the son wants too. If our Lord Jesus Christ when he came to earth in this world had taken care to put
behind the curtain that separates this world from the other's bright light, no man could approach him. "
Doctor: They heal as praying.
Quote of Master Philippe de Lyon: "Every day the soul closer to God and when it is ready it will seem
to him. This requires it to be brighter than the sun otherwise it could not resist. That is why we must
suffer. Only suffering can the soul grow. This is the only way to move forward. If we knew why we suffer,
if we knew the purpose of our suffering, what we can expect as a reward for all our efforts, we would be
so happy that we would feel more sorrows. There would be more suffering. When all the beings of
creation will be returned to God, the work is finished, there will be another creation. "
Quote of Master Philippe de Lyon "What I more than you, is that I know all of you and you not know
me. I know you all very well and there is a long time I have known you. I know what you are. The friend
you do not see protects you. "
Quote of Master Philippe de Lyon: "Many of you think I am Jesus almost himself. Think again, I'm the
shepherd dog and the smallest of you. And it is because I am small that God always elevates my prayers
while you, you are too big and that is also why God does not hear you. "
Quote of Master Philippe de Lyon: Do not worry about losing me. I have a foot to fund the sea, on
land, a hand to you and the other to the sky. So you will always find me.

Quote of Master Philippe de Lyon: 1: 04. I do not know if you believe in reincarnation, you are free to
believe. What I know is that I remember I existed, to be gone and to be back and I know when I
repartirais. But is there anything that shows benefit the righteousness of God that he gives us time to
redeem our sins. And why such a person without that justice would be her happier than another,
smarter or more disgraced.
Quote of Master Philippe de Lyon: The creation is similar to a photographic cliche. The images, all that
will be, is in the beginning. When a man meets one of these images by thinking he vitalizes, and as he
sees it begins to realize it. Similarly, the father saw the world the image of the son. And it is this that
materializing in creating man.
Quote of Master Philippe de Lyon: Religion spirit also believes that Jesus is a sage, a scholar who
arrived with his work at the top of the ladder. And we can get there also working. This is a serious
mistake we ever get there because our Lord Jesus Christ never cease to be God.
Quote of Master Philippe de Lyon: When God created the world, he also created the infernal spirits.
He created them with knowingly knowingly. The spirits of darkness will become light minds. What of you
did not say at one time or another, "God is not fair; if I were him I would not have done as ca ". How
dare judge the works of God. Yet it does not judge us when we are unable to understand. Nobody has
enough intelligence form, the subtle mind enough to get an idea of what God is.
Quote of Master Philippe de Lyon: Do not seek rest. Search the war, looking unbelieving, wicked,
ignorant, sick and heal the giving of yourself; Despite all the trouble and all the inconvenience this will
cause you. If you come away depleted, tired, exhausted even reached doubt by their arguments,
renfermez in your room and pray in solitude. The force with force will return.
1: 13. Person who knew Philip. The darkness and the cold are conditions of energies that we call
levitationelles energy, ie the spiritual energy in a product. So he worked in working in such conditions.
Picking the grapes at night to ferment and distill the grapes at night ... you would get a brandy of great
quality and will have no consequences for health. This helps densify the spirit in matter. He created
regenerative and revitalizing products.
Person who knew Philip. When he speaks of matter, Philip said, she is alive, all matter is alive, she's
smart, she feels she has a memory, it is capable of choice, discernment. Matter is alive with a psyche. So
the historical places are packed with this story.
Person who knew Philip. Explosion energy (that of scientists) and energy of the implosion of the
genesis of life.
Quote of Master Philippe de Lyon: If indeed everything was revealed to all, no one would do anything,
or rather each would seek and find the way through to save when you would need someone. It would be
like in the barracks where they hide for doing nothing.
Quote of Master Philippe de Lyon: If you feel what I feel, you feel that we have one.

Quote of Master Philippe de Lyon: 1: 28. It is helpful to pray. Not to alleviate this suffering but to ask
for strength and courage. Only must ask when sufferings become intolerable, prevents us from acting. It
is at the end of these sentences when one is happy both.
Amie an old friend ... He has the heart deeply affected like all healers Lyonnais. died because of heart
problems, because they are all related to the healing god, the sun god. It was after the death of his
daughter he suffers and does not call for his death. When he was suffering, those friends asked what
they could do to help the relief and he replied: "Love ye one another" and knowing the human and
reading in them "you can not love your neighbor as yourself then if you can not, given solely as if you
loved him. "
Quote of Master Philippe de Lyon: Death is nothing. This is merely an appearance. It is identical to the
birth. The same birth may be more painful. The soul comes unconsciously, without knowing it. One
moment she has a little sick at heart and that's it. I am the door, no one can die without me without me
It feast is celebrated on Palm Sunday.
Quote of Master Philippe de Lyon: It takes effort to score because we work for after death. More will
be an effort made in this world will be more conscious there.
Quote of Master Philippe de Lyon: I'm speaking in the air master. It is that I have a master who can do
everything. I can do nothing. It is in front of me and I am behind you. And I'll let you walk when you do
not argue.
Quote of Master Philippe de Lyon: What I do, I would do it again because I've never done wrong. I
have been charged it is very true. I was very insulted. But I have the great satisfaction to have always
rendered good for evil.
Quote of Master Philippe de Lyon: We would like to know how to do to get faster. Nothing's easier.
We must remember that man is nothing and it is everything. One who understands or believes
something to be nothing.
Quote of Master Philippe de Lyon: In fact you are nonsense, it flouts you, what does it matter? Christ
also was ridiculed him but that does not matter but you is another matter. Ah what returned after
bfrs we had to suffer. In truth I tell you, if you are making efforts not to speak ill of your brother the
sky will refuse you nothing.
Quote of Master Philippe de Lyon ye love one another, and I promise you that your one thought of
death will bring me to you. I will be there.