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Final Portfolio Essay

By: Franco Savariyar

Layout of my E-portfolio
My e-portfolio is laid out in such a way, that the final portfolio essay is the starting point of the
portfolio. This way the essay will let the readers know what the portfolio is all about. It will help
the reader navigate the portfolio. It will help them fully understand the progress, which I have
made throughout the semester. I have also made separate tabs for each artifact that I want to
emphasize about. Within each tab of the portfolio I have made sub-topics that further show my
progress within each artifact. This design helps me the reader receive the full experience of the eportfolio. The design of my portfolio is modeled like a tree. Likewise, my FPE is playing the part
of the trunk of the tree. The other artifacts are then branched off from the final portfolio essay.
These artifacts, then break off to more sub-topics, that develops into more topics. As a result, the
design of my portfolio will help the readers become more interested into the progress.

Process Work Artifacts

Exploratory Essay
After receiving feedback for my essay, I made some drastic changes to the essay. I have edited
the format of the essay from a five paragraph to a more a flowing format. This format has made
it easier for me to elaborate more on specific topics. This format has additionally has helped me
make more space for examples and personal experiences that will help me explain my passion
for it. In addition, rather than talking about three passions I have narrowed it down to one single
passion. Consequently, it changed the flow of the essay from a rushed read to a more flowing and
smooth read. In the feedback it told me to improve the intro and outro of the essay to be more

elaborate. As a result, I have made my intro more interesting. This way I can catch the attention
of my readers. Also, the conclusion has been modified so that I dont repeat myself. I have also
made it more engaging so the reader do not have to reread a summary of the essay. In my
previous essay, my essay was all over the place with different topics and passions. For example
I am passionate about three things specifically, these things include friends, family and sports.
This was in my first draft and it shows how my essay did not elaborate on one thing. Rather it
was covering many different topics, without specific examples that support the topics.

Multi-Genre Essay
The purpose of my essay was to inform the general audience about the pros and cons of the
implementation of the robotics in factories settings. I have set it up into a way, where the essay is
formatted into three articles that discuss the topic from three different viewpoints. These three
viewpoints will give the audience reading my essay all the facts and opinions of the topic. My
essay is mainly written for avid tech enthusiasts who are aware of the advantages and
disadvantages of implementing robotic technology. The audience would already have prior
interest in manufacturing robots and the effects of the integration of robots into factories. They
need to read my essay because not only do I discuss the many advantages of opening up factories
to the use of the robots. I write an article of the protests of a minimum wage workers, who did
not like the implementation because it would make the workers to lose their jobs to a piece of
metal. In addition, I wrote a passage in the form of a memo to the employees of an insurance
worker, so it would show how the companies will lose money to the robots because there is less
risk in the investments of robots, which is bad for insurance who depend on insurances that
include workers compensation and liability insurance. I will reach them by posting these articles

and magazines, which will catch the attention of a specific group of people. It is important
because people need to know all the information of the new technology being implemented into
their local factories and the overall effect of the implementation of new technology.

Three-Column Bibliography
The three-column bibliography was very helpful for my writing process because it has helped me
develop my research skills. The bibliography helped me discover more about the topic and it has
helped discover new topics about my research. The bibliography has also helped me analyze
many sources. The three column bibliography has helped me organize all the information given
from the sources. It has also made the research process much easier because rather than referring
to the source and then rewording the source to make an essay. I can now use the three columns,
to directly quote from. As a result, the bibliography has helped me develop my ideas into a well
thought-out essay.

Brainstorming Process for the Multi-Genre Exploratory Essays

The brainstorming process for the multi-genre essay took a long time because the essay was
going to a huge project that had to developed and well-researched. This forced me to choose my
topic in something that I was very interested in. So, I first looked into robotics and found the
issues surrounding robotics. I found issues surrounding the manufacturing and factory robots and
their implementations. I then used the skills I learned from Chapter 6 in Who Says? to help
research efficiently the topic.

Feedback Artifacts
The small-group peer has helped me receive more insight in my writing. Also, the comments
have helped me improve the essay. The exploratory essay has also improved because of the peer
reviews. Also, my peer group has made the right steps to help improve each others writing. I
have become more comfortable with reading and critiquing each other essays because I know
that I am helping the writer by telling what they thought about the essay from a readers point-ofview. I became more open with our editing and we tell each other what is needed to improve the
overall writing. Some things we need to improve are the specifics. We need to improve on
focusing on the details. For example, focusing on grammatical errors and the overall flow of the
essay will help me improve my writing even further. The experience will help me become a
better group member because I will not be as shy. I also have realized just because I point out
ones mistake doesnt mean I am hurting their feelings. I am actually improving their writing by
pointing out the mistakes and errors so the writer can realize their tendencies and errors.

Midterm Feedback Essay

The letter that, I received from Ms. Ingram, it has made me revaluate some of the essays and
writings, that I turned in. After receiving the feedback, I then edited a few of my works to
include the feedback that I received from the letter. This letter made develop as a writer because I
knew how to change my works to improve the overall feel of the essay. As a result, the feedback
gave me insight to my flaws which I had to improve in order to do proficiently.

Writers Notebook Artifacts

The Dear Reader warm-ups have helped me become a writer because it gives me a chance to
reflect on my own work. There was also many times where I asked for suggestions through my
Dear Reader and I would get many helpful comments of how I could significantly affect the
writing and how I approach the essay and the different aspects that I need to acknowledge. As a
result, the essay became more developed and well thought because it had more point of views.

Peer Review Essay

The peer review article was also very significant because it told it was okay to tell your peers
their errors and their mistakes. Richard explains ignoring errors that are on their essays will not
only hurt the writer but the author of the essay would also prefer you to correct it at an early
stage rather than taking the essay to the final level and not being able to change until the end of
the essay. Richard also explains how you should not alter the writers essay but rather suggest
what improvements can be made to the essay. This way the writer doesnt need to make drastic
changes to the end product.

Final Review
I believe that I deserve a C because I have done most of the work that was given to me in class
and I have done a proficient amount of work to show that I deserve this grade. I also have done
many of the drafts and have brought on time. I also have spent a lot of time on the overall look
of my e-portfolio and the design of the portfolio.

Dear Reader,
My FPE is not fully completed it. My essay currently has three artifacts, however I am working
on 4 other artifacts at the moment. But, I am not fully satisfied with the other four artifacts, so I
am looking to improve it and further my evaluation.

For the Exploratory Essay, I think you should try to include a lot more quotes in your
explanation. I would also writing about the progressions of your drafts. In addition to adding the
other artifacts, I just wanted to remind you to include three of the key concepts and your thoughts
on the grade you think you should receive.
I feel like even though you stated your artifacts arent all the way done and input at this point,
this draft could have been father along. I say this because I did most of my paper without doing
any of my artifacts yet. Also, apart from the artifacts, be sure to include how you have not only
grown as an overall writer, but also how you have done so through each piece. I like how you are
organizing it so far and putting everything about that piece under one header. As stated above,
also add what grade you would deserve.