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Nuevas narrativas, nuevos espacios

UrbanBAT 2015 #alterotopias

Espacios otros construidos con otros.

Noviembre, 2015.
@dpr_barcelona @ethel_baraona @cerreyes

Flashmob oficina paro | Carne Cruda 2.0 | 2013

[but i like it]

once upon a time

... we dreamt with revolutions

but there is always a

hidden narrative behind the
visible story

las narrativas de siempre

en los espacios de siempre



[Josh Begley]

Metadata+ is an iPhone app designed to send users a notice every time a

U.S. drone strike is reported in the news. Formerly known as Drones+, it
was rejected from the App Store five times due to excessively
objectionable or crude content, before being accepted by Apple in 2014.

Friction Atlas

Friction Atlas is an ongoing critical archive, where laws regulating

behaviours and gatherings in public spaces, sampled from different
contexts, are represented and collected. Always implicitly present in any
public space, rules tend to be algorithmic, quantitative and invisible. They
are here made explicit and legible, through graphical devices. Full-scale
diagrams will be drawn in Athens. Through the engagement of the public,
the dynamics of authority became not only visually, but also physically

The Concrete Tent


The Concrete Tent is a gathering space for communal learning. It hosts

cultural activities, a working area and an open space for social meetings.
The urgency and idea of such a space has emerged in discussion on how
to materialize, to give architectural form to narrations and representations
of camps and refugees beyond the idea of poverty, marginalization and
victimization. The project tries to inhabit the paradox of how to preserve
the very idea of the tent as symbolic and historical value. The re-creation
of a tent made of concrete today is an attempt to preserve the cultural and
symbolic importance of this archetype for the narration of the Nakba, but
at the same time engage the present political condition of exile.

with Malkit Shoshan, and Marina Otero

Retreat is a lexicon which investigates the idea of retreat, its strategies

and imaginaries, through others words as it informs contemporary spatial
paradigms. Citing the testimony of a woman living in in an area under
constant threat of predator drones attacks in Pakistan, the project
describes step-by-step a process of retreat from the civic realm: a
retreat from daily activities and social and economical gatherings,
including market shopping, festivities and ceremonies or attending
schools, and eventually leading to a retreat from her own home.

Vocabulary of Hospitality
Merve Bedir

War and conflicts are some of the most negative realities faced by
humankind. In order to annihilate these negative concepts, peace
missions, reconstruction operations and international law have been
developed as tools to create stability and peace. In this context,
Vocabulary of Hospitality focuses on another problem of war and conflict:
refugees and asylum seekers. Based on Jacques Derrida's text on
hospitality research on spatial language and investigates the cultural, legal
and social suggestions on the word "guest" and its traces in the city.



on the
of how stories are
being told

Defense Distributed

Defense Distributed [founded December 2012] is an online, open-source

organization that designs firearms, or "wiki weapons", that may be
downloaded from the Internet and "printed" with a 3D printer.
On May 5, 2013, Defense Distributed made public the 3D printable files
[STL files] for the world's first fully 3D printable gun, the Liberator.
On May 9, 2013, the US Department of State requested that Defense
Distributed remove its download links from public availability after
determining they violated the International Traffic in Arms Regulations.

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