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Central committee
General Secretary : CHANDRANNA

Revolutionary tributes to Voice of Tribal Masses B D Sharma!

Liberation of tribal people from oppression and plunder of
Indian state is the only tribute to B D Sharma!
The voice of Indian tribal masses has calmed down. The heart of a bureaucrat that pumped
relentlessly for the interests of oppressed masses for five decades, has stopped beating. The person
who single-handedly took on with the mighty Indian state on forest rights and tribal panchayats has
withdrawn into an eternal leave of absence. His absence now is only physical, for he lives permanently
among the hearts of lakhs of tribal people and other oppressed masses spread over states of mainly
central India and other parts of the nation.
Dr B D Sharma used to be by profession a bureaucrat. As a bureaucrat he worked tirelessly to
preserve the democratic character of the so called Indian democratic state. In the process it became
clear to him that he was chasing nothing but illusionary system that gives only acts on paper but not in
practice. Eventually he resigned from his responsibilities to dedicate himself for the service of tribal
people of Bastar region.
Dr B D Sharma worked not only for rights of tribal people but also other oppressed sections of
the masses such as Dalits, workers and formers. He virtually dedicated his entire life for the toiling
masses of the country. It was only because of his conviction that the toiling masses are the true builders
of the nation and because of the belief that those toiling masses do not get what they deserve for
their labour.
Dr B D Sharma brought good reputation to whatever post he served as a public servant. He
was the last commissioner of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes during 1986-1991. He served as
the Vice Chancellor of Central University North Eastern Hill University. He had been a member of
committees of Planning Commission as well as National Advisory Committee constituted under
Congress party govt.
Dr B D Sharma worked for the implementation of self-rule by Gram Sabhas as mandated in the
constitution. Even while being as SC & ST commissioner he filed case in Supreme Court demanding the
implementation of Narmada Water Dispute Tribunal award. Consequently, thousands of displaced
people were allotted lands elsewhere. He advocated the rights of workers and farmers for which he
travelled around the country propagating his views and solutions. He was of the firm view that the
country was facing acute agrarian crisis as the farmers and workers, who actually are the prime
producers of the agriculture produce, were not compensated properly. He felt that unless the farmers
and workers were paid what they deserve there could arise severe resentment, which is of course an
undeniable truth.
There could not be any other tribute to Dr B D Sharma except to work for what he stood
throughout his life. Our party, CPM (ML) New Democracy expresses heartfelt grief for the loss of one
of the most valuable citizen of the country. Our part feels that his demise is a great loss for the oppressed
people of the country. Especially tribal people of Central and Eastern states are heavily indebted to
him. They may not be able to fill the gap caused by his untimely death. His task had already been ours
and we would strive hard take forward it.
With revolutionary Greetings


CPI(ML) New Democracy