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AC800 Serial Firmware Loading

The following instructions will take you through the configuration process of loading new
firmware in an AC800 Controller (PM861) as used on P&H Mining Excavators. This
process assumes some familiarity with the product and that Control Builder M software
has been properly installed and is functional on your computer. NOTE: The serial
downloading of firmware should only be used in the event it cannot be accomplished via
the normal process, using the main Control Builder M application.

The process requires

serial communication to
the AC800s COM 4 port
with an interface cable
connected to the RS232 serial port of your
Interface cable R54872D65


Prior to serial connection to the AC800, it is suggested

that the MMS Server be stopped if running. This can
be accomplished by right clicking on the ABB MMS
Server for AC 800M/C icon in the Windows system

Stop the Server.



DFS 8/30/04

Serial Firmware Upgrading:

Start the Control Builder M, Serial Firmware Upgrade Program (Windows START >

One of the first things you should

check is the Com Port selection.
Make sure it is configured to that of
your available RS-232 Com Port.
This typically will always be the
default Com1. Also, insure that
AutoBaud is checked.

Once the Settings have been

confirmed, and your serial cable is
properly connected to the COM 4 port
of the AC800 Controller (and it is
powered), click the Connect button.


DFS 8/30/04

When connected, Upgrade Utility will

display the connection to the PM861
(AC800). Also will be a pulldown
window with firmware available on
your computer that can be
downloaded into the AC800. Only
those packages that are compatible
with the hardware will be displayed.
In this example, firmware version 2004-02-20 is presently
selected for downloading.

The actual file for the firmware listed can be found in the Firmware > Bin directory of
your Control Builder Application tree as shown below. Note that in the below example,
only one firmware version is listed for the 861 unit. It is FW861-4035bbefb6.sbin. This
is the file name for the firmware version listed above. Should a different firmware be
required, it will be available from the P&H file archiving system - PVCS. Any supplied
firmware files should be placed in this directory.


DFS 8/30/04

Clicking the Upgrade button will initiate

the download of the indicated firmware

The upgrading process will go through

several steps. These steps will continue
automatically. In the adjacent view, the
Flash Memory of the AC800 (PM861) is
being erased.

In this view, the downloaded firmware file

is being written to the newly erased flash


DFS 8/30/04

The process completes with a

verification of the memory.

When the upgrade is complete, you

will be disconnected from the
controller and may exit the Firmware
Upgrade Utility.
You will also be instructed to restart
the AC800. This may be done by
pressing the INIT button on the face
of the AC800 or cycling power to it.

This completes the process of upgrading the AC800 firmware through the serial port.



DFS 8/30/04